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Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning at night desperately trying to find out that perfect position for a peaceful night only to thwart the squeaking of the bed? We’ll have been there and the good news is you’re not alone.

Squeaking a bed can be a real nuisance disrupting your sleep and even causing embarrassment in shared living spaces. After a long day when you’re looking to rest the constant squeaking of the bed is enough to ruin your peaceful sleep.

If you’re tired of your own bed’s creaks and groans or concerned about disturbing your partner, family members, or roommates then you’ve o the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into how to fix a squeaky bed and some of the common causes of squeaky beds.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone who’s looking for permanent solutions we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the guide on how to stop a bed from squeaking.

Common Causes Of Squeaking Bed

There are a lot of causes of a squeaking bed I’ll be sharing some of the common causes that will lead to the squeaky bed and disturb your sleep at night. Let’s discuss some of the common causes of squeaky beds.

Loose Bolts And Screws

One of the primary culprits behind a squeaky bed is loose bolts and screws. Over time the fasteners that will hold your bed frame together can become slack, causing friction and noise as the frame moves.

Loosen bolts and screws will not hold the bed frame perfectly which will result in constant squeaking bed resulting in noise.

Worn Out Joints

Bed with wooden frames often develop squeaks due to worn-out joints. As the wood ages and dries it can lead to gaps and movements resulting in annoying noise.

Wooden frame beds are likely to much squeaking noise due to worn-out joints it’ll produce squeaky if it has been too long since you purchased it.

Lack Of Lubrication

Hinges, springs, and other moving parts on a bed can squeak when they’re dry and lacking lubrication. Applying a suitable lubricant can work wonders in reducing noise.

If you lubricated a long time ago then this would be the culprit in the squeaking bed and this should be the primary step in stopping the squeaking bed noise.

Uneven Floors

An uneven floor can contribute to bed squeaks as the weight distribution becomes uneven. This can cause the bed frame or legs to rub against the floor producing those bothersome sounds.

The legs will rub off against the floor because of the uneven floor and make a squeaking noise when you move the position.

Worn out Mattress

While it may be as obvious, the worn-out mattress can also be a source of squeaking. Over time the internal springs or coils can deteriorate leading to creaks and groans with every movement.

Purchasing a good mattress should be the primary choice as it’ll make a lot of difference after a few days it’ll wear out and the bed will make a squeaking noise.

9 Best Ways To Fix Squeaky Bed

Here are 9 ways that will fix the squeaky bed once and for all but in this list some of them are temporary ways that will help you to fix the bed in the hotel. I would suggest going for the permanent solution but some of us might need temporary solutions if you are in the hotel. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to fix the squeaky bed.

1. Tighten Loose Bolts And Screws

Tightening loose bolts and screws is a simple yet highly effective solution for eliminating the bed squeaking. Over time the constant weight and movement on the bed cause the fasteners that hold it to become loose. The loose connections result in friction which generates irritating squeaks and creaks when you change your position during the night.

To fix the squeaking bed start by inspecting your bed frame and headboard carefully. Locate any loose bolts, screws, and nuts and tighten them using the tools. Ensure that all the connections are secure and tightened. This will make your bed fixed and significantly reduce the noise generated by the bed.

Promptly by tightening the loose bolts and screws you’re not only fixing the squeaking bed but also increasing the lifespan of your bed frame. Additionally, your bed will be sturdy and comfortable by addressing and tightening the bolts and screws.

The tools that are required are

  • Versatile set of screwdrivers including a flat head and Philips head for tightening the different types and sizes of screws.
  • Adjustable wrenches or socket wrenches are required for tightening nuts and bolts that may be loose over time.
  • Needle nose pliers will be helpful for reaching and securing hard-to-reach screws or nights in tight spaces.
  • A rubber mallet will help in gently tapping the joints and can help in aligning components before tightening them.

2. Apply Lubrication

Applying lubrication is simple yet one of the most effective solutions for stopping squeaking bed noise. Over time the friction between various moving parts or joints will lead to annoying squeaking noise disturbing you during the night.

Lubricating with a silicon-based lubricant will work wonders in eliminating the squeaking bed noise resulting in peaceful and quiet sleep during the night.

