egg cartons soundproofing

Soundproofing a room can be expensive when it comes to purchasing soundproof materials they are not budget-friendly. Soundproofing a space is essential for maintaining a peaceful and quiet environment.

One of the budget-friendly and creative solutions is egg carton soundproofing as they are not professional grade for soundproofing but egg cartons can help absorb and dampen sound waves to some extent.

Egg cartons are cheap soundproofing solutions that will absorb vibration and sound. If you’re making a professional studio then egg cartons are not the right solution for you as they may not much effective in reducing the noise.

If noise generation is very low then egg cartons are the go-to solution for you as they are not very effective for reducing much larger frequency noise. When you start treating your room with soundproofing you’ll read a lot about egg cartons soundproofing.

The primary reason why people choose egg cartons is because they have a similar shape to acoustic foam panels which are one of the effective solutions for soundproofing.

In this I’ll walk you through egg carton soundproofing and will it be an effective solution for soundproofing your home, studio, or office, and how you can soundproof with egg cartons.

Egg Cartons vs. Acoustical Foam Panels For Soundproofing

When it comes to soundproofing and acoustic treatment there are various options available each with their own advantages and limitations. Two commonly discussed methods are egg carton soundproofing and acoustic foam panels. Let’s discuss two methods in terms of effectiveness, durability, and convenience.


Egg Carton Soundproofing

Egg cartons can provide some level of soundproofing due to their uneven surfaces and irregular shapes. However, they are not specifically designed for soundproofing, and their effectiveness when it comes to soundproofing is very limited. They may provide minor noise absorption but they don’t provide a comprehensive soundproof insulation solution.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are designed for sound absorption and diffusion. They are designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies and effectively control echoes and unwanted noise. Acoustic foam panels are available in various shapes and sizes allowing you to tackle different frequencies and make your space soundproof.


Egg Carton Soundproofing

Egg cartons are not designed to withstand prolonged exposure to environmental factors. Over time they may degrade and become discolored to lose their effectiveness. Additionally, egg cartons get damaged by moisture and pests.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made from material that resists moisture and degradation ensuring their effectiveness over time. Low-quality acoustic foam panels will suffer from degradation and are not durable.


Egg Carton Soundproofing

Egg carton soundproofing is one of the budget-friendly options since egg cartons are readily available. The overall cost for egg carton soundproofing will be low hence they are cost-friendly when compared with acoustic foam panels.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are expensive soundproof solutions when compared to egg carton soundproofing. However, they offer better value in terms of their effectiveness, durability, and ease of installation. When it comes to quality acoustic foam panels are worth investing in as they provide effective sound insulation.


Egg Carton Soundproofing

Egg carton soundproofing can be time-consuming and messy. The process of preparing, cleaning, and attaching the egg cartons to the surface requires attention. The irregular shapes of egg cartons can make the installation process challenging and not result in a uniform appearance.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are designed for easy installation as they are in uniform shape and size that will provide a professional look. They usually come with adhesive backing or mounting hardware making the installation process easy and straight.

Do Egg Cartons Really Soundproof A Room

Egg cartons are a creative and cost-effective approach to reducing noise. Egg cartons can provide sound absorption due to their uneven surfaces helping to control minor echoes and noise in a room.

However, they are not true soundproofing solutions. Their irregular shapes and materials are not engineered to provide comprehensive noise reduction and insulation.  If you want a substantial and reliable soundproofing solution then you need to invest in purpose-built options like acoustic panels or insulation materials.

This solutions are designed to absorb sound waves effectively. While egg cartons can provide a DIY fix they fall short of providing the significant noise reduction that purpose-built soundproof materials can deliver. For a quieter environment invest in professional soundproofing options that are tailored for your needs.

If your goal is soundproofing then there are better homemade options available than egg cartons as they are more effective in reducing the echoes

  • Materials that are thick few inches which can absorb the sound and provide density such as carpets or rugs.
  • There are a lot of soundproof rugs out there that are budget-friendly and effective when it comes to reducing noise.
  • You can try out material that is soft because hard material will not block out noise effectively.

How To Install Egg Cartons On Walls: Step-By-Step

Transform your space with budget budget-friendly soundproof solution with the help of egg cartons soundproofing. Here is a step-by-step procedure to install egg cartons

1. Material Needed

  • Egg cartons
  • Eco-friendly adhesive or double tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Utility Knife or scissors for cutting egg cartons

2. Prepare The Egg Cartons

Clear the wall and make it obstacle-free for installation. Measure the wall area you want to soundproof to estimate the number of egg cartons needed. After cleaning the wall you now need to select the egg cartons.

3. Selection

Choose egg cartons with varying textures, sizes, and shapes. This will enhance sound absorption and diffusion. Clean the used cartons thoroughly if you opting for a recycling approach.

4. Adhesive Application

Use eco-friendly adhesive putty or double tape. Apply small dots of adhesive on the back of each carton ensuring even distribution. This adhesive will hold the cartons in place while allowing for easy removal if needed.

5. Install The Cartons

Install the cartons on the wall by sticking the cartons on the walls and pressing firmly as they may get damaged if you apply pressure after sticking the egg cartons. Loo overall and if there are any final touches then make sure to clear up all the things.

How To Make Egg Carton Soundproofing More Effective

If you want egg carton soundproofing to be more effective then you need to put some extra work and effort into making it soundproof. There are a lot of drawbacks of egg cartons soundproofing but you can make it effective by trying some of the ways that will work well in soundproofing.

Add Soft Material

Add some of the soft material and put them on the egg cartons for more effective noise blocking as soft material is one of the best sources of sound dampening. Some of the old blankets attached to the egg cartons and some of the soundproof curtains will also work well making the egg cartons effective in noise blocking.

