How to reduce road noise in car

While returning from a job the beeping noise of the cars and construction noise and people talking on the streets really becomes annoying when you’re tired of the long and hectic day.

This happens every day and it is impossible to avoid or ignore this. while you are stuck in the traffic the direct sunlight falls from the windshield and angry drivers who are not taking their hands from the horns.

If you could find the only way to get rid of this little bit than to cause a little less painful to the ears then it would be the best thing to do. As there are many ways to reduce road noise in the car.

But we often think does the ways work or are effective enough to reduce the road noise in the car. If you do the same then you’re on the right spot like me because I searched a lot but ended up with some effective ways to reduce road noise in the car.

If you’re thinking about the car noise reducer then you are right because in this guide I will walk you through some of the effective materials that will work in reducing the road noise in the car.

How Soundproofing Works In Car?

Before soundproofing your car you need to know how soundproofing works and what are some of the important factors you need to pay attention to if you decide to soundproof a car.

The primary thing you should understand when soundproofing your car is that there is no way to completely soundproof a car. you will hear the noise from the road into the car.

There is no complete noise cancellation in the car but there will be a drastic change in the noise you hear before and after the insulation of the material. There will be a 50% noise reduction in the car.

After the insulation of material in the car, there will be a huge difference in the noise in the car. especially in the older vehicle, the noise will be much before soundproofing.

You can expect a drastic change in the noise you will hear in the car after soundproofing the car. especially the noise of the engine and other compartments of the car like cabin noise reduction.

Doing this you can compare the results of the noise level before and after the insulation of material by following some of the methods I will be sharing in this guide.

How To Reduce Road Noise In The Car: 6 Simple And Effective Ways

Now let’s dive into some of the methods to reduce road in the car and make your car a better place while you’re stuck in traffic.

1. Use Soundproof Floor Mats

Most of the cars have floor mats that will catch the dirt that gets into the car but they don’t soundproof the car and reduce the vibrations that the car floor receives on the road.

To tackle this issue you should use dynamat sound deadening mats for the floor. This is mostly used for car soundproofing and it’s best when you want to soundproof the car floor.

However, the car floor is not as thick as you think. This material is made with butyl rubber with the constraint foil on the one side and adhesive on the other side for sticking the mat on the car floor.

This material will help you to reduce the road noise in the car and absorb the vibrations that come into the car reducing road noise.  there are several soundproof in the market but these are the effective ones.

Therefore these damping mats are not cheap and they will cost you a pretty good penny but it will be worth every penny spend because it will definitely reduce the road noise especially if you’re stuck in traffic for a long time.

How To Apply Dynamat Sound Deadening Mat

  • You need to take out the things which are attached to the floor of the car.
  • Get some cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the car floor thoroughly.
  • Measure the car floor and mark the sizes on the sound deadening mat.
  • Get a utility knife and cut the sheet and trim it with the size of the car floor.
  • Now peel off the sheet and place the mat on the floor ( if you don’t have an adhesive mat then put the adhesive and place the sheet on the floor)
  • Use a roller for perfect fitting of the sound deadening mat and to take out the air bubbles.
  • Do the final touch-ups and put back everything in its place.

Congratulations you have successfully applied the dynamat sound deadening mats in your car.

  • Thick self-adhesive sound deadener with extreme bulk

  • It will stop the noise transmitting in the car..

  • Effctive in blocking out noise...

  • Reduces road noise and vibrations...

2. Use Soundproof Mats With Reflective Insulation

If you have tried dynamat sound deadening mats and didn’t find yet effective in reducing the road noise in the car? so what to do now.

You need to use soundproof mats with reflective insulation that will block out noise and absorb vibrations more effectively that are passing in the car from the road.

Second-skin luxury liner pro is the perfect solution for that extra noise that’s coming through the car floor and if you want to add MLV to your car floor then this is the ideal choice for you to install in the car.

It is one of the best options available in the market for automotive use. MLV barrier will block out noise in the car more effectively than the soundproof mats. Sometimes it cancels up to 80% of the road noise in the car.

Luxury liner pro has the combination of both closed cells and mass-loaded vinyl that helps to keep cold out of the car. it will help when you want to heat up the car in the winter.

How To Apply Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro

  • Clean the car floor with rubbing alcohol
  • Place the reflective insulation underneath the soundproof mats
  • These two products work effectively in order to bring you the noise-canceling experience
  • Peel off the sheet and place it on the floor and fix it according to the floor
  • You can add both soundproof mats and reflective mats for better soundproofing and at the same time eliminate the work and efforts of placing differently.
  • Clean and put back everything in its place.
  • Damplifier pro sound deadening material will deaden material..

  • With a proprietory combination of butyl rubber...

  • Damplifier pro provides industry leading sound dampening...

  • The foil heat sheet acts as radiant barrier and thermal insulator..

3. Soundproofing Car Roof

It is always good to listen to crisp music in the car on a long drive but what if the road noise enters the car than it’s time to soundproof the car roof with the insulation material.

You can soundproof the car roof by installing insulation material in your car making your car quieter. It is essential to use sound deadening material for reducing road noise in the car.

When you receive the noise from the roof then it will be annoying when you’re on a long drive and the music you listening to will be ruined also you cannot communicate with the person sitting next to you.

