soundproof garage workshop

If you full fledge carpenter who earns a living or a passionate carpenter who works part-time you need a workshop to keep all your tools in place and most people choose a garage.

The garage is one of the places to keep everything in place and most of the carpenters think working in the garage as it’s completely empty and placing a workshop will be easy.

Have you ever thought about how it impacts people around you when you step into the workshop? Just thinking about your saw and tools will make them scared of the noise and they will run after searching for things to cover their ears.

What if you can step into your workshop at any point in time day or night? And not to think about disturbing your neighbors or family members.

At one point you might have gotten sick with constant complaining from the neighbors and family members about the loud noise. I know you would have searched a lot on how to reduce the noise.

But some things work and some might not work. soundproof garage workshop will help in completely reduce the noise and you can step into your garage workshop anytime.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of the ways to soundproof garage workshops that will reduce the noise and make your work easier with the harsh noise of the tools your family and neighbors will not be exposed to the noise.

Why You Need A Soundproof Garage Workshop

A garage has much wider space that’s the reason many people choose a garage as a workshop and there is plenty of reason you might want to soundproof it. Many people use garages as home theatres, recording studios, workshops, home offices, etc…

Due to the noise of the tools and machinery, you use the neighbor’s and family members’ complaints a lot, and at one point in time, you will get sick with the constant complaints.

I have tried many things to reduce the noise and a lot of DIY tips but nothing worked better so eventually, I decided to soundproof the garage workshop and got all the things required, and believe it or not this works so well.

On the other hand, I was able to focus on the work more deeply as the outside noise was completely blocked and work was done in less time because of fewer distractions.

There are plenty of reasons for a soundproof garage, no matter for what purpose you want to soundproof one way or the other you want to turn it into a quieter place.

How To Soundproof Garage Workshop: 9 Effective Ways

Now let’s get into some of the effective ways to soundproof garage workshops. Here are some of the methods you can try out to make your garage workshop soundproof.

1. Install Drywall

Installing drywall is one of the best choices for a soundproof garage workshop. But have you ever thought about why this works and why it is important to install the