how to reduce noise between rooms

If you living in an apartment that most likely you might be getting the noise of the neighbors which would be disturbing your work or your family time.

I know how annoying it becomes at a certain point in time to listen to this noise and dealing with it becomes difficult when you’re tired and wants to rest. Even sometimes it’s the children or pets who are playing in the next room the noise is passed through your room.

That’s why reducing the noise between the rooms is important. But you might be thinking how should I do that? Well, you only need some soundproofing material and your work will be done.

You only need to adjust the furniture BUT WAIT!! What is the material I’ll be needing? Well to know that you need to walk with me through this guide. In this guide, I will be sharing the 8 best ways to reduce noise between the rooms.

So if you living in an apartment or independent house then ways work for both. If you have loud neighbors or naughty children or pets who play around all then this guide will cover all the ways to reduce noise between rooms.

What Causes Noise In The Room

HANG ON!! Do you know where the noise is passing through is it through the roof, floor, or the walls you don’t know? Right then the first thing you need to do is figure out where the noise is coming from and passing through the room.

After sealing the room where the noise is coming is from that indicates that you have cracks and gaps left through which the noise is transmitted. Another thing could be you don’t have a thick structure of the room.

There are a lot of cases where the noise is transmitted through your room. As I have mentioned earlier you need to find out from where the noise is transmitted is through the ceiling or floor.

These are a few of the common reasons through which is the noise is transmitted in the rooms but it could be other reasons as well. If you want to get rid of the noise then you need to soundproof the room.

Then you need to get soundproofing material which is not too expensive and these ways are not tough you can implement. It doesn’t require professional unless it’s professional soundproof ways.

However to get your soundproofing project you need to follow the ways which I will be sharing below. Let’s dive into the 8 best ways to reduce noise between the rooms.

8 Best Ways To Reduce Noise Between The Rooms

Here are ways to reduce noise that works on both if you living in an apartment or independent house. These methods work better to block out noise in between rooms.

1. Seal And Cover The Gaps

Gaps and cracks are the real culprits in transmitting the noise in the room. They should be covered if you want to soundproof the room or the area. The main reason for appearing gaps and cracks is if you constructed your house years ago.

This is not only the exception it might be due to many other reasons. Sealing the gaps and cracks will reduce the noise in the room. Also using weather strips on doors and windows will block out noise.

Sound travels through air therefore sealing all the areas where the air travels help to reduce noise in between rooms. Most people don’t pay attention to cracks and gaps but believe it or not they are real culprits in passing the noise in the room.

2. Use Soundproof Curtains

The primary reason for transmitting the noise into the room is through windows or doors. Using soundproof curtains will minimize the sound reflections.

Now you might be wondering do soundproof curtains reduce noise in between the rooms? Believe it or not, they work pretty well when it comes to soundproofing the room.

They maintain heat in the room and provide protection from harmful UV rays and direct sunlight which is thermal insulation. Make sure to get a thicker layer of the soundproof curtain the thicker it is denser it will be which eventually reduces noise.

Then insulate the soundproof curtains on the complete window or doors. Hang on both windows and doors.

If you want to divide the room then you can I recommend going through the guide on soundproof room divider curtains

3. Soundproof Doors

You need to check your doors if they have doors gaps and cracks inside the door. If it contains gaps and cracks then you need to fill up that. They are reasons why noise is transmitting in the room.

If there is any gap in the bottom of the door then you need to use a door sweep this will cover the gaps in the bottom and block out noise. All you need to do is place the door sweep and fix it with screws and glue.

The next step you can take is if your bottom doesn’t have any holes then you can use a soundproof blanket that covers the entire door and block out noise. It will absorb the noise passing through the door. You just need to place it on the door and it will cover the complete door and reduce noise between the rooms.

4. Soundproof Panels

If you living near a busy road then soundproof panels are the best choice for soundproofing. Mostly these are used by recording studios for blocking out echoes.

When it comes to soundproofing the room the first solution you will get on the internet is acoustic panels But have you thought this works? If you’re a rapper or musician then you’ll be facing a lot of problems in your studio related to noise. Let me tell you that your problem has come to an end.