However, soundproofing the car roof will reduce the rough road-noise, and also it will you keep out the weather noise and keep the temperature inside the car as you prefer.

The best way to soundproof a roof is through sound-deadening insulation. With this process, you will be able to soundproof car roof in the right way to ensure you will be able to get effective results

How To Apply Sound Deadening Insulation

  • Prepare the tools and materials needed to install sound deadening insulation.
  • To install you need a sound deadening insulation mat, screwdriver, roller, degreaser, utility gloves.
  • Remove the headliner of the roof to install sound deadening insulation. Pay attention while taking out the headliner.
  • Clean the car roof thoroughly with the degreaser until all the dirt is removed. Clean twice if the dirt is not removed in one time.
  • Install the first layer of the sound deadening insulation material and ensure that the mat sticks correctly with the roof and use a roller to remove air bubbles.
  • Now install the second layer of the mat because a single layer will not be enough to reduce road noise in the car.
  • Put back everything in its place.

4. Soundproofing Car Doors

If you want to soundproof the car then the best method is to soundproof the car doors most people focus on soundproofing windows to stay away from the time-consuming task.

As soundproofing, the car doors require you to invest time and effort with all the insulation of material and take off the door for insulating the soundproof mats similar to the soundproof floor mats.

The best material to soundproof a car door is foam material which is similar to the soundproof floor mats and if you do this for all four doors of the car then you will reduce the road noise in the car.

However, you will notice the difference in the noise once you insulate the material to do this you need to find out the best insulation material in the market.

If you find it difficult to find the insulation material then don’t worry because I have already got you one of the best insulation materials for soundproofing car doors.

Noico is one of the best insulation materials in the market for soundproofing car doors and reducing the road noise in the car.

You can check out the blog on sound deadening car doors for the installation of the insulation material in the car doors.

  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl..

  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker..

  • Automotive self adhesive insulation consists.

  • The special embossing on the foil must be..

5. Soundproof Car Trunk

While on a long drive if your car trunk produces noise then it will annoy you and the people in the car. also, it will distract the driver’s focus which may lead to accidents.

If you facing the issue of loud noise from the car trunk then you need to soundproof a car trunk. When you drive on the harsh road then the trunk will produce even more noise.

However, if you have an electric car then most of the trunk of the electric car is not noisy but if you don’t have an electric car then probably the trunk is noisy.

It’s been a while since you bought the car and its obvious trunk will produce noise. there are three places where the noise is being produced mechanical parts, tires, and nature.

These are some of the places which are real culprits in passing the noise in the car trunk and these places are mostly affected by the heavy winds, water, and rough roads.

For soundproofing the car trunk you need to install the insulation material by kilmat which is effective in reducing the road noise in the car trunk.

Check out the blog on how to soundproof car trunks for applying the material.

  • Easily eliminate road noise in the vehicle..

  • The cost effective 50 mil automotive butyl...

  • Automotive self adhesive butyl consists...

  • Effectively handles and reduces rattle noise..

  • It has special indicator to installed it correctly. The special embossing on the foil must be rolled out with a roller.

6. Use Soundproof Tires

Your car tires will a lot on the noise you hear in the car. tires are the only part of the car that is contacted with the road and all the noise and vibrations are because of the wheels impacted.

Some tires even cause a car to make a squeaking noise while turning. Changing your car tire will impact a lot on the noise you hear. Replacing the existing tires with soundproof tires is the best option to choose to reduce road noise in the car.

Soundproof tires have acoustical properties that will reduce the noise and vibrations which is produced on the road. Tires with less profile are not at all effective in blocking road noise.

Moreover, tires with the maximum amount of rubber between the car and metal wheel are the best tires for blocking out road noise they provide cushioning against road vibrations.

Soundproof tires will reduce a lot of road noise in the car with additional rubber between the car and metal that will block out the road noise.

Final Thoughts On How To Reduce Road Noise In Car

These are some of the best and most effective methods to reduce road noise in the car and drive with peace without ruining your joy whether it’s a family holiday or you returning from work after a long day.

I can understand how annoying it becomes with all the noise around while you’re stuck in traffic and the worst part is you can’t do anything about the traffic and noise.

While this method will not completely block out noise but lessen the noise and hopefully give you peace when stuck in heavy traffic. If you feel that your car is too noisy the trunk, cabinet then tries electricity they don’t produce much noise.

But if you don’t have an electric car then these are some of the best and most effective ways to reduce the road noise in the car. also, they require some investment and effort which is worth spending every penny.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on how to soundproof a car and reduce outside noise.


How do I stop road noise in my car?

1. Undercoating your car
2. Getting soundproof tires
3. Soundproofing car roof
4. Soundproofing car floor
5. Get vibration dampeners
6. Line your cup holders

How do I stop loud road noise?

There are many ways to stop loud noise in the car by using sound deadening material that will help to reduce loud noise in the car. also, you can soundproof car trunk and roof for better noise canceling experience.

Does sound deadening reduce road noise?

let’s say you have installed sound deadening material to reduce road noise. Now that you have done that for reducing noise and preventing noise from entering the car. sound deadening mats are effective you will notice the difference in the sound before and after installing.

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