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While on a long drive, your car trunk makes a noise that will annoy you and the people in the car. This will also lead to accidents because constant noise will annoy the driver and shifts focus from driving.

If you’re driving with the family then it will be annoying and it will kill your joy of driving that will make your trip unpleasant and you need to fix it.

This is very risky if you listen to the noise for a much longer time then it will impact negatively on the driver who should be focused on the road and the drive while driving rather than the unnecessary noise or the vibration

If your trunk is producing noise then you need to soundproof it and in this guide, I will walk you through some of the steps which will help you soundproof effectively.

Additionally, I have shared some of the alternative and cheap methods with which you can soundproof the car trunk and make it quieter and enjoy your drive. Let’s give to the soundproofing of the car trunk.

Why Your Car Trunk Is Noisy?

Do you have an electric car then they are engineered with the latest technology that’s car trunk will not make noise but if your car is not an electric one then the noise will be produced?

Do you know that all the car trunk doesn’t produce noise especially the electric car and the car which are a new model that is not noisy and they give you a soundproof experience?

If it’s been a while since you bought the car then it’s obvious if your car trunk is producing noise. There are three places where the noise is being produced: mechanical parts, tires, and nature.

These are the places that are the culprit in passing the noise in the car trunk and these places are mostly affected by the heavy winds, water, and rough roads.

If you facing this problem for a few days or weeks then check the mechanical part that’s where the noise will be produced.

This problem will probably be solved, but if you are still facing this problem, you need to solve this after solving this, you don’t need to soundproof the car trunk.

If it’s not solved then you need to soundproof the car trunk because your entire car is soundproof rather than the trunk. Soundproofing the car trunk will give you a better driving experience.

So now the main question is how to soundproof a car trunk? For that, you have to read the complete guide. Let’s dive into the guide.

How To Soundproof Car Trunk

If your car trunk is producing noise and you are confused with how to soundproof it then this guide will be a complete roadmap to the soundproofing car trunk.

1. Preparing the car trunk for soundproofing

Before installing any soundproof material you need to take out all the things like trunk cover, subwoofer, carpet, rear duck, and so on.

Subwoofers are the main reason why your experiencing vibrations inside the car. So if you don’t this vibration?

You need to pay attention while stripping the wall of the car trunk so that its lid can expose properly. This will help you to install the material easily.

After removing all the material you need to clean the car trunk with the detergent and leave it for some time so that it gets dry and perfect for the material to dampen.

If you skip this surface then the material will not dampen properly the noise will not be blocked and the vibration will not stop.

Make sure you clean the complete trunk for good results. So that the soundproofing material can easily stick to the surface.

After performing all the steps right room cleaning and drying it up the next thing will be to gather the tools required for the soundproofing car trunk.

2. Tools required for soundproofing car trunk

After cleaning the car trunk the second step is to gather the tools required for soundproofing the car trunk that is a screwdriver, clip remover makes sure you don’t buy the new clips.

 Get a utility knife or the scissor that helps in cutting the material in the perfect size and shape. Also, get one pair of gloves to wear while you damp the material on the surface of the car trunk.

Make sure to have a degreaser that will help in cleaning out the grease and oil from the mechanical parts of the car also get a piece of cloth that will help in cleaning.

A roller for the first layer of the soundproofing car trunk and which simultaneously helps in the roll down.

3. Choosing the Soundproof Material

The main question comes over here which soundproofing material you will use to soundproof the car trunk? There is a lot of soundproof materials in the market that are effective and some might not it depends on the intensity of the noise.

If your car’s trunk is producing noise then you need to have a sound deadening layer that is effective and gives better results.

The sound deadening and blocking layer will help in locking out noise and if your car is producing more noise then you need to have another method of soundproofing.

These two layers of soundproofing are standard and work if your car is not producing noise and vibrations for a much longer time.

Most people use sound deadening material to soundproof car trunks because it’s effective and gives better results.

4. Installing The Sound Deadening Material

Firstly you need to be precise about the car trunk area most of the car trunk area is between 15 to 30 SQ FT bigger. So you need to get the exact size of the car trunk area.

after getting the exact area of the car trunk then you can install the sound deadening material. You need to have the exact size of the area because most people don’t get enough sound deadening material thinking car trunk is smaller.

But they fall short of the sound deadening material and damping will not be proper which will not block noise and vibration.

However, after getting the sound deadening material you need to apply it on the surface of the car trunk gently and firmly with the roller. As the surface is not flat you may find upward slop so apply carefully with the roller.

Although if you want to use the subwoofers in the car then you need to cover the car trunk completely if not then you can cover 60-70% which is right and gives better results.

Make sure you pay attention to using the sound deadening material on the area of the wheel because that will absorb the noise coming from the tires and other sources.

5. Installing The Sound Blocking Layer

Installing sound blocking player will help in blocking the noise which is coming. Sound deadening is used on the major structural parts whereas the sound blocking layer is used on the entire structure of the car trunk.

The sound blocking layer can be used in two ways that one is to put the blocking layer on the cardboard and set it on the trunk for better fixing.

This will help to cover all the space and also space to store and the second method is if you want to completely soundproof your trunk then you need to add the sound blocking layer with the sound deadening material.

