quiet air purifiers for pets

If you pet at home then significantly any home with an air purifier is essential to reduce the allergens and related pollutants which will keep the home safe and odor-free.

There are particles in the air that will pollute the air with the help of an air purifier we can make the air against bacteria and pet mold, dust, and other allergens.

According to the World Health Organization household air pollution exposure can lead to a serious health condition such as stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer.

We have dug deeper into this and found the quiet air purifiers for pets that will keep the pet’s mold away having said that we have tested the best quiet air purifiers for pets with HEPA filters which are certified to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Features To Look In Quiet Air Purifiers For Pets 

Before purchasing the quiet air purifier for pets, you need to look into the features to better understand your requirements.

Noise Levels

As we are looking for quiet air purifiers, the primary feature to look at is noise level. Few of the manufacturers claim that their air purifier is quieter but be sure to read the reviews and watch a few of the testimonials.

For quiet air purifiers for pets aim for a noise level below 50 dB. It’s a good idea to look for air purifiers with adjustable fan speeds so you can customize the noise level to your preference.

Additionally, some purifiers have a sleep mode or night mode feature that runs the purifier at the lowest speed reducing the noise level and effectively working on air filtration.

Cooling And Design 

Some air purifiers come with odor and temperature control and most come with multiple fan settings so you can easily play around with your preferences also you can switch quieter settings at night when you leave the room.

If you’re keeping it at the exposed place then the design of the air purifier matters so ensure that the design is sleek and good. If you have a confined space then choose a slim design that easily fits into your space.

Coverage Area

Some air purifiers are more powerful than others but it solely depends on the size of the room and the space as well as a few other factors like how many pets you have and any allergies your family members experience.

Most air purifier descriptions include recommended cubic footage indicating whether it’s suitable for large or small rooms.

HEPA Filtration

Filters such as HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are certified will remove particles as small as 0.3 microns so ensure air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters.

It is highly effective at capturing highly effective particles including dust, pollen, and other air allergens. 

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters help remove odor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) including pet odors. This is especially essential for homes with pets to keep the air smelling fresh. Ensure to look for activated carbon filters in the quiet air purifiers for pets.

How We Reviewed Quiet Air Purifiers For Pets 

We have checked how well the air purifiers are collecting the pet hair and considering other factors like pet odor, dander, and other allergens. Also, we have read the customer reviews and what they said about the product. Also, we have focused on the features like ease of use portability, and design. The noise level on the different modes and sleep mode, app connectivity, and advanced filters. And keeping in mind the coverage area for cleansing the air.

Are You In Hurry? Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

Winix 5500-2 air purifier is overall the best choice for pet owners as it is equipped with a HEPA filter that will filter 99.97% of pollutants in the air. 

It comes with a washable AOC filter made from activated carbon granules to remove household odors. Talking about the noise decibels it’s 27 dB.

The Winix 5500 quiet air purifier for pets is suitable for larger rooms it’s quite overwhelming for a smaller space like a bedroom as most experts recommend placing an air purifier in the room because that is where you spend most of the time.

It is equipped with plasma wave which acts as a permanent filter for cleaning the odor, allergens, and pollutants with no harmful ozone. It is safe for pets and neutralizes harmful viruses, bacteria, and odor-causing compounds, chemicals, and vapor leaving only clean and fresh air.

The smart sensor gauges the air and auto mode to adjust the fan for air filtration as needed. With a sleep mode for quieter night operation.

It is easy to easy to set up with a remote for convenient and smooth operation across the room. It doesn’t connect to Wifi and there’s no mobile app connection for monitoring.

When the filters require replacement there’s a light on the unit display that lights up indicating the replacement the process of replacement and rinsing is pretty straight and simple.

This quiet air purifier for pets is an overall choice from the list as all the necessary features are included in this and if you have a larger space then this is your go-to product.

Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Pets At Glance

Best Overall: Winix 5500-2 air purifier

Best Quiet Air Purifier: Bissell Smart HEPA Filter Air Purifier 

Best For Odor: Levoit Air Purifier

Best For Collecting Pet Hair: Black+Decker Electrostatic Air Purifier

Best For Allergies: Alen Breathesmart Classic HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Best For Large Room: Medify MA-50 HEPA Filter Air Purifier 

5 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Pets

Here are the best quiet air purifiers for pets based on the research and customer reviews. We have sorted the products keeping in mind the allergies, odor, and size of the air purifiers for your space.

Best For Odor

1. Levoit Air Purifier 3 In 1 Filtration

Photo: Amazon

Noise Level: 22 dB

Best For: Odor

Weight: 6 pounds

Control Method: App

Levoit air purifier has 3 in 1 filtration system that will provide relief from dry throat, night congestion, and allergies. 

When you are sleeping the automatic mode will do the work set and leave it. It will automatically adjust the fan speed and the air quality indicator rings. 

