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Having a bathroom exhaust fan will remove the unpleasant odor and moisture. Having a quiet bathroom exhaust is important because it increases your time in a bathroom especially if you’re a bathroom singer who enjoys singing in the bathroom.

But spending time can damage your bathroom because too much humidity and heat can cause corrosion to metal parts of the bathroom and also to the wood part of the bathroom.

I’m sure you don’t that to take place because it will cost you more to change the complete bathroom parts right from metal parts to wood parts. That’s the reason having exhaust is necessary because it will draw out heat and humidity.

Wait!! You have exhaust right and that makes too much noise than what is the solution to this issue? There are a lot of people who don’t pay closer attention while getting exhausted one of the features includes QUIET.

Having a quiet exhaust does not cause pain to the ears and as well it will draw out unpleasant odor and heat from the bathroom. Also, now you can spend time in the bathroom grooving on your favorite song.

Now the question is where can you find the quiet exhaust for the bathroom and which will draw out unpleasant odor and heat effectively without getting hot and burn out after using for some time and most importantly which doesn’t make a rattling sound.

Well, stick with me because in this guide I’ve picked up the best quiet exhaust fans for the bathroom which produces low noise and has high performance.

Features To Look Before Purchasing Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

Doing your research is important because it will help you to get the best quiet exhaust fan with some of the best features also research will save a lot of time when you’re making a buying decision.


The primary feature of exhaust fan to look at the performance of exhaust fan this includes the build quality, design and motor and speed of the fan if this all is things are met then it’s the ideal exhaust fan with all the compatible things for your bathroom.

Noise Level

If the bathroom exhaust fan starts producing loud noise then that becomes annoying when you are singing the song and it’s a loud noise like background music.

If you don’t want that to happen then better get a quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom that has a sound rating of 1.0 because that will probably not produce much noise.


An efficient exhaust fan will do a lot of work because eventually, we all want our exhaust fan to be efficient and effective enough to throw out heat and unpleasant odor.

If your exhaust fan is not efficient enough then there is no point in purchasing it because it will not be as you expected so always go through the reviews of the exhaust fan and land on a conclusion.


Cost is also an important factor to consider before purchasing. Suppose if you want a high-quality ultra-quiet exhaust fan for a bathroom then it will cost you quite high.

On the other hand, if you want the normal exhaust fan with no quiet feature then it will not cost you much if the rattling noise is your concern then better go with the quiet exhaust fan because it will help you to enjoy the while singing In the bathroom.

Are You In Hurry? Then Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

If you don’t have much time to read the complete guide then you can check out this quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom by Broan which is high quality and a very quiet exhaust fan that is engineered for continuous operations.

This quiet exhaust fan operates at 80 CFM in the bathroom for high-quality performance. This fan is easy to install and replace the existing product for DIY’ers and needs very less construction space.

If you’re looking for a handy and easy to install and for a high-performance quiet exhaust fan for a bathroom then this is the ideal choice for you. This quiet hanger bar system for fast installation on any type of construction and ducting for superior performance.

This exhaust fan comes with LED lights that look pretty attractive.it will remove the odor, humidity, and unpleasant odor from the bathroom very easily.

If you want more quiet exhaust fans you need to read the article further in the list of quiet exhaust fans for the bathroom.

  • Throws out heat and moisture effectively..

  • Quiet while throwing out heat...

  • Easy to install and replace the existing product...

  • LED light that will give unique look...

5 Best Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

Now let’s dive into the best quiet exhaust fans for bathrooms that have high quality and better performance.

1. Kaze Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan

This is the ultra-quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom which has 120 CFM and is suitable for bathroom sizes up to 120 Square feet. Resizing the existing ceiling opening is needed if your current fan housing is smaller.

It comes with sliding hanger bars which allow fan housing to be positioned accurately anywhere between the frame. The bars span up to 24 inches and can be used on any type of framing.

It has 6 inches removable metal duct with a backdraft prevention damper and it includes a 4-inch duct reducer. This is flexible and reliable which will be best if you’re running out of budget.

To top the cake with cheery it has LED light that will be attractive look to the bathroom and draws out unpleasant odor and humidity effectively and if your hesitating about the security then don’t worry because it is energy star qualified.

If you’re looking for a fan with LED lights and better performance then this has topped the list of best quiet exhaust fans for the bathroom.


  • Ultra-quiet feature with 120 CFM
  • Suitable for bathroom size of 120 SQ Ft
  • Sliding hanger bars for accurate positioning
  • LED lights for an attractive look.


  • It’s quiet but not that bright
  • Ultra quiet feature with 120 CFM

  • Sliding hanger bar for accurate positioning..

  • Suitable for bathroom size of 120 SQ Ft

  • LED light for better appearance...

2. BV Ultra Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

As the name says it’s an ultra-quiet performing exhaust fan that will be an excellent performing motor also this comes with silent clever technology. This can operate and move out the air with very little noise.

This is well made quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom with stainless steel body housing that can be mounted easily and comes with a heavy-duty motor that

  • Ultra quiet exhaust fan...

  • excellent performing motor with silver.....

  • Heavy duty motor for continous operation...

  • Lifetime lubrication and thermal protection..

is suitable for continuous operation.

If you’re looking for a quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom that has a heavy-duty motor and more reliable and flexible performance then this would be the right pick for you to install in the bathroom.

