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If you’re thinking to soundproof your basement then you probably need to and look what you don’t need to spend a huge on soundproofing your basement.

While most people don’t use the basement much But you can turn the basement into a study room and also there are a lot of things which you can do in the basement. Also, you can turn your basement into a chill crib area where you can chill.

However, if you decide to make use of the basement then you need to soundproof the basement like a soundproof room. The basement would be the area where you haven’t spent much time so figuring out to use it and soundproof it’s ceiling to floors is essential.

You don’t have to spend much on soundproofing a basement because it’s simple and doesn’t require much cost as you will be spending a few hours in a basement.

Soundproofing a basement can be cheap, fast, and effective and the results will be satisfying. You only need to spend a couple of dollars with little energy you can turn your basement into a quiet place.

You can turn your basement into anything you want and make the most of it if you’re running out of space in your home then you should picture the basement. For a lot of us, a basement is only a place where we store things that we don’t use.

If you’re thinking of the soundproof basement then you need to walk with me In this guide will be all about soundproofing the basement with cheap and DIY tips. I know you’re curious to soundproof your basement.

Kinds of Noise In The Basement

If you soundproof the basement then first you need to know which noise you need to tackle to block. The first is a question that which noise will be passing in the basement.

There are two types of noise one is airborne noise which is transmitted through the air and through the vehicles and whispering also due to the music. this noise is basically produced on the top of the basement.

The second one is impact noise which is through the impact for example if you’re banging on the floor or playing football the noise which is produced by hitting the floor is known as impact noise.

However, I tried to counter both types of noise and brought a solution based on that which is effective and cheap. You only need to spend a few dollars on soundproof material.

I have shared all the soundproof DIY tips to soundproof the basement and bear in mind this all the tips are cost-effective. Let’s dive into the effective tips on the soundproof basement.

9 Cheap And Effective Ways To Soundproof Basement

I have come across the ways in which you can soundproof a basement and these are effective. So as I have done research you just need to walk with me.

Along with the ways to the soundproof basement I have also listed the products which you can check out on Amazon in case you have not purchased.

1. Seal The Gaps And Cracks

If you want the entire basement to soundproof then you need to first give priority to gaps and cracks because they are the real culprits in passing noise.

We often forget about the gaps and cracks and start soundproofing but they are the reason for airborne noise and sometimes many of us leave gaps for the passing of a wire or for some fresh air then you need to fill that gaps.

Sealing the gaps and cracks is not a hard thing it’s simple with a caulking seal that will do your work and you will make the difference. if you decide not to seal the gaps and cracks and directly start with rugs and carpets then no amount of noise can be blocked.

To ensure your basement is soundproof and absolutely noiseless than you need to start by sealing the gaps and cracks which are the real culprits in passing noise.

2. Use Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets are the best options to soundproof cheaply and effectively. If your wondering how to soundproof cheaply then rugs and carpets is the best choice for you.

They are quite best to absorb both the noise that is impact and airborne because they will create high density on the floor that will block out noise.

Having fluffy rugs will be more effective in sound damping and the sound produced by the footsteps. If you have wooden flooring then you can use carpet which has a high density on the surface and behaves as a strong factor to reduce noise on the flooring.

However, if you have done carpeting already and don’t want to purchase rugs then you can go with padding it will add density on the floor and eliminate the noise. You can also use some mass-loaded vinyl which contributes to blocking noise.

Using premium rugs and carpets is a good source of blocking noise.

3. Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a great idea for the soundproof basement but they are not effective when it comes to ceiling. They work well on the walls and tend to be a good noise absorber on walls.

But let me tell you that ATS acoustic foam is different from ordinary acoustic foam panels. You can feel the difference when you touch it.

However, ATS acoustic foam panels are designed in a way that looks unique from the ordinary acoustic panel and gives a more attractive look to your ceiling.

They are suitable for ceiling after installing it will absorb all the noise produced upstairs they are best for the ceiling. if your looking to soundproof cheaply then acoustic foam panels are a great idea to go with.

Installing is easy it comes with hooks you only need glue to fix on the ceiling and it will start absorbing noise. If you are concerned about the appeal of the ceiling then it will look unique and attractive.

4. Soundproof Paint

Whenever you think about soundproofing a basement You will first question that does soundproof paint really work? and let me tell you that soundproof paint works well for blocking out noise.

Soundproof paint is water-based and mixed with latex which is strong enough to make cracks thicken on the walls. If you only focus on soundproof paint and eliminate other ways of soundproofing then you’re in the wrong direction.

Soundproof paint is not much effective that you only rely on that for soundproofing your project. You will notice the difference when you use other soundproof materials. Soundproof paint should not be the only thing to soundproof the basement.

However if you’re implementing other soundproof materials like rugs and carpets, the acoustic foam then it’s a better choice to use soundproof paint.

5. Install Drywall On Top Of Ceiling

Installing drywall is the thing where most of the money is invested and do you ever thought about why it’s important to install drywall on the ceiling?

Well, drywall will cover up cavities on top of the ceiling which has insulation installed, and make the ceiling two times denser that will be the resulting noise will be blocked.

