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Are you fed up with the noise of the windshield while driving and your concentration not focused while driving because of the noise of the windshield all through the drive.

Now you might be confused what would be the cause of the noisy windshield? Then this might happen if you have not serviced your car for a long time. If yes then you need to service your car.

The other reason would be the regular windshield most probably windshield is the cause of the noise and you need to replace the existing windshield with the acoustic windshield.

If you run a search about acoustic windshields then you might have landed here. I will walk you through a complete guide of the acoustic windshield and some of the benefits of having installed it on your car.

However, if your windshield is making high noise then you need to replace that and reduce the noise. Because regular windshield doesn’t have acoustic film between the laminates and helps in blocking out noise.

If your windshield is regular then you might not have a sound blocking feature in that’s the reason your windshields are making noise. now you might have understood why your windshield is making noise.

What Is Acoustic Windshield?

The acoustic windshield is made up of a mixture of material and sound deadening material which blocks out the noise.

It’s designed to minimize the noise level while driving and it completely blocks the outside noise it looks the same as the regular windshield but holds some additional features.

It has an extra layer of material for the blocking out of the noise and the material is thick and dense which has the ability to block noise and have a safe drive without windshield noise.

Most of the car manufacturing companies are providing windshields it’s the innovation that is adapted by the manufacturers. If the car meets with an accident then it will safeguard the passengers because the acoustic windshield holds all the pieces of glass.

Regular windshield will not absorb the sound vibrations but the acoustic windshield has the ability to effectively absorb all the sound vibrations.

The acoustic film between the laminates will block the sound vibration and it the frequency of blocking out is from 1500 HZ-5000 HZ. It will reduce the noise inside of your car and you can drive peacefully.

However, pay attention while replacing the regular windshield with the acoustic windshield there shouldn’t be any gaps left while installing, and also protects from direct sunlight.

The additional layer of insulation is made up of two layers that help in soundproof one is standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and the second is acoustic PVB.

Benefits Of Acoustic Windshield

1. Noise Blocking

This is the ideal benefit you will get after installing acoustic windshield. You will get rid of outer noises and can have a good ride. These noises will disturb and annoy.

However while driving you need to be inactive state of mind to avoid accidents. So avoiding outside noises will help in having a safe ride if your windshield is making much noise then it’s time to upgrade to an acoustic windshield because it’s the best option.

Having an acoustic windshield will help in effectively reducing the noise because its designed to block out all the unwanted noise and your car will be noiseless. you can drive for long distances without any noise and disturbance.

2. UV Protection

An acoustic windshield will protect you from UV which are the dangerous rays that come from the sunlight and it will harm your skin. so an acoustic windshield blocks all the UV rays passing through your car windshield.

However they have an effective layer of material that laminates between both the layer of the windshield that will protect from  all the radiation of UV rays.

UV Rays are good for health it will provide Vitamin D but too much will affect your skin. An acoustic windshield absorbs all the UV rays.

3. Lightweight And Effective

The acoustic windshield is lightweight and effective. If you have ever replaced your car windshield than you would have known the exact weight of the windshield. You can hold it into your hands.

The acoustic windshield is lightweight than the regular windshield because it has material that will make it light weighted and thick.

Acoustic windshield looks as same as regular windshield but it’s more effective and lightweight.

4. Stronger Windshield

Acoustic windshield has a film layer between both the lamination of the windshield which makes it stronger than the regular windshield.

This makes it perfect and strong balance between the car and the driver. Its strong and thick that works effectively in reducing the outside noises.

5. Easy To Install

This question might pop up in your head that is it easy to install an acoustic windshield than let me tell you that it’s easy to install and more reliable and stronger than the regular windshield.

It’s easy to install but you need to be careful while installing the acoustic windshield.

Difference Between Regular And Acoustic Windshield

Regular Windshield

The regular windshield is not soundproof and it makes noise which is disturbing while driving and especially when you are on a long drive because they don’t have the laminated between both the layers.

However regular windshield doesn’t have the laminated layer which works in soundproofing and blocking out noise and effectively its thick while regular windshield is not that capable.

If your car has a regular windshield and that starts noise then it’s time to upgrade to the acoustic windshield and the noise will break your focus and disturb you.

Acoustic Windshield

Acoustic windshields are designed to block out the outer noises and you can drive peacefully because it has acoustic film laminated in both layers which block the noise.

