5 best soundproof curtains
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If you living in a metropolitan city then it’s likely that you’re getting the noise every day and if your living close to the busy street then definitely you’re looking for soundproofing your house in the cheapest way that doesn’t cost you much.

I know how annoying it gets with the constant noise while your working you cannot concentrate on work but don’t worry your problem has come to an end now I have found a cheap and effective method to soundproof.

Nobody can deny that if you set up soundproof windows and doors that will cost you much so what’s the cheapest way?

Well, that is using soundproof curtains I know you might have listened to this before but didn’t pay much attention to this and there is a lot of questions regarding this does it really work?

If it’s getting confusing then just hang tight with me because I will be sharing everything about soundproof curtains and also buyer’s guide is included.

 I was searching for soundproof curtains to reduce noise in my house and read a number of articles and watched videos on youtube about it. Is it worth installing and does it really work in reducing noise? all the queries are listed in this guide below.

Do Soundproof Curtains Really Work?

Believe it or not, soundproof curtains work pretty well. But you would be thinking how as I did in the initially. Soundproof curtains absorb the noise when it comes to soundproofing there are two things to understand that is sound absorption and sound blocking?

For example, if you’re in a room that does not have curtains hanging and when you sing then the voice will be loud similarly when you do that with curtains your voice will be less because curtains absorb the noise.

But let me discuss these normal curtains are not that effective because they do not have soundproof properties that absorb the noise.  Soundproof curtains not only block out noise but also protect from harmful UV rays.

Soundproof curtains block out the noise of the traffic if you live nearby a busy street but don’t expect it to be a sound barrier.

 They are a cheap solution to reduce noise instead of spending much on installing a soundproof window.

If you really want to soundproof a complete room or house then you need to invest in installing soundproof windows well it again comes down to a boiling point if huge investment.

But I would recommend using a cheap method that is using soundproof curtains initially.

Now that you got clarity on do soundproof curtains really work? let’s proceed to features you need to look in soundproof curtains.

Features To Look In A Soundproof Curtains

Let’s get into the features you need to look at before purchasing soundproof curtains.

Material Of The Soundproof Curtains

There are different material properties that are very important for choosing a soundproof curtain. Most of the soundproof curtains are thick and dense if your concern is soundproofing then this is a good pick.

Always pay attention to the thickness of the material because that will provide density that will absorb all the echoes in an effective way.

Another thing after properties is the design of the curtains it is very important to look at the design of the curtains. You should purchase soundproof curtains that have designs on both sides.

They have different colors and patterns which you can purchase according to your choice. Make a choice that is stylistic.

Size Of The Curtains

One of the important things you need to pay close attention to before purchasing soundproof curtains is getting is the correct size curtains. Having a clear idea about the size of the curtain will make your task easier.

If you have a tall ceiling then purchase the long curtain and if your purpose is to cover the narrow hallway then you need to have some extra material on both sides of the curtains.

Soundproof room divider curtains come in all sorts of sizes but one thing you need to keep in mind is to purchase a little longer curtains because they will absorb noise effectively.

When the soundproof curtains are left a bit on the floor they absorb more noise rather than the ones which are completely hanged and trimmed exactly the size of the door.

Price Of The Soundproof Curtains

If you have read our articles before then you would have known that we recommend products that are affordable and best in quality that will help you to block out noise effectively.

Soundproof curtains start from $50 which is a pretty good price and these are inexpensive ones. If your purchase the soundproof curtains which are a little longer then it will cost you more.

Are You In Hurry? Then Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

If you are in hurry and don’t have much time to read the complete article then Nicetown soundproof curtains are best for you because they are thermal insulated.

This curtain covers the windows and doors completely to cut down the noise coming in the house through windows and doors.

Nicetown soundproof curtains have a sound-absorbing effect 2 times higher than the ordinary layer of curtains so that you’re not disturbed by noise anytime.

These soundproof curtains block out noise effectively and protect from summer sunlight getting directly into the room.

They are available in sizes and colors you can use according to your house or room interiors or the ones which go with your walls.

  • High-end soundproof curtains 

  • Blocks out noise and sunlight effectively

  • 84 Inches long and 52 inches wide.

5 Best Soundproof Curtains

Let’s dive into the 5 best soundproof curtains that are effective and cheap in blocking out noise.

1. RYB Home Soundproof Curtains

RYB soundproof curtains are made with fabric that is effective in blocking out noise. it has detachable felt fabric on the middle of the layer which can absorb annoying noise.

If you’re looking for soundproof curtains that are affordable and effective then this would the right pick for you. Its triple-layer fabric helps to completely keep out of harsh light and harmful UV rays.

This soundproof curtains balance the room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. Also one of the interesting things about these curtains is they save energy budget.

They bring quiet and dark surroundings. These soundproof curtains are easy to install just detach the felt liner before putting it in the washing machine.


  • Good for dampening echo and blocking light
  • Maintains room temperature
  • Detachable felt fabric  for noise absorption
  • Protects from harmful UV Rays


  • They do not block noise completely
  • Noise blocking thermal insulation

  • Maintains room temperature 

  • 3 layer material fabric

  • Perfect for reducing noise and light

2. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Soundproof Curtains

These thermal insulated soundproof curtains block out noise effectively and maintain the room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill.

They reduce outside noise by giving you a space to enjoy no matter how noisy neighbors you have. This solid curtain has a smooth and beautiful elegant touch that brings a modern look to your interiors.

If you’re looking for soundproof curtains then these curtains are the ideal choice for you because they can be used anywhere like living room, kitchen, gaming room, hotel restaurant, and office.

These soundproof curtains are made up of excellent black-out material that blocks noise and also anti-rust silver grommets on the curtains are long enough to get into the rods.

