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Barn doors are the new trend nowadays as they add an attractive look to the house and are fun to use. Despite the look and attractiveness, they add to your house there is a downside to barn doors a lot of noise transmits through them.

Barn doors are made of wood which is a solid material to dampen the noise despite their cool look and hardcore material they fail to keep the noise at bay due to the spaces around them.

If you have a barn door in your home that you love but the noise transferring through it is what drives you insane. Suppose you’re wondering if there are solutions to reduce this noise.

Yes, there are solutions to soundproof barn doors with inexpensive ways to help you eliminate the noise transferring through the barn door. By Implementing some of the ways mentioned below you can soundproof barn doors without giving up on aesthetics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barn doors provide a beautiful look to home but the downside is their spaces that transmit noise.
  • Soundproof barn doors can significantly reduce noise creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.
  • By using effective soundproofing techniques and soundproofing material you can soundproof barn doors.
  • Soundproofing a barn door will keep up the aesthetics and reduce the noise on the go.

Material Of Barn Doors

The most common type of material used for barn doors is wood variety and you can find barn doors made of wood, metal, and glass. Your barn door may have a solid core or hollow. 

The hollow barn doors are popular for hanging slide doors and are lighter making them less expensive. These doors have synthetic core materials and wood to make them less dense.

Solid-core barn doors are not completely made of solid wood. Their cores are made up of various layers of material. The more heavier the solid core is the more effective it becomes as a sound barrier.

How To Soundproof Barn Doors

There are a few methods that will help in soundproofing barn doors. However, this will help you drastically reduce the level of sound. Keep in mind that this method will reduce noise but it will not eliminate all noise. Implementing combinations of methods will drive results in soundproofing barn doors.

1. Install Weatherstripping

Installing Weatherstripping on the barn door will work well in blocking out the noise and they are a cheap way to soundproof barn door

You need to purchase a weatherstrip and place it on the jamb of the door. It’s quite easy to set up within minutes you can complete the setup as the process of installation is straightforward.

Weatherstripping is the process of sealing the doors, windows, and car from the outside which acts as a great soundproof barrier reducing the transmission of noise as they have acoustic benefits.

Apply weather strip on the top bottom and sides of your door where there are gaps. If you are concerned with the color taking off from the door with the weatherstripping worry not there are a lot of different color varieties you can choose a strip that matches your barn door. Ensure to leave space for the free moving of the barn door while installing weatherstripping.

They are meant to protect noise, rain, and water from getting into the space.

They act as the sound absorbent. Weatherstrips are made up of material like fiberglass, which is effective in blocking out noise.  The new models of weatherstrips are soundproof.

2. Hang Soundproof Curtains

A simple and effective way to soundproof a barn door is to hand soundproof curtains as they dampen the noise that is transmitting through the door.

Soundproof curtains have a layer of insulation that will protect them from harmful UV rays and direct sunlight also it is one of the cheapest and best solutions for soundproof windows and curtains.

Soundproof curtains are made up of dense sound-dampening fabric that will absorb the soundwaves reducing the transmission through your barn door. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. It’ll not be difficult for you to find the one for your barn door.

Soundproof curtains are one of the best solutions for different types of sound. 

Ensure to get a thicker layer of soundproof curtains the thicker the layer is the denser it will block out the noise. Keep in mind to get the appropriate size, measure the door size before purchasing the soundproof curtains. If the door size is larger than the curtains you can hang curtain panels side by side for complete coverage of the barn door.

If you want to maximize the soundproofing consider installing double soundproof curtains that hand one over another this will create a solid sound barrier for the transfer of noise through the barn door.

The installation process is pretty straightforward attach a rod on the top of the barn door and in the case of double panels hand double curtain rod. After attaching the rod hang the curtains. When you want to block the noise slide the curtains and when the noise is not bothering you slide the curtains to the side.

Recommended are RYB soundproof curtains they are thermal insulated for noise blocking.

3. Install Door Sweep 

One of the major culprits in transmitting the noise through the barn door is the large gap that lies underneath them. Soundwaves can easily be transmitted through gaps entering the room.

To eliminate the sound that is entering through the barn door, cover the gap so you can attach a door sweep to the bottom of the door. Ensure to measure the bottom of the door to purchase the door sweep.

A temporary solution to reduce the noise would be to roll a thick fabric and place it on the front of the door when it is closed. But this would be not as effective as a door sweep.

The door sweep will conceal the bottom blocking the noise that will enter through the bottom. 

These will eliminate the unwanted noise that is transmitted through the barn door improving comfort. Installation of door sweep is pretty straightforward.

4. Hang Soundproof Blanket

The other inexpensive method is to purchase a soundproof blanket and place it behind the door they are effective in blocking out noise in the room. These are designed for noise reduction and can easily hang over the barn door.

The thick and dense material of the blankets absorbs and dampens the soundwaves, effectively minimizing noise leakage. Soundproof blankets are available in various sizes and can be customized to fit your barn door.

If you don’t want to burden your pocket with replacing a new door with an existing one then a soundproof blanket would be the ideal option for the soundproof barn door.

Placing the soundproof blanket on the barn door will block out noise and make the carbon soundproof with its soundproofing properties it’s a proven technique that will help in maintaining a quieter space.

5. Hire A Professional

These might cost you more but hiring a professional is worth and there are a lot of benefits. It might look like DIY but minor variations in the fitting and installation will make a whole lot of difference to soundproofing.

Ensure that your door is made up of solid-core wood which will unlock its soundproofing capabilities. Professional help will save a lot of time and energy by minimizing your efforts the professional will take up the activity.

These will not ruin the barn door as someone who doesn’t know how to install might ruin the task so it is recommended to seek professional help.

Final Thoughts On Soundproof Barn Door

Barn doors will provide an attractive look to your home as it has a downside primarily sounds that travel through it. By using one or two combinations of ways you can soundproof the barn door.

Implementing the techniques mentioned above will drastically reduce the noise transmitted through the barn door. You can make your space quieter by simply soundproofing the barn door. Keep in mind to get a solid wood core barn door as it acts as a great sound barrier.

Investing in soundproof barn doors not only improves acoustic insulation but also adds value and functionality to your barn door. It helps minimize disturbance from outside noise sources helping you to do your task uninterruptedly.

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How do you silence a barn door?

. Install weatherstripping
. Hang soundproof curtains
. Install door sweep
. Install soundproof blanket on door

Do barn doors have gaps?

Yes, they have gaps as they hang from a track outside the room covering the doorway but leaving gaps at the sides between the wall and door.

Are barn doors a good idea?

Barn doors are easy to install and customize and they can free up the floor space that would otherwise be needed for conventional doors. This makes a rolling barn door a great option for small spaces like bathrooms or hallways that can be easily blocked by a door that swings open.

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