how to soundproof a room for gaming

If you are the person who loves to spend time playing games and I know how important gaming becomes the part of teenage life with the volume turned up for sound effects and really getting invested while playing we play that will give us joy.

However, it will cause problems for the people who listen to the would be your partner or if your sharing the apartment or the family member might get disturbed with the sound of the game especially if you play it late at night.

I know you don’t want to disturb the family members late at night and you’re probably finding the solution to soundproof the gaming room but you don’t know how to soundproof a gaming room.

Don’t worry it doesn’t require much effort and investment to soundproof a room for gaming it’s pretty simple- only you need to get some soundproof materials which I will be discussed below in the guide.

But you can’t install all the soundproof material in the gaming room and what if you don’t have a separate gaming room and you’re turning a part of the room into the gaming room. You can’t install all the soundproof material obviously it will cost you much.

So in this guide, I have shared 8 ways to soundproof a room for gaming which are cheap and effective ways and they block noise pretty well with less investment.

Why do You need To Soundproof A Room For Gaming?

When you stay up late at night and play games and the volume up that will disturb the roommates or the family members sometimes it will also lead to dispute because of the sound of games.

However, you don’t want the outside noise to disturb your gaming experience and if you live near a busy street then it gets really annoying with the noise of the streets.

Soundproofing the room for the game will the best choice that will not disturb your joy and their peace as well but if you don’t know how to soundproof a room for the game then don’t worry I have listed all the ways to soundproof a room.

If you don’t have a separate room for gaming then it will cause difficulty in playing because it will disturb family members. you would be thinking about the ways to soundproof a room for gaming or soundproof a space for soundproofing if you don’t have much space.

Although this can be done in some ways which are cheap and effective and help you to soundproof a room for gaming and enjoy the ultimate experience of sound effects with volume up.

How To Soundproof A Room For Gaming

Here are some of the ways to soundproof a room for gaming that are effective and don’t cost you much.

1. Insulate The Walls

If you want to soundproof the room for gaming then the first way is to insulate the walls. But how? Don’t worry because I have got material for soundproofing your walls. Starting with walls really makes your soundproofing better and more effective.

Fiberglass insulation or spray foam insulation is material to soundproof the walls. fiberglass insulation because most people use fiberglass.

Before insulating the material you need to take the measure the size of the walls if you go wrong with sizes then the entire process will go wrong.-so make sure that you pay attention to it while taking the measurements.

Once you have noted the measurement of the walls then you know how much fiberglass insulation you need for insulating the walls completely. You also need to get a sharp knife.

You need to wear gloves and a mask while installing because fiberglass insulation will is harmful to your lungs it will cause allergy and rush. Then you need to cut the fiberglass insulation and install it on the walls and cover the walls with some protective material

Spray foam insulation is the other form of material used to insulate now you need to pay close attention while installing spray foam insulation.

If you decide to do this once again you need the measurement of the walls. The foam expands in quite a bit when it hardens you will be well aware when taking the measurement.

  • Individual roll 15inches wide x 32 inches long feet...

  • Ideal for use in 2x4 walls providing excellent..

  • With less dust then other fibergalss insulation..

  • Fiberglass insulation has excellent stiffness..

2. Soundproof Doors

Doors in our room have gaps and are hollow that’s the reason noise passes through the gaming room you need to seal the gaps.

Soundproofing a door is a bit challenging as there are many soundproof materials available in the market but if you don’t want to invest much then weatherstripping is the best choice to go with for soundproofing the door.

All you need to do is purchase the weatherstrip and place it on the jam of the doors. It’s quite easy to set up you can set up within minutes. They are meant to protect from the rain and water getting inside the room.

However, the weatherstrip acts as a sound absorbent. It is made with a material like a fiberglass which is proven to be effective in blocking out noise. The other inexpensive method is a soundproof blanket.

You need to purchase the soundproof blanket and place it behind the door they are effective in blocking out noise in the room. You can also change the existing door to a soundproof door but that will cost you much so better to stick with the cheap and effective methods.

  • Wooven cotton, polyester

  • Great large acoustic blanket to absorb sound...

  • 100% recycled cotton filler. 

  • Grommets for easy hanging...

3. Lay Down Some Rugs And Carpets

Laying down rugs and carpets helps in adding a unique look to the floor also helps in reducing the echo in the room. If you want better results install wall-to-wall carpeting.

Hardwood floors are the culprits in passing the noise using rugs and carpets will provide density to the floor which absorbs the noise more effectively in the room.

However, you can carpet the complete floor or area rugs which are proven to be better for the office. If you want to carpet the complete floor then that would be more effective in blocking out noise.

Soundproofing the room with rugs and carpet is the effective method to reduce noise also if you are tight on budget then this ideal method is to soundproof the room for gaming.

  • Super soft area rug..

  • Anti-slip bottom design..

  • 4 ft x 5.3 ft fluffy rugs..

  • Perfect for any room or kids room...

4. Acoustic Panels

If you living near a busy street then acoustic panels are the best choice for soundproofing. Mostly acoustic panels are used by recording studios to block out echoes.

When it comes to soundproofing the room the first solution you will get them on the internet is acoustic panels. But have you ever thought it will work? if your gamer then as I have said earlier you will face a lot of problems related to noise. Let me tell you that your problem has come to an end.

Acoustic panels are the best solution to soundproof the room for gaming they are easy to install you just need to hang the panels with the hooks that come along the pack. It catches the sound waves and absorbs them before it bounces off the walls.

