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Updated On: January 25, 2023

If you’re on a long drive then the loud noise the windshield wipers produce becomes a distraction and keeps you from enjoying your ride. Sometimes this noise may be more than the car speakers. This noise is annoying and distracting.

If you have noisy windshield wipers then it’s time to replace that with quiet windshield wipers. The advantage you will be getting with quiet wipers is you can drive in the night morning without disturbing your neighbors.

Quiet windshield wipers are one of the best ways to reduce the noise while driving and in the rainy season, the windshield wiper produces a lot of noise which will be reduced with quiet windshield wipers.

When you are driving loud wipers may cause distraction and sometimes it shifts your focus from the road to the wiper that is noisier than the speaker in the car. squeaky wipers can disturb your quiet neighbors.

After all, you want the quietest ride which you can enjoy after a long tiring week of work. In this guide, I have got some of the quietest windshield wipers.

Features To Look In A Quiet Wipers

Before you purchase the wipers you need to figure out several factors for your wipers. Here is the list of factors


First, you need to make sure that the blade is compatible with your vehicle and there are two things to consider the blade length and the latching mechanism. You will find this in the owner’s manual.

The blades come in 22 inches-26 inches which most vehicles can use but the sizes may vary from vehicle to vehicle. The latching mechanism comes in three styles and the installation process entirely depends on the vehicle type.


As you will replace the blades of the wiper but the material used for this is one of the important factors.

The noise of the wipers is the result of a worn squeegee and damaged wiper arms. the wiper arms may become bent position in the same place and the rubber squeegee that helps in wiping your windshield becomes less effective.

If you want quiet wipers, you should go with hardened rubber or silicon, which is long-lasting and doesn’t tear due to several factors affecting it.

Hardened rubber remains stiff as your wipers move through the windshield and they may squeak. Choosing silicon will be the best thing and it lasts longer with the quiet wipers and its heat resistance. It doesn’t get torn or worn due to sun exposure.

Blade Type

The thing to pay attention to is blade type or blade style they are three types of blades that are frame, winter, and beam-style wipers.

The frame type is the most commonly used blade type. It comes with a metal frame that holds the actual wiper and it’s a strip of rubber with metal backing. This type of frame is mostly used and it’s affordable.

Frame style blade has a rubber squeegee that can be replaced without replacing the blade this has become a common factor in recent years. replacing the rubber becomes frustrating so most people change the entire blade.

Winter blades are designed for the areas which receive snow in the winter and are designed to protect the complete edge. they are similar to the frame style but with a rubber shell on the entire blade.

Beam-style windshields are the most expensive they are made with one-piece construction that has a spring steel band that allows the blade to conform to the curves of the windshield.

Quality And Durability

Quality is one of the important factors when you purchase anything not only the windshield but anything because based on that the product sustainability is dependent and bad quality windshield wiper may lead to torn and not last long.

While purchasing the windshield wiper always look for the quality because that is where the entire thing is dependent so make sure to look for quality and durability because sometimes cheap quality wipers will not withstand rain.

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View max windshield wiper blades is one of the best quiet windshield wiper blades that will provide a durable design that can rely on line features and top-notch material and a flexible build that allows it to maintain peak performance even in bad weather conditions.

Equipped with an aero dynamics spoiler, these quiet wiper blades are lifted-resistant and survive in extreme circumstances. It had silent and wiping technology. The innovative wiper design provides enhanced visibility and eliminates noise.

This comes with a natural protective layer covered with a natural coating and is made from graphite and premium durable rubber that will last longer this is designed to take shape and curvature of your windshield.

  • Durable design that you can rely on - Our Quiet line features top-notch materials and a flexible build that allows it to maintain peak performance even in the harshest of weather conditions.

  • Intelligent, functional design - Equipped with an aerodynamic spoiler of its own, our Quiet wiper blades are lift-resistant and can survive in extreme circumstances.

  • Silent and Hybrid Wiping Technology - Innovative wiper design to provide you with enhanced visibility and eliminate any noise.

5 Best Quiet Windshield Wipers

If you want a quiet windshield wiper at an affordable price then better go with winter blades they are the ideal choice. Which are also known as all-season blades. They are made with durable material that will not cause a squeak noise.

The premium bean blades are the most expensive but are a great choice for reducing unwanted wiper noise. You need to consider these details before purchasing the quiet windshield wiper.

1. OEM Quality Premium All Season Durable Quiet Windshield Wiper

These are premium and durable quiet windshield wipers that are easy to install. it doesn’t require any awkward adapters you can simply install it in seconds and all-weather performance is guaranteed for more than 6 months.

