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A dog is a really important part of the family and they are the best thing on this planet being a dog lover it is very important to keep your dog happy and brings joy to them that will keep your dog more energetic and active.

We don’t treat dogs with the kindness that they deserve and when they bark again and again they will go crazy and refuse to stop barking no matter how you try to control them with the noise they get from outside they will start barking.

When the dog hears the noise of the crackers or any loud noise it will start barking continuously without giving a pause especially on new year’s eve when people use crackers that will disturb the dog and it will bark.

Usually, you can bear with the barking dog but your neighbors will complain about it and they refuse to tolerate the barking noise of the dog.  In this scenario soundproofing, the dog crate is really important BUT WAIT!! How can you soundproof a DIY dog crate and will that work in soundproofing?

Well, that works in soundproofing and according to research, more than 42% of dog owners use a soundproof dog crate. You can also use a soundproof DIY dog crate.

But Do you know how to make a dog crate quieter with some of the DIY tips? In this guide, i will walk you through some of the best DIY tips to soundproof a dog crate. So are you ready to make your dog crate soundproof? If yes, then hand tight with me throughout the guide.

Basics Of Soundproofing A Dog Crate

There are several things that you can do to make your dog crate or kennel soundproof. However soundproof materials should be both high density and mass. for soundproofing dog crate we are using a bit of both material.

Also, any soundproofing space should be airtight to be much more effective and we can’t make our dog crate or kennel airtight obviously as they need to be able to breathe so none of the methods will completely muffle for soundproofing dog crate.

Another important thing is sound absorption material. Having plenty of soft materials around which will prevent sound waves from hitting hard on the surface. Outdoors or in a wire crate barking can either keep spreading until it dissipates or bounce off the walls causing an echo.

If your dog is barking around your apartment then cannot expect to have a minimalist home. But filling the room with sofas and other soft materials will be the way to soundproof absorb the echoes.

How To Soundproof Dog Crate

Here are some of the ways to soundproof a dog crate that will help you to keep your dog quiet and calm and enjoy with your dog. If you find one method less effective then consider using multiple methods that will be more effective in soundproofing the dog crate.

1. Use Soundproof Dog Crate

There are many manufacturers that are creating a soundproof crate that will block out the noise from the external environment and of course, doesn’t cut down 100% noise but you will feel the difference you get from the crate and compare it with the ordinary one.

Your dog will be uncomfortable and bark a lot in the ordinary crate but in the soundproof crate, it will be comfortable because of the reduced noise passing in the crate.

Usually, a lot of dog owners don’t trust the soundproof crate though they are a good source to keep your dog at peace most people prefer soundproofing the crate with DIY tips and some soundproof materials and that would be effective as well.

The soundproof crate is will reduce noise and provide the best experience than the ordinary crate because it is built to withstand all the sounds that are transmitted in the crate and block them. Below I have picked some of the best soundproof dog crates that will block sound.

Noz2Noz Soft Krater  Indoor And Outdoor Crate For Pets..

  • Durable and well-ventilated crate for indoor and outdoor use..

  • Made with new heavy duty tight-weave mesh fabric..

  • For pets upto 70 pounds..

  • Set up in seconds anywhere you want to go..

  • Travel dog crate is odorless and safe crate to protect your pets health..

  • Two doors and top entrance can be rolled up..

  • It is lightweight and sturdy,foldable pet crate..

  • Removable and washable soft pad gives your pet comfortable..

2. Use Soundproof Dog Crate Cover

If you already have a crate and don’t want to switch to a soundproof crate then you can use a soundproof dog crate and if you have a wired crate then a soundproof crate cover will be the better option to turn on.

All you need to do is shop for the crate cover on the correct side. There are several varieties of dog crate covers that come in different sizes and if you don’t have a wired crate then I have listed some of the best dog crate covers.

This will soundproof the crate and your dog will not bark when the noise is not transmitting in the crate. Once you start looking at the crate covers there are several of them that are getting many reviews but I have listed below some of the best with much praise and appreciation by the customers.

Pets bet dog crate cover is one of the best and got windows and it can be rollover to open that will soundproof the crate entirely once you roll down all the panels that are there and if you want it for outdoor then it’s the best as it will protect from wind, water, and direct sunlight.

If you’re at home then make sure to leave one window open as it will not exhaust the dog and the dog can breathe without going crazy with the roll-down panels.

