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If you facing unwanted noise and heat in your car then it’s time to upgrade to a sound deadener in your car. I know that you have run a lot of searches on google regarding the sound deadener for cars and landed on this article.

Although after research you came across dynamat sound deadener. To know the complete details about dynamat sound deadener you need to read the complete article.

In this guide, I will walk you through everything about dynamat sound deadener and is it worth installing? A few days before I was facing problems with the unwanted noise and heat but after installing dynamat sound deadener I got relief from all the noises and heat.

I know you’re wanting the same thing and I know how exhausting it becomes to drive with the noise and heat. Don’t worry I will walk you through the complete solution.

What Is Dynamat Sound Deadener?

Dynamat is a most popular company that provides sound-deadening materials for cars and homes. They have several varieties of sound deadening material that blocks unwanted noise in cars.

They have end number of products such as dynaliner, hood liner, dynapad and dynamat extreme that blocks noise and vibrations in the car. It will also protect your car from heat.

For better soundproofing of the material, you need to insulate the material completely behind the door panels, on the trunk, and below the carpet of the floor.

Dynamat sheet comes with a four-layer of aluminum sheet and damper for vibration that makes it lightweight and fire-resistant. So this extra layer protects you from unwanted noise.

It can bear temperature up to 10 to 60 C but it can also withstand up to -54 C to +149 C. instead of a thin layer always prefer to go with a thick layer because it’s effective and gives better results one of the drawbacks is it will not absorb moisture which doesn’t matter because at the end of the day we want to block out unwanted noise, heat, and fire-resistant.

Why Dynamat Sound Deadener? Is It Worth It?

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages but why you should choose dynamat what’s special about it? Great question

If you are focused on quality then dynamat is the best choice for you because it provides the best sound deadening material in the market. One thing I have noticed about dynamat which sets it apart from others is they manufacture relatively thicker sheets from other manufacturers.

They don’t provide you low quality or below-average products they are focused on good quality products that block out noise effectively and absorb vibrations in the car.

Honestly speaking dynamat provides one of the best sound-deadening materials for cars. As mentioned earlier they provide a vast variety of products which sets them apart from other brands.

Now talking about is it worth it? Then believe it or not it’s worth every penny you spend on this it will give you absolutely better results in blocking out unwanted noise and also heat and vibration in your car.

5 Dynamat Sound Deadening Products

Dynamat is one of the popular brands which provides sound deadening products. Some of the products are listed below so that it will be easy to choose products.

1. Dynaliner Self Adhesive Sound Deadener

Dynaliner is a lightweight and flexible rubber sheet that blocks out noise and heat. It has properties to block out unwanted noise and heat in the car.

This rubber sheet is water and heat resistant you can use this in the compartments and use it on the dynamat extreme for more effective results.

However, this rubber sheet is thick and gives the best results in blocking out noise and heat. This comes in 1/8”, ¼”, ½” thickness and withstand the temperature -34  C- 94 C that will protect you and your car.

You can use it anywhere in your car such as the floor, roof, doors, panels, and trunk, etc. it’s easy to install you don’t need many tools to install it. You just need to cut this and fit it on the area where you want and forget about it. This does your work in blocking out noise and heat.


  • Easy to install
  • Thicker in size for better results
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Peel off the sheet and stick it on the surface

2. Dynapad Thick Non- Adhesive sound Deadener

Dynapad is a thick non-adhesive sound deadener that provides you with the best sound blocking properties. It can withstand the temperature of -30 C- +107 C but it can be dependent on the material.

It’s easy to install you just need to cut the pad with the scissor and place it on the surface of the car for better fixing you can use dynatape.  Its 2 layers acoustic barrier absorbs noise more effectively.

Dynapad is effective and works well on the surface of the car to effectively absorb noise and heat.


  • Easy to install
  • It absorbs the noise and works effectively over dynamat extreme
  • It requires a basic acoustic system foam

3. Dynadeck Thick Non- Adhesive Foot Liner

Dynadeck is a thick non-adhesive waterproof foot liner that can be used in jeeps, sports cars, trucks,s and so on. It comes in many different sizes you can choose according to the size of the vehicle.

You can reuse this because it doesn’t require any adhesive. Moreover, it comes in three layers the first one is vinyl layer and the second one is dynaliner and the third is water and heat resistant.

If you want better results than using dynadeck over dynamat Xtreme it provides more effective results in blocking out unwanted noise and heat.


  • This can be reuse
  • Thick and non-adhesive
  • Provides protection barrier in your car
  • It will block out noise from road and engine

4. Dynamat Thick Adhesive Hood Liner

Hoodliner is used in hood areas of the car for sound blocking and heat soaking. Hood liner has ¾ aluminum skin that will provide 97% sound and heat reflection in the hood area.

