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Are you still facing problems with the noise of the traffic and the neighbors who are partying late at night? You might have found many solutions to this problem.

The noise will lead to an unhealthy life and you might be facing many health issues with the loud music played by the neighbors sometimes this might lead to anxiety and depression.

You can stop this But how and there is a lot of information available which is on soundproofing your home but not all the information which is shared is correct and worth implementing.

I have always tried to bring some of the effective and working solutions for soundproofing your house from this fiberglass insulation is one of the effective ways but does it really reduce noise?

In this guide, I will walk you through fiberglass insulation and is it worth installing for reducing noise in your house. If you’re looking to know about fiberglass insulation then you have landed in the right place.

This guide will be a clear picture for you before installing fiberglass insulation and some of the features you need to look at before installing also types of fiberglass insulation.

Around 25% of houses use fiberglass insulation in the house to reduce the noise and block out neighbors.

What Is Fiberglass Insulation?

Fiberglass insulation is a combination of thermal and soundproofing material that will help in maintaining thermal insulation in your house and keep the noise of the neighbors and the traffic noise at bay.

Fiberglass insulation is made by combining medium and high-density glass to absorb the noise from high to low levels of noise.

Around 70-80% of the glass is recycled to make fiberglass and they are the most effective in reducing noise when it comes to cost its cheap when compared to other soundproof materials.

Fiberglass insulation consists of extremely fine glass. It is one of the ubiquitous insulation materials that is widely used for soundproofing the house.

If you want to find how well is the material is for thermal insulation then you need to come with R-value the higher the R-value material is said to be more performing.

Meanwhile, if you’re living in a cold place then you need to have a higher R-value because it’s likely to give a more effective performance. If you live in Arabian countries then the R-value is said to be below.

Always purchase the material according to the R-value it is said to be from R-13- R-38 which is approximately better according to the temperature of your place.

However, you also need to pay attention to STC which is a sound transmission class that will show how well the material will reduce noise which is the important factor to consider before soundproofing your house.

How Fiberglass insulation is made?

Fiberglass insulation is mostly used by residential houses that are the reason most manufacturers use thermoset tiny plastic petals that are effective in reducing noise.

They can fit in any space of your house without much hassle moreover it’s thermal insulation properties help in combining all the things and provide a noiseless thermal environment.

Fiberglass insulation will not harm the surface or provide any defect to the surface will protect the surface from defects and sagging besides that it will not damage the surface with any stains.

If you compare it with wool and foam then fiberglass insulation wins the trophy in this because it’s thicker and heavier also it will block out the noise from outside and thermal insulation inside.

Fiberglass insulation is top-notch insulation that absorbs all the sound waves coming from outside and it has the capacity to absorb all the noise.

If you’re living near a busy road and train track then you need to insulate some extra soundproof material for more effective noise reduction if you are concerned about soundproofing.

Features To Look Before Installing Fiberglass Insulation

As mentioned above that you can look at some of the properties like which material is used that’s the one side that is cleared but you need to pay attention to the other parameters which are features.

Features play a vital role in the purchasing decision so looking that you can decide with which suits better according to the needs. Let’s discuss some of the important features you need to consider.

Fire Resistant

Fiberglass insulation should be fire-resistant and safe for your house before purchasing you need to pay attention that whether it’s fire-resistant or not.

Although fiberglass insulation doesn’t require any additional chemical treatment to make it fire resistant because it’s made with recycled glass and sand which makes it fire-resistant.

Additionally, it doesn’t require any layer of soundproof material to protect from the fire it comes with this inbuilt parameter.

Moisture Free

Fiberglass insulation must be moisture free meaning at the time of installation if the fiberglass consists of water then it should be dried up before proceeding to the installation process.

While installing the fiberglass insulation if the installer finds any area which contains water then that should be dried up first because it will not be effective in reducing noise.

The water which the fiberglass contains at the time of installing will not block out the noise and it will not be effective in blocking out the noise of the neighbors if it contains water.

Acoustical Properties

Acoustical properties are for a more effective reduction of noise and thermal insulation that helps in blocking out the noise entering the house.

The major reason why fiberglass insulation should contain acoustical properties is that it holds the capacity to reduce the sound transmission through the walls, ceiling, and floor.

However, if you’re living near the airport or the train truck then you’re exposed to unending traffic noise and fiberglass insulation is the solution that will provide acoustical properties which are more effective in reducing noise.

Fiberglass Made From Recycled Glass

The fiberglass insulation should be made with recycled glass there are a lot of manufacturers who are making fiberglass insulation from recycled glass and for the last many years 3.6B KG of fiberglass insulation has been made from recycled glass.

Fiberglass insulation made from recycled glass works better and is more effective than newly fiberglass insulation which is not made from recycled one.

Durability In Fiberglass Insulation

The fiberglass should be durable and long-lasting because you can’t just replace it within a month and go for another one. So making sure that it’s durable and high quality is one of the important parameters to check before the installation.

