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If you have ever used soundproof mats in your car then you might be knowing how difficult it becomes to install them but this becomes easier with the help of sound deadening sprays.

The market is flooded with sound deadening sprays basically they are liquid form and soundproof your car more effectively. Are you confused about that is it worth using sound deadening car sprays.

In this guide, you will get a complete idea of whether you should use sound deadening car spray or soundproof mats.

Soundproof mats are a little tricky and installing them requires time and energy but with sound deadening car spray, it becomes less time-consuming and saves your energy.

Sound deadening car sprays are easier and simple to apply than soundproof mats. In this guide I will walk you through some of the best sound deadening cars sprays also complete the process of application.

Sound Deadening Car Sprays Vs Soundproof Mats

Soundproofing the entire space

Sound deadening car sprays are the easiest way to soundproof your car when compared to soundproof mats because they require time and energy to install. one of the advantages of installing sound deadening car spray is they reach the hard spaces easily.

Both the products work well to break the road noise but spray cover the entire body of your car even ribs and frame whereas soundproof mats leave the gaps unfilled that passes the noise in the car.

Soundproof mats work well but sound deadening car spray works in a better way than the mats they are more effective in filling up the gaps, ribs, and frame.

Sound Deadening Sprays Are Easier To Install

The process of installing soundproof mats takes days but the spray can be applied faster. Soundproof mats are difficult to cut and position and some people cannot navigate properly that resulting in sound passing in the car.

You have to trim the soundproof mats and many people injure in this process of cutting because they are thick and hard to cut. If your remove soundproof mats then it will be a little tricky and difficult as it comes with an adhesive layer that is fixed with glue.

However, if the soundproof mat gets wet then it may damage the metal sheet of the car because the mats oxidize when they get wet. Sprays allow you to completely cover the entire car.

Sound deadening car spray helps in covering the complete car and even hard spaces of your car that are culprits in transmitting the noise in the car. It’s simple and easy to apply the spray.

Sound Deadening Spray Require Preparation

Sound deadening mats don’t require much preparation to install you will just cut the mats and place them in the right space in your car. You can do some parts now and some later that will make your work easier.

If you using sound deadening car spray then you need to prepare because you completely protect your car interiors and make sure you are careful while applying the spray. If you don’t pay close attention then you will ruin the car interiors.

Most people do not do it by themselves they hire experts who can do this in a much better way that adds to the overall cost of the job. Although you can purchase the products and attempt by yourself paying attention while applying the spray.

Overall Costing

Overall costing of the sound deadening spray depends on the brand and how long is the area you want to cover. Two gallons can cover up to 45 ft with a 1mm thickness and the amount is $150 so you can calculate the area you want to cover. This makes the sound deadening spray cheaper than the mats.

For a more clear idea about it look at the pros and cons prior to the purchase and figure out which one is best for you.

Best Sound-deadening sprays

Let’s dive into the best sound deadening car sprays that are effective and work better to soundproof your car.

1. Design Engineering Sound Deadening Car Spray

This sound deadening car spray is the perfect choice for reducing unwanted road noise and helps in reducing deadening vibrations in hard-to-reach places such as the trunk, fender wells, and undercarriage, and many places to name a few.

This spray serves as thermal barrier insulation against unwanted heat. If you’re looking for a quiet ride by eliminating squeaks, rattles, and unwanted engine and road noise then this sound deadening spray is an ideal choice for you.

However, it can use for any vehicle also it can be applied in multiple layers for even better sound deadening results and it handles the temperature up to 300 degrees. You can also apply this on non-coated areas and topcoat it after 6 hours of dry time. It helps in preventing rust and it will not crack and chip after you apply.

2. 3M Professional Rubberized Undercoating Sound Deadening Car Spray

This professional rubberized undercoating spray helps in protecting the undercarriage of cars, trucks, and vans from corrosion and abrasion. This coating may also be used to protect the interior side of the car and fender, wheel wells, and bottom side and floor side of the car.

Its rubberized coating helps in sound deadening and allows you to have a quieter ride. The texture goes with a black finish that resists chipping and abrasion.

However, it provides the one coat built up with no dripping and running or sagging. It protects your vehicle from a rubberized coating that’s long-lasting and rubberized coating seals the grift and moisture that will otherwise damage the metal components.

