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A Paper shredder is must-have a thing to dispose of the sensitive information in the trash. Printed sheets which contain the data should not be trashed without shredding it. The old paper shredders were loud and really caused pain to the ears.

 I know you might be wondering whether you need a paper shredder at home because there is not much use at home but I would recommend you to have one because if you organize the bill then it will be easy to find them when you need them.

Trashing the bill without shredding them is not safe because it will contain sensitive information so having a paper shredder at home is the most. Scan and save the bills in the drive shred the rest and clean up the mess.

In the corporate world, a paper shredder is mostly because the printed sheets can’t be directly trashed so shredding the printed data is important that’s the reason a paper shredder is required.

If your find the quiet paper shredder then stick with me In this article, I will walk you through some of the best quiet paper shredders for home and office use but along with it, I will explain some of the features you need to look at and why you need a paper shredder.

Why You Need Paper Shredder

Now there are many questions in your head that why you even need a paper shredder well I’m here to answer all of your questions with the best answers.

All are aware of the theft that took place in the corporate world over the last few decades and paper shredders could make it more difficult for companies to identify thieves to gain access to personal information.

We can’t say that the system is without flaws if you don’t dispose of the shredder waste properly then someone will piece back all the shredded particles. So you will be getting a paper shredder that will cut into tiny pieces.

Many commercial paper shredders take one sheet at a time but now even small machines can take more than one sheet of paper. Manufacturers realized that we need a machine that can cut more than one sheet. After this many businesses outsourced their paper shredding work.

Therefore protecting your privacy and your client’s privacy is important that’s the reason you should have a paper shredder. If you have a small business then it will save you a lot of time of disposing of documents by yourself.

Now whether you need a paper shredder or not this depends on the paper waste your company will be producing depends whether or not you should have a paper shredder.

I would recommend you to have one for better disposing before recycling because it will be containing personal information.

Features To Look In a Quiet Paper Shredder

Before getting into the best quiet paper shredders you need to look at the features before purchasing I will dig deep into some of the things which are mostly required.

Noise Level

Anything machine that has a motor inside it will produce noise so the paper shredder does most of the paper shredders I have to recommend here are not completely noiseless but they will not produce much noise like the normal paper shredders.

They have anti-vibration mats around the motor and build with some internal insulation material. Old or industrial papers shredders are made with metal as you know metal will produce noise. it’s not good at handling the vibration that will end in producing more noise.

But some of the quiet paper shredders I will list are quieter and you will notice the absence of vibrations and loud noise. some shredders promise not  80 decibels of noise but some of them are less than that.

They also have frictionless blades some models may require occasional oiling. If you get the shredder that has to be oiled from time to time keep oiled because shredders make noise because they are not oiled in a while.


Size of the shredder matters as I have said earlier if your using a shredder for home or office use. One of the advantages of having a shredder is that when you’re tossing your paper in the hand or putting it in the shredder will take less space.

A bucket full of papers takes more space and flowing paper from the bucket will not look good that’s the reason having a shredder will not take much space.

Therefore the size of the shredder matters the most because the tall shredder will have more storage space which will help not make you empty the shredder too frequently. So having a taller shredder will give more space.

Capacity Of Sheet

Until recently the home shredders used to shred one sheet of paper but most of the quiet paper shredders can handle more than one paper sheet. The average number of paper sheets a shredder can cut is 15 sheets at one go.

But the most exciting part about this shredder is that they will shred all the 15 sheets of the paper in 10 seconds which might vary according to the quality of the shredder.

Cutting Style

The level of noise of a paper shredder depends on the cutting paper there are many types of blades that cut the sheets in different types.

The straight cut shredder will cut your document in a straight form in a ribbon shape because the blades are straightforward and this is the quietest shredder and ribbons are easiest to put back together.

On the other hand, cross-cut shredders will cut the paper in a confetti form and they make noise while cutting the paper but still the confetti is not easy to put back together.

Micro or particle cut shredders are the most secure option to go with as they produce more jumbled results and the document sheets are not easy to put back together.


Safety is the first priority of any shredder manufacturer because in most of the shredders the insertion slots are too narrow and when you put your hands close to that it will be dangerous.

