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Whenever you talk about soundproofing a home or office or any space then the thing which pops up in your head is soundproof paint and there are many myths about it that soundproof paints work and many say it doesn’t this guide, I will burst the myths does it really work or not.

When you soundproof a home you might shift the and put out the pillows that resonate also you try to change curtains that suit your home and which go according to the wall color you put up. you do everything until you are satisfied with the results.

But sometimes it might be hectic work when you try the soundproofing of walls, floor, and ceiling and you might reach a point where you did not satisfy with the results. The same happens when you’re investing in soundproof materials which are effective and the bill will go up when you’re investing in these effective materials.

Sometimes you might struggle to complete your soundproof project and it will lead to frustration and things not going as you want them I can understand that soundproof paint might also be your concern when you start a project of soundproofing.

However, you might be getting worried about the myths about soundproof paint and does they really work but your search is worth if you landed here I will walk you through the complete guide of soundproof paint.

Soundproof paint Vs regular paint

Now let’s dive into the difference between soundproof paint and regular paint and some people say that soundproof paint doesn’t work but believe it or not they really work and they carry the factors of soundproofing in them. So let’s see what regular paint and soundproof works

Regular paint

If your thinking of painting the walls then you might have done research on the regular paints and it comes in all sorts and colors. Regular paint are easy and simple to manage and you can easily color your walls with it.

However regular paint might be less expensive and the soundproof paint is expensive but that should not be your concern when it comes to soundproofing the project. if you want high-quality paint then it might cost you and you should have a high budget.

Low-cost paint will cost you around $15 per gallon and paint which are high quality will cost $30 per gallon and you can keep the same cost with soundproof paint there are some paints that will cost $100 per gallon but shouldn’t be the concern.

Cheap and low-quality paint might cause cracks on your walls and they are a temporary solution to decorate your home after some time they will lose the shade and the color will get pale. Always try to go with high-quality paint.

They will be an increase in the price because of its color and the type of paint it will be the two factors of rising in price. Colors that are saturated and dark tend to be expensive because a lot of pigment goes into making them.

But at the end of the day, your walls will end up being glossy, and matte glossy paint is used in a lot of places like hospitals and schools because it will get easier to clean while matte is used in homes to give it that lavishing finish.

Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint doesn’t have many choices in terms of color and shades you need to have some of the light colors and that’s a wrap when it comes to soundproof paint.

Soundproof paint will cost you around $30 which is not that expensive and the same as the regular paint. As mentioned there will be gallons is $30 which will be enough t paint 150 square feet.

Similar to regular paint soundproof paint is water-based but what makes it soundproof is that the ingredient which we call latex is mixed in it which will make your space soundproof. Latex is not also used for fast drying and is non-toxic but it will also be one of the components which will contribute to soundproofing.

We used rubber material to provide soundproof insulation and thermal insulation. The latex will provide small cracks in the wall and slightly thicken it. It also provides extra thickness to the paint. Soundproof paint can look a bit different compared to regular paint when you first see it.

As said before soundproof paint might look a bit different and they are a little chunky when compared to regular paint and they leave a texture on your wall when you add layers. It’s a good thing if your walls and ceiling have flaws.

Soundproof paint doesn’t add any amount of mass to your walls and this texture might be more thicken if you add the soundproof wallpaper. So this thicken is a small part of why soundproof paint actually works.

Does soundproof paint really work

So we are now into the main question of this article that does soundproof paint really work believe it or not they work they are one of the most effective ways to soundproof your area.

Most people say that soundproof paint doesn’t work but I will burst the myth you don’t have to completely rely on soundproof paint and if you’re redecorating your home then I will not recommend soundproof paint because they are thicker than regular paint usually they are made up of latex.

Boiling down to the point that soundproof paint will give you the comfort of soundproof because it will have all the benefits you’re looking forward to a soundproof home.

However, it will absorb all the noise and it should also provide some thermal insulation but you have to pay attention to one point that soundproof paint should not only that one thing which you can add to your space.

There are also a lot of techniques with which you can soundproof your walls and this technique are affordable and cheap.

If you want to renovate your home then don’t go with soundproof paint because they are thicker as said before and one of the drawbacks which I found is that it doesn’t have many colors they are only light colors that’s all about it.

Some Ways of Soundproofing Walls

As I mentioned above that there are a lot of soundproof techniques that you can use to soundproof your ceiling and walls but it depends on the technique which you choose to go with and which drives the maximum level of satisfaction.

Cheap soundproofing methods

There are a lot of cheap ways with which you can soundproof your walls like you can use your furniture and various other soundproof material to soundproof your walls. also, I have written an article about spray foam insulation that’s also one of the best ways to soundproof your walls.

You can use your furniture and other methods like acoustic foam to thicken the walls but acoustic foam will not stop the noise it will improve the sound quality somewhat.

There are a lot of materials like a soundproof blanket, curtains, room dividers, and a lot of other materials however they might be a lot for you. The soundproof blanket will work for you if you don’t want many materials.

Boiling down there are a lot of other effective ways to soundproof walls without soundproof paint.

Most Used Soundproofing method

In the previous article, I have mentioned that if you want to soundproof your wall then you have to replace your existing insulation with soundproof insulation and install a layer of MLV and add the resilient channel to the wooden studs on the wall.

However, you have to separate your drywall from the frame of the house and goes with the ceiling as well walls. You have to use a green glue and drywall sandwich to soundproof your wall. This is the ultimate method to soundproof the wall.


There are a lot of questions related to soundproof paint and whether it works or not but to cut it short it works it shouldn’t be the only thing which you rely on soundproofing there are a lot of other effective ways.

If you’re applying only soundproof paint then it will not be much effective. I hope that I have walked you through the clarity of soundproof paint and your questions have got a clear solution about whether you should use it or not.

I have done my part about providing you complete knowledge about soundproof paint and its bursting its common myths. If you want to know more effective ways then you can definitely check out more articles on my home page.

if you liked the article let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our blog on acoustic spray foam insulation


Q1. How can we soundproof a room with paint?

Ans. You have to use soundproof paint because it’s water-based and which is different from oil-based paint because it works well for absorbing noise. Acoustic paint will reduce 30% to 50% external noise. You have to pay attention to one point that if you want more silence to increase the coating layer it should be thicker the thicker it is the more soundproofing.

Q2. Does soundproof paint really work?

Ans. Generally to answer the question in short whether soundproof paint will work or not then it will work and make a bit of difference. Don’t rely on only soundproof paint there are a lot of effective ways to soundproof a. it’s not beneficial to only use a soundproof room it will not work.

Q3. How to Make Walls Soundproof?

Ans. The best and affordable way to soundproof your walls is through the use of drywall and other materials which contribute to the air-tight wall. The insulation will be sealed in the form of an extra layer that breaks the noise.

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