get revenge on noisy neighbors

If you have caring and kind neighbors, you are the luckiest person and we all want our neighbors to be kind, loving, and, most importantly, cooperating with us.

No doubt we all want to have good neighbors and don’t want to make enemies. Sometimes the neighbors are mean and disrespectful despite many warnings they put up with the noise and annoyance.

Their behavior shows how they ignore the warning and continue with the noise. Sometimes it’s important to give them the taste of their own medicine and let them know how you might turn up when things get out of control.

Getting revenge on your neighbors is not encouraged but if you want to teach them a lesson about how annoying they get sometimes in this guide I have compiled some of the ways to get revenge on noisy neighbors. Keep reading to find out interesting ways to annoy your neighbors.

Know When You Are Supposed To Annoy 

Before you start executing the ways to get revenge on noisy neighbors there are a few things you need to look into. Not all neighbors are noisy. There is a difference between making noise every day and occasionally.

If your neighbors are putting up with the noise of the vacuum or lawnmower then you need to relax and sit as it’s normal and these are necessary things in a household. Out of those things if they are making loud noises by increasing the music volume and watching TV at midnight at a high volume then there is a concern.

So before you get revenge on your noisy neighbors there are a few questions you need to consider.

How long will the noise last?

How often do neighbors make noise?

How can you block the noise?

If neighbors are renovating for a long time and making noise don’t hesitate to ask how long they’re going to take and ask them in a polite way to switch to quiet vacuum cleaner and quiet lawn mower or else give them one if you have to reduce the noise.

If this is common then you should wait let the renovation to be done. Meanwhile, you can make them a bit quieter by closing the door and using the vacant room for all the noisy stuff like using a circular saw.

Moreover, you can use a thicker wall complete the soundproof insulation, and resilient channels, and install layers of drywall for effective noise blocking, or else you would be hearing the construction noise.

How To Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbors

After reading all the ideas annoying your neighbors I have managed and executed a few of them you can implement right away. But remember these are for the ones who are loud and unnecessary to annoy you, not for the neighbors who are occasionally. These tips are for neighbors who ignore warnings and keep up with the loud noise. So, Don’t use them on the kind of neighbors who do household chores and keep up with the minor noise of vacuum and lawn mower.

get revenge on noisy neighbors

1. Mow The Lawn Mower Early In The Morning

Mowing your lawn mower in the early morning or waking your neighbors with a loud lawn mower will be the best idea. As mowing is the right of every house owner. You can mow the lawn mower on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Nobody has the power to stop you.

Mow a few extra minutes than you used to generally annoy and if they complain, explain it is required to mow a few extra minutes of the grass which is not required generally but now it is essential.

If they ask you to cut down the noise or mow later, tell them you don’t have time to mow the lawn at later hours. This is a perfect trick as your neighbors cannot argue because it’s part of chores.

With this, they will learn how a lawnmower will annoy you in the morning when they are doing the same task. If they don’t stop making noise, mow the lawn mower for at least a week in the morning or on Saturday and Sunday mornings when they are sleeping in the morning.

This will make them realize how annoying they are and distract their peace by doing such activities.

2. Party In the Garden 

Everyone loves the garden party. Except the neighbors as they are annoyed with the noise. Pick an evening and invite a few of your close friends and take up a bar table and put chairs for your friends in the garden.

Arrange games for your friends to mingle and enjoy. Your neighbors will likely be annoyed by the noise of dancing and singing of the friends in the garden. You’ll have a good time with your friends and simultaneously you can get revenge on your noisy neighbors.

You need to keep a check on a few things like noise should be to a limited extent if you’re loud unnecessarily your neighbors might call the cops which you don’t want to deal with.

If you’re mature then consider throwing a garden party and inviting your neighbors. They may be appreciated and may act nice to you in the future.

3. Sing Loud In The Yard 

If your bathroom singer is like me, singing loudly in the yard can be easy. or else if you’ve friends then jam with them in the yard this will annoy the neighbors. 

You can sing while doing the lawn chores and sing loudly in the morning while mowing the lawn mower this will drive the neighbors crazy they get annoyed.

Pick the weird hours in the day and mow the lawn along with singing. This would annoy them if they ask and tell them you love singing while mowing or doing chores. This will help you to do the task efficiently without fatigue and tiredness.

4. Sign Up For Junk Mails

Signing up your neighbors for spammy junk mail is the perfect plan. Whether you sign up online or just fill up forms in the grocery store or pet store. Just ensure they don’t know where the junk emails are coming from.

If you know your neighbor’s mail, enter their emails on the free newsletter subscription this will make them wonder where the junk mail is coming from. 

The more emails they receive the better it is because this will annoy them and they will be constantly thinking where it is coming from. For instance, enter the mail on the pet store if your neighbors don’t have pets or random marathon mail if you don’t participate in any games or marathons. Register their emails on the store which will be calling them and sending emails about equipment or software purchases.

