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You might have searched a lot about the ceiling and most probably the best quiet ceiling because the noise is irritating and sometimes it drains your mood for a long and sometimes the noise it makes will be disturbing while your working this guide will be all about the best quiet ceiling fan you can install at your home and your office.

Searching For Best Quiet Ceiling Fan

It is important to value both the ability to breathe fresh air and the sanity there are fans in the market out there that are not necessarily quiet ones the same thing goes with the types of fans in the market.

If you didn’t get the quiet fan before as per your requirements and if you don’t want to compromise on the things like quality, size, and the quality of the blades then in this guide I will walk you through the best quiet ceiling fans you can go with.

Before talking about the best quiet ceiling fans we need to have knowledge of the basic things and the working process of that seeking knowledge is important before walking on the path.

Now you might have run a search on the best quiet ceiling fan and the list of quiet ceiling fans might populate on the top and you might get a thought of whether this might serve your needs or requirements and you might have bounced back from that particular page.

If you decided to read about the quiet ceiling fans and decide from that to shop then let’s begin our journey of the best quiet ceiling fans in the market you can install.

Features You Need To Look In A Best Quiet Ceiling Fans

Now the main question which arises here is that how will you find that the ceiling fan is quiet and working as per your requirements and when you didn’t see it working.

And you can’t compare it to you I have some features here that will help you in finding the best quiet ceiling fan and some of the features you need to consider or pay attention to.

Types Of Motor

There are several types of the motor in the market it will provide low noise and are best for the installation in home and office.

  • Oil bath motor
  • Flywheel motor
  • Dc motor

Not all of them have the same capacity to reduce the noise there are different features of all these motors and it contributes to the different factors.

Those who are looking out for quiet ceiling fans they should consider DC motor because they are the new generation quiet ceiling fans that come with high-end motor and the build quality is excellent. They are the newest technology quiet ceiling fans.

The sound that it makes is the result of electromagnets in a regular moment besides this some fans make a different noise because of the regular motor gets overheated. When a fan gets hot the entire body parts and the components wear out of the heat quite quickly that results in the sound.

Dc motors are brushless and have permanent magnets so they can’t get overheat and there won’t be any electrical issue since they don’t have electromagnets. The DC motor is quite compact. So there’s no chance of creating any sound.

Although the oil bath motor is also not a bad choice they are not as quiet as the advanced DC motor they only reduce the vibration in the fan and you have to change the oil every five years and so on.

Flywheel motor the regular AC motor is contained a flywheel disc in them that absorbs shock and reduces the overall noise.

Why You Should Choose DC motor?

DC motors are one of the top choices when it comes to choosing the best quiet ceiling fan. The Dc motor has the highest torque than the other motors meaning it produces more force to rotate the fan on the axis in the angular moment.

DC motor is very light weighted and this produces less noise while rotating. It also comes with a slimmer design which looks good but it’s not important as the noise

Size, Quality, And the Material

When it comes to the quality of the motor the better the quality of the motor is the quieter it will be and the big high-quality motor will produce less noise because they don’t break down they run more smoothly than the smaller low quality and they make less noise.

Efficiency of Motor

You might know that energy-efficient motors produce less noise and before going for that you should look at appliances with a high energy star rating they will help you lower your monthly energy bill.

Apart from the airflow efficiency you should also look into the general efficiency of the motor CFM is a term used that stands for cubic feet per minute determines the amount of the ceiling fan is capable of moving.

The higher the CFM rate is the louder the fan be the lower the CFM rating might not provide you the same feeling as the higher CFM rating would but the breeze you get with it is quieter than the whisper.

You also need to consider the lower CFM rating because the lower the rating is the quitter the fan is if your looking for your bedroom the lower CFM fans are the best because it has to run the whole night in summer.

If the fan has achieved high quality and a CFM rating then it has reached your expectations which is clear with the quality and the type of the fan.

Material Of the Components

The material of the blades in the fan and the body of the fan are very important. If the quality of your blades is thin and are of plastic then later or sooner the blades will break down and the noise will increase

It is very important to have a quiet ceiling fan with high-quality components if the components are made up of cheap plastic or metal then the chances of noise increasing and there is no way of avoiding that.

Counting The blades

You should always pick fans that have more blades because it will be quiet as possible. The more blades a fan contains the quitter it will be because the blades distribute the air evenly with a flow. Also, you have to keep in mind that the high number of blades makes less airflow.

Fans with a fewer number of blades spin faster due to less weight and they are capable of creating more airflow. The three blades fan will drag the fan more quickly than the five blades fan does and the motor will spin quickly.

But the five blades fan will distribute the air evenly and makes less noise because of the balance it maintains and the fan will be more balanced than the three blades fan. All of this provides quietness.

Mounting The Fan

If the fan is not mounted properly then they are chances that the fan will make noise because of the screw losing or not being mounted properly. Make sure to keep the fan close to the ceiling and mounted it tightly the fan will not make a noise.

There are fans in the market that are not mounted properly to the ceiling and they are known as protruding fans which come with a download of six inches which makes when mounted tightly avoid the noise.

Now you might be saying that they are this might are will make noise but I said if they are mounted properly tight to the ceiling they will not make noise.


When it comes to quiet fans the main thing is balance when the fan balances properly then the chances are it will not make noise. You need to pay attention when assembling the fan and tightening the screw because that’s the part where the chances of noise increase.

If your fan is not assembled properly if you leave the screw loose then that will break the flow of the balance so make sure you make the screws tight and mount to the ceiling tightly as said before.