To lubricate the squeaking bed identify the squeaking areas including the hinge, springs, or any joints that may be causing the friction. Locate these areas apply a thin layer of lubrication and work into surfaces this will create a smooth and slippery surface that will reduce friction and squeaking noise.

Lubrication not only reduce the friction and squeaking noise but also prevent future occurrence and extend the lifespan of the bed frame. This is one of the cost-effective yet best solutions for tackling the squeaking bed noise and friction.

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3. Check The Mattress

The primary concerns start with the mattress. Sometimes all you need to tackle this problem is to rotate the mattress so that the position of your mattress is changed this might be quite simple yet we fail to address it.

The squeaking part or noisiest part of the mattress is where the body presses when you change positions or turn in sleep. Especially if you have a spring mattress this might be the common issue of noise as they are vulnerable to this kind of wear and they start squeaking.

Rotating and flipping the mattress often does the job for you and this is recommended to do each quarter for distributing the weight evenly helping to extend the lifespan of the mattress and eliminating the squeaking noise.

If you find spots causing trouble in the mattress then the quick fix would be placing hard objects like a book or some foam beneath the mattress which will make the mattress flat and stop squeaking bed noise.

4. Use Felt Pads

Using a felt pad is one of the budget-friendly solutions to stop the squeaking bed noise. These small adhesive-backed pads work wonders in reducing friction between your bed legs, frame, and the floor eliminating those creaks and groans.

To apply the felt pads identify the points of contact between the bed and floor particularly the noise tends to be more on hardwood or tile surfaces. After locating the contact points clean it thoroughly to ensure a proper adhesion then fix the felt pads.

The soft cushioning of the felt pads will reduce the squeaking bed noise allowing your bed to move smoothly and quietly while you turning or changing positions during sleep.

Not only felt pads provide relief from squeaking bed noise but also protect your floor from potential damage from constant rubbing. It’s simple yet one of the effective solutions for stopping the bed from squeaking ensuring peaceful sleep during the night.

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5. Insert Wooden Shims

Inserting wooden shims is one of the budget-friendly yet effective solutions for stopping squeaking noise. When the bed is placed on the uneven floor or has loose joints it will produce annoying squeaks and creaks. Wooden shims that are typically made from cedar or pine will work in eliminating the squeaking bed noise.

To insert wooden shims identify the areas where your bed legs meet the floor or contact with the floor. Place the wooden shims beneath these contact points to level the bed and eliminate gaps resulting in pressure points causing squeaks to be reduced and your bed becomes silent and stable.

The wooden shims will be readily available at the hardware store and can be easily trimmed to the desired size. By inserting wooden shims you can eliminate the gap causing the squeaking noise when you turn or change your position at night ensuring comfortable sleep during night.

The beauty of wooden shims lies in their versatility and simplicity they are easy to install beneath your bed and effectively reduce the squeaking noise ensuring that the uneven gap between bed and floor is filled.

Additionally, You can get wooden shims of your desired size or else if you don’t find them at a hardware store then trimming is the best option for achieving the ideal size.

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6. Check for Damage Slats

Over time wooden slats that support your mattress may wear out, warp, or even break leading to squeaking and bothersome noises. Checking for damaged slats is a crucial step in resolving the bed squeaking problem ensuring a restful sleep during the night.

To address this issue start by removing the mattress and inspecting the slats carefully. Look for signs of damage such as cracks, splintering, or warping. If you identify any damaged slats then it’s essential to replace them quickly.

Replacing damaged slats can significantly improve the stability and support of your mattress thereby reducing the squeaking bed noise caused by uneven weight distribution ensuring an extended lifespan of your mattress.

By proactively checking for damaged slats and replacing them you’re not only reducing the squeaking noise but also improving the overall comfort of your bed and peaceful sleep during the night.

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7. Add Extra Beams And Braces

To enhance your bed’s stability and eliminate the squeaking bed noise add some extra support that is a simple yet effective solution. Overtime bed frames can weaken or lose structural integrity leading to squeaking bed noises.

To eliminate this squeaking noise add extra support to the bed frame with beams and braces strategically placed beneath the mattress frame. These additional support distribute the weight reducing strain on the frame and minimizing friction causes squeaks.