Funfe dog crate cover is for indoor and outdoor purposes and is waterproof and sunscreen soundproof cover that is for the wire crate. As it is made from PU coating which is high-density material. Also, this dog crate comes with soundproof and windproof features.

It is durable and nontoxic. It will block the direct sun and privacy and protection the environment for pets. This dog crate has roller shades for visibility and ventilation. It has a breathable mesh window on the side that will keep the dog crate ventilated from the inside and provide a comfortable environment for your dog.

Moreover to attach the mesh windows and door screen can be stuck to the hook and loop string on the side panel of the crate. It is easy fixing without any tools.

  • Pet kennel cover from PU coating is made from high density material..

  • 24" inch dog crate cover suitable for small and medium wire cover for dog crate...

  • Dog crate cover with 24 inches with roller shades..

  • The attached mesh and door screen can be stuck to the hook..

  • Dog crate cover for Asin 018YCU79O, B000QFWCK0..

  •  For 30"L x 19"Wx 21 H dog crate..

  • Two entrance mesh side windows, top opening for better ventilation..

  • Made from durable oxford cloth..

3. Use Sound Absorption Sheet

A sound absorption sheet is another best way to make things quieter. This will help you to eliminate noise inside the crate and reduce the noise level in the crate which makes your dog comfortable.

The best thing about a sound absorption sheet is it will not cost you much and in less budget, you can get a sound absorption sheet and place it at the bottom which will reduce the noise in the crate and echoes that are passing through the dog crate and makes a soundproof dog crate.

There are several sound absorption sheets that will reduce the noise and echoes but I have researched a lot and chosen one of the best sound absorption sheets which will provide more density the crate bottom and block out noise.

First, you need to look at some of the things in a sound absorption sheet that will make your task easier in selecting the best sound absorption sheet.

  • It should be inexpensive
  • It should fit and remove when required
  • It should absorb the mid and high range of frequency
  • It should be thin and denser

Now you have successfully selected the sound absorption sheet. All you need to do is measure the crate bottom and place the sound absorption sheet that will effectively absorb all the frequency of sound.

  • The neoprene sponge foam rubber sheet roll makes an ideal liner for tool chest..

  • The DIY project sheet is all around rubber padding..

  • Say goodbye to surfaces that is soaked in odor,oil, moist or other hazardous.. 

  • It is also easy to work with and can be conformed to any size...

4. Soundproof Your Room Or Wall

A soundproof room plays a very important role in soundproofing from the inside. If the dog does not stop barking then the neighbors are really noisy and that’s the reason your dog is barking and uncomfortable with the noise, especially at night.

Then you need to soundproof your room, wall, and floor this process requires some investment but don’t worry much. You can some of the ways to soundproof a wall.

Also if you want to soundproof a room then you can do that with some of the cheap and effective ways that will block out the noise from the neighbors and all the noise that is transmitting through the external environment in the room. Check out a guide on how to soundproof a room.

Acoustic panels are one of the cheap yet effective ways to soundproof a room if you search on how to soundproof a room then you will find acoustic panels first they will catch and absorb the noise when it’s transmitted through the wall

The installation process is very easy and simple all you need to do is just hand the acoustic panels with the hook that comes along with the package and it starts working well in reducing noise in the room.

  • Our 3D acoustic panels helps to breakup sound waves..

  • This acoustic panels absorb unwanted flutter echoes...

  • Our foam panels copme compressed in a vaccum package...

  • Great for spot treating sound on walls..

5. Use Acoustic Panels Inside The kennel Or Crate

Acoustic panels are one of the best things to use inside the kennel because this will reduce the noise of your dog barking and as well not disturb your neighbors who will complain about the dog barking because it will provide better insulation on the walls of the kennel.

If you’re using a kennel for the dog then you can use it because it will provide comfort to the dog and as well do not transmit noise in the kennel which will not disturb the dog and it will not bark.

Soundproof panels come in a wide range that you can select according to the need and install inside the kennel. It will also provide an attractive look to the kennel and the perfect solution for the outdoor. As it will protect the dog from direct sunlight and provides comfort.

I recommend soundproof panels by troystudio they have the best quality and provide effective results in reducing noise in the kennel.

  • Size: 16 x 12 x 0.5 Inches, pack of 6, covering 73.7 square feet..