5. Play Music Loudly

Everyone loves music. We listen to it every day but playing music loudly annoys our neighbors. Open your window and play the music loudly till it annoys the neighbors and ensure that you play it at weird hours.

When you’re back from work, play loud music if your neighbors complain and tell them you’re just unwinding and enjoying feeling good after a long day of work.

Playing music in the car will annoy the neighbors. Going super loud can help annoy the neighbor as playing annoying and repetitive pop songs will likely get into people’s heads.

You need to keep in mind that if the sound is too loud they will call the police so ensure that it is to a limited extent in which they are annoyed enough. 

6. Let Your Dog Bark

If your dog bark at the loud noise or when the neighbors are making the noise then they can be used to get revenge on noisy neighbors. Take your dog in the middle of the night or early morning and let them express themselves.

Don’t stop them, let them bark as much as they want if your neighbors object, Tell them dogs bark and you cannot do anything. They can’t call the cops as dogs bark and it’s normal.

You can use this fairly as an advantage to annoy and get revenge on the neighbors. Train your dog to bark when the neighbor argues loudly or makes any sort of loud noise unnecessarily. This will help in your favor to teach them a lesson.

7. Ring And Run The Doorbell

This is one of the most classic childhood pranks we all have been involved in. And what better way to deal with noisy neighbors than to ring their doorbell incessantly?

The doorbell ring is a well-known game and neighbors might be unfamiliar with it. Therefore you need to pick weird times and ring the doorbell and knock and wait for ten minutes and make another attempt then wait for twenty minutes and ring after that wait for another ten minutes and ring. And don’t always do it at the same time.

Will your neighbors be quiet after this? No, it will aggravate them further and cause them to be even louder. But you’ll get your revenge on the noisy neighbors and it is a fun prank.

8. Park Your Car In Their Parking 

If you live in an apartment with an assigned parking spot then one of the most annoying things you can do is take up the parking of your neighbors. This will be incredibly annoying especially if there are few parking spots available and they have to walk far after parking in an available spot on the street.

Though your neighbors know it’s you, this trick can be annoying. This will work if your parking spot has been taken too. If your neighbor’s parking is beside yours then you can be extra annoying by parking a foot or two in your neighbor’s spot so you can take up both the spots.

You need to be careful while doing this, your neighbors might call the apartment maintenance and ask to park properly, or worse, your car is towed. 

9. Knock On Their Doors And Borrow Stuff 

You can knock on the door in the weird hours like seven in the morning and ask if they have some milk or you can knock on the door late in the evening asking them for oats you can make.

Don’t let your neighbor know that you’re annoying them and make it feel that you need these items. You can knock on the door two times a day at weird hours and ask for these items.

If your neighbors are confused about borrowing the stuff say something like you don’t have? That’s fine i will make something else to eat.

10. Watch TV At High Volume 

Another classic way to get revenge on noisy neighbors is to watch TV at high volume and as loud as possible. Play a loud movie like an action-packed one and increase the volume when there is high action.

Watch at late night and laugh loudly, this will annoy the neighbors and they’ll turn their TV loudly to reciprocate so be prepared for this.

Ensure that you don’t increase the complete volume just to annoy you can increase and decrease when required for instance when there is an action scene increase and then decrease this will indicate you’re not doing supposedly to annoy them.

11. Order Pizza For Neighbors

Call the nearest pizza store and order large-size pizzas at your neighbor’s address they will be annoyed and confused. This will work well when you’re not at home as your neighbors will not have reason to suspect you.

Just ensure that the pizza store cannot track your number or call you back to confirm in front of your neighbors or else the delivery boy will show the number that is used to order which will land you in trouble.

Make sure that the number used is not related to you and they can’t trace the number when the confusion arises.

12. Talk To Building Authorities 

The last method is the only way to stop the noisy neighbors. If the neighbors continue to make loud noise after multiple reminders it’s high time to involve the building authorities in this case.

But before that, you need to check if the neighbor’s actions are legal in your state. Additionally, you need to have the record of neighbors like recording the noise produced. 

You need to get the record of the history of complaints you have filed that’s it you can step back after involving the police and let them do the further work of going through the recordings and take action for their disruptive behavior.

Final Thoughts On Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbors

There are many ways to get revenge on your noisy neighbors but always remember the primary step will be to talk to them politely and explain to them how you’re facing problems with the constant loud noise.

If the neighbors are ignoring the continuing behavior then it’s time to implement the steps mentioned above but always keep in mind that revenge is not always good. you need to understand when they are making the noise if it’s household chores then I’m sorry you need to hold your tongue.

Additionally, you can implement some of the soundproofing ways to block the noise from the neighbors this will be a savior. And if all else fails the police officer will be happy to intervene after seeing all the recording and complaint history.

If you like this don’t forget to share it with friends and family who are irritated with noisy neighbors. 

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