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Do you remember the quiet fidget toys that crazily took over a few years ago? Fast forward to today they are trendy and have become an integral part of our lives. 

There are a lot of benefits of fidget toys as they help with feeling anxiety in places like work and school where you can combat anxiety and improve your focus. These are used by people who have anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Still, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a fidget toy as it’s a fun activity to play with.

According to Forbes Health, fidgeting can help to increase focus while alleviating other more distractive habits. It will give your hand something to do that will redirect your mind.

Sometimes the fidget toys can get loud and annoying, distracting people in workplaces or schools. If you are someone who dealt with loud fidget toys and is embarrassed in public places? worry not I have got the quiet fidget toys for you.

In this guide, I will walk you through quiet fidget toys that will help you to fidget quietly in public places.

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are handled tools that are made to decrease the stress level of the user. They will relieve feelings of anxiety and boredom. They can calm you down and redirect your mind with the fidgeting activity with your hand.

Fidget toys have different variety of tools that will relieve you from feelings of anxiety. It is popular for people with ADHD and anxiety. Back then, a fidget spinner was the only thing that was popular for relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.

Fidget toys are expanded from spinners to fidget cubes, rubber band balls, keychains, and more. 

They are commonly used and recommended by researchers for combating anxiety and stress. They are also said to improve learning ability but there isn’t scientific research to prove this point. Although they have their benefits.

Features To Look Before Purchasing Quiet Fidget Toys 

There are a lot many options to consider before purchasing the quiet fidget spinner. which is right for your child and loved ones will depend on a few factors. The primary thing is to understand the need and a toy that will fit you naturally and benefit you.


The primary goal of a fidget spinner is to relieve the feeling of anxiety and stress and help you focus by diverting your mind. Along with using fidget toys, you need to get professional help when necessary as these tools are only for short-term relief and cannot solely replace the therapy.

If you find yourself unable to focus and stress consider using fidget toys as they will relieve the feeling of anxiety and stress redirecting your focus and attention.


These toys should be durable as they are being used at times of stress and anxiety they should withstand wear and tear. If you use quiet fidget toys during the time of stress look for toys that are made up of solid materials like metal and plastic.

When you are stressed things drop off from your hands they should be durable enough to not break when fall. Fidget toys with solid plastic will serve the purpose.


Choosing a toy that feels comfortable and your preferred appearance is important for long-term use. Choose a quiet fidget toy on how it feels to you. Some people like hard toys some like soft toys and some want the sound. Ensure that your child or loved ones enjoy the fidgeting and feel comfortable using it.


Seek for toys that offer silent movement for nearly silent movement. If you are in a classroom or office opt for silent fidget toys to prevent distraction for users and people around them. This includes Quiet fidget toys with spinner smooth bearing or stress balls, and fidget cubes that will operate quietly relieving stress and anxiety.


Look for quiet fidget toys that are portable and can be fit in a pocket for carrying easily without much hassle. It should be easily accessible for on-the-go use without any noise disturbance or distracting people around while taking it out. Opt for silent fidget toys that are small in size and can be discreetly used without drawing attention.

Best Quiet Fidget Toys At Glance:

Best Overall: Scione Fidget Spinner

Best Silent Fidget Toy: Schylling NeeDoh Original Stress Ball 

Best Fidget Toy With Additional Features: WTYCD Fidget Toy Game 

Best Fidget Toy For Kids: Coogam Qiyi Speed Cube Bundle

Best Wearable Fidget Toy:  Custom Mobi Necklace Pendant 

5 Best Quiet Fidget Toys

Now that you have figured out the features you might have decided which would be right for your child and loved ones Here are some of the best quiet fidget toys that will be based on your preferences.

Best Overall

1.  Scione Fidget Spinner

Photo: Amazon

Science Fidget Spinner is a great tool for fidgeting, anxiety, and ADHD this will help you in quitting bad habits. It will relieve you from the feeling of stress and anxiety by redirecting your mind and improving your focus.

It comes with a high-speed ceramic ball in the center for smooth rotation and consistency.  Metal bearings for distributed weight and force, while the fidget spins the bearings, are replaceable for future upgrades.

The spinner is easy to use just hold it with one hand in the center and rotate it with the other hand consistent practice will allow you to rotate and spin with one hand, on the other hand, you can also use the spinner on table to do so place the spinner on table press on the center and rotate.

The edges are smoothly rounded to protect your fingers from scratching. If you’re looking for a high-quality fidget spinner for your child or loved one this one would be the right pick for you as it’s a pack of 5 that will be long-lasting.

The body is made up of solid plastic that will be durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Bearings are of metal that will maintain the right balance and smooth rotation it gives your hand the comfort of smooth spinning and relieves feelings of stress and anxiety. 

It operates at low noise and is suitable for use in public places also, it’s portable and can be used on the go it fits in the pocket.


  • It helps combat feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • It operates at low noise suitable for public places.
  • High-speed ceramic ball in the center for smooth rotation.
  • Smoothly finished edges to prevent hands from scratching.


  • It’s not durable enough for long-term usage.

Best Silent Fidget Toy 

2. Schylling NeeDoh Original Stress Ball 

Photo: Amazon

Stress balls vary in size and shape the material can help expel energy and calm the nerves. These fidget toys have been shown to signal relaxation and strengthen muscles in the wrist and hand.

The squeezing movement of the ball will release the stress and our fist, releasing the ball is a part of a relaxation exercise called progressive muscle relaxation. Stress ball stretches our muscles providing a relief of calm and peace.