Once you have installed the fiberglass insulation then it should work well in reducing noise. It should be durable and long-lasting.

Types Of The Fiberglass Insulation

The market is flooded with many types of fiberglass insulation and which works for you? There are several types of fiberglass insulation are present but in this guide, I have shared 3 types of fiberglass insulation that will help in figuring out which one is best for you.

1. The Batts Fiberglass Insulation

Batts fiberglass insulation comes in two materials one is Rockwool insulation and the other is fiberglass insulation. But which one is best for your house.

Let me tell you that if your focus is only to have thermal insulation in the house then Rockwool insulation is the ideal choice for you. as it will help in providing thermal insulation in your house.

Although if you are concerned is soundproofing the house with thermal quality then go with fiberglass insulation because it will soundproof the house with thermal quality.

Fiberglass insulation is used mostly to soundproof the house because it’s effective and not much costly when compared to other soundproof insulation.

2. The Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blow-in fiberglass insulation is also known as loose-fill insulation because it’s made from molten glass that holds the capacity to reduce sound waves.

This insulation fits in any hole and gap and provides you around R-15-R-30 per inch density to reduce the noise and fill up the gaps and holes.

However, blow-in fiberglass insulation is used on the floor all you need is a blowing machine to blow the insulation on the floor that will be effective to reduce the noise.

You can add 3 layers for better results for reducing noise because it will become thicker and block the sound waves passing through the floor.

Additionally, you can also add layers on the ductwork that will give good results and sound transmission will be reduced in the house.

3. The Blanket Fiberglass Insulation

Blanket fiberglass insulation is an expensive form of insulation if you want blanket fiberglass insulation then it will cost some extra cost.

This is another level of fiberglass insulation after getting the tiny petals the machines give it a shape of a blanket that will be performing in blocking out noise.

However, this insulation fits better in ceilings and walls this is the best type of blown-in insulation because it’s flexible enough to use and effective enough to block out the sound waves.

4. The Roll Fiberglass Insulation

As the name suggests that it’s a roll fiberglass insulation that comes in a roll form that is larger in size and you can cut it according to the requirement.

Roll fiberglass insulation is the most thicker and effective if you live near busy streets then this is the best choice for you because it will reduce noise.

Most people use blow-in fiberglass insulation because it’s easy and simple to install. roll fiberglass insulation is not easy to install because it’s larger in size and you can’t just hold it in hand and install it.

But let me tell you it’s the most effective insulation that reduces the noise entering your house from floor, ceiling, windows.

Does Fiberglass Insulation Reduce noise?

As mentioned earlier that around 25% of the houses in the US use fiberglass insulation for soundproofing and reducing the noise in the house.

Fiberglass insulation is the combination of thermal and soundproof material that will help in maintaining thermal insulation that will reduce noise.

Fiberglass insulation is one of the best things to do for soundproofing the house because it’s made with recycled glass that’s more effective and better than the new fiberglass insulation.

If you want instant results then I suggest you install roll fiberglass insulation that’s more effective than the other type of insulation. If you live near a busy and noisy street then roll fiberglass insulation.

Moreover, fiberglass insulation is the thicker insulation when compared to other soundproof insulation. When it comes to cost then it’s not much expensive like other insulations.

The benefit you get with fiberglass insulation is that it’s long-lasting and effective in reducing the noise of the traffic and the neighbors who are playing loud music. it provides density to the surface that will block out noise.

Final Thought On Fiberglass Insulation

Now it’s a wrap on fiberglass insulation I have cleared all the things that I know about fiberglass insulation and what are the things you need to pay attention to while installing fiberglass insulation.

Making it short fiberglass insulation is one of the best types of insulation you can install in your house to reduce the noise and the echoes in your room.

 As mentioned earlier that fiberglass insulation should be moisture resistant because it will not be effective if it consists of water in any area. Also, the second most important point over here is it should be fire-resistant.

However, I have researched fiberglass insulation and does it impact your health? At the time of installing fiberglass insulation, you only need to use polyurethane plastic film above the insulation to avoid itching or irritation.

I have also explained the types f fiberglass insulation but I suggest batt fiberglass insulation as it’s effective and easy to install most people use batt fiberglass insulation it’s just a layer that is installed on the floor or the ceiling.

But let me tell you that if you live near a noisy street then you need roll fiberglass insulation because it’s more effective than the other insulation.

What’s your experience with fiberglass insulation? Let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on soundproof blinds.


Is fiberglass insulation good for soundproofing?

Yes, fiberglass insulation is one of the best way to soundproof the house. you can it on different areas of your house like walls, ceiling, floor and make your house soundproof as you want it.

Which insulation is best for soundproofing?

fiberglass insulation is excellent for soundproofing your house. its most effective insulation rather than other soundproof material that will block out noise effectively.

Rockwool vs fiberglass for sound absorption?

rockwool is easier to work with then fiberglass insulation. it is also better at absorbing low frequency noise than the fiberglass. rockwool absorbs the sound more effectively.

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