Here is the solution for you. Acoustic panels are easy to install you just need to hang it with the hooks that come along with the pack. It catches the sound waves and absorbs that before it bounces off the walls.

BUT WAIT!! which suits you best? I recommend using ATS acoustic panels because they are more effective than the normal ones. They are suitable for home studios, offices, and professional studios. ATS Acoustic panels reduce noise between the rooms.

5. Use Soundproof Paint

Now you might be thinking does soundproof paint really work? believe it or not, it works well to reduce noise between the rooms. Soundproof paint is water-based which makes the cracks thicken.

It is mixed with latex that makes the gaps and cracks thick and blocks out noise. let me tell you that if you only take soundproof as the only source to reduce noise between the rooms and eliminate other sources then it’s not that effective.

If you use other soundproof material like acoustic panels, rugs then it will be effective in blocking out noise. you can check out the blog on soundproof paint for more details.

6. Use Drywall

Installing drywall is one of the best choices to soundproof but have you ever thought about how this works and why it’s important to install drywall? Let me tell you that drywall covers all the cavities.

Drywall makes your wall two times denser which will help to reduce noise between the rooms. It’s a strong barrier to block out noise that transmits in the room.

Installing drywall is not that difficult also talking about the cost it’s not much expensive. You can install drywall on the ceiling it also works well on the top. It will create a high density that will eventually block out noise.

I recommend purchasing drywall by Stella it’s effective and works well to reduce noise between rooms.

7. Use Insulation Material

Insulation material is chosen to reduce noise between the rooms. It will fill all the cavities present through which noise was transmitted and provide high density.

The higher the density will be the more noise will be absorbed. Insulation material is one of the cheap and effective methods to reduce noise. however, filling the cavities is important to block out noise.

Insulation material works well. You don’t have to spend much on drywall and resilient channel which will put a burden on your wallet.

The recommended insulation material is natural cotton multipurpose insulation material by frost king.

8. Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture is the best choice to reduce noise between rooms. You can rearrange furniture and place rugs and carpet in the middle of the floor to reduce noise.

In my other guides, I have added this method because it’s effective and luckily doesn’t cost you even a penny. It just costs time and a little energy and noise will be reduced.

Now you might be thinking How this works? Let me tell you when you rearrange furniture and place it closer to the wall then it will provide density which reduces noise.

As mentioned earlier placing carpet or rugs will provide more effective results in reducing noise between rooms. One of the best things you can do to reduce noise is to install a bookshelf that will work pretty well.

Final Thought On 8 Ways To Reduce Noise Between Rooms

If you living in an apartment or an independent house then consistent noise will disturb your work, sleep, and family time. Therefore you need to tackle this with some of the soundproofing methods.

If you live is near a busy street like I do then you will understand the importance of a quiet home. That’s the reason reducing noise is important that you need to tackle.

The main problem is when you don’t know about the soundproof material and soundproofing method because this is not the common thing that people know. But if you’re having this problem you will understand the importance of soundproofing.

That’s why all the methods to reduce noise between the rooms are covered in this article. Whether you want to reduce noise between office rooms or houses this method works for both.

However this method is used by me to reduce noise between the rooms so, I came up with these methods. I hope this will help you to soundproof your room.

If you liked this blog let us know we would love to hear from you. also, check out our blog on the 9 best ways to reduce echo in a room.


How to reduce noise between rooms?

there are a lot of ways with which you an reduce noise between the rooms. use soundproof curtains, seals the gaps and cracks, use soundproof panels and rearrange furniture.

How can I stop hearing neighbors through walls?

Here are some ways
. Invest in soundproof curtains
. Lay down rugs and carpet
. Use fluppy carpet
. Use soundproof panels
. Install bookshelf

How do I reduce upstairs neighbors noise?

Here are some of the ways
. Install resilient channel
. Use soundproof curtains
. Use soundproof blanket
. Install soundproof panels
. Laydown rugs and carpet

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