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Every gamer needs powerful gear for gaming so do I when I soundproof my room for gaming and noticed that the noise was still ruining my gaming experience and after a lot of searches I have come to conclusion about silent gaming gear.

If you have soundproofed the room for gaming then it’s great but if you have not done soundproofing then better get silent gaming products like a mouse, keyboard because they produce less noise comparatively than the normal keyboard.

The keyboard noise annoys the people around you and it will lead to a conflict between you and the roommates most of the time the loud noise will take over the gaming experience.

There are a lot of products that will contribute to the noise like speakers, mice, and keyboards. The ticking noise of the keyboard keys will disturb people around you and annoy you as well when you’re a passionate gamer.

To solve this issue you need to get a silent keyboard that will you in enjoying the complete gaming experience without producing loud noise. BUT WAIT!! How will you know which keyboard to purchase don’t worry in this guide I will walk you through some of the best silent keyboards.

Features To Look In Silent Keyboard

There are several features that will affect the performance of the quiet keyboard you need to look at before getting the quiet keyboard. Let’s see some of the features of the quiet keyboard.

Noise Level

This is the first feature you need to look at in the keyboard because we are searching for a quiet keyboard with low noise DB. Whenever you’re getting a quiet keyboard make sure you get the quietest with a low noise level this will contribute a lot to provide enhanced features to gaming gear.

Quiet keyboards with silent keys will be a lot of peace and you might be wondering what is the noise level of a silent keyboard well that should be probably not more than 50-60 DB there are a lot of silent keyboards that will produce low noise when you type.

Most of the quiet keyboards will produce noise between 50-60 DB that will be probably less noise and gaming keyboards with less noise will let you concentrate and enjoy the gaming experience.

Size Of The Quiet Keyboard

If you want to carry your keyboard anywhere with you in the bag then you can purchase the small keyboard but one of the drawbacks of small size keyboards is they don’t have numeric keys on the keyboard.

Smaller keyboards might have multi-functional keys than usual. You need to keep the size of your fingers in mind while shopping for the silent keyboard.

It is better to always check the product with the finger’s size and if you think that it will be too small for your fingers then better go with the larger keyboard and if you don’t want to carry the keyboard around then I would recommend going with it the larger one.

Wire And Wireless

The question that lies over here is whether you should purchase wire or wireless? As I have used both of them wireless keyboards are quite a better choice to go with because wire keyboards make your gaming desk messy and you can’t afford to do that with the desk.

You have to switch out batteries on wireless keyboards once or twice a year if you don’t want to get into changing batteries once or twice in a year then get rechargeable batteries and even get a rechargeable keyboard.

A wires keyboards are still a better choice you can avoid changing batteries and they have faster responses which are needed for gaming. Wireless keyboards are likely to lose responsiveness as the batteries will be drained.

However, if you don’t like dealing with the cables then better go with the wireless. You can easily move around without worrying about the cable.


It is important to get a quiet keyboard that is compatible with the operating system. So make sure the keyboard you end up purchasing is compatible with your operating system and does not get disrupted while playing the game.

Some keyboards are compatible with Apple and others are compatible with windows but there are some that will work for both. I would recommend you to get one that is compatible with both the operating systems.

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Razer Blackwidow quiet keyboard is a wireless gaming mechanical keyboard that supports Bluetooth for efficient power consumption. It is a hyperspeed wireless keyboard for lag-free gaming.

One of the best things about this keyboard is it has USB-C for charging while in use. It comes with Razer green mechanical switches for precise execution and tactile feel. It has full-height keys that will not compromise the gaming experience.

Moreover, it has translucent sides to let the more light through abs keycaps bring out the full brilliance of razer chroma RGB while sporting the stealthy black look when it is off.

It has up to 200 hours of battery life use the quiet keyboard without any interruption whether it’s in razer high speed, wireless or Bluetooth mode. Minimize the downtime with charging that will go from zero to full within 5 hours.

If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard with keys that give the tactile feel and low noise then this quiet keyboard is an ideal choice for you with the not huge price that will provide all the features on a limited budget.

  • 3 Mode connectivity: bluetooth for effiecient power consumption...

  • Hyperspeed wireless for lag free gaming..

  • Razer green mechanical switches for precise execution..

  • Tactile free: hear and feel the satisfying feedback...

5 Best Quiet Keyboards For Gaming

So we have understood what are the features you need to look for in quiet keyboards let’s get into some of the best quiet keyboards that will enhance your gaming experience.