If you have cracks and gaps in the car trunk then cover that with the foil tape and don’t cover the vent otherwise you will not be able to close the car trunk.

6. Installing On The Sides Of The Trunk

Starting with the difficult areas of the car trunk is always a good strategy. The sides of the trunk required tracing so you should do it early.

Using a trace will save in measuring from both sides. Make sure you place a stencil on the right side up before you cut out the sound deadening material.

Prepare the car trunk surface by cleaning or rubbing the area with de-greasing or rubbing alcohol. You should first cover the vertical side of the trunk and apply two to three medium-size sound deadening layers.

Doing it from both sides will easier your task and pay close attention at the time of applying the sound deadening layers on the sides.

7. Soundproofing The Car License Plate

If you have a sound system installed in your car then you’re familiar with the license plate because this will keep the sound inside the car for a better volume and also keep the outside noise away.

If your going on a long drive then having a better sound system is a good choice it will keep your mood refreshing and the driver awake.

How you can soundproof the license plate? The answer is using a silicon license plate frame and better soundproofing material that you can use.

You can cover the complete license plate for better soundproofing but make sure you missed out on adding the silicon foil behind the holder. This will help in better soundproofing.

If you don’t find any major changes in sound transmission then you need to use the proper soundproofing material that is more effective.

8. Final Touches

This is the last step of soundproofing a car trunk you need to execute this step so that the car trunk doesn’t look nasty when you open it.

Mostly after installing the sound deadening material inside the car trunk it completely looks different and soundproof the car trunk effectively. You will notice the change once you apply sound deadening material.

After adding all the material most people don’t cover this material and when you open the car trunk it will be unpleasant with all the tapes and glue exposed.

That’s why you need to cover this material by using a rear layer on this material that will hide all this material from getting exposed. your car trunk looks good when you open it.

Make sure you choose the layer for covering the material. Additionally, it will not decrease the effect of soundproof material. You can use the lightweight and effective soundproof layer that will work well.

Alternative And Cheap Methods To Soundproof Car Trunk

Soundproof Insulation

Soundproof insulation is one of the best choices to soundproof it will dampen the entire car trunk and block out all the sources of sound.

It’s will help in blocking out noise and one of the cheap and effective methods if you don’t want to use sound deadening material then you can opt for soundproof insulation.

Moreover, soundproof insulation will not cost huge and does your work within the minimum budget also it covers your entire surface and block out the noise.

If you don’t want to opt for the expensive method of soundproofing then this is one of the ideal methods for you also its effectiveness.

Soundproof Blankets

 If you use the soundproof blanket in your house then you know how effective it is. The soundproof blanket will absorb the noise and block the noise simultaneously.

Soundproof blankets are made with sound-absorbing and sound-blocking material that will block out noise effectively. Also, the installation process is not difficult.

All you need to do is just lay down the blanket on the surface and use glue or foil tape to stick to the surface properly. Because the better it will connect to the surface the better soundproofing it will provide.

Make sure you don’t leave the gap between the soundproof blanket and the surface because it will not allow the noise to come inside. You can use a hand roller to firmly push it around the surface.

A soundproof blanket may stretch while installing or at the time of storing things all you need to do is protect the blanket with a solid layer that will block out the noise.

Soundproof Mats

Soundproof mats are also a great source for absorbing and blocking out noise but if you use subwoofers in your car then you need to use soundproof mats because they are effective.

If you use subwoofers then you will open the car trunk again and again so the soundproof blanket might get stretched with the constant opening.

Soundproof mats don’t get stretched because they have a more strong layer that will not sag or stretch. This will save your money which is spent on the rear layer of the soundproof blanket.

All you need to do is install the soundproof mat carefully and stick that with tape or glue so that it sticks well with the surface. make sure you don’t leave any gap between the mat and the surface.

Moreover, it’s up to you how many soundproof mats you want to install for effectiveness and better results.

Here are some of the cheap and effective methods to soundproof car trunks and bear in mind if you’re getting this noise for a long time then you need to opt for the soundproofing method which is permanent.

There are some of the temporary soundproof solutions I have shared for better results and instant soundproofing of the car trunk.

Final Thought On Soundproofing Car Trunk

If you’re on a long drive then you need to fix the noisy trunk that’s producing constant noise and that may lead to an accident because the focus of the driver is not on the road.

That’s the reason I have come up with this guide that will help you to soundproof the car trunk easily even if you don’t know how to do it.

However, these methods require investment but are not huge but if you don’t want to invest much then you can with the cheap method of soundproofing that I have shared.

Also, this material is easily available in the market. Firstly as I have said that you need to figure it where the noise is leaking in the car.

If this guide is helpful share it also let us know which soundproof material you use? We would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on sound deadening car doors.


How to soundproof a car trunk?

you can soundproof the car trunk with the sound deadening car doors and you can also use a soundproof blanket or soundproof your trunk car this are effective methods which block out noise.

How do I stop my car from vibrating?

Firstly you need to check that’s the reason for the vibration of the car trunk if the reason is subwoofers then you need to fix that but there might be some reasons which are mechanical and that can be fixed. you can use sound deadening material.

How can I make my car more soundproof?

you can make your car more soundproof by laying down the sound deadening that will effectively reduce the noise in the car.

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