Acoustic ceiling tiles

If you’re living in a noisy area or near the train track or a busy road then you need to soundproof your space to reduce noise in the room with the acoustic ceiling tiles.

So that you can focus on work and for your work on time and be productive. But soundproofing only your walls is not enough because noise can enter through the ceiling.

If you have installed soundproof panels on the walls and still face problems regarding noise then you need to consider acoustic ceiling tiles which cover your ceiling and reduce noise.

When you soundproof your walls and doors, windows, floor but still the noise is passing through your room then the real culprit is the ceiling from where the noise is transmitted. It’s not necessary if the ceiling is complete and noise is reduced it can transmit through the gaps.

While noise is transmitting I understand how exhausting it becomes when you have soundproofed the room from roof to walls to doors and windows but still, the noise gets in don’t worry in this guide I will walk you through acoustic ceiling tiles which are effective and how you can install it on the ceiling.

What To Look In Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Before diving into the article further let’s first understand some of the features you need to understand while purchasing acoustic ceiling tiles and what are the things which work perfectly for a soundproof ceiling.

1. Soundproof Product

As our concern is soundproofing the ceiling from where the sound waves are transmitting then we need to look out for a product that is soundproof and which has sound blocking properties.

There are several manufacturers in the market out there who are claiming their product is soundproof but to check this feature you need to check out the rating and reviews which people are below the product.

Some products tend to be soundproof but they don’t reduce much noise in general that is not much effective. The only way to check this is through product reviews. That’s because the sellers don’t put out decibels.

As the concern is soundproof acoustic ceiling tiles to reduce noise coming through the ceiling pay close attention while purchasing the acoustic ceiling tiles.

2. Size Of the Tiles

Size of the tiles is important you need to measure your ceiling and get the exact size of tiles as it comes in different sizes so it’s important to measure the precise size of your ceiling.

If you’ve purchased acoustic ceiling tiles bigger than your ceiling then it will be of no use so always make sure to get the one according to your ceiling size and it becomes easier to install.

If you purchase exact size acoustic ceiling tiles then they will cover the complete ceiling and block out the sound waves passing through the ceiling.

3. Durability

Durability is one of the important aspects still we ignore it many times and purchase the things which will cost more later. So check the durability of the acoustic ceiling tiles before purchasing.

Because they are installed on the ceiling we can’t take it off every time easily it requires effort and time so make sure when installing the first time all the things should be done properly.

If the acoustic ceiling tiles are not durable then it becomes a hectic task to take them off and install the other so it’s important to check whether they withstand this or not.

4. Quality Of Acoustic Ceiling tiles

Now quality is related to durability. The best quality is the more durable it acoustic ceiling tiles will be. There are some of the brands that sell good quality.

But if you don’t know about the brands which are selling good quality acoustic ceiling tiles then don’t worry I will be listing some of the best acoustic ceiling tiles which are effective and has better soundproof properties.

Are You In Hurry? Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

If you’re in a hurry then and don’t have much time to read the complete article then I would recommend you a quick acoustic ceiling tile which is Genesis white stucco ceiling tiles.

The best part about these acoustic ceiling tiles is they are waterproof and don’t collect moisture from humidity. Don’t need to install it with glue simply drop it in it to get fixed.

Moreover, they are lightweight, flexible, and manageable by anyone made with virgin grade PVC vinyl for superior fire and heat resistance. Easy to install. versatile and no fuss smooth texture that makes it simple yet appealing.

The texture and color allow for seamless integration into any room. It’s a perfect choice for restaurant, office, home improvement. Just peel and stick the acoustic ceiling tiles for a seamless experience.

 5 Best Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Here is the list of best acoustic ceiling tiles that are effective in blocking out noise. so let’s dive into the guide

1. A LA Maison Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

This acoustic ceiling is a foam glue-up ceiling. It instantly transforms any ceiling surface into the pop ceiling that looks simple yet appealing and goes with every type of ceiling.

If you’re looking for a ceiling for any kind of purpose it’s the excellent acoustic ceiling for installing in house, restaurant, living room, bathroom, and any outdoor porches. It’s easy to install with the simple glue-up process no expensive tools are required for installation.

Instantly grab adhesive and install the acoustic ceiling tiles. The best thing about these ceiling tiles is they are paintable with water-based latex paint. If your find whites simple and want to paint them to any color then that’s possible with these ceiling tiles.


  • Instantly transforms any ceiling into a popcorn ceiling
  • Excellent for outdoor porches
  • No expensive tools are required
  • Paintable with water-based latex paint


  • Sticks fine with glue except where the ceiling had a bend

2. Art3D PVC Ceiling Tiles

These Ceiling tiles are made up of PVC which you can easily lay into a standard size of 15/16” for a T-bar drop ceiling grid system or glued on any flat substrates.

It’s lightweight and flexible and will not crack if you’re looking for durable ceiling tiles then this is the ideal choice. These ceiling tiles are corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability and the highlighting feature you will get is it’s recyclable and safe.

