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If you have a backyard or a patio then you will understand the importance of a leaf blower and the amount of work it does for you in cleaning the backyard within an hour.

The fallen leaves of the tree will be a mess and make your backyard untidy. If you’re a person who likes to have a coffee in the backyard then it becomes difficult to sit with all-around leaves.

These products make garden cleaning easy and less tiring. You will clean your garden in an hour if you have the right outdoor power equipment in your space.

While cleaning your garden the noise that the leaf blower produces will disturb your neighbors and annoy you. That’s the reason a quiet leaf blower comes into the picture.

If your neighbor uses the loud leaf blower then you may have woken up many times as your day started with the loud noise of the leaf blower. Having a quiet leaf blower will do the job without disturbing the neighbors and as well without annoying you.

In this guide, I have shared some of the quiet leaf blowers that are quietest and picked keeping in mind their effectiveness and most importantly quiet.

Features To Look In Quiet Leaf Blower

Before getting into the list of quiet leaf blowers first understand some of the features you need to look for in quiet leaf blowers this will help you get your hands on the right product of your choice that suits your needs.

Noise Level

The first feature to look at is noise level because the product we are searching for is a quiet leaf blower. Most leaf blowers are loud they produce a noise of 100 decibels.

This will be very difficult for a person standing next to you, as they will hear the noise even when the leaf blower is switched off. Most of the leaf blower manufacturers claim their product as quiet.

They will mention 70-80 decibels for their leaf blower but that will be louder when you use it. This will disturb your neighbors and they will complain about this every morning.

Having a quiet leaf blower will not disturb the neighbors and some of us are concerned about the impact of noise on pets and kids. Doing your research before purchasing the leaf blower will keep you a step ahead.

Before drawing any conclusions on purchasing do your own research and read the reviews they are a strong indication of how is the product and does it works for you or not.

Type Of Leaf Blower

There are three types of leaf blowers i.e., electric, gas-powered, and battery leaf blower. A gasoline-powered leaf blower is the loudest leaf on the list. they are powerful but the amount of noise they produce does not make them appealing.

Furthermore, if you’re getting the gasoline leaf blower then you need to keep up with the maintenance and fuel cost. They are the loudest.

On the other hand, electric leaf blowers are lightweight and easy to use when compared to gasoline. They are affordable, emission-free, and reliable.

Some of them have additional features like vacuuming, and shredding leaves, and dirt. Electric and battery-powered leaf blowers produce the same amount of noise. They are certainly quieter than the gasoline leaf blowers.

Battery-unit leaf blowers are more expensive than the electric-powered leaf blower but they are convenient. The battery adds weight you should have them in one hand.

They are cordless and you can easily walk around with a battery unit. The only drawback is you have to charge the unit after every use. You can easily carry it anywhere without much hassle.


Once you have figured out the cordless or corded unit and the type of leaf blower you’re getting then check the quality of the motor and efficiency in running the unit.

The best machine is the one that has multiple speed levels. There should be a sound mechanism for switching through the speed levels as well as a variable speed control trigger for more efficiency and versatility.

Some users will prefer a device with a single-speed setting motor. This will work well if you have a small or medium-sized patio or lawn.

This type of machine is preferred when a clean-up job does not require you to put effort into it and the one with a brushless motor.

When you’re checking the unit check whether the unit is getting too hot too quickly if this is the case then there is a big no to the leaf blower.

This type of leaf blower will end up with repairing problems even before a year that’s the reason don’t opt for a unit that gets too hot.

Are You In Hurry? Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

Black+decker quiet leaf blower is one of the most powerful and efficient leaf blowers on the market. It comes with a 7 AMP motor that will provide powerful and efficient blowing performance.

This quiet leaf blower moves from 180 Mph to 180 CFM for easy and fast cleanup of leaves and debris. If you’re looking quiet leaf blower for lawns, backyards, driveways, sidewalks, and ducks then this leaf blower is an ideal choice for you.

It has a built-in cord that will prevent interruptions during cleanup. It is lightweight you can easily handle it with even one hand. The grip provides extra comfort and control.

However, this leaf blower comes with powerful air speed that will make your task of cleaning the leaves and debris easy and less time-consuming.

If you’re looking for a portable and lightweight leaf blower then this could be the right pick for you, As it is comfortable to carry clean, and control the leaf blower.

The cord retainer will help to avoid accidental unplugging and cleaning without any interruption. Portable enough to carry and clean up.

5 Best Quiet Leaf Blowers

Here is a list of some of the best quiet leaf blowers in the market. We have listed the quietest leaf blowers that are efficient enough to clean up the yard or patio. Let’s dive into quiet leaf blowers.

 1. Worx WG520 Quiet Electric Leaf Blower

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Worx electric leaf blower is super powerful but not too loud that you think It is ready to take off. It is twice as fast as gas-powered blowers. The turbine is cutting the edge.