The quiet air purifier is equipped with 3 filters pet allergy filter, a toxins absorbent filter, and a smoke remover filter. It’s one of the ideal choices for pets as there is a filter presented that will make the air fresh and pleasant.

The sleep mode will automatically turn off the display there won’t be light or noise when you switch it to sleep mode. Talking about the noise it operates at 22 dB which perfectly fits under the standard of a quiet air purifier.

The activated carbon filter will help neutralize odor and smoke. Activated carbon filters are more effective than other brands. Area coverage is up to 219 feet which is suitable for large rooms.

Furthermore, it will take 12 minutes to refresh any room. The air purifier is controllable with Google Assistant or Alexa. The app will help you check the air quality and set schedules.


  • 3 in the filtration system 
  • Operates at a noise level of 22 dB.
  • The sleep mode will automatically turn off the display and low noise.
  • 3 in the filtration system 


  • Not that effective at capturing pets’ hair
  • Not effective at removing odor.

Our Rating 

Quality  5/5  Performance 4.9/5  Noise Level 4.8/5 Ease of use 5/5  Appearance 5/5 

Best For Collecting Pet Hair 

2. Black+Decker Electrostatic Air Purifier

Photo: Amazon

Noise Level: 55 dB

Best For: Collecting Pet Hair

Weight: 28.2 pounds

Control Method: Touch

Pet air is one of the most irritating aspects of having a pet. That’s why we have examined the black+decker air purifier for collecting pet hair and it has given great results in picking up pet hair.

When we ran the test on pet hair four out of five times it collected the pet hair. It will eliminate 99.98% of pollutants, pet dander, viruses, and bacteria and provide fresh air.

This quiet air purifier for pets comes with 4 stage filtration process which will remove larger particles from the air and a HEPA filter removes the pollutants.

The setup is quite easy which is perfect for large rooms the design is compact and portable that can be easily movable. The auto shut-off will automatically turn off the air purifier now you can leave the house without worrying if your air purifier is still running.

One of the outstanding functionalities is an air quality indicator which will indicate the quality of air in the room and a filter replacement light indicator.

Sleep mode will help you sleep peacefully without much noise from the air purifier and fresh air. One of the best quiet air purifiers for collecting pets’ hair this is what we liked about this air purifier.

Now the essential thing is noise it operates at 55 dB which is ultra quiet and when the air purifier is in sleep mode it operates at less noise. 

Moreover, this quiet air purifier for pets will cover the larger rooms up to 500 square feet. The unit also comes in different sizes for smaller rooms.

Bottom Line: Overall it’s efficient in collecting pet hair. If you’re looking for a quiet air purifier for pets this would be the right choice.


  • 55 dB noise level
  • Efficiently collects pet hair
  • Air quality and filter replacement indicator
  • Sleep mode for a peaceful night’s sleep


  • It is louder on high settings

Our Rating 

Quality  5/5  performance 4.5/5  Noise Level 4.3/5 Ease of use 5/5  Appearance 5/5 

Best For Dust And Allergies

3. Alen Breathesmart Classic HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Photo: Amazon

Noise Level: 56 dB

Best For: Dust Removal

Weight: 28.2

Control Method: Touch

This quiet air purifier is crafted to remove 99% of pollutants as small as 0.1% microns ensuring you can breathe easily. This filter is ideal for every home purification allergy and asthma sufferer.

It is lightweight and compact which will be easy to shift from one to the other. It is ideal for smaller areas such as rooms in apartments, studio spaces, etc.

This quiet air purifier for pets is equipped with advanced technology which allows it to purify the air discreetly. The superior performance is achieved through the combination of a powerful fan, quiet motor, and advanced technology filter that will purify the air.

Quietly and efficiently cleanse air up to 1,100 sq ft every 30 minutes. The quiet air purifier is easy to maintain and set up also the filter replacement is straightforward and the device comes with a filter replacement indicator when it’s time to change the filter.

The noise level is 56 dB which will provide quieter operations. The control panel on the top will help with filter reset, timer, and speed providing fresh air every day. 

It is effective at removing smoke, dust, and pollen removal and complaint not especially quiet but quieter when it’s at the highest speed. It has a carrying handle which will make it easy to carry from one place to another.

If you’re looking for an air purifier for effective air cleaning this would be the ideal choice for you. For pet parents, it removes the pet odor effectively one of the important features is when the unit is running at low speed it is effective.

Bottom Line: It is effective for removing dust and pollen from the air and when the unit is running at low speed it will remove much dust effectively cleansing the air.


  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Ease of use
  • The noise level is 56 dB
  • 99% of pollutants as small as 0.1% microns 


  • Loud on its lowest speed
  • Relatively high filter cost

Our Rating 

Quality  4.9/5  Performance 4/5  Noise Level 3.9/5 Ease of use 5/5  Appearance 5/5 

Best Additional Features

4. Bissell Smart HEPA Filter Air Purifier 

Photo: Amazon

Noise Level: 40 dB

Best For: Additional Features

Weight: 18.25 pounds

Control Method: Touch

Bissell Air purifier includes 3-stage filtration to clean the air fabric pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and an H13  HEPA filter to capture large and fine particles also it removes home and pet odor.

