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If your looking to apply the spray foam in a room which is an old room the first thing which comes in your head is spray foam but the question here is does spray foam decrease noise in your room and which kind of foam has the best soundproof properties and does they really work.

Before walking you through the details it is very important you understand that what goes into making the spray foam insulation. Knowing what it is and its properties will help you understanding where you can use it. If you don’t learn about it then you will not get an idea about whether acoustic spray foam is really for your project or else you can use the alternative if its properties don’t match your requirements.

What is spray foam insulation made of?

spray foam insulation is made of polyurethane which is called PU in short and is a polymer of several compounds. PU was synthesized in the late 1930s but it wasn’t used for insulation purposes until 70’s. now let’s dive into how this material works.

Spray foam insulation comes in two different forms for use on construction sites allowing us to mix it on spot and use it. Among the two components, the first one contains isocyanates which are in the form of MDI and PMDI. The second contains polyols which are needed in creating catalysts, flame retardants, surfactants, and blowing agents. All these components are required to make the reaction that hardens the polyurethane and to make it foam up and expand.

Generally, open-cell insulation contains carbon dioxide as a blowing agent and that compound makes the solution foamy but that gas has a high impact on climate and the reason most construction projects don’t use it and if you are still worried about it you can use its alternative which has a lower impact on the climate you can use HFO compound and Close cell insulation for the lower impact on climate.

Will Spray Foam Insulation Reduces Noise?

One of the best properties of foam insulation is that it gets into every nook and corner it completely seals gaps and the cracks on the surface which you’ve placed the foam unlike the traditional blanket foam it helps in completely filling up the gaps and the cracks. It will increase the energy efficiency of your home more than any other insulation does.

Spray foam insulation creates perfect air barrier results in preventing heat loss some estimates show that this kind of product will help you in 50% energy saving of the complete household. These properties also make it one of the most valuable noise pollution tools we use.

Usually, noise enters the house through doors, windows, ceilings, and gaps or cracks spray foam insulation helps in filling up that gaps and cracks which makes it soundproof there are different types of foam insulation helps in achieving greater results.

What type of spray foam insulation has better properties?

There are two types of foams in the market which are made of the same stuff they have same some different properties when you see the blowing agent that combines with the liquid to make the insulation have an open or closed-cell structure.

Closed-cell foam doesn’t allow any air to pass through it has an incredibly high R-value and closed-cell foam is also moisture resistant so it serves you as an effective vapor barrier. It’s hard and dense also flexible enough to prevent cracks it will also add structural support to the surface on which you use it.

Open-cell foam is vapor permeable and is better suited for the dry environment. You can top it off with a vapor barrier once the foam sets.

Open-cell foam can cover an area that’s a hundred times bigger than the original one but the insulation makes it a more porous structure which makes it a perfect sound absorber.

Some Basic Properties of Spray Foam Insulation

Now it’s clear that what are spray foam insulation and the types of foam insulation let’s dive into what are some of the basic properties of spray foam insulation.

Density And R-Value

We can’t have any kind of insulation without giving its r-value and density and as said before that spray insulation has a much higher density. Open-cell foam has a density of half a pound per cubic foot and the closed-cell has a 2-pound cubic foot.

The density of the product is one of the biggest indicators of the R-value the higher the density the higher will be the R-value. Open-cell insulation has an R-value of R3.5 per inch that puts it in a similar category of fiberglass and cellulose insulation which have an R-value between R3.2 or R3.8 per inch.

A denser version of foam insulation has an R-value of 6.5 inches which makes it one of the most effective insulation in the market and the R-value of this kind of product doesn’t depend on the density provided by the foam.

You can also increase R-value by applying several layers of the foam on top of each other which will make it denser but it might cost if you do this.


The total cost of the spray foam insulation depends on the type of spray foam insulation you want to install and the quantity you might be required to do that. If you want to fill the gap between your windows and the walls of the surroundings then it might cost you around $5 and for the larger project, you have to calculate the same.

If you want to soundproof a particular room with spray foam insulation then there are kits available in the market which might cost you around $200-$600.

If you want professionals to do the spray foam insulation for you then the price might also include the labor cost too they have special vehicles which store the foam so that they don’t waste it or run out of the material.

The overall cost of the spray foam insulation depends on the type of spray you want to go with if you want denser foam then the cost of the spray might be 20% more expensive than the regular spray foam insulation. but it will give you returns in an excellent way.

How To Apply Spray Foam Insulation

When your installing a blanket or batt insulation it’s made up of fiberglass or wool you have to look for the airborne irritants. But you don’t have to worry about spray foam which the application process of this is straightforward and point of shoot kind of experience just bear in mind that the temperature will be 70 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure that the foam sets perfectly.

As you can see in the above video the application of the spray foam insulation is simple and once you get your hands on it you will do it easily. After the hooking of the two hoses, you will get the kit with the bucket on the one end and the spray gun on the other end you can just start applying it and as you keep speed you can coat the surface smoothly.

When the foam sets make sure to check the surface you applied is covered properly. If you are insulating walls then you can use a utility knife to cut the peaks to go over the studs. it’s that it can affect the vapor permeability of the material. you can fix this with plastic foil or vapor barrier paint.

You don’t need to do this alone hire a team of professionals who does the job for you. The labor cost will be added to this cost but it’s always better to give to experts who can do it perfectly.

Where Can you Apply Acoustic Spray Foam Insulation?

How can you know that the spray foam insulation is for you and its best suited for your home and what are the areas where you can apply spray foam insulation it’ll be good to any of the following

  • Applying around wiring and the irregular shaped areas in both the newly constructed or the old house.
  • Apply on the unfinished and uneven walls like the walls in your basement.
  • Filling the walls and the ceilings without taking off the drywall.
  • Filling the hollow doors which are not assembled properly.
  • Insulating floors and ceilings.
  • Insulating on the attic loft for the improvement In the energy efficiency of your home.

Once you apply the spray foam insulation correctly where you need it. it will never lose the insulating properties and fixes perfectly even when you spray it on the ceiling and the floor it will expand properly it will set without any issue. It will not show any cracks and gaps you will be able to enjoy your newly insulated space for a longer time.

If you liked our blog then let us know also share your experience of Spray foam insulation we would love to hear from you. feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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