Stress balls come in various varieties like hard and smooth, These stress balls a jelly compounds which is strong, durable, and return to their original shape. It is hypoallergenic and completely safe. It’s BPA-free, phthalates or latex.  It can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

It is suitable for those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and OCD it will help by redirecting your brain to focus preventing the feeling of anxiety and stress. 

Stress balls are noiseless and will be appropriate for use in public places. It is ideal for ages 3 to adults, When you place it in the center of your palm and squeeze it will release your muscles which will help in combating stress and anxiety.

The standout feature is its jelly-like compound that can be squeezed, Squish it will return to its original state. You can place it on the table and rotate it will give relief.


  • Stress balls help expel energy and calm the nerves
  • It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic free, BPA-free, phthalates or latex
  • It can be cleaned easily with soap and water.
  • It is suitable for those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and OCD


  • It is not resistant to hard squeaking it may explode.

Best Fidget Toy With Additional Features

3. WTYCD Fidget Toy Game 

Photo: Amazon

This Fidget classical toy is a rubberized plastic material that looks classy with 8 fidgeting functions that will provide endless fidgeting it includes a clickable controller, 4 toy colored keys, a gear roller, a massage roller, a spinnable dial, a spring-loaded slide, and a hold texture section.

This quiet fidget toy looks like a gamepad with a metallic finish and works well for those with ADHD, anxiety, and autism. It is suitable for anyone students, working professionals, and classical gamers.

It’s an all-in-one quiet fidget toy that will work in relieving anxiety you can switch to 8 different switches which will prevent the feeling of anxiety and stress. The keys are pretty quiet and smooth while operating.

It is portable which is easy to carry and use on the go it will easily fit in the pocket. It’s reminiscent of the 8-bit gaming golden age and the look and feel is inspired by classical video game controllers.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a quiet fidget toy that is classy and stands out and unique this would be the right pick and instead of investing in all the fidget toys, this is All-in-one with multiple switches that will help relieve anxiety.


  • Made with rubberized plastic material 
  • 8 fidgeting functions for endless operation
  • Appearance of gamepad with metallic finish
  • All-in-one quiet fidget toy


  • Not optimal if you want a quiet fidget toy

Best Wearable Fidget Toy

4. Custom Mobi Necklace Pendant 

Photo: Amazon

This necklace comes with a pendant and a different variety of colors so you can choose your favourite and even you can customize the necklace of your choice with multiple colors.

If you’re looking for wearable fidget toys then this would bring that change you’re looking for as the reviews suggest it is best for relieving anxiety and stress and suitable for children and adults.

What I like about this is it is customizable so you can customize to any style or color and wear it. The pendant has multiple small rings that add a cool look to the necklace. It is strong and lightweight the color links slide through each other easily when touched.

The necklace makes a quiet jingle sound when the links move it is just a great abstract piece of jewelry that adds a unique look and helps you deal with anxiety and stress. It is lightweight as mentioned earlier which would be ideal for children and adults.


  • It is strong and lightweight.
  • It comes with a pendant and a different variety of colors
  • It is customizable with multiple colors.
  • The pendant has multiple tiny rings that add a great look.


  • It is not very sturdy.

Best Fidget Toy For Kids

5. Coogam Qiyi Speed Cube Bundle 

Photo: Amazon

This quiet fidget toy may require a little more involvement than some other fidget toys. But if your kids like puzzle solving then this would be the ideal choice for the kids. It will hit the spot.

It is a mini cube bundle that is reviewed as comfortable as a larger one and suitable for kids. It is safe for kids as the edges are smooth and the turnings. Good choice for hours of fun time solving the puzzle.

This quiet fidget toy is eco-friendly and made with ABS material which is safe and has no fading, peeling, or cheating while solving. It feels more textured and has no scratches after long usage.

The anti-stick design can prevent the cube viscosity which makes the cube solve smooth. It is an ideal choice for kids as it is small in size and safe for solving for small hands. It is quiet as the cubes are smooth which will turn quickly.


  • It requires a little more involvement than other fidget toys.
  • Mini cube bundle that is reviewed as comfortable.
  • Good choice for hours of fun.
  • Eco-friendly and made with ABS material.


  • It makes a little noise when turning.

Benefits Of Quiet Fidget Toys

Quiet fidget toys offer several benefits, particularly in environments where noise can be distracting. Here are some of the advantages of quiet fidget toys.

Reduces Stress

Fidgeting with quiet toys will reduce stress and anxiety providing sensory calmness. The repetitive motion will promote a mindful experience by calming you while redirecting your mind to focus.

Improves Focus

Engaging with quiet fidgeting toys will help individuals especially those with ADHD to maintain focus and attention. It will divert your mind from the feeling of stress and anxiety that provides calmness.


Quiet fidget toys can improve concentration and productivity by keeping hands occupied in a non-disruptive manner. This is especially helpful during tasks that require sustained concentration. Such as studying or working.


Fidgeting with quiet toys can provide comfort and relief from restlessness and discomfort, allowing the individual to channel their energy into constructive activities without drawing unwanted attention.


Quiet fidget toys are suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities, making them accessible tools for promoting self-regulation, focus, and relaxation.

Final Thoughts On Quiet Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are small portable toys to keep around in the movement of stress and anxiety. They will make you feel relaxed from the feeling of anxiety and stress.

There are no such disadvantages of fidget toys as there’s no evidence that they’ll make your symptoms worse. On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that they can’t replace the therapy seek professional help whenever there is a need.

Depending on your need you can get quiet fidget toys in that case some people like smooth types and some will like hard toys so depending on the preferences you can get one.

As there is no evidence of disadvantages of quiet fidget toys they are worth giving a try. The good part is they are available from age 3 to adults so you can get them for your child and loved one who is facing ADHD, anxiety, and stress as they will in combat and provide relief.

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