The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and is smaller when on the lowest fan speed it removes airborne allergens and irritants like dust and pet dander. and smoke.

It is one of the most effective air purifiers when it comes to removing smoke particles, pet hair, and allergens during testing.

Compared to other air purifiers this model has impressive features like a user-friendly color-coded display to help you understand your room’s exact PM 2.5 level and change settings to remove the pollutants.

The standout feature is it will change the air quality of your room at a glance. You’ll be able to change the fan speed, set the device to auto mode, and when the filter needs replacement look at the display.

The device comes with cord storage which will help in wrapping the extra wire giving it a neat look when not in use. The air purifier is energy-start-rated meaning it will not take off the electricity bill.

It is extremely effective even at low speed with just 40 dB you can operate the device at night.

Bottom Line: It is an ideal choice for home and pet odor and has a user-friendly color-coded display to help understand room air quality.


  • 3 Stage filtration for home and pet odor
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns 
  • User-friendly color-coded display for room air quality
  • Extra cord storage for a clean look.


  • The noise will increase when running at high speed.

Our Rating 

Quality  5/5  Performance 3.9/5  Noise Level 3.8/5 Ease of use 5/5  Appearance 5/5 

Best For Large Rooms

5. Medify MA-50 HEPA Filter Air Purifier 

Photo: Amazon

Noise Level: 56 dB

Best For: Large Rooms

Weight: 16 lbs

Control Method: Touch

Medify is one of the known manufacturers of quiet air purifiers for pets. The device cleanses smoke, dust, pollen, and odor the coverage is up to 2206 ft in one hour.

You can choose from 4 fan speeds with the lowest setting operating silently at a minimum noise level of 22 dB and a max of 59 dB. The sleep mode will help in most discrete operations and shut off the panel light.

It will remove 99% of harmful particles including allergens, dust, odor, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander. Captures fine and crystal particles down to 0.1 microns in size with the HEPA filter.

The sleek touchscreen operation panel with a 0.8-hour timer, fan speed, sleep mode, and a filter replacement indicator shows when the filter requires replacement.

Compact design and lightweight to shift easily the setup process is straightforward. It is the best choice for larger rooms with a large coverage area.

It is loud on high settings and easily collects stuff like dog hair. Quiet on low setting and medium setting works as a great source of white noise when sleeping. We recommend using it at low you as the operation is quieter and can hardly feel it’s running.

The standout feature is the child look which is safe for kids and pets. Energy Star certified which will not spike your electricity bill and maintain the clean air in the home.

Bottom Line: It is a perfect fit for large rooms as the coverage area is wider.


  • The device cleanses smoke, dust, pollen, and odor
  • It will remove 99% of harmful particles
  • Operates at a Minimum noise level of 22 dB and a max of 59 dB.
  • Child look which is safe for kids and pets.


  • The noise will increase when running at high speed.

Our Rating

Quality  5/5  Performance 4/5  Noise Level 3.8/5 Ease of use 5/5  Appearance 5/5 

How To Make Air Purifier Queiter

If you’re air purifier is producing noise then here are some of the ways to eliminate the noise.


When you place the air purifier it can affect the noise. Avoid placing it directly next to your pet or where they spend most of the time instead position it in a corner or against the wall where it can effectively clean the air but won’t disturb your pet.

Use A Soundproof Enclosure

You can build or purchase a soundproof enclosure to place the air purifier inside it. These enclosures are designed to muffle the noise while still allowing airflow.

Ensure that the enclosure has an adequate amount of ventilation to prevent overheating. 

Add Sound Dampening Material 

You can add sound-dampening material to absorb the noise like acoustic foam panels and an acoustic blanket around the air purifier which will absorb the sound transmission.

Place On Carpet Or Rugs

Place the air purifier on a carpet or rug this will help in absorbing the noise and vibrations produced by the air purifier. This will add the cushioning required for the absorbing sound.

Check For Vibrations 

Sometimes noise can be caused by vibrations from the air purifier. Ensure that the unit is placed on a stable surface consider using anti-vibration pads underneath the air purifier to reduce vibrations and any excess movement. 


There are a lot of quiet air purifiers for pets out there each including unique features that will make it stand out. All of the quiet air purifiers I have listed above are based on different features keeping in mind the reader’s requirements.

Based on your requirements you can select the one, the job is not yet done you need to read the customer reviews of the air purifier you are selecting and go through it carefully analyzing if it suits your preferences.

We recommend going with the best overall quiet air purifier as all the features are equipped in a single device. 

Also, we have rated each product based on the quality, performance, and noise level you can go through that and decide which goes with your preferences.

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