It consists of a dual high-tenacity memory spring steel sheet. This is gathered with an asymmetrical wind spoiler that delivers uniform wind distribution and better windshield contact without leaving any gaps while the wiper is working.

This has a longer and thicker base that comes with buckles on the left and right. The beam design makes the wiper perform well in snow and rain and also remains durable, quiet, and stable in all weather. This also remains quiet in all the weather.


  • Easy to install
  • 6 months guarantee on all-weather
  • Dual high-tenacity memory spring steel sheet
  • Remains durable and quiet
  • Fit for U/J hook(9*3 & 9*4) wiper arm. Easy installation and perfect fit, no need for awkward adapters.install in seconds,All-weather performance is guaranteed for more than 6 months.

  • Dual high tenacity memory spring steel sheet, coupled with an asymmetrical wind spoiler, deliver uniform pressure distribution and better windshield contact,without leaving any gaps while the wiper working.

  • The longer and thicker wiper base and left and right buckles, as well as the award-winning unsupported beam design

2. Heteco Premium Quiet Windshield Wiper Blades

This quiet windshield wiper is suitable for all kinds of weather even under extreme weather. It’s blades keep the rain, snow, and fog from hindering your view while driving.

They are specially made with natural rubber to reduce noise and friction as much as possible that resulting in minimum or no noise. It’s quiet and helps you in clearer vision.

However dual precision tensioned steel springs gathered with asymmetrical wind spoiler deliver uniform wind distribution and better windshield contact.

This quiet windshield wipers are easy to install. you can install this at home within a few minutes. It has a longer life service


  • Quick and easy to install
  • It consists of steel springs
  • It’s quiet and helps in clearer vision
  • It has a longer life service.
  • More Longer Service Life:All weather performance and guaranteed for 6 months

  • Suitable for all kinds of weather:HEETECO wipers even under extreme weather conditions, wiper blades keep the rain, snow, and fog from hindering your view

  • Clearer Vision, Make Driving Safety:Dual precision-tensioned steel springs, coupled with an asymmetrical wind spoiler, deliver uniform pressure distribution and better windshield contact.

  • Easy to Install:Quick And easy Install at home in minutes

3. Just Car OEM All Season  Quiet Windshield Wiper

This quiet windshield wiper is made up of pure and natural premium rubber that gives ultimate smooth and clean, chatter-free wiping. They are easy to install and fit perfectly. They provide 6 monthly guarantee n all-weather performance.

However, this quiet windshield wiper comes with a dual high-tenacity memory steel sheet which is durable and long-lasting. This is gathered with an asymmetrical wind spoiler that delivers uniform wind distribution and better windshield contact. It gives a good experience while using.


  • Easy to install
  • Made with pure natural rubber
  • it comes with 6 month’s guarantee on all-weather performance
  • Deliver uniform wind distribution and better windshield contact
  • Fit for U/J hook(9*3 & 9*4) wiper arm,Easy installation and perfect fit,All-weather performance is guaranteed for more than 6 months.

  • Dual high tenacity memory spring steel sheet, asymmetrical wind spoiler, deliver uniform pressure distribution and better windshield contact,good use experience.

  • Pure natural material premium rubber provides the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wiping cloth.

  • Factory direct, Solid quality at a low price.

4. Rain X Silicon Quiet Windshield Wiper

This windshield wiper endure squeegee is proven to last 2X longer than the traditional natural rubber squeegee. It provides superior wide quality in the most extreme temperatures.

It provides protection from long-term exposure to harsh environmental conditions. It has flexible beam blade technology that provides uniform pressure points along with the length of the blade. Allowing it to fit and mold to the curvature of the windshield.

This consists of a Uniclick adapter system that allows quick and secure installation on the popular vehicle arm. It includes many specialty arms. It’s a universal fit. The material used for this wiper is silicon which is long-lasting and durable.


  • Made with silicon which is durable
  • Simple and easy to install
  • It has flexible beam technology
  • Provides protection from harsh environmental conditions
  • The Rain-X Silicone Endura Squeegee Is Proven To Last Two Times Longer Than Traditional Natural Rubber Squeegees, Based On Third-Party Testing

  •  Consistent All-Weather Performance In The Most Extreme Temperatures And Inclement Weather Conditions, Tested To -20°F And +194°F

  • Provides Uniform Pressure Points Along The Length Of The Blade, Allowing It To Hug The Curvature Of The Windshield For A Smooth, Clean Wipe To Prevent Streaking

  •  Features Proprietary Climate Defense Technology, Providing Protection From Long-Term Exposure to Harsh Environmental Conditions

5. Eantac All Season Quiet Windshield Wiper

Eantac comes with 1 piece passenger side and a one-piece driver side which is quick and easy to install at home within minutes. It is more efficient and has longer use.

