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Working from home can be joyful you got to be your own boss and a lot of work can be done if you have a peaceful environment. Any noise you will receive while working can annoying and distracting.

However, if you want to complete the work then you need to focus on and for that, you require absolute silence. So to get your work done and be productive you need to soundproof the home office.

Working from home can be easy and as well challenging if you receive noises of the kids and pets playing to block out that you need to take a few steps to soundproof a home office.

In this guide, I will share some of the best hacks that worked for me and it will work for you as well. Some of the DIY tips don’t require huge investment and on the other hand, your work will be done.

But WAIT!! You need to figure out from where the noise is entering your room and how you can block out that with simple tips and hacks. Keeping that in mind I will walk you through some ways to soundproof the room office.

Why Your Office Room Is So Noisy?

Before diving into the ways to soundproof an office room you need to know why your office room is so noisy?? Have you ever thought of this? if not then don’t worry I will explain this in a simple and brief.

The main factor your office room is noisy because you don’t use any soundproof material or some of the sound-absorbing material which works well against noise.

If you’re using hard material then replace it with the soft one because that will absorb the noise more effectively and bounce off the sound.  The reason for the noisy room is because you have left the floor empty without carpeting.

However, children and kids playing will produce noise of the footsteps that will distract the neighbors and they complain about it using carpets will absorb the noise. Using noisy products will also increase the noise better use quiet products for better performance and energy saving.

Using some of the soundproof material will block out noise in the office room and help in focusing on the work without distraction. You can also use some of the ways I have mentioned in the further guide to get the complete idea of soundproofing home office.

11 Ways To Soundproof Home Office

Let’s dive into some of the ways which are effective in blocking out noise in-home office.

1. Seal The Gaps And Cracks

When you start to soundproof your home office then sealing the gaps and cracks should be the primary thing to consider because gaps and holes are the culprits in passing the noise through.

Sealing your gaps is one of the important steps in soundproofing the home office you can seal it with any material but one of the best insulation is fiberglass batt insulation.

Fiberglass is one of the best insulation for sealing gaps and holes. It blocks out the sound waves passing through also fiberglass is one of the excellent sound-absorbent insulation.

You can use any insulation material of your choice but fiberglass will work pretty well than the other insulation material. Caulking is also one of the effective solutions for sealing holes and gaps.

2. Hang Soundproof Curtains

Hanging soundproof curtains is one of the easy yet effective methods for a soundproof home office. Heavy and thick soundproof curtains dampen the sound waves. You can literally hang curtains on the windows and walls for better results.

You only need a few things to hang the curtains like a drill, screws, and railings, if these things are already available then more than half the work, is done. Just hang the curtains on the mounted railings.

If you don’t have this then just mount the railings and brackets your curtains are ready to hang. If don’t want to do this then Hire a professional who can do this for you.

I recommend don’t go with the professional you can do this it’s simple you just need to drill and mount the brackets and railing. If you want soundproof room divider curtains then I have a complete guide you can check out for more details.

Soundproof curtains give a unique look to your house and they absorb sound more effectively. Soundproof curtains are cozier and handy and just need to be hung and do their work.

3. Soundproof Doors

The doors in our house have gaps below and are hollow that’s the reason noise passes through doors in your office room. You need to seal the doors.

Soundproofing a door is a bit challenging and there are several ways you can do this you can choose which suits best for you to block out noise. If you want to invest much then weatherstrip will work pretty well for you.

You need to purchase a weatherstrip and place it on the jamb of the door. It’s quite easy to set up within minutes you can complete the setup. They are meant to protect rain and water from getting into the room.

They act as the sound absorbent. Weatherstrips are made up of material like fiberglass which is proven to be effective in blocking out noise.  The new models of weatherstrips are soundproof.

The other inexpensive method is to purchase a soundproof blanket and place it behind the door they are effective in blocking out noise in the room. You can also change the door that would cost you so better apply this inexpensive method to a soundproof office room.

4. Soundproof Windows

Windows are another culprit through which noise passes into your home office. This becomes annoying if you have noisy neighbors and if you live near the train track.

Likewise, doors windows also have several ways to soundproof. you can place the soundproof windows professionally which is effective to block out noise entering your home office.

The inexpensive method includes soundproof blinds or curtains that are effective in blocking out noise passing through windows. Firstly don’t go with the replacement of doors with the soundproof doors check with the soundproof curtains and blinds if they don’t work then apply a professional method.

5. Soundproof Floor With Rug Or Carpets

Laying down carpets or rugs helps in providing a unique look to the floor and also reduces the echoes in a room. If you want better results then you can install wall-to-wall carpeting.

Hardwood floors are the culprits in passing the noise using the rugs and carpets will provide density to the floor which absorbs the noise more effectively in the room.

However, you can carpet the complete floor or area rugs which are proven to be better for the office. If you want to carpet complete the floor then that will be more effective in blocking out noise.