If you want to heat in your car then its high technology will convert sound waves into heat. When the hood door is open all the sound waves travel through it and when it’s closed all the sound waves are absorbed.

This will help you in blocking out maximum sound waves if you don’t believe me then try it out. This is effective and converts sound waves into heat.


  • This is easy to install
  • It comes it aluminum skin
  • It converts sound waves into heat
  • It can be used with dynamat Xtreme

5. Dynamat Xtreme Thick Adhesive Sound Deadener

Dynamat Xtreme is a thick adhesive and lightweight aluminum constrained layer for vibration damping in the car. It can withstand temperatures up to +140 C to protect you from the heat.

It has vector chemical properties that will block out noise and absorb the vibration effectively in your car. If you’re planning to use dynamat as a sound deadener then dynamat Xtreme is the best option to go with for soundproofing.

This comes in a die-cut shape just place the rubber sheet on the surface of the car. it’s made to bear extreme temperatures and protect your car.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Absorbs vibrations in the car
  • It bears extreme temperature
  • Dymanat Xtreme is thicker than another sound deadener

How To Install Dynamat Sound Deadener In The Car

Dynamat sound deadener is easy to install you just need to follow a few steps below for perfect fitting of the sound deadener and blocking out noise and heat.

1. Remove The Panels

You need to pay attention while removing the panels of the doors, headliners, flooring, and paneling. This is one of the difficult tasks in the whole process of installing dynamat sound deadener.

If you want you can take the helping hand of an engineer who can easily do this in less span of time. If you want to attempt this by yourself then one thing I would recommend is to make a video simultaneously while removing the panels.

This will help you in placing back with ease and everything will be placed back in the correct manner.

2. Clean The Areas

After removing all the panels from the car you need to clean the areas of the car thoroughly to install the dynamat sound deadener. pay close attention to this because it’s essential step.

For better results use rubbing alcohol for cleaning because if the surface is not clean sound dynamat sound deadener will not fix properly.

3. Measure The Areas

Measure the area where you want to install the dynamat sound deadener it could be floor, trunk, roof just measure with any measuring tape and start with difficult areas such as flooring.

After measuring the areas mark them with a pencil for easy identification and while cutting your task will be easy.

4. Cut The Sheet

Cut the sheet of the dynamat sound deadener with the measurements you have noted. Just wear gloves and take scissors and cut the sheet.

It’s better to cut the foil and rubber sheet together because it will give the perfect size and edges to the sheet. But this can take place if you have a foil sheet if not then probably the process gets sticky.

Make sure you get a sheet that is foiled one for better sound and heat blocking also saves time while installing.

5. Stick The Sheet On The Surface

Now you have reached the most important step of the process sticking the dynamat sheet on the surface. Be careful while sticking the sheet.

Peel the sheet and place it carefully because once it is placed it can’t be pulled back make sure all the edges are proper if not then cut the edges into the shape.

Trim off the extra material for a professional look and better fixing of the sheet.

6. Flatten The Surface

Use a flatten roller for making the surface flatter because it will make the sheet fit properly make sure to remove the air bubble by properly flattening the surface.

I would recommend you to use a roller which will provide better results and effectively place the fix the sheet on the surface.

7. Put Everything Back

Once you have done placing the sheet on the surface as mentioned above then you need to clean the mess up and put back everything in place.

The panels which you have removed as I mentioned earlier prefer video which you have taken while taking off the panels. Pay close attention while putting back everything in its place.

That’s it you have successfully done with the installation of dynamat sound deadener.

Final Thought On Dynamat Sound Deadener

I hope you’re clear with whether you want to go with dynamat or not it’s one of the best companies which provides sound deadening material for cars. no doubt it’s products are expensive but you can’t ignore the quality of the product.

There are a lot of manufacturers out there in the market who are selling many products like dynamat but it’s quality is unbeatable and the experience and durability are unmatched that’s the reason many people use prefer their products over other brands.

They are a lot of products that can be used as an alternative but some of the products of dynamat are unmatched and provide the best quality like its dynamat extreme.

Moreover, you need to over more than 50% of the car for a better experience and block noise and heat in a far better and effective way.

If you liked this article blog let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on the best quiet windshield wipers.


Which sound deadener is the best?

There are several sound deadeners in the market
. Dynamat Sound Deadener
. Kilmat automotive sound deadener
. FatMat sound deadener
. Hushmat Ultra foil sound damping pad
. Noico sound deadening mat

How much noise does dynamat reduce?

Dynamat reduce the average coverage of 8-10DB road noise. complete coverage of an average vehicle includes 8-10DB of road noise.

Does dynamat reduce engine noise?

Dynamat reduces engine noise effectively. it also reduces the vibrations which come from the engine and it offers an unrivaled reduction in the structure-borne noise.

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