1. Redragon Quiet Keyboard For Gaming

Redragon quiet keyboard comes with 104 low-profile keys designed for longevity, durability, and responsiveness. This quiet keyboard comes with solid ABS construction with precision-engineered keycaps.

These quiet keyboard keys offer a mechanical feel with less resistance and short key travel. It will require less time to type and still delivers a precise tactile feel for flawless gaming performance.

Moreover, it is backlighted keyboard with 6 different backlight modes and multiple colors with 4 backlight brightness levels and adjustable breathing speed which allows you to adjust the backlight brightness.

The illumination can be completely turned off. This quite keyboard is built to withstand the average liquid spill. This is not the end feature of this keyboard there is more it is not only good for gaming but it has also has great ergonomics.

It comes with adjustable keyboard legs to adjust the typing angle and also it is a space-saving design delivering you with a pure fluid gaming experience. No matter how long you type or how intense your games are. You will always be comfortable with this quiet keyboard.

If you find a quiet keyboard that will provide you a fluid gaming experience with comfort and if you want to use the keyboards for hours long then this is the ideal choice for you as it is compatible with both mac and windows both.


  • Quiet keyboard with 104 low profile keys for longevity
  • It is designed for durability and responsiveness
  • The keys give a mechanical feel with short key travel
  • It has an adjustable brightness level


  • Some complaint that Backlighting is dim at the brightest setting
  • 104 Key PC gaming keyboard with quiet low profile keys..

  • Designed for longevity, durability and responsiveness...

  • The keyboard keys offers a mechanical with less resistance..

  • RGB LED keyboard is backlighted keyboard with 6 different backlight modes..

2. Steel series Apex Whisper Quiet Keyboard

As the name says that it’s a whisper-quiet gaming keyboard that will prevent accidental damage from liquid spills it is water-resistant. It has RGB illumination that will provide color schemes and reactive effects of lights.

It comes with whisper-quiet gaming switches that are nearly 20 million low friction key phrases. This quiet keyboard is built to last long and is durable that will withstand the water spill.

However, this quiet keyboard has premium magnetic wrist rest that will provide full palm support and comfort. If your using it for a longer time then you will be comfortable with the wrist rest.

This quiet keyboard comes with a dedicated multimedia function which is the highlighted feature of this keyboard. You can adjust the volume and set on the fly and enhance your gaming experience.

It’s a full-fledge quiet gaming keyboard that is made by combining steel series cutting edge technology with a collection of gaming-focused features. This is designed for the gaming experience. You can choose from the brilliant rainbow RGB effects and personalize the illumination to match any style.

Its multimedia function will allow you to pause, rewind and move with a single click of the button. If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard with advanced features like multimedia function then this is the ideal choice for you.


  • Whisper a quiet keyboard for the better gaming experience
  • 20 million low friction keys
  • It comes with a premium magnetic wrist rest
  • It has a dedicated multimedia function


  • Most people think that the price is too high
  • Prevents accidental damage from liquid spills..

  • Gorgeous color scheme and reactive effects..

  • Whisper quiyte gaming switches..

  • Dedicated multimedia controls...

3. Corsair Mechanical Gaming Quiet Keyboard

Corsair quiet keyboard is wired and it has an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. It has 8 MB profile storage with hardware macro lighting.

The playback allows up to three stored profiles on the go and independent of the external software. It comes with per-key dynamic with multi-color RGB backlighting offers unlimited color customization and control.

This quiet keyboard helps you to have complete control over the color customization of the backlight. It is 100% anti-ghosting 104 key rollover on USB to ensure that no matter how fast you type the keys will register.

It will provide the reliability and accuracy you demand in a mechanical quiet gaming keyboard. The USB passport will provide convenient access to an additional USB port for your mouse or headset.

It comes with corsair ICUE software that enables vivid dynamic lighting control with sophisticated macro programming and full-system lighting synchronization. If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard with dynamic lighting control to enhance your gaming experience and low noise keys then this is the ideal choice for you as it will provide control customization of colors.


  • It includes dynamic per key
  • It has an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame
  • Multi-color RGB backlighting offers unlimited color customization
  • Corsair ICUE software enables vivid dynamic lighting control


  • One complaint is that It’s not that good with USB connectivity as it should be connected to the back slot of the PC
  • Aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum frame..

  • Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming..

  • Per key dynamic multi color RGB backlighting..