Its sound deadening properties help in reducing road noise also protect the vehicle from rust and any damage that is caused to metal.

3. Lizardskin Ceramic Sound Control Insulation

If you’re looking for professional sound deadening car spray then this lizard skin is one of them the company manufactures 3 types of spray first you need to apply sound control and thermal insulation then seal this with a top cat.

You can only use sound control spray which is enough to reduce noise in the car. It protects your car from rust and damage to metal components. the spray is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and fire-resistant.

however, sprays have a lightweight sound control but it’s effective and if you want to remove the spray it easily comes off with soap and water. The spray is black so you can see when you apply and when you take it off.

This spray is effective in reducing the noise in the car also reduces the outside noise. Additionally, it protects your metal sheet and reduces vibrations more effectively than soundproof mats.

4. Rust-Oleum Sound Deadening Spray

If your looking for a dual-purpose spray that can help in reducing noise and wear and tear then this is the best product you can purchase. It prevents your car from corrosion, rust and chemicals, and other things.

This spray is developed to protect the undercarriage of your cars like wheel wells and quarter panels that you don’t pay close attention to but keeping them in good condition is important because it increases the lifespan of the vehicle and ensures your safety on road.

This spray has a wide tip that can be sprayed from any angle. It’s also simple and easy to use. According to the specification, the product should be dry to touch in an hour. Its one can cover up to 10-15 square feet.

Procedure To Apply Sound Deadening Car Spray

1. Clean The Car Surface

You need to clean the car from the surface so that all the dust gets out of the car and its clean and ready to apply the spray. If you have rust then you need to sand it down and if it’s more then you need to use a rust encapsulator.

After sanding the surface clean the complete surface with the rag which is dry and if there’s oil or grease you can use alcohol or a degreasing agent.

2. Prepare The Tools And Spray

Now you need to prepare the spray and tools wear the clothes which you don’t care about also lay down some piece of cloth for protection. If you apply on the roof then cover the steering. Consider Wearing a mask and hat to cover your face and head with the spray.

If your applying a lizardskin sound deadening spray then you need to get a gun and a mixer to apply that .you don’t need to worry because the company sells the complete kit. Lizardskin spray is water-based. So you can clean the spray gun off after you finish applying.

Once you are done with the setup then you need to start mixing the spray place the bucket on the cardboard and firmly mix the contents of the bucket. apply it to the spaces in the car where you want to apply.

3. Apply Sound Deadening Spray

Start applying the spray put your mask on and keep the bucket 8 inches away from the surface your applying the spray. The spray will be dry after 20 minutes you can reapply it at that point in time. After 6 hours you can paint it.

If you’re using a lizardskin spray then get your spray read and spray across the spray that forms a good texture of the spray and helps in sound deadening the car.

4. Put Another Layer

After finishing with the one layer you can apply another layer after 20 min but before applying you need to check whether it’s dry or not with the help of a wet mil gauge.

Check after 20 min of applying the first layer if the layer is dry when you touched it then you are good to go with the second layer. The reason why you’re applying another layer is because of the thickness.

Both the product are gray when you apply them but turn black after drying. Both have a similar texture you can probably top any paint if you don’t want black.

5. Put Back Everything

Put back everything you took out before applying the spray.

Final Thought On Sound Deadening Car Spray

Spray deadening car spray can be a great and easy solution. They take less effort and time to apply and are certainly the most effective than sound deadening mats.

The process of applying sound deadening car sprays is pretty simple and easy you need to pay close attention while you’re applying it. So that the spray doesn’t get on the other surfaces.

However, sound deadening car spray is more effective than soundproof mats and all these points have been stated to differentiate that from soundproof mats. By far it’s easy and simple for applying and removing sound deadening car spray.

If you liked this article then let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our blog on how to soundproof car trunks.


Does spray sound deadener work?

The sound deadening spray is one of the effective methods to reduce sound. especially for the hard-to-reach places. spray deadener can be used alone without any other insulation.

Is spray foam good insulation?

Spray foam is a good insulator for reducing noise in the car. It covers the complete car and hard-to-reach places where you cannot insulate another soundproof insulator.

Where should I put a sound deadener in my car?

The areas where you need to apply sound deadener include doors, floor, trunk, roof, rear deck, and a firewall. the doors need to be dampened to reduce vibrations. floor requires dampening to reduce road noise.

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