If you purchase a fan of low quality and it has unbalanced components then it will not help no matter how much you try to balance it. The noise will increase by the passing days. so again if you want peace make sure you go with quality ceiling fans.

Best Quiet Ceiling Fans

Now you know which part to pay attention to and some of the advantages of quiet ceiling fans your decision will be based on this.

There are some brands in the market that are quiet and smooth are dominating the market but in this quiet, I will not walk you through only one particular brand I will provide five varieties of different quiet ceiling fans which will serve your purpose most importantly quiet fans.

Let’s dive into different types of quiet ceiling fans.

1 Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The first on the list is the motor remote control ceiling fan which comes with a carved wood blade fan its noiseless when your look is for quiet ceiling fans than this one serves your purpose and it has a LED light in the middle part which is on axis its cherry on the top.

When it comes to the installation part it’s simple and easy to install it supports the ceiling which is an additional benefit. Also comes with a silicon steel DC motor for reversible function and when you searching for a quiet ceiling fan then it is important to pay attention to energy-saving fans by far this one is an energy-saving and bright light source.

However, blades are solid and hardwood and durable as well because durability is important choosing a high-quality fan will get your half work done. It has a motor remote which is control by light.

It has mute motor which delivers ultra-quiet movement with whisper-quiet performance so that you don’t have to worry about the noise.


  • Three Wooden carved blades
  • Reversible High-quality DC motor
  • Remote operated with 3 level timer
  • Energy-saving performance

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2. Minka Aire F844-DK

This quiet ceiling fan comes with a distressed kao finish. If your looking for a truly unique fan then this one is for you because it draws inspiration from the ocean’s graceful and tubular wave formation.

The quiet ceiling fan includes a 16 watts integrated dimmable LED light module in white opal glass. It comes with a three-speed handheld remote and 6 inches downrod which can be mounted tight to the ceiling.

However, talking about the blades there are 3 blades that are 52 inches blade sweep and 48 degrees blade pitch the overall hanging height of the ceiling fan is 13.5”. it is energy star certified which cuts down the energy cost.

When it comes to noise cancellation than it’s conveniently quiet and it has reversible motor run summer and winter to aid in rotating the air and cutting down the energy charges.

Talking about the noise part it’s the absolute quiet ceiling fan that will give you quiet performance and assembling is also easy and simple.


  • 16 watt dimmable LED light
  • 6 inches downrod
  • Energy saving
  • Remote control
  • Three blades with 52 inches.

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3. SMAAIR Smart Ceiling Fan

This 52 inches ceiling fan comes with a dimmable light kit which is energy-saving and cuts off the energy cost. The best part about this ceiling fan is it works with remote as well as also compatible with Alexa, Siri, google hoke, timer, schedule.

This ceiling fan is suitable for all the spaces of your house whether it’s indoor or outdoor and a simple design with a black finish will bring a unique and sophisticated touch to your home.

Three-blade modern ceiling fans deliver ultra-powerful airflow with whisper-quiet performance. Enjoy the cooling with the unwanted noise. This reversible motor allows you to change the direction of your fan from the downdraft during the summer and the updraft mode during the winter.


  • Energy saving
  • Compatible with all the Alexa devices
  • Suited for all spaces of your home
  • Dimmable LED light on the axis

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4 . Honeywell ceiling fan

This ceiling fan is an industrial style that is trendsetting. This modern fan comes with flaunts warm rustic dual finish rough pine. It has chestnut blades and a bronze finish motor housing and comes with Edison-style bulbs which is the unique part of this fan.

When it comes to mounting the fan then this boosts dynamic hanging abilities and it’s mounted with a 4 inches downrod as well. It’s conveniently quiet when it comes to noise this is more efficient.

It has a 3-speed reversible motor which can be run in the winter to aid rotating air and cutting o energy costs. Talking about the design it has a more unique design with the Edison bulb.


  • Remote control
  • Energy saving
  • Including Edison bulbs
  • Wooden finished blades.

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5. Big Air Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Big air industrial ceiling fans are the best choice for indoor and outdoor. It is the element to boasts a unique design that complements both the casual settings such as shops and sophisticated areas like in your office or the living room.

It is perfect for commercial, residential, and any home improvement project that wants a sleek and modern look. The large diametric blades deliver a cooling circulation and can be used in summer and winter effectively to cool any area.

It includes the 6 speed remote to provide the ultimate in custom comfort. It has 9 blades which are high quality and they are designed for high volume air movement and rotates in a reversible direction for the changing seasoned needs and has a remote-controlled operation. It is functional for multiple fans at one point in time. When it comes to energy-saving then it cuts down the energy cost.


  • Energy-saving performance
  • Remote control operation
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor
  • Includes 9 high-quality blades.

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And your good to go to my top list for the best quiet ceiling fans and when it comes to noise than all my list of quiet ceiling fans are excellent and it depends on you which one you choose the ball is completely in your court. In this guide, I tried to cover all the factors from design to energy-saving performance and now I hope it will be easy for you to choose.

In this entire guide what I recommend is that to have a DC motor because serves you for the long term and is more efficient when compared to other motors which also are good but not as powerful as DC motor they are superior in all terms.

They are a little expensive when compared to other motors but every penny is worth it. They absolutely serve your purpose of soundproof and have the best-built quality because quality should be the main aim if you’re purchasing quiet ceiling fans.

If you liked this article then let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on soundproof room divider curtains

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