  • Mechanical key switches provides the rteliability and accuracy you demand..

4. RK Royal Kludge Quiet Keyboard

This is three mode wireless quiet keyboard that will offer RGB three-mode with stable Bluetooth 5.0 and hassle-free 2.4 GHz dongle plus USB-C wired mode that will not set any limits on your keyboard connection.

It comes with an innovative 80% unique layout that differs from traditional TKL keyboards that will cut more clumsy space off while supporting the same functionality as a practical arrow. It has multimedia functions and controls keys.

Hot-swap allows you to replace 3 pin and 5 pin switches freely without a soldering issue. It has a high capacity battery which is weak durable to 200 hours with non-stop use under backlight off status. It will only need 6-7 hours to get fully charged.

This wireless mechanical keyboard is armed with 2 built-in USB pass-through ports and 1 type-C allowing you to back up more facilities. If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard with control on lighting and a unique look then this one could be the right pick for you as it offers multiple features.


  • Three mode RGB with stable Bluetooth
  • 80% innovative layout differ from TKL keyboards
  • It will cut more clumsy space off
  • It has a high capacity battery which takes 6-7 to get fully charged


  • Some complaint Removing the frame will make your space bar sound more hollow and echo-y
  • This is the first generation three mode wireless keyboard..

  • Wireless mode with stable bluetooth connectivity..

  • The innovative 80% unique layout differs from traditional TKL keyboard..

  • This keyboard is durablke to 200 hours with non stop use...

5. Roccat Magma Silent Membrane Keys Quiet Keyboard

This quiet keyboard is equipped with high-quality rubber dome keys for silent typing that feels both responsive and reliable while using. It comes with advanced anti-ghosting technology to ensure that each keystroke of the most used keys gets registered.

It doesn’t matter how frantic the gaming action gets it will register the keys. It’s easy to shift plus adds secondary function to the compatible keys. You need to just hold down the designated modifier key for double the command power instantly.

Moreover, its proprietary lighting eco-system connects compatible devices that present vivid lighting scenarios that are present right out of the box without needing the extensive configuration providing the full backlighting in 16.8 million colors.

It comes with detachable palm rest which will allow you to set up with whatever is comfortable for you, whether it’s relaxed typing or aggressive gaming.

This quiet keyboard comes with a high-quality membrane layer and translucent top plates are precision-engineered to create a sealed surface keeping the dust and dirt out for hassle-free cleaning.


  • It is equipped with rubber dome keys for silent typing
  • It has anti-ghosting technology for keys register
  • Its proprietary lighting system is compatible with vivid devices
  • No need for extensive configuration


  • Roccat app provides a few colors
  • Equipped with rubber dome keys for silent typing..

  • Technology to ensure each key stroke..

  • Let's you adjust your setup to whatever..

  • The high quality membrane layer...

Final Thought On Quiet Keyboards For Gaming

Gaming is getting extremely important these days so, you need a high-quality keyboard that is compatible with the game and made for high-performance gaming.

That’s the reason I have accumulated some of the best quiet keyboards for gaming that will enhance your gaming experience and let you enjoy gaming.

If you’re thinking to play games on the regular keyboard then you’re going wrong because regular keyboards are not compatible with gaming and they don’t have advanced gaming features like the gaming keyboards.

Some of the gaming keyboards are not quiet.  So, you need to pay attention while purchasing a gaming keyboard. In this guide, we have listed all the quiet gaming keyboards that will give enhance your gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboards are very quiet keyboards as they work on the quiet Next-gen technology. It will be the right pick to go with the mechanical keyboards make sure to look at some of the additional features that are listed in this guide.

If you liked this guide let us know we would love to hear from you and if you have any questions drop in the comment below. Also, check out our blog on quiet hand dryers.


Is there a keyboard that doesn’t make a sound?

Razer Blackwidow’s quiet keyboard doesn’t make noise. Razer also put O-sound dampening that reduces noise and typing fatigue. so not only typing on it will be super amazing but also comfortable.

Can you make a keyboard quitter?

Try using a desk mat to make a keyboard quitter. a mechanical keyboard can also be dampened by inserting foam into the base or lubricating the switches. if you have clicky switches then replace it with linear switches.

Are mechanical keyboards quiet?

One of the downsides of mechanical keyboards is the noise they make and clicking noise will be annoying but thankfully there is the answer to be found in quiet mechanical keyboards as they are quiet and best to use.

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