1. Musicozy White Noise Sleeping Headphones

Musicozy white noise-canceling headphones adapt a 3d contour design which will effectively block light from the nose area. This noise-cancelling headphone is for sleeping and is adjustable and durable. No need to wear additional headphones to listen to sleep music.

2. Loop Quiet Ear Plugs For Noise Reduction

Loop quiet earplugs are reusable and provide durable hearing protection. They are made of silicon which will help you reduce unwanted noise and sleep peacefully. They have a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels.

3. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headband for Sleep

This wireless headband is multipurpose it comes with a headband for sleeping and sports headband and a sleep mask all 3 in 1. The Blu etooth headband features a soft design that will help you to listen to music without having to wear additional headphones. Built-in sleep buds help you not miss any calls and provide a noise-canceling feature while sleeping.

4. Dreampad Slim Pillow

The dreampad slim pillow will allow you to listen to music while lying on it through bone contention. It is best for people who don’t like any fancy sleeping devices on their ears throughout the night.

5. Sound + Sleep High-Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

Sound machines are handy solutions for noise-cancelling however getting a sound machine whose functionality matches its versatility is quite a challenge. The machine has been pre-set to 10 basic sounds you’re able to get up to 30 non-repetitive sounds of the environment to soothe and calm you.