Moreover, You don’t need to hire a professional to do this you can easily cut with scissors and install these ceiling tiles. They are pretty easy to install and work with and it’s paintable if you don’t like plain white then you can paint.

These elegant 3D ceiling tiles are stylish and design for any purpose. If you remodel or new reconstruction of the house, restaurant, office then they are suitable.


  • 3D design elegant ceiling tiles
  • Lightweight and flexible will not have a crack
  • Easy to install with glue up
  • It’s paintable with any color


  • It’s not a bonding agent good to change the looks of the room from boring

3. Ceilume Stratford Ultra-Thin Ceiling tiles

These ceiling tiles are used in a standard suspended T-bar ceiling grid. It’s not designed for gluing and peeling and sticking the tiles to the ceiling. These ceiling tiles are extremely thin and lightweight.

It’s made with thick vinyl that’s easy to cut and install. easily cut trim with scissors for light openings and smaller grid spaces at the edge of the ceiling. It’s certified for indoor air quality.

Moreover, it gives a simple and sophisticated look to the ceiling which comes in colors and is finished. They are easy to clean and don’t create dust. It doesn’t get cracked when you move them.


  • Easy to trim and install
  • Used in standard T-bar suspended ceiling
  • It’s not designed for gluing
  • Certified for indoor air quality


  • Not recommended to install where ceiling temperature exceeds 120 F

4. Foamily Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

These acoustic ceiling tiles will come with wedges that are uncompressed and in prime condition. It’s the best choice for spot treating sound on walls in your office or room.

It can be used in many places like home studios, room theaters, home offices, and control rooms. One of the plus points of these acoustic ceiling tiles is they are used for professional soundproofing and sound dampening and treatment of noise reduction.

Additionally, it will reduce echoes reverb and flutter echoes in smaller and medium rooms. It’s easy to install just use glue or adhesive for the perfect fix. They are easy to trim with a scissor and install easily.


  • Easy to install and fit
  • Wedges that are uncompressed in prime condition
  • It is suitable for home studios, home offices,s, etc.
  • It gives a professional soundproof solution


  • Some people complain it has a low density to absorb sound

5. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Surprisingly Thin

If you want a simple and sleek acoustic ceiling tile then you can easily with this one to cover your entire room. These are easy to install and are lightweight.

The problem people face while installing acoustic ceiling tiles is that after purchasing the tiles their weight is more than expected weight which is a big hurdle and If you don’t want to face this problem these ceiling tiles are the ideal choice for you.

Moreover, these ceiling tiles are lightweight and have a modern design that gives an appealing look to your room. You can use them easily and make your space soundproof.

Additionally, they are easy to install you can cut it with scissors and fit it in any space whether large or small. All you need to do is take screws and stick them to the ceiling for installation.


  • It is made with thick rigid vinyl
  • It is certified for indoor air quality
  • This is made with material that is environmentally friendly
  • It is lightweight and easy to install


  • It is not much effective to block out noise

How To Install Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

You need to get all the acoustic ceiling tiles and glue them with the glue or adhesive you got for fixing the tiles. It is better to get non-glue ceiling tiles because it requires less effort and saves time and energy.

If you have drywall then you will be able to fix the acoustic ceiling tiles on the ceiling. This method doesn’t work on the bumpy ceilings or the ceiling which have a texture finishing because the tiles will not fix properly.

If you want the ceiling tiles on this ceiling then you need to level the ceiling by scrubbing off the ceiling with more plaster. you need to clean the ceiling with a damp sponge as we do with any adhesive project and find the center by pulling two strings diagonal across the ceiling and marking the spot where they meet.

However, you can place the tile from the center and apply adhesive on the edges of the tile and inside as well as press it flat until the tile gets fixed on the ceiling.

Final Thoughts On Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

If you’re making soundproof then it’s important to cover all the spaces of your house right from flooring to ceiling because it will help in reducing noise in the room.

While working on soundproofing your house If you leave even one space without soundproofing then that will cause trouble in the future and you need to soundproof that. So it’s better to cover all the spaces of the room.

However, if you’re struggling with coming noise from the ceiling then I have got some of the best solutions for you that will reduce noise in the room and provide you peace that will help in concentrating on work.

Additionally, I have shared all of the best acoustic ceiling tiles that will help in reducing noise and if you don’t believe me you can check out the reviews and purchase. Also, you can read the features which you need to look at while purchasing acoustic ceiling tiles.

If this helped you share with people who need this also let us know we would love to hear from you. Check out our blog on best quiet blenders


Do acoustic ceiling tiles work?

Yes, acoustic ceiling tiles work absolutely well in reducing the noise and blocking out sound waves that are transmitting through the ceiling. they are good in terms of reducing noise.

How long do acoustic tiles test?

Acoustic tiles should be changed every ten years after that period of time they become less effective in reducing noise. to avoid that you need to change every ten years.

Are acoustic ceiling tiles expensive?

Acoustic tiles are quite expensive because they are made with a particular material along with aadvanced technology that will help in reducing the noise.

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