This has lifetime lubrication and thermal protection. If you are concerned with energy-saving then it will save energy and exhaust the air.it has 4 inches duct collar.

If you’re looking for quality and performance assurance then this is the best choice to go with as it is certified and UL approved also it has performance and quality assurance.


  • Ultra-quite exhaust fan
  • Excellent performing motor with silent clever technology
  • Heavy-duty motor for continuous operations
  • Lifetime lubrication and thermal protection


  • Difficult to install when you have existing drywall
  • Ultra quiet exhaust fan...

  • excellent performing motor with silver.....

  • Heavy duty motor for continous operation...

  • Lifetime lubrication and thermal protection..

3. Zeyzer Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

This 110 CFM quiet exhaust fan can effectively control the air in the bathroom and this is very quiet when the powerful exhaust is running. The casing and fan blades are made with high-quality ABS plastic.

This is sturdy and durable also has a long service life. It has high quality and durable built-in copper motor with thermal protection that can work continuously without maintenance.

If you want to avoid maintenance of the exhaust frequently then this is the best pick for you because it requires no maintenance and works continuously.

This quiet exhaust fan has a powerful motor that can quickly and effectively reduce the humidity in the bathroom air. It is very suitable for bathrooms, offices, homes, and laundry.

Modern style will make your bathroom look unique. The LED pattern design will not only make your bathroom brighter but also makes the easier cleaning and appearance of the bathroom.

This quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom is easy to install and suitable for installation on the drop ceilings. Everything is pre-assembled you need to take up and install.


  • This quiet exhaust can effectively control air in the bathroom
  • Sturdy and durable with life-long service
  • LED lights for a unique look and easy cleaning
  • Everything is pre-assembled


  • Some complain that it is a bit louder
  • It effectively controls air in bathroom...

  • Sturdy and durable with lifelong service..

  • Everything is pre-assembled

  • LED lights will give unique look to bathroom...

4. Panasonic Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

Panasonic quiet exhaust fan is suitable for renovation and new construction. It is quiet and powerful in drawing out moisture and pollution.

This comes with pick a flow selector where you can select the desired airflow from 50,80,110 CFM. Easy and flexible installation with the help of bracket that will fast flexible and trouble-free installation.

If you are concerned with energy then don’t worry it comes with energy star rated that delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy.it moves a larger volume of air and runs cooler.

The motor is equipped with thermal cut-off use greatly reducing overheating and motor failure. It achieves quality air and energy efficiency with whisper-quiet sound levels.

It has a quick installation guide which will help you to install it easily also if you’re looking for a quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom with flexible and reliable features go for it.


  • Suitable for renovation and new construction
  • Pick a flow selector for the desired airflow
  • Flex-Z fast bracket for installation
  • Quality air and energy saving


  • Pay attention to model numbers
  • Suitable for renovation and new construction...

  • Pick a flow selector for desired airflow..

  • Flex-Z fast bracket for installation..

  • Quality air and energy efficiency

5. Aero Pure Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

This quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom includes a multi-functional switch 270W anti-heat blast lamps and a 60W incandescent bulb which will make the exhaust fan brighter and give unique look.

It comes with a fan, heater, and light which can be wired separately and they all give effective results when you use and it will operate continuously without stopping.

This quiet exhaust fan delivers warmth when you step out of the shower and it quietly clears the excess moisture from the bathroom. Its extra-wide heat lamps keep your bathroom warmer with fewer cold spots.

Moreover, this quiet exhaust fan comes with a bracket that is easy to install. it has vibration dampening rustproof steel housing which is high built-up quality.


  • It has a Multi-functional switch
  • Fan, heater, light which can be separately wired
  • Delivers warmth and clears excess moisture
  • Vibration dampening rustproof steel housing


  • It might be used for new installation but not for replacement
  • It has multi functional switch...

  • Fan, heater, light can be separately wired...

  • Delivers warmth and clears excess moisture..

  • Vibration dampening rustproof stainless....

Final Thoughts On Quiet Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

Whether you have a small or a bigger bathroom you need an exhaust fan in the bathroom to draw out the moisture and humidity from the bathroom also it will throw out the unpleasant odor from the bathroom.

If you want to get rid of the noisy exhaust fan then it is better to switch to the quiet one because it will be peaceful and help you sing in the bathroom with dedication well that sounds pretty good.

Sometimes it really gets annoying with the loud noise of the exhaust fan in the morning or in the evening when you’re tired with work and take shower the noise really gets on the nerves.

To get rid of this you need to get a quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom which has soundproof properties and silently draws out heat and moisture without making a loud noise.

I have listed the best quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom which will draw out heat and moisture effectively without making noise and all the exhaust fans listed in this guide are energy saving.

If you find this helpful let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on best quiet paper shredders.


How can I make my exhaust fan quitter?

Clean all the moving parts of the fan
Use larger duct
lubricate the fan motor and blades
Tighten the mounting screw
Replace the motor

How many decibels is a quiet exhaust fan?

according to this 2 sones is equal to 37.99 decibels which is between the volume of whisper and soft music. this doesn’t involve the perceived noise.

Why is my bathroom exhaust fan so loud?

The common factor of a loud exhaust fan is the dirt that is built up. as time goes all sorts of muck on the vent, blade and motor. The dirter the fan gets the more noisy and loud it becomes. you need to clean the dirt after every 6 months for good performance.

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