Adding extra support is a versatile solution for various bed types, including platform slatted or box spring beds. Additionally, this approach is more cost-effective than replacing the bed frame.

Moreover, by implementing the cost-effective solution you’re not only eliminating the squeaking bed noise but also enhancing the longevity of the bed ensuring it provides sturdy and noise-free support for restful nights.

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8. Anti-Squeak Tape

Anti-squeak tape is a cost-effective solution for banishing those bothersome bed squeaks once and for all. When your bed’s wooden joints or metal components rub together they create friction leading to squeaking noise this is where anti-squeak tape comes to the rescue.

Apply this self-adhesive tape to the trouble spots where friction occurs such as slats, screws or other moving parts. The soft cushion surface of the tape acts as a barrier reducing friction and preventing squeaks.

Anti-squeak tape is readily available at hardware stores, easy to install, and doesn’t require any special tools and it’s a long-lasting solution that dampens noise over time. It’s versatile and simple which will act as a great barrier for reducing squeaking noise.

It’ll reduce the squeaking noise extend the lifespan of the bed and minimize the wear and tear of the components that will ensure a quieter environment.

  • Polyethylene Tape: abrasion resistant tape is designed to create a slip-plane effect that allows surface contacts without any wear and tear. The tape backing offers smooth, friction-free movement

  • Squeak Reduction: the sound dampening tape adheres to normal and contaminated metallic, wooden, or plastic surfaces whether plain or painted. It helps to minimize squeaks and rattles caused due to vibration or wear of metals

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  • Applications: this acrylic adhesive tape provides excellent adhesion and strong bonds to protect metal chutes, corrugated boxes, conveyors and guide rails. The high-tack tape is used in the manufacturing, distribution, and automotive industries

9. Get A New Quiet Mattress

Investing in a quiet mattress is s strategic move in resolving the bed squeaking issues and enhances your overall sleep quality. Over time the mattress may get issues with internal components that may wear out such as springs and coils leading to unwanted squeaking noise.

By opting for a mattress engineered with quiet technology you can eliminate common sources of nighttime disturbance. Look for features like advanced noise-dampening technologies like individual pocket coils or memory foam layers. This will absorb motion significantly reduce noise and minimize vibration.

Additionally investing in a quieter mattress will reduce the noise and enhance your sleep quality and also promote better sleep hygiene. This option can be opted for if you’re purchasing a new mattress if you already have the mattress producing a squeaking noise then rotate and flip the mattress.

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How To Stop Bed From Squeaking ( Infographics )

Final Thoughts On How To Stop Bed From Squeaking

A squeaking bed can be really annoying noise after a long day of work it’ll ruin your sleep fixing a squeaky bed noise is essential over time it’ll get worse. I know how frustrating it is trying to relax on a squeaking bed when you turn and change position it’ll constantly make a loud squeaky noise.

If you sleeping on a squeaky bed I have covered all the effective ways to stop the squeaking noise in the bed and make it quiet. You can try out additional ways to stop the squeaky noise.

Some of the ways I have listed in this guide are temporary and help to rescue the squeaking bed noise if you want the permanent solutions I have all of them covered for you and most importantly it’s cost-effective so if you’re on a tight budget this will not burden your pocket.

If you got any value from this let us know we would love to hear from you. Share with family and friends who need this. If you have any questions drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our guide on egg cartons soundproofing.


Why does my bed creak when I move?

Your bed might be squeaking because the screws and bolts of the bed frame are too loose causing the bed frame to move around and make an unpleasant noise. Try tightening the joints around the corners of your bed frame.

How do I stop my bed from squeaking?

. Tighten Loose Bolts And Screws
. Apply Lubrication
. Check The Mattress
. Use Felt Pads
. Insert Wooden Shims
. Check for Damage Slats
. Add Extra Beams And Braces
. Anti-Squeak Tape
. Get A New Quiet Mattress

Do all wooden beds creak?

Good quality solid wood bed frames are less susceptible to squeaking than cheap MDF frames because they’re durable enough that the joints can be firmly screwed together for a flush finish that will not lead to rubbing.

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