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 If you’re looking for a cool breeze and air that has cooled your room then you can’t ignore pedestal fans and quiet pedestal fans are one of the best choices for cooling air. In summer it’s the best device to get and cooler your room.

Pedestal fans are a great thing to go with and they are far better than pedestal fans. One of the best things about pedestal fans is that they don’t require much space and they come at a bargain price.

They are totally portable and lightweight to carry as well they are quieter which makes them easy to mount anywhere in your room. They throw airflow in a large space that circulates properly and provides cool air on that sunny day.

Features To Look In A Quiet Pedestal Fan

Here are some of the features you need to look at before purchasing a quiet pedestal fan. some of the important things it has to offer you and does it suits your house or needs.

You need to consider some of the features before you step for purchasing a pedestal fan because the market is flooding with an end number of manufacturers who are proud of their features but you should focus on some of these main features. Let’s dive into the features of a quiet pedestal fan


Pedestal fans are likely to break down because of their uneven size and if you want your pedestal fan to be more sturdy then you need to take care of it and also don’t purchase the one with strong gust and that’s made up of cheap material that catches the rust faster.

Going for the sturdy pedestal fan is essential because it will long last and provide you cool breeze without breaking down. It should be stable to distribute the wind in the right direction without distributing unevenly.

However, if you’re not paying attention to sturdiness that will cost you more because at some point in time you have to replace it with the sturdy one. So coming down to the same point choose that one which has a high built up quality and that lasts longer.


Quiet pedestal fans depend on many including the type of motor it has also the sturdy base it includes. DC motor is quieter than the AC motor. Quieter pedestal fans are based on the motor that makes it quieter.

If it has a loud motor then it’s obvious that it makes noise and sometimes the noise goes a bit higher that would be due to many factors. Some of the common factors include low quality material which is not sturdy.

Make sure you choose DC motor because they are quieter than the AC motor and have more base quality which proves to be long lasting.


When it comes to pedestal fans they should be flexible to rotate around for the proper distribution of air in the room. Flexibility is one of the important features you need to consider while purchasing.

If the pedestal fan is not rotating in a proper manner then the airflow is not distributed properly. having a flexible pedestal fan gets a lot of your work done.

However, placing it in any corner of your house will rotate properly and throws the air in the complete direction that will pass air in the corners and nook even if you place it away from the space.

If you’re purchasing the quiet pedestal fan then make sure you pay close attention to flexibility.


The size of the pedestal fan should be not too big because it will be difficult to place in the small rooms. A quiet pedestal fan should be not too big and not too small you go with the average size pedestal fan.

Having a too small will not be useful in distributing the airflow in all the directions of the room. So consider choosing a pedestal fan that is medium size.

Size plays a vital role in placing the fan in the room if you purchase too big in the small room that will not be worth it. So, make sure first you pay attention to the size of your room according to that purchase a pedestal fan.


There are a lot of brands in the market that are proud of their product but you need to be little careful with which brand your purchase.

Because it all comes down to the brand depending on that you can assume all the features you will be getting. As mentioned earlier the market is flooded with quiet pedestal fans.

To know which brand goes with your needs you need to read the article further. I will walk you through some of the best quiet pedestal fans with the features essential for a pedestal fan and which are long-lasting.

Are You In Hurry? Then Check Below Our Quick Recommendation

Rowenta is one of the best quiet pedestal fans. it comes with whisper-quiet silence with every speed. This pedestal fan delivers exceptional airflow in the broad space.

If you’re looking for a quiet pedestal fan for home and office then it’s ideal for you. When it comes to sizes it has 16 inches diameter head and 5 effective blades that work quite well.

One of the highlighting features you will get in this fan is it has a silent night mode for soundless operation at night. It comes with a board remote control that is sleek in design and makes the operation easy by adding convenience.

This quiet pedestal fan has a high built-up quality that increases the efficiency of a fan and airflow is distributed properly. If your concern is about power then it comes with power-saving mode.

If you want to explore more then you need to read the article further for more quiet pedestal fans I have listed below.

5 Best Quiet Pedestal fans

 1. Lasko Elegance & Performance Quiet Pedestal Fan

Lasko is one of the best quiet pedestal fans that comes with a cooling breeze and energy-efficient speed and its ideal choice for home, office, living, and bedroom.

It has a set level of low and medium that’s well suited around the whole house. Lasko pedestal fan has an adjustable height you can adjust according to your need and a tilt-back head.

Its adjustable height makes you adjust and a tilt-back head makes you direct air on the ceiling, floor, and in between. This quiet pedestal fan has oscillation that blows the air and provides ventilation to the large room.

This built-in safety feature places a fuse directly in the plug of the power cord. So that if the fuse catches any electric fault then electricity will be cut off to the pedestal fan to avoid electric fault this safety measure is included in this quiet pedestal fan.

Simply assemble it by following the instruction manual which comes along the pedestal fan. it will be easy and simple to assemble in no time. You just need to connect the pipe with the upper body.


  • Provides ventilation to the room
  • Easy and simple to assemble
  • Electric cut off if the fuse catches any electric fault
  • Adjustable height and tilt-back head can be adjusted to any direction.