It will spin twice as fast as the leaf blowers used by the commercial crew. It has 2 speeds for different jobs. Switch on the first mode for pavement and tight corners and switch to speed 2 for the open lawns.

This quiet leaf blower has 600 CFM high capacity air volume that will shoot out of its wide mouth nozzle. The nozzle has a strong and wide path that will clear large areas with fewer passes.

The nozzle is attachable and is optimized to direct that volume in a concentrated area for the tough task. This quiet leaf blower is designed to be controlled with one hand.

The electric leaf blower comes with a retainer attached. So when you’re using the extension cord it will not disconnect. Even if it gets snagged.

It is less than 6.5 lbs for easy handling and you can handle it with one hand and clean up. If the search is for the powerful, portable, and jet engine-type motor inside the blower then this will work well for you.


  • Super powerful but not too loud.
  • 2-speed settings for different jobs.
  • It has 600 CFM high capacity air volume.
  • It is designed to be controlled with one hand.


  • Too heavy for one-hand use.

2. Dewalt 20v Max Quiet Leaf Blower

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Dewalt is a powerful leaf blower that comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design to tackle user fatigue. It has a brushless and extended motor life that will work perfectly for years long without repair.

This quiet leaf blower gives up to 450 CFM and 125 MPH for high performance. If you’re looking for a brushless and long-lasting leaf blower without having to repair it a few months later this could be the best choice for you.

It is handled so you can easily carry it and clean up the lawn with less hassle and it can easily be carried with one hand. It is lightweight and compact can be placed anywhere without occupying much space and can be carried easily.

Moreover, it has a variable trigger with a speed lock and a removable concentrator with a built-in scraper. The nozzle has a wide mouth that will clear large spaces easily.

This quiet leaf blower is powerful which means hassle-free work and less time consumption to clean the lawn and most importantly without noise and disturbance to neighbors and your family members.

The design of this quiet leaf blower is balanced and the handle gives grip to the hand while holding and cleaning. This leaf blower is compact powerful and compatible with lawns.


  • It is lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • It has a brushless and long motor.
  • It gives up to 450 CFM and 125 MPH for high performance.
  • The nozzle has a wide mouth that will clear large spaces easily.


  • It needs more battery power for perfect cleaning.

3. Seyvum Quiet Leaf Blower


This quiet leaf blower is equipped with a copper motor which has a long-lasting life and consumes less energy than an ordinary motor.

Seyvum leaf blower with battery and charging uses turbo technology to deliver a maximum air volume of 150 MPH. The cellular radiator design at the bottom effectively reduces the risk of overheating.

This quiet leaf blower is safer and more durable. This cordless leaf blower is equipped with fast charge technology that will charge the leaf blower in 2 hours.

It has 2 levels of adjustable speed settings the high-speed mode will clean up the large space with more pace and less hassle. If the lawn is less messy with leaves and debris then low speed will work well.

This cordless leaf blower is ultra-lightweight that is less than 2.7 lbs.  you can easily lift the leaf blower with one hand and the grip is of rubber material that is nonslip and comfortable to handle.

It will sweep away debris from garages, shops, gardens, and lawns and it will clean fallen wet leaves Also the hard-to-reach surfaces can be cleaned with ease.

This cordless quietest leaf blower can be assembled in 1 minute all the things are at a glance and it can be controlled with one button. You can easily get started when you receive it.

If you want to increase the lifespan of the battery then charge the battery fully when you’re not using it. After the battery is dead it will indicate with the green light to immediately charge the battery.

The battery comes with temperature control protection at this time you need to let the battery cool down for 5-10 minutes before charging the battery. It will indicate red stating normal charging status and red for fully charged.


  • This quiet leaf blower is equipped with a copper motor
  • A leaf blower is safer and more durable.
  • The cordless quietest leaf blower can be assembled in 1 minute.
  • Battery and charging use turbo technology to deliver a maximum air volume of 150 MPH.


  • The battery life is not good.

4. Omote Cordless Quiet Leaf Blower

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Omote quiet large leaf blower releases a large volume of air up to 177 CFM for fast and easy cleanup of leaves and debris. This leaf blower is perfect for dealing with various jobs like complex environments and multi-directional cleaning.

The one-button control makes the cleaning easier without much hassle. With no complex mode of operation, it is very easy to operate. This quiet leaf blower is equipped with a powerful copper motor.

It has the most advanced turbo engine tech. The copper motor will provide powerful and efficient blowing performance. The cellular design at the bottom of the leaf blower will reduce the risk of overheating.

This quiet leaf blower comes with a 20v battery. You need to charge the battery for 1-1.5 hours for up to 15-20 min operation. Remember to unplug the charger to avoid overcharging.

However, this leaf blower has an ultra-light body that makes it comfortable to work with one hand. Only 3.4 lbs even with the battery. The comfortable hand grip will allow you to operate for a long period of time without leaving your arm sore or tired.

It includes detachable blowing tubes for everyone at every height will get a better user experience. If you’re looking for an adjustable and quiet leaf blower then this could be the ideal choice for you.


