1. Free Village Ice Maker Machine For Countertop

Free Village ice maker comes with a new and upgraded compressor. It takes 5-8 minutes to make 9 pieces of ice cubes and produce 26.5 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. This quiet ice maker is a perfect substitute for the old refrigerator in your home.

2. Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine

Antarctic star ice maker has a powerful ice-making capacity. Makes batches of ice cubes in about 26 lbs of ice per day and makes batches of ice cubes in about 6-13 minutes.

3. Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker

This quiet ice maker is stainless steel that has a large transparent window for easy observation of the ice and the level of the ice. It comes with compressor cooling.

This quiet ice maker is compact and practical and comes with a built-in 2.2 L water tank and 9 bullet ice cubes ready in just 7-13 minutes and 26 lbs available in 24 hours It also includes an ice basket and scoop. Stylish and perfect match for daily use and office use.

4.  Bright Town Portable Ice Maker For Countertop

5. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine For Countertop

Euhomy countertop ice maker machine can produce 24 ice cubes per cycle every 12-18 minutes. That means you can make 40 pounds of ice cubes every 24 hours. One of the highlighting features is you can adjust the thickness of the cubes according to your needs.