2. Honeywell Advanced Quiet Pedestal Fan

Honeywell quiet pedestal fans are the advanced pedestal fans in the market they provide oscillation in the room as well suitable for wide area cooling. If you have a medium room then it’s an ideal choice for a medium room.

This quiet pedestal fan comes with a 5-speed setting and a sleep setting also has an adjustable height and head. One of the highlighting features is it has a remote control and auto-off timer.

However, with the adjustable eight and head, you can customize the speed setting whenever and however you require. Pedestal fans are an easy way to cool down the house. Give your air conditioner a break and get a pedestal fan for energy saving.

Honeywell quiet pedestal fans are ideal for home, office, and living, and bedroom they give you better performance. Also when it comes to built quality its best in terms of quality.

Moreover assembling this pedestal fan is simple and easy you just need to follow the manual that comes along. This pedestal fan is ultra-quiet and gives noise reduction results.


  • This pedestal fan comes with remote control
  • It provides Ultra-quiet performance
  • It saves energy and reduces the cost
  • Simple and easy to assemble

3. Smartmi Outdoor Quiet Pedestal Fan

 If you’re looking for a quiet pedestal fan that is suited for outdoor then this one is the ideal choice for you. This fan comes with 100 speed and a brushless DC motor.

The more blades pedestal fan has softer the wind will be distributed. This pedestal fan has 7 blades that are exceptionally strong. Brushless Dc motor that saves your energy and longer life span that saves your bills.

However, it has wide coverage and ultra-quiet operation that provides tilt that throws air at every corner of your room. One of the highlighting features of this fan is its rechargeable that can be used for 3 hours to 15 hours.

It has a LED screen with which you can easily know the wifi status, wind speed, and different modes. It has a remote control also an app control which is easily controllable with Alexa and googles assistant.

This pedestal fan has a lightweight that is easy to store and set up. When it comes to assembling it’s easy and simple within 5 minutes you can assemble.


  • It includes a remote control
  • High built up quality
  • This fan is rechargeable it can be used for 3 hours to 15 hours
  • Compatible with Alexa and google assistant

4. Mycarbon Quiet Pedestal Fan

This fan has a DC motor and runs quietly. If you’re looking for a  DC motor fan then this one’s ideal choice for you. This quiet pedestal offers energy-saving and saves your cost.

Its operation is easy you can control it with the remote within 6 meters. It provides the current settings on the LED display without getting up. It comes with an intelligent memory control panel so that you don’t need to repeat settings.

This smart digital pedestal fan has adjustable settings you can set the height according to need and its 4-speed modes supply a cool breeze. One of the highlight features that comes along is it has a unique ECO smart mode that changes speed according to the natural temperature.

However, it has a turbo button that generates faster wind and circulates airflow, and refreshes the air in a room. This robust protective grille protects your pet’s and children’s hands.

This quiet pedestal fan can be used in any season. Its 9-speed levels in normal mode can control the airflow accurately. This pedestal fan is easy and simple to assemble.


  • It comes with a DC motor
  • It’s easy to operate can be controlled within 6 meters
  • Turbo button that refreshes the air
  • Smart Eco mode that changes speed according to the temperature

5. OEMTOOLS High-Velocity Pedestal Fan

This high-powered pedestal fan creates supreme airflow and air circulation that keeps your room, living, office cool and ventilated. This quiet pedestal comes with superior performance.

Its high precision cut aluminum blades provide superior circulation of airflow resulting in energy efficiency. This orbital design is suited for all types of space it circulates air in a greater range.

However, this fan has 3-speed control that helps you to control the speed, volume, and circulation. Lower speed makes it quiet and can be used in bedrooms besides that higher speed can be used in commercial places for better airflow.

This pedestal fan improves your air quality by moving exhaust, dust fumes and helps in circulating clean, crisp air in the workspace. It’s a heavy-duty fan that improves the airflow in the workspace.


  • It moves the exhaust, dust and provides clean air
  • 3-speed control for volume, speed, and circulation
  • It’s a heavy-duty fan that provides improved airflow
  • Suitable for house and commercial space.

Final Thought On Quiet Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are one of the excellent choices because they are easy to operate and they are energy efficient but you will also face some of the cons if you pick the wrong one. They will break down once you store for the winter season and some of the cheap quality will catch fire.

We all want a good quality just make sure you don’t choose the one with less price and low quality because that will cost you peace and pretty high cost for replacing it with the better one.

Always strive to go with the one with excellent built quality. I have listed some of the quiet pedestal fans with excellent quality and high performance.

So this article will help you figure out which pedestal fan you need depending on the feature and this guide will help you avoid bad quality pedestal fans.

If you liked this article then let us know we would love t hear from you also check out our blog on 9 best quiet blower fan


which pedestal fan is the quietest?

List of some of the quietest pedestal fans
. Rowenta
. Lasko
. Honeywell
. SmartMi

How do you silence a pedestal fan?

1. keep your fan on the floor
2. place the fan on the rugs or carpet
3. tighten loose screws
4. clean it regularly and thoroughly
5. replace the damaged portions

Is pedestal fan with remote good?

Pedestal fan with remote is good as you don’t have to go and set the speed you can set that with the help of remote also it comes with advanced technology that will help you set the temperature easily and speed can be set without getting up each time.

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