BUT WAIT!! Which acoustic panels you should use for effective noise blocking. I recommend ATS acoustic panels because they are more effective in blocking noise than normal panels. They are suitable for gaming rooms, offices, recording studios.

  • Acoustic foam absorb noise and reduce echo and background noise..

  • Acoustic foam made with flexible professional grade acoustic foam..

  • This works fairly well in asound absorbtion..

  • This are l;ightweight and can be installed...

5. Install Drywall

Installing drywall is one of the best choices to soundproof the room for gaming. But have you ever thought about why this works and why it is important to install the drywall? Drywall cover all the cavities.

Drywall makes your wall two times denser which will soundproof the room for gaming. It’s one of the strong barriers that block out noise that transmits in the room.

Installing drywall is not that difficult also talking about the cost it’s not much expensive. You can install drywall on top of the ceiling it works pretty well on the top. It will create high density that will eventually block out noise.

I recommend using drywall by Stella it’s effective and works well in a soundproof room for gaming.

6. Use Insulation Material

Insulation material is chosen to reduce the noise in the room. It will fill all the cavities through which the noise is transmitted and provide high density.

The higher the density the more noise it will absorb. Insulation material is one of the cheap and effective methods to soundproof the room for gaming.

Insulation material works pretty well in reducing the noise in the room. You don’t have to spend much on drywall and resilient channel which will put a burden on your pocket.

I recommend using the natural cotton insulation multipurpose insulation material by frost king.

7. Soundproofing Ceiling And Flooring

Soundproofing ceiling and flooring should be the last thing on the list of soundproofing the room for gaming. As it will cost you investment and time. If your receive noise from the room above then you need to soundproof the ceiling.

In order to soundproof the ceiling your need to install resilient channel and drywall which is effective in blocking out noise for better results, you can add a double layer of drywall.

Drywall will absorb the sound waves before it bounces off the walls. You can also use acoustic panels they absorb sound more effectively. Acoustic panels come in a lot of colors and shapes.

Soundproof flooring can be done by laying down some rugs and carpets they are better at effectively reducing noise also they provide higher density to the floor which will block out noise.

8. Silent Gaming Assets

Living in an apartment with no separate room for gaming will disturb the family members then you need to use the soundproof gaming assets.

That’s why soundproof gaming room with some of the soundproof assets.

Whether you’re working or playing the game you need a silent keyboard because this asset will disturb you a lot. So having a silent keyboard will make it easier and less headache.

Generally, soundproof keyboards have a different mechanism such as membrane keys which have soundproof properties. This will improve the gaming response speed and also be quiet.

This will improve the speed and gaming response also it will be good when you work for long. Here are some of the best soundproof keyboards I have listed below.

  • Prevents accidental damage from liquid spills..

  • Gorgeous color scheme and reactive effects..

  • Whisper quiyte gaming switches..

  • Dedicated multimedia controls...

  • Equipped with rubber dome keys for silent typing..

  • Technology to ensure each key stroke..

  • Let's you adjust your setup to whatever..

  • The high quality membrane layer...

  • Easy operation and broad compatibility..

  • This keyboard is thin enough to make your..

  • The anti-ghosting technology 26 keyboards to work simultaneously...

  • You can also adjust the brightness of the backlight...

The soundproof mouse is the other thing in the silent gaming assets because the ticking noise of the mouse will disturb the family members, especially at night.

The silent mouse is the best choice because the ticking noise will disturb the family members and sometimes it will become annoying for you and give you a headache when you use it for a long time.

But is not so hard to search for a soundproof mouse because I have researched a lot and listed some of the soundproof mice which are best to install along with your gaming assets.

  • Silent touch technology reduces over 90% noise..

  • With contoured grip made of soft rubber..

  • This cordless mouse has 24 month battery life..

  • Plug the USB mini receiver into window...

  • 2.4g Hz Wireless gaming mouse..

  • Silent click and fast resposives..

  • Comfort and precision at youyr fingertips..

  • This mouse has wide compatibility..

Final Thoughts On How To Soundproof Room For Music

Whether to choose to soundproof walls, floor and door then redecorate the room with bit new headsets and silent keyboard and mouse it will increase the efficiency and performance.

So, if your living in a separate room then noise produce will not disturb anyone but if you living if your family members or sharing the room with the roommates then you need to soundproof the room for gaming.

Soundproofing the room for gaming will make the gaming experience enhanced and you can notice the detailing of the game. Also, the other perk is it will not disturb the family members and you can enjoy gaming.

You can definitely try out some of the best soundproof ways I have listed which are effective and cheap to soundproof a room for gaming doesn’t require many efforts you don’t need to hire a professional.

Although if you want to hire a professional you can do that for avoiding any issue and soundproof in a better way and enjoy a seamless experience of gaming.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on how to soundproof a room for music.


How do I soundproof a room so noise doesn’t get out?

Covers walls will thicker blankets, moving pads, or quilts basically thicker material work pretty well in absorbing the noise by providing density. Also, install sound-absorbing panels on the walls.

Does the egg tray soundproof?

The simple answer is NO because egg trays are made of thin cardboard which will allow sound waves to directly travel through them and it will not absorb or block the sound.

What materials can block noise?

1. Acoustic membrane
2. Acoustic panels
3. Resilient channel
4. Insulation material
5. Fiberglass
6. Soundproof Drywall
7. Soundproof Blanket
8. Soundproof curtains

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