Fill The Egg Cartons With Scrap

Choose one side of the egg carton and fill it with fabric or scrap for effective soundproofing. Fill one side of the egg carton with fabric and use glue. This will increase the density and thickness as well as provide a relatively flat side for you to attach to the wall.

Overlap The Cartons

While installing the egg cartons ensure that they are overlapped this will help in blocking the noise in a more effective way. If you want you can use an additional layer of egg cartons for blocking noise as they work well in sound dampening.

Combine Methods

Egg carton soundproofing can be more effective with combined techniques such as rugs, soundproofing curtains, and acoustic panels as they are designed for soundproofing and work well in blocking noise. On the other hand egg cartons can be made effective in simple ways like soundproof blankets and soundproof rugs which are budget-friendly.

Alternatives Of Egg Carton Soundproofing

Certainly, there are several alternative soundproofing methods that can be considered apart from egg carton soundproofing. Here are a few effective ways.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are specifically designed for foam absorption and diffusion. They come in various shapes and sizes to effectively control echoes and reverberations in rooms. They are easy to install and provide better soundproofing compared to egg cartons.

  • Acoustic foam absorb noise and reduce echo and background noise..

  • Acoustic foam made with flexible professional grade acoustic foam..

  • This works fairly well in asound absorbtion..

  • This are l;ightweight and can be installed...

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

MLV is a dense material that adds mass to walls ceiling and floors helping to block sound transmissions. It’s particularly effective for blocking airborne noise like conversation and music. If you didn’t find one layer of MLV effective then you can add additional layers for blocking noise effectively.

  • Use for soundproofing basement, conference room.....

  • Durable and flexible

  • STC rating thick and odorless...

Soundproof Curtains

Heavy and dense curtains with multiple layers of soundproofing material can effectively block noise outside and absorb sound within the room. They are versatile and good option for soundproofing of windows and doors.

  • Noise blocking thermal insulation

  • Maintains room temperature 

  • 3 layer material fabric

  • Perfect for reducing noise and light

Weatherstripping And Sealing

Addressing cracks and holes in windows, doors, and walls with weather stripping and sealant can significantly reduce noise leakage. Proper sealing will prevent the noise from entering or exiting the room. 

  • The foam tape is made from environmental protection material, CR foam, Neoprene, which has excellent sealing and resistance to deformation feature, toxic free, can be used from -50℃ to 150℃.

  • Provides a perfect air-tight seal, sound proof, heat insulation, weather proof, oil resistance, resistant to corrosion, dust proof, shock-absorbing, buffering, sealing, flame retardant, anti-skidding and insulating.

  • Adjustable and Flexible. The Neoprene sponge foam tape is easy enough to customize and cut to size with scissors or blade, and bend easily and conform to any shape.

Green Glue

Green glue is a specialized compound that can be sandwiched between layers of drywall or other building materials to enhance soundproofing. It’s particularly effective at dampening the vibrations.

  • Easy application

  • Seals and dries withing minutes

  • Can be used for layers...

Soundproof Paint

Let me burst this Does soundproof paint work in reducing noise? believe it or not, it will work well in soundproofing a wall without removing drywall Soundproof paint is water-based and will thicken cracks.

It is mixed with latex which makes the gaps and cracks thick and blocks out noise. let me tell you that if you only use soundproof paint as the source to reduce noise then it will not be effective.

Soundproof materials like soundproof curtains, rugs, and acoustic panels along with soundproof paint will be effective in blocking out noise.

  • It can be used on variety of interiors..

  • Less odor and latex formula for easy clean up with soap

  • It dries up easily without taking much time..

  • It covers upto 150...

Install Bookshelves

Now you might be wondering how installing bookshelves can help in soundproofing that’s because it provides more density to the wall and sound waves are absorbed. Load your bookshelves with the volume of books.

Loading bookshelves with the volume of books adds density to the wall and paper is one of the best sources that absorbs sound. Make sure you go with the bookshelf that is covered from the back as it absorbs the sound.

Bookshelf is one of the low-budget investments for soundproof home offices. Loading that with books will give you more effective results and you don’t have to replace it or install it in a few days.

How To Install Egg Cartons On Walls: Step-By-Step ( Infographics)

Final Thoughts On Egg Carton Soundproofing

Many people think that egg cartons are a great way of soundproofing but it depends on what you’re looking for, If the frequency of sound is not much then egg cartons can reduce the echoes but if it’s much then this would not be the ideal soundproofing solution.

At the end of the day there are plenty of options available for soundproofing other than egg cartons because they’re not ideal solutions for soundproofing only reason they are selected by people is because they look like acoustic panels.

If you’re on a tight budget still there are many options available for you other than egg cartons because they are not effective enough in blocking noise. They somewhat reduce the echoes but they are not ideal soundproofing solutions like acoustic panels as they are designed to soundproof.

Even soundproof blankets can work better in soundproofing than egg cartons as they’ve noise-blocking properties and are designed to soundproof your space. If you don’t want to burden your pocket then better go with soundproof blankets.

If you got any value from this guide let us know we would love to hear from you. Share with friends and family who need this. If you have any questions drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our guide on how to fix squeaky chairs.


Does egg crate foam work in soundproofing?

Foam absorbs noise for excellent sound and noise control and also reduces reverberation times. Egg crate foam soundproofing is widely used in recording studios, home theaters, and many industrial and commercial applications.

What are the cheapest solutions for soundproofing?

. Acoustic foam panels
. Fiberglass insulation
. Weatherstripping and sealant
. Install bookshelves
. Soundproof paint
. Soundproof curtains

How do I 100% soundproof my room?

1. Weather stripping and sealant
2. Acoustic panels
3. Soundproof curtains
4. Rugs and carpets
5. Soundproof paint
6. Door sweeps
7. Install bookshelves

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