To avoid this there are many quiet shredders that have sensors that will detect if the hand is too close to the insertion slot they also have jam-proof blades that will reverse the direction if anything gets stuck.

Are You In Hurry? Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

Bonsaii paper shredder is one of the quiet and it’s heavy-duty shredders that will work continuously for the office. If you’re looking for a quiet shredder for use in the office or home then this is an ideal choice for you.

It has the capacity to shred a maximum of 14 sheets of paper. Bonsaii cross-cut shredder will cut the paper into tiny particles. It will shred papers, credit cards, mail, and staples to protect your personal information.

This shredder comes with a 4.8 gallons wastebasket and also a transparent window which helps you to see when the basket is full of the papers scarps.

It comes with auto start and manual reverse function also helps you to clean up the paper jam easily and you can get free from the frustration of jamming.

This quiet shredder comes with overheating and overloading thermal protection also it is equipped with LED indicators that will indicate if your shredder is overloaded or overheated.

Therefore it is the quietest paper shredder that will cut the sheets in a cross-cut shape which will be difficult to put back together. If you want more shredders then you need to read the complete guide below.

  • It is based on patented cooling system..

  • Max 14 sheets od paper shredding...

  • Large capacity bin and transparent..

  • Overheating and overloading thermal..

5 Best Quiet Paper Shredders

Now let’s dive into some of the best quiet paper shredders that are used in offices and homes.

1. Bonsen Heavy Duty Quiet Paper Shredder

This crosscut paper shredder cuts 15 sheets per pass into tiny particles. It destroys junk, mail, credit card, staples. It has high security that will effectively prevent sensitive information from being leaked.

It has adopted a patented cooling system that will operate 30 min without stopping that will probably shred 2700 sheets of paper. It’s a professional shredder for office and home use.

The easy-start shredder is equipped with auto-start and auto-reverse functions to eliminate the paper jam. It has an easy operation with a light indication for overheating and overloading protection to help you prolong the shredder’s lifetime.

This paper shredder has 5.3 gallons pull-out wastebasket and it can hold about 420 sheets of paper without emptying.it has a transparent window which makes it easy to see when the bin is full and also prevents the paper scraps from getting jam in the blades.

This quiet shredder will give you a 62db low noise level that will give you a smooth and quiet shredding experience also it has 4 universal casters to move the document conveniently and quickly.


  • It has adopted a patented cooling system
  • It will operate for 30 min without stopping
  • 5.3 gallons pull out wastebasket
  • Overloading and overheating protection


  • Some complain that you have to clear the cutting out of blades
  • This cross-cut paper shredder shreds 15 sheets...

  • runs continous;ly for 30 min without stopping...

  • Large capacity bin and transparent..

  • Overheating and overloading thermal..

2. Aurora Anti-jam Cross Cut Quiet Paper Shredder

This crosscut paper shredder has a capacity of 18 sheets and shreds paper sheets, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and small paper clips. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty paper shredder then this is the best choice.

It shreds CDs, DVDs, and paper into small particles which is difficult to put back once they are shredded. Also, it comes with security level P-4 that will protect your personal information.

Moreover, it will operate for 30 min continuously without stopping. It will be convenient and easy to use for office and home use. It is anti-jam and auto-reverse that will clear the paper jammed in the blades.

This paper shredder has ultra-quiet operations. Shred papers without noise. it comes with 6 gallons wastebasket along with a transparent window to see when the bin is full of paper scrap.

It has an LED indicator light standby when the bin is overloaded and overheated. Also, you will have a door open status when the door is closed properly.


  • It will operate 30 min non-stop
  • 6 gallons wastebasket with transparent window
  • It has LED indicator lights standby for overloading and overheating
  • Door open status when the door is not closed properly


  • The wastebasket fills up quickly
  • Crosscut with 18 sheet capacity..

  • Shreds credit cards, DVDs, CDs into small..

  • Non-stop 30 min continous runtime..

  • Anti jam and auto reverse to clear paper jam...

3. Wolverine Ultra Quiet Paper Shredder

This quiet shredder cuts max 18 sheets. It will cut paper, staples, clips in particles also shred CDs and credit cards. It has blades that cut each disc into three pieces.