They are the part of the innovative technology which blocks the noise and also protect from the UV rays also its lightweight and it will protect the passengers if the accident takes place the glass doesn’t breaks into pieces and fall after hitting the solid thing.

However it will absorb the sound vibrations and makes your car more peaceful and quiet. You can enjoy the long drive with peace.

Does Acoustic Windshield Really Work?

This is the question that pops up in your head when your deciding to install an acoustic windshield does it really work? Than let me tell you that it has acoustic film laminated on both the layers of the windshield and your question is important because acoustic windshield are expensive and that are the benefits you receive after spending money.

According to the new technology which is used in making this windshield states that it will block out the outside noise and the noise which your regular windshield you will get rid after installing acoustic windshield.

It will reduce the noise of outside vehicles which reaches to the noise level of 75 DB which is very high the noise level but the ideal noise level is 25 DB.

Acoustic windshields will reduce the noise of the vehicles around you and also reduces the noise of air pressure when you drive fast. regular windshield arte designed with a thick glass to reduce noise but its not as effective as acoustic windshields.

However thick glass of the regular windshield will put weight which will consume more fuel but toping the cherry on the cake it will save the fuel effectively.

How To Know Your Car Has Acoustic Windshield?

Most of the car manufacturers are providing acoustic windshield for noise reduction and less consumption of fuel. BUT how you can that your car windshield is the acoustic windshield by simply checking on the top of the windshield there will be a label of Acoustic or the letter A which represents acoustic.

However, some of the car have a symbol of the ear or the sound wave that says that its acoustic windshield and soundproof.

If you can’t any symbol or letter on your windshield then make sure you check it with your car manufacturer and bear in mind that before purchasing the car make sure you check whether a car manufacturer is providing the acoustic windshield.

Soundproofing Material You Required In Your Car

If you are concerned with soundproofing your car then I have a guide on sound deadening material and this guide will help in soundproofing your car doors.

Talking about the other soundproofing material which is required for your car and this will help in blocking out noise and turns into a soundproof car. Let’s get into some of the material for soundproofing your car.

  • Damping Mats- Have you ever looked at the inner parts of your car because they are the most moving parts while driving and the noise is produced from it and this is where damping mats comes into picture they will make your car floor thin and block out the noise produced from internal parts of the car.
  • Sound Deadenersif you’re not aware of where the noise is coming from your car then a sound deadener is a solution for that you need to install this in your car doors and the ceiling of your car for effective soundproofing of the car. A sound deadener is the best way to soundproof your car and fill all the gaps where noise is passing through.

Final Thought On Acoustic Windshield

If your using a regular windshield or the acoustic windshield you need to fill all the gaps if you don’t do that than it will not block external noises also your windshield will make a noise because of the air pressure hitting the windshield while driving.

However, first, check if your regular windshield has all the gaps filled if not then fill the gaps and try to fix them. After fixing that if it’s still making the noise install the acoustic windshield.

Fill all the gaps on the acoustic windshield and it will troubleshoot all the noise coming from the outside. if there are gaps left then the noise will travel inside the car.

I have provided all the points required before installing an acoustic windshield and the things you need to keep in mind while purchasing.

Acoustic windshields are expensive and you need to know all the benefits you will get after installing the acoustic windshield. Some of the factors you will need to consider while purchasing.

This guide will be helpful if your concern is all about the acoustic windshield.


Q1. Do Acoustic windshields work?

Ans. Acoustic windshield reduces the noise by 60% and it’s more effective than the traditional windshield. It reduces the noise which will help in driving peacefully and by over 6%  you will feel more changes once you install.

Q2. How much does it cost to install an acoustic windshield in the car?

Ans. Installing the acoustic windshield purely depends on the quality and the car model the higher quality you choose the cost will be increased. Perhaps the ideal acoustic windshields cost you around $500-$800 but pay attention while purchasing the acoustic windshield.

Q3. How much difference does an acoustic windshield make?

Ans. you will notice a huge difference after the installation of the acoustic windshield it will reduce the noise by 11 DB which will block out the noise of the outside vehicle.

Have ever install the acoustic windshield? IF YES!! What are your thoughts on this we would love to hear from you. If you liked this article let us and also checkout our blog on sound deadening car doors.

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