Also, the interesting thing about these soundproof curtains they have silky touch are more elegant, and provide a different texture when you touch.

Moreover, they block out noise and light also helps in blocking the harmful UV rays entering your space. This comes in 3 layers that are front fabric and back fabric and a high-density blackout layer in the middle.

As mentioned earlier soundproof curtains should be thick because they absorb the noise effectively these soundproof curtains are no doubt thick also they are energy saving.


  • Block out noise effectively
  • Maintains the room temperature
  • It has 3 layer fabric material
  • These are thick and dense for blocking noise


  • They don’t block light completely
  • Blocks out noise effectively

  • Maintains the room temperature

  • 3 layers fabric 

  • 84"L x 42"W

3. Yakamok 100% Black Out Soundproof Curtains

Yakamok soundproof curtains are 100% blackout. These lined curtain panels are constructed with 2 layer fabric that can achieve 100% blackout.

Its heavyweight fabrics are made from 100% high-quality polyester. The design sewn in black liner backing makes the curtains thick enough to completely block out noise and UV rays.

These curtains are constructed with two layers that help in reducing the noise. the effect of the sound-absorbing is twice as good as the ordinary 1 layer curtains so that you can enjoy the quiet environment even in a day with soundproof curtains.

Moreover, this will balance the room temperature and improve the overall energy efficiency. These lined-up curtains keep the room warmer in the summer heat and as well it will reduce pressure on home heating and cooling reducing the energy budget.

These curtains are lined for better sound insulation. Easy to hang and smooth to light with the silver grommets on the top. Simple design that gives a sense of ease to people.

The interesting thing about these soundproof curtains is they come in many colors and sizes for windows and doors that give elegant look to your house.


  • 100% blackout soundproof curtains
  • It’s constructed with 2 layers of fabric
  • Thick enough to block out noise
  • Easy to hang and smooth to slide


  • Some issues arise with the color while washing
  • 100% Blackout soundproof curtains

  • Constrcuted with 2 layers

  • Thick for absorbing noise

  • Thermal insulation for noise blocking

4. Beauoop Lattice Soundproof Curtains

These soundproof curtains have 95% black-out geo print energy-efficient fabric. These curtains are long enough to cover any window and completely insulate the window.

These lattice printing window panels are made of triple-weave double-layer thermal insulated blackout fabric. It’s silky and soft to touch and yet durable and functional.

If you’re looking for soundproof curtains for long-term use then this would be the right pick for you. These are best suited for long-term use.

The heavy black-out curtains can block out light and also provide you thermal insulation which helps in reducing the noise and enjoying a movie and having a good sleep.

On the other hand, it also provides privacy protection and helps you to save energy and cost. The geometric pattern on the panels of the curtains adds a sense of gorgeous and contemporary look to your decors.

These soundproof curtains are not out of date. It has six color tones that help you to use in decorating your living room, bedroom, and kids’ room.

They are easy to install and give slides smoothly. The grommets are silver ones that fit easily with any rod. Soundproof curtains are effective in blocking out light and noise.


  • 95% blackout efficient fabric
  • Double-layer thermal insulation
  • Soft to touch durable
  • Easy to install and slides smoothly


  • The black backing is not that good
  • 95% blackout efficient fabric 

  • Double layer thermal insulation

  • Soft and durable

  • Noise reduction and light blocking

5. Reepow Black Out Soundproof Curtains

These are double black shading lining curtains that blackout 95%-99% sunlight darker colors work pretty well to block out noise and light. This includes 8 grommets and is easy to install and slide smoothly.

They balance room temperature saving 30% air conditioning cost and heating cost. They provide perfect privacy and noise blocking. Reepow heavy height curtains can reduce outside noise and provide a quiet environment.

This is the perfect choice for home, theatre, and private parties also best for night workers and works effectively in blocking out noise. These soundproof curtains with edgy bicolor morocco printing are suitable for the living room, bedroom, kids room, guest room, and dining room.

Moreover, this includes 2 panels of soundproof curtains which provide an elegant and stylish look to the decor and come in colors. Easy to install and works pretty well. Smooth and soft to touch.


  • 95%-99% of blackout sunlight
  • Double black shading lining curtains
  • It is heavyweight that reduces outside noise
  • Thicker and denser than block out light and noise


  • Does not blackout the room completely
  • 95%-99% Of Sunlight Blockout

  • Double Lining Black Shading

  • Heavy Weight And Reduces Outside Noise

  • Thicker And Denser For Reducing Noise

Final Thoughts On Soundproof Curtains

Soundproofing the doors are important because most of the noise comes from the doors. Instead of doors being closed the noise still comes from the bottom gaps.

When the bottom gaps are not filled properly then you might hear most of the noise from outside and this becomes annoying when you focus on the work.

This will disturb us every time we try to focus on work. also if you have guests then you need the privacy is not protected but soundproof curtains will protect even if you don’t have doors.

That’s the reason I have added some of the best soundproof curtains to block out noise and light also they are solid and thicker to reduce noise and come in colors.

These soundproof curtains can be used in any place because most of the soundproof curtains I have added to the list are multi-functional.

If you don’t want to hang them on the doors then you can hang them on the windows they insulate the complete doors and windows for soundproofing.

If you liked it then let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our blog on soundproof room divider curtains.


Do soundproof curtains really work?

Yes, soundproof curtains work in blocking out the noise they are one of the cheap and effective methods to soundproof a room. if you want the more advanced soundproof then you can go with installing soundproof windows.

Will thick curtains block Sound?

Thicker curtains block sound more effectively than thin curtains because they are denser and absorb the noise and block out better than thin curtains.

How much do soundproof curtains cost?

Soundproof curtains are inexpensive they run around $50-$100 good quality soundproof curtains.

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