How to soundproof car floor
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If your car is a few years older and doesn’t have advanced technology which is provided in models of car to break noise then chances are your car makes noise on roads and sometimes vibrates.

While driving the continuous vibrations and sound will disturb you and don’t allow you to focus on driving the car smoothly and enjoy your music while driving. I know how annoying it becomes to tackle this while you are on a drive.

The vibrations and sound might be due to any reason but if your flooring is insulated then it reduces all the noise and absorbs the vibrations in the car.

It creates a lot of vibrations if your car is soundproof and it’s not insulated In the way that is needed to drive on the rough and harsh roads. Don’t worry in this guide I will walk you through how to soundproof your car floor and most importantly the material needed to soundproof.

Why You Need To Soundproof Car Floor

While driving and enjoying your weekend with family it becomes really annoying if the car makes vibrations and sound and drains your plans of listening to music and enjoying the drive. Right?

But Wait!! If you have a solution for this and you can enjoy the drive that sounds pretty good but How? You can simply soundproof your car floor because that’s the culprit in passing noise or vibrations in the car.

Most people don’t want to shed much money from their pocket to soundproof the car floor but they are Ok with spending a few dollars to solve this problem. The vibrations and sound transmitting through the floor will ruin your plans for a good drive.

That’s the reason it is important to soundproof car floor that will reduce noise don’t worry because it will not require much budget and excessive material to the soundproof car floor.

So it’s better late than never to soundproof the car floor for effective sound reduction and vibrations and helps you to have a peaceful ride and be safes from accidents.

Material To Use For Soundproof Car Floor

Let’s discuss some of the materials you needed for a soundproof car floor that helps in reducing and absorbing vibrations transmitting through the floor.

Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mat dampens the sound coming through the floor it is one of the effective ways to soundproof car floor and cheap as well it will not require much expense to soundproof with the help of this material.

Regardless of which sound deadening material, you use it always depends on how perfectly you cover the area of the floor with the sound deadening mats.

People only cover the passenger and driver footwells however for most effective results of sound deadening mats you need to cover the rear footwells and boots of the car for better results.

If you soundproof a van then you should cover a cargo space especially if it’s open cargo space for better effectiveness and sound blocking. Sound deadening mats are no doubts one of the best materials for the soundproof car floor.

I recommend using Siless liner sound deadening mats that help to reduce noise and vibrations also it’s excellent quality with less money if your running out of budget then this would be the right pick.

Dynamat Sound Deadening Mat

If you don’t want to deal with the cheap material anymore then you can go with the quality material that is dynamic sound deadener which is expensive and quality comes at its expensive.

Dynamat is the finest and best manufacturers which provides soundproofing material for cars, houses that reduce noise effectively. If you are ready to invest and want quality work then better pick dynamat sound deadener.

Installing this is very easy you need to just take off all the things from the floor and clean them with rubbing alcohol and peel the sound deadening mat and place them on the surface.

If you don’t want to shed money then better go with the normal sound deadening mats which are mentioned above. Now let’s get in the process of installing the sound deadening material on the car floor.

How To Soundproof Car floor

Now we have landed on the important part of this guide that is installing the sound deadening mat to the soundproof car floor. It’s simple and easy you don’t need a professional to do this.

Following some simple steps, you can soundproof your car floor. So let’s dive into the steps.

1. Clean The Car Surface

You need to clean the car surface so that all the dust of the car gets out and you can easily soundproof the car floor. If you have rust on the surface then you need to sand it down and if it’s more then you need to use a rust encapsulator.

To clean the surface you can use rubbing alcohol that will clean more effectively so that the sound deadening mats fix properly on the surface. If it’s not then soundproofing does not work effectively.

After installing the sound deadening mat you can’t take it off and clean so make sure you pay close attention while cleaning.

2. Prepare The Tools And Mats

Now you need to get the tools and sound deadening material. Don’t worry you just need a cloth and scissors if you have non-adhesive sound deadening mats then you don’t need adhesive.

Also, you need to get the roller to clear all the air bubbles by rolling in and out the sound deadening you can get the one for proper fixing the mat on the surface.

I would recommend FCHO sound deadening mats roller that will roll out all the air bubbles and fits the sound deadening mats on the surface.

After getting all the tools and sound deadening mats than you need to cut the sound deadening mats which is the next step.

3. Take Off Everything From The Car

Take off everything from the floor while taking off make a note or take video on your phone so that you don’t miss out on anything at the time of putting back.

If you have done this before then you don’t need to take a note that everything just flows in the process but if you’re doing this the first time then better make a note of the screws which are taken and keep them in a safe place until you put back.

4. Measure The Floor Of The Car

Measure the area of the surface for proper fixing of the sound deadening mat. Measure and note the area after that cut it with the scissor and fix it on the surface.

You need a simple measuring tape to measure the area of the surface and cut the sound deadening mat after cutting fix the mat on the surface and stick it with a type of adhesive.

5. Install The Sound Deadening Mat

Install the sound deadening mat on the floor of the car for soundproofing the surface it doesn’t matter which sound deadening mat you used as I mentioned how much you thoroughly cover the surface.

Peel off the sound deadening mat and paste on the floor if you don’t have an adhesive sound deadening mat then you need to use an adhesive to paste it on the surface.

After pasting the mat you need to roll with the roller so that all the air bubbles are clear for fixing it properly and rolling out and it will make the mat stick to the floor.

6. Put Back Everything

Put back everything on its the place now you need to take that note and video which you have a taken.

Final Thoughts On How To Soundproof Car Floor

Sound deadening mats are one of the effective and better ways to soundproof in a cheap way. If your running out of budget then this would be the right choice for you to soundproof the car floor.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while soundproofing is no matter which mat you use it depends on how well you cover the surface and always use a good quality mat.

Moreover choosing good quality sound deadening mat can be easy you can do it by reading the reviews on amazon and deciding which goes better. I hope that I have put light on the complete process of how to soundproof a car floor.

As recommended you can use dynamat sound deadening mat if you want a quality mat to soundproof a car floor but let me tell you it’s quite expensive but worth every penny spend.

If you liked this then let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our blog on How to soundproof car trunks.


Do floor mats reduce noise in car?

Yes! thin floor mats are effective to reduce noise in the car. they are thin and provides density to the floor and absorb the sound transmitting through the car floor.

Do rubber mats reduce noise?

Rubber flooring is one fo the best sound absorbing material. Consider floor mats that are thick and durable rubber mats for floor soundproofing and when cost, comfort and efficiency is the concern.

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