Don’t need to replace the wipers for up to 6 months. It provides and exceeds OEM safety and durability standards. also provides a clearer vision. the better glass fit provides better cleaning and the unique rubber material brings stronger cleanness. It makes driving safer and more assured.

This quiet windshield wipers are engineered for durable wiping in extreme weather conditions and ultimate performance in all weathers. Its classic design reduces noise and friction. It comes with a Streamline design that reduces air resistance.


  • It provides OEM safety and durability standards
  • Provides more safety and a more assured ride
  • Classic design reduces noise
  • the Streamline design helps to reduce air resistant
  • EANTAC wiper blade provide 1 pc driver side and 1 pc passenger side wiper.Quick and easy Install at home in minutes.

  • No need to replace up to 6 months.Wiping durability testing more than 1 million times of wiping,meets or exceeds OEM safety and durability standards.

  • Better glass fit brings better clean and Unique rubber material brings stronger clean,make driving safer and more assured.

  • :Engineered for durable wiping in extreme weather conditions,for ultimate performance in all weathers.

Changing The Windshield Wiper

If you’re dealing with the car for the first time then you need to deal with certain maintenance tasks which you have never dealt with before. This consists of learning how to replace the windshield wiper blades.

Replacing the blades is simple and quick you don’t need a mechanic or any tools to do it. After getting your wipers you need to check to ensure you got the right size. Wipers should have the length listed on the package or imprinted on the wipers.

  • Check the wiper blade length in the vehicle owner’s manual and you need to follow these simple steps.
  • Turn off the car and keep it in the park
  • Find unlatching mechanism for the wiper. Some have button or latch
  • After finding unlatching you need to unlatch the wiper blades
  • Remove the plastic from the new wipers
  • Latch the new wipers on the place
  • Turn on your car and test the wipers

How To Make Windshield Wiper Quieter

Replace The Wiper Blade

If your windshield wiper is producing noise then it’s always a better thing to replace that with a quieter one. You can also reduce the silicon-based wiper blades as they produced significantly less noise.

Clean The Blades

If you haven’t cleaned the blades for many days then it’s time to clean them thoroughly as dirt and debris in the blades can produce a loud noise. Ensure to clean the blades frequently as this will eliminate the noise.

Lubricate The Blades

Lubricate the blades with silicon-based lubricant. If the wiper blades are not lubricated for a long time they will be hardened and produce loud noise at the time of functioning as they become hard without lubrication.

Adjust The Blades

Adjust the angle of the blades if the angle is not in the correct position then make sure to adjust that because they will produce if they are too close to the windshield which will lead to noise.

Check Wiper Arm

check with the wiper arm if it’s loose or damaged it will produce excessive noise inspect the wiper and fix it. You can take the help of a professional or do it by yourself.

How To Make Windshield Wiper Quieter ( Infographics)

quiet windshield wiper

Final Thought On Quiet Windshield Wiper

Windshield wipers are made to keep the windshield clean so that you can focus on the road. When the wiper starts to make a noise or grind as they move across the windshield then it distracts you from seeing through an unclear windshield.

Checking the windshield wipers is always a better choice because later they will start producing noise which will disturb you while driving and they will not wipe the windshield properly which will result in an unclean windshield and blurred view of the road.

You can avoid this problem by checking your windshield regularly if it shows you the signs of squeaking then it’s a signal that windshield wipers deteriorate.

If the wipers are torn then replace them with new wipers. You can choose winter blades that are made with toughened rubber that are long-lasting and premium beam-style wipers that are made with silicon. These are long-lasting and durable helping in reducing the squeaky noise on the windshield.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you, Also check out our blog on sound-deadening car spray.


What is the quietest wiper blade?

The best and quietest wiper blade is the Rain X silicon wiper blade. silicon wiper blades are expensive but it’s worth every penny you pay. it comes with a water-resistant coating that runs along with the glass.

How do I make my windshield wiper quieter?

clean the wipers with the help of baking soda, dishwasher, and warm water. mix this in a bowl and with a soft cloth clean the wiper. this is the way to make your windshield wiper quieter.

Why are my wiper blades so noisy?

the reason why your windshield wipers are so noisy is because of the dirt, mud, and sand on the road that get stuck in your windshield wiper which makes a squeaking noise. wash and rinse your wiper. then try out the wiper.

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