Adding rugs and carpets in the room is one of the effective ways to soundproof the office room also if you are tight on the budget then this is the ideal method.

6. Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint is also a good choice for blocking out noise. Soundproof paint is the same as regular paint but one ingredient that makes it soundproof is latex that blocks out noise.

Latex provides extra thicken to the walls to a point that it turns out to be soundproof. However soundproof paint is a bit different from regular paint you can feel the difference when you see it.

As said earlier it’s a bit different from regular paint as it adds texture to the walls and when you add layers to the wall then it’s effective. Soundproof paint works pretty well if your walls and ceiling have flaws.                                                                                                                                                               

Make sure you don’t only use soundproof paint as the only source of soundproofing your home office using it with other soundproof insulation is more effective.

7. Soundproof Ceiling

Soundproofing your ceiling should be the last thing on your list to soundproof because it requires investment and time. If you’re getting noise from the room above then you need to soundproof the ceiling.

In order to soundproof your ceiling, you need to install drywall that works pretty well in soundproofing the ceiling and blocking out noise. For better results, you can add a double layer of drywall.

Drywall will absorb the sound waves before it reaches the ceiling. You can also use acoustic panels they absorb sound more effectively and they come in a lot of variety and colors you can choose according to your wall color or the one that goes with your house.

8. Use Resilient Channels

Using a resilient channel will increase the insulation and makes blocking out noise more effectively. The resilient channel offers a gap between a ceiling and drywall that absorbs all the sound waves before reaching the drywall.

The resilient channel will help in reducing the noise that transmits through the ceiling the gaps which it provides absorbs noise. Drywall is hung on the channel that suspends noise.

However, using the resilient channel with drywall is more effective in reducing noise and suspending all the noise that is transmitted through the ceiling. A resilient channel makes the ceiling denser and absorbs the sound waves.

The resilient channel requires investment and a professional who can install it but it’s worth the price as it blocks noise effectively. If you’re on a tight budget then the method requires investment and time.

9. Install Sound Absorbing Wall Foams

Sound absorbing materials include soundproof paint and acoustic foam that works pretty well in absorbing the sound. You can do this with a low budget.

Acoustic wall foams are one of the ideal choices for soundproof office rooms they come in handy you just need to paste it with the hooks that it comes with also adhesive helps in pasting acoustic foam on the walls.

However acoustic foam catches the sound waves and absorbs them before it reaches and bounces off the walls. Use ATS acoustic foam for a soundproof home office that’s more effective than acoustic foam.

Acoustic foam comes in many shapes and sizes that give an attractive look to the walls and ceiling. They don’t require much investment you can install the acoustic foam on a low budget.

10. Install Bookshelves

Now you might be wondering how installing a bookshelves soundproof home office that’s because it provides more density to the wall and sound waves are absorbed. Load your bookshelves with the volume of books.

Loading bookshelves with the volume of books adds density to the wall and paper is one of the best sources that absorbs sound. Make sure you go with the bookshelf that is covered from the back as it absorbs the sound.

Bookshelf is one of the low-budget investments for soundproof home offices. Loading that with books will give you more effective results and you don’t have to replace it or install it in a few days.

11. Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture is one of the simplest yet easy methods to do if you want to soundproof home office. It doesn’t require any investment. Now you might be wondering will this method work?

Let me tell you that this is an effective method for the soundproof home office. Rearranging furniture will add mass to the floor and blocks out sound effectively. if you don’t want to do this then use softer material as mentioned earlier.

However, rearranging your furniture and loading your wardrobes with clothes adds more density to the floor that will block out noise that passes through the walls and floor.

So, rearranging furniture will bring a difference when you implement this in your home office also you will create space by rearranging furniture.

Final Thought On Soundproof Home Office

It’s a wrap-on soundproof home office These are the few methods that are effective and they worked pretty well for me and it will work for you as well. If you living in a noisy area then it comes necessary to soundproof the home office.

As it impacts your health and disturbs your work. some of the methods which are resulted here will work pretty well and blocks out noise. I recommend you start with simple methods like hanging soundproof curtains and rearranging the furniture.

However, if these methods don’t work for you then go with the professional methods like installing resilient channels with drywall that will do your work more efficiently.

So, start with simple and easy ways to the soundproof home office and if you’re tight on a budget these are for you. Professional methods require investment but give better results.

Which method do you use? Let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our blog on the 11 best cheap soundproof materials.


How can I soundproof my office cheap?

The cheapest way to soundproof office is use soundproof blankets on walls and doors they are effective in blocking out noise. depending on where the noise is coming from hang the blankets.

How much does it costs to soundproof office?

soundproofing your office will cost you around $500-$5000 depending on your area and the material you use to soundproof your office.

How can I soundproof a room for work from home?

Acoustic panels are one of the best material to soundproof room for work from home. acoustic foam provides clarity in the sound. so,if you’re making video calls than it will be good.

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