  • The sound dampening panels are dense and thick..

  • This soundproof panels are great at canceling room reverb...

  • The sound insulation panels are easy to cut with sharp knife and install..

6. Use White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is one of the best ways as it provides a relaxing soothing sound. A white noise machine has several relaxing soothing sounds that will work well for humans and dogs. So whenever your dog barks you can use the soothing machine.

This way is an alternative solution even if you have a soundproof dog crate and somewhat your dog is disturbed then using white noise machine will give relaxation and comfort.

Your dog will sleep for 10 minutes after listening to the soothing sound that will give comfort and peace of mind because dogs have a behavior similar to human behavior.

I recommend using a portable white noise machine by marpac that will give 3 soothing sound waves that’s the reason I found it helpful and the best way to soundproof a dog crate and comfort your dog.

  • 3 Soothing sounds with night light that you can choose from bright white noise..

  • Then Set your volume anywhere from whisper quiet to impressively robust..

  • It is compact and portable you can carry it anywhere..

  • Easy to use forget about batteries and electrical outlets....

7. Get A Soft Crate From Inside

Softer dog crates are usually the best because they have padding that makes them more comfortable and quieter when compared to the wired ones because they are opened and not padded.

A padded dog crate will give and it is one of the best ways to a soundproof dog crate. You can use pads inside the crate if you don’t want to get the padded crate that will also work pretty well in soundproofing.

However padded crates are very simple you just need to roll up the walls and it is the same as the wire crate but has panels that can be rolled up and down as per the needs.  You can also roll the top and the walls are also made up of a mesh material which is good for ventilation.

Although it won’t be as soundproof as other as they are foldable that’s the reason they are not much soundproof as others. They are washable and have a removable dog bed.

  • Durable and well-ventilated crate for indoor and outdoor use..

  • Made with new heavy duty tight-weave mesh fabric..

  • For pets upto 70 pounds..

  • Set up in seconds anywhere you want to go..

8. Place Your Dog Crate In Less Noisy Place

This does not require any investment and it might sound simple but we ignore this and place the dog crate in a noisy space and the dog will be disturbed and it and bark as comfortable.

Usually, we place the dog crate in a noisy place. So we find to find an area that is less noisy and keep the dog crate. If you have a soundproof room then you can keep the dog crate in that soundproof room.

Placing a rug on the floor will be much more effective in a soundproofing dog crate. As it will provide density to the floor and absorbs the sound passing through the floor and keeping the dog crate on that rug or fluffy carpet you can soundproof the dog crate.

Final Thoughts On Soundproof Dog Crate

Soundproofing a dog crate is important to make your dog comfortable otherwise it will be uncomfortable and starts barking if you living in an apartment then it is necessary as it will disturb your neighbors and they will complain.

That’s the reason I have shared some of the best ways to soundproof dog crates that are effective and inexpensive. First, you need to find why your dog is barking is it lonely, uncomfortable or the noise is disturbing the dog then after finding the reason you need to start soundproofing the crate.

Using one way will not be that effective you need to use a combination of methods to soundproof a crate that will be quite effective in blocking out noise.

If you cannot find the problem behind the uncomfortable dog then you can simply use a white noise machine that will not directly reduce the noise but will calm and provide comfort to the dog with soothing relaxed sounds.

All of these ways will soundproof the dog crate and also helps to keep your dog calm when it’s barking and uncomfortable with the sounds. Some of the ways are not included in soundproofing dog crates like using a white noise machine which is an alternative solution for more effective results.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions for us drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our guide on how to reduce traffic noise in my backyard.


How to soundproof a dog crate?

1. Snuggle Puppy: a toy that helps to soothe down your pet.
2. Use a soundproof dog crate cover.
3. Use a soundproof dog crate.
4. sound absorption sheet.
5. Get a soft padded crate.

Should you put blankets over a dog crate?

You should never completely cover your dog crate as it will block the airflow. keep blankets away from heat sources and ensure the fabric is breathable. avoid using knit blankets that may snag or unravel. monitor the conditions inside the crate in humid summer weather to ensure it does not get too hot.

How do you stop a crate from making noise?

1. Use a soundproof crate.
2. Use a soundproof crate cover.
3. Soundproof your room or wall.
4. use sound absorption sheets.
5. Soundproof crate or kennel from inside.

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