It has a patented cooling system that will support 60 min operation continuous without stopping. It has a 58db ultra-quiet performance. 6 gallons pull out wastebasket with a large transparent window which is easy to view.

Moreover, it has a jam reverse system that can automatically detect and clear paper jams in the blades. If you’re looking for a quiet shredder for home and office use then this is the right pick.


  • It shreds CDs, DVDs, and credit cards
  • It cuts 18 sheets in one pass
  • It has a patented cooling system
  • It runs for 60 min without stopping


  • Some complain that it will jam
  • Shreds max 18 sheets of paper..

  • Supported by patented cooling system..

  • Upto 60 min continous non-stop runtime..

  • Jam reverse system can automatically reverse...

4. Fellowes Auto Max Quiet Paper Shredder

Flex shred capability shreds 100 sheets automatically and 10 sheets manually. This is a micro-cut shredder that cuts 6x smaller than the crosscut shredder.

It also shreds credit cards, paper clips, and staples also its auto-reverse stop and reverses the paper if it is jammed. This silent shredder offers ultra-quiet performance also for shared workspaces.

This quiet papers shredder has a sleep mode that will shut down the shredder after 2 minutes of inactivity to save energy. It has 6 gallons pull-out wastebasket and a transparent window to see if the bin is full of papers scrap.

Moreover, it will operate for 15 min continuously without stopping. If you’re looking for a quiet paper shredder for home and office use then this would be the right pick for you.


  • Flex shred capability shreds 100 sheets automatically
  • It is a micro-cut shredder that cuts 6x smaller
  • It has ultra-quiet performance
  • Shut down mode for energy saving


  • Sometimes the papers jam
  • Flexshred capability shreds upto 100 sheets automatically..

  • Micro cut P-4 Protection with shreds...

  • Auto reverse stops and reverses paper..

  • Sleep mode shuts doen the shredder..

5. VidaTeco Cross Cut Quiet Paper Shredder

This shredder with US patented can prevent 100% damages to shredder from paper jams and it prolongs its life span because most of the small paper articles jam in the blades.

This cross-cut shredder can cut 14 sheets at a time you don’t need to remove clips and staples. It also shreds CDs, DVDs, and credit cards one at a time.

It has 3 modes Auto, off, start and auto start and stop manual reverse functions simplify the shredding and paper jamming process easy which releases you from the frustration of paper jamming.

This paper shredder has extra fast shredding speed with 5 minutes and 30 minutes cooling cycles. For safety concerns if the shredder is used more than its runtime then it will be overheated cooling cycle will cool down. It can be restarted also it has an LED indicator for overheating.


  • The US patented which prevents 100% damage to the shredder
  • It has 3 modes Auto, off, start
  • It has a manual reverse function
  • LED indicator for overheating


  • It is a bit difficult to feed the paper in the slot
  • US patented cutter can prevent 100% damage...

  • The cross cut shredder takes max 14 sheets..

  • It has 3 mode control switches Auto,off,reverse...

  • The shredder comes with 6.6 gallons bin..

Final Thoughts On Quiet Paper Shredder

Quiet paper shredders do a lot of work without making you exhausting and tired by causi9ng pain to the ears with the loud noise of cutting the paper. When I switched to quiet shredder I felt a lot of change.

The noise is exhausting and irritating sometimes when you’re focused on work you will be distracted by the noise of a paper shredder. Also on the other hand having a paper shredder that will dispose of the personal information.

I hope this guide will help you in picking up the right quiet paper shredders for home or office use. Some of the shredders I have listed here are cross-cut and others are micro-cut.

These quiet shredders have a large wastebasket and LED light indicator for overloading and overheating. Also, it has a transparent window to see the bin is filled.

If you liked it then let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our guide on the best soundproof curtains.


Why is my shredder so loud?

Cross-cut and micro-cut blades required regular oiling for better operation if the oil is not applied they will make a loud noise that’s the reason the shredder is loud.

How many decibels is a paper shredder?

Standard large office paper shredders generate noise in the range of everyday conversation. Smaller under desk paper shredders make a noise of 50DB. also, quiet paper shredders make less noise.

Why is my shredder squeaking?

The cause of noise and slow cutting of the paper in the shredder is because the accumulation of dust and particles in the blades that will make squeaking noise and your shredder cuts slowly.

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