  • Leaf blower releases a large volume of air up to 177 CFM
  • The one-button control makes the cleaning easier
  • It is equipped with a powerful copper motor.
  • This quiet leaf blower comes with a 20v battery.


  • Battery life is not powerful.

5. Greenworks Brushless Quiet Leaf Blower

Instagram @topcordlesspowertools

Greenworks is one of the powerful quiet leaf blowers. It gives greater efficiency and lowers noise levels. This is one of the quietest leaf blowers which is highly efficient

It is perfect for cleaning debris and leaves off hard surface areas. It comes with a brushless motor that will provide more power, longer runtime quiet operation, and extended motor life.

This quiet leaf blower has a variable speed trigger for maximum power and for moving heavier objects. The cruise control will help in better handling and less user fatigue.

It includes a 40v battery and 40v charger and a comfortable hand grip to easily clean the surface or patio without causing hand pain or sore hand.

If your search is for a portable and quiet leaf blower then this leaf blower will help you do the job perfectly because its powerful copper motor will work efficiently in cleaning leaves and debris.


  • It gives greater efficiency and lowers noise levels.
  • It comes with a brushless motor.
  • Longer runtime, quiet operation, and extended motor life.
  • It has a variable speed trigger for maximum power.


  • It is not very powerful and runs down the battery very fast.

How To Make A Leaf Blower Quiet

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It makes me very disappointed thinking there is pretty much nothing you can do to make your leaf blower quieter. But on the other hand, there are some ways you can try out and see the results.

Some ways will prevent the noise of the leaf blower stop bothering your neighbors and protect your hearing.

Protect Yourself From Noise

So if you’re the one who cleans the lawn every day then you need to cover your ears with earplugs or a person who is closest to the leaf blower. I suggest picking up some earplugs.

There are several earplugs you can go with whatever suits you. You can choose disposable, silicon, or foam. If you don’t like sticking earplugs in your ears you can rather choose noise-cancelling headphones.

The noise of the leaf blower can be blocked with the help of active noise cancellation technology. Since they would successfully muffle the constant noise of the leaf blower.

If you’re not interested in noise-cancellation headphones then you better try out luck with regular headphones but they are not enough efficient in canceling active noise.

But regular headphones are not enough equipped with active noise cancellation technology to block out noise. You need to listen at a high volume in regular headphones which is harmful to the ears.

Reduce Noise For Neighbors

As I have already mentioned in the article battery-powered life blowers are quieter having said that they are not completely silent. Your neighbors and family members can still hear the noise of the blower when you blow it and even when the windows are shut.

But I have got some ideas to tackle this issue. As always when you’re soundproofing a room against outside noise then you need to seal the windows.

As you’re the noisy neighbor then you need to practice some of the basic neighbors courtesy and let your neighbors know when you’re blowing up the leaf blower and how long it will take you will use the leaf blower.

Eventually, you can make your fence taller and thicken it with the MLV layers for better soundproofing. MLV will thicken the layer and provide better soundproofing properties.

You can also plant some tall trees around the radius of your lawn this will help in reducing the sound. This will also protect your privacy. Try using your blower at less air volume as it will produce less noise.

Ask your neighbors to seal their windows if they don’t mind as this will help in reducing the noise of the leaf blower. You need to talk to them politely and convince if they do this it would be a great help for others and for them as well.

Final Thoughts On Quiet Leaf Blowers

Nobody likes the sound of the leaf blower, especially in the morning when you wake up to the whirring noise of the blower. That’s the reason many cities across the US are trying to regulate the use of the leaf blower.

But we all know how important it is to clean up the lawn as it’s an indispensable part of the house and if you leave it untidy it will bother you.

There are quiet leaf blowers in the market but they are not completely quiet that’s a fact. Most of the manufacturers claim their leaf blowers are completely quiet but no leaf blower is completely silent.

If you want to make the leaf blower quieter then I have shared some ideas on how you can protect yourself and the neighbors from the constant noise of the leaf blower.

I have shared some of the best quiet leaf blowers in the market keeping in mind the efficiency and most importantly noise level. You can pick the one from the list.

If you got any value let us know we would love to hear from you. Share this article with your friends who are struggling with the noisy leaf blower. Also Takeout some time and check out our guide on quiet dust collectors.


Are battery-powered leaf blowers quiet?

Battery-powered leaf blowers are the quietest than gas-powered ones. For this reason, many people use battery power, and municipalities like Washington DC have managed to completely ban gas-powered leaf blowers.

How do I reduce the noise from my leaf blower?

Some leaf blowers offer a variable-speed motor that allows you to adjust the power to fit your needs. Setting the motor at a lower level means less noise.

Why is the sound of a leaf blower so annoying?

Leaf blowers are usually loud because of the engine, but the noise can also come from the 10-blade fan. Each time the blade runs on 6,000 rpm spins it makes a popping sound. Multiply this by each blade that’s the reason the leaf blower makes a loud noise.

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