Drywall acts as a strong barrier between the noise and the ceiling that will not transmit noise and acts as a noise reduction agent. It will be difficult for noise frequency to travel through ceiling and insulation than drywall.

Drywall is one of the effective ways to soundproof ceiling and this is not much expensive. It will create high density and block out noise that will pass through the ceiling.

I recommend purchasing drywall by Stella it’s effective and cheap your work will be done easily.

6. Use Resilient Channel

As I have mentioned about drywall installation. Using a resilient channel will increase the insulation and makes it more strong. It offers gaps between the ceiling which results in blocking out noise.

Using a resilient channel will reduce noise as it provides gaps between the ceiling and the drywall that helps little or no noise to transmit. The drywall is hand on the channel which suspends the noise passing.

Installing a resilient channel along with the drywall will make the basement ceiling more effective to reduce the noise and any noise that is distributed through the resilient channel losses energy before travels to the drywall.

A resilient channel makes the ceiling denser that absorbs the noise that transmits to the drywall. This is most effective when you want to soundproof ceiling.

Basically, a resilient channel creates gaps on the ceiling which absorbs the transmission of the noise passing to drywall.

I recommend installing Auralex resilient channel which is effective and high quality.

7. Use Insulation Material

It doesn’t matter how your basement ceiling looks like because you will be spending less time in the basement at the end of the day you only want to reduce noise.

Am I right? Then using insulation material is a great idea to reduce the noise. Ultimately the noise transmits because the cavities left on the ceiling insulation material will fill all the cavities and the density of the ceiling will be high.

The more density of the ceiling increases the higher it will absorb the noise that transmits through the cavities. Insulation material is a cheap and effective way to reduce noise.

However, filling the cavities is necessary to reduce noise and block out the noise without spending much on the resilient channel drywall installation which will burden cost on your wallet.

The recommended insulation material is natural cotton multipurpose insulation by frost king it’s effective and cheap.

8. Use Green Glue

Using green glue will help in reducing the noise passing through the ceiling. Green glue acts as a soundproofing agent. It is sandwiched between the rigid layers of the drywall.

After adding it between the layers of material it creates the damping system it contains a viscoelastic compound that behaves like great damping compounds and absorbs all the vibrations of sound.

It effectively absorbs the sound vibration and reduces up to 90% of the noise. Green glue is a sound damping compound that is ideal for new construction or renovation of the basement.

The compound’s unique properties act as a damping sound and dissipate the sound vibrations and the sound waves that are traveled through the ceiling and drywall.

Green glue is environmentally friendly and doesn’t have any odor it’s cheap and cost-effective to the soundproof basement ceiling. Damping is about reducing or eliminating the stored energy created by sound.

9. Rearrange The Furniture

One of the most effective and cheapest ways to the soundproof basement is by shifting or rearranging the furniture above the basement. You can rearrange the furniture and place the rugs or carpet in middle to absorb the noise.

It’s the instant method to do and achieve satisfying results you can add acoustic foam on the walls to get the quick results of reducing noise.

Placing the fluffy carpet can absorb the noise because it’s soft and provide high density to the floor and absorb the sound vibration which helps in a soundproof basement.

However, rearranging furniture is the cheapest and effective way that will absorb the noise passing through the ceiling also it will add additional benefits which will change the ambiance of the home.

Final Thought On Soundproof Basement

Now Finally you have figured out which method you want to try for soundproofing basement ceiling with effective results.

Of course, no one wants to spend much in the basement where you spend only a couple of hours. If you’re the one like me who spends less time in the basement or used it occasionally then you’re in the right place.

I have shared all the cheap ways to soundproof the basement and believe it or not this all methods are effective for soundproofing and blocking out noise.

In my case, I lay carpets and rugs for the noise absorption because it provides density on the floor which dissipates noise. Placing fluffy carpets on the floor is the instant method to absorb noise vibrations.

However, you don’t need to go with expensive methods like decoupling the basement ceiling. You can have complete peace and soundproof basement ceiling with cheap methods.

Which method do you use to soundproof your basement let us know we would love to hear from you. also, check out our blog on how to soundproof a room


Q1. What material can block sound?

Ans. Ultimately there are a lot of materials that block out the noise and they are proven to be excellent noise absorbers. The list is below:
. Seal the gaps and cracks
. Acoustic foam
. Rugs and carpets
. Soundproof paint
. Insulation material
. Green glue
. Resilient Channel
. Drywall insulation
. Soundproof paint
. Rearrange furniture

Q2. How can I reduce the noise in my basement?

Ans. The cost-effective and cheap method is the basement ceiling install the insulation in the ceiling and green glue will help in absorbing the noise. You need to sandwich the glue on the layers of the drywall and fix it. It will soundproof the ceiling effect.

Q3.How can I soundproof the basement cheaply?

Ans. there is an end number of DIY and cheap methods with which you can soundproof effectively the best method is acoustic panel this is one of the cheapest and instant methods. Also, some of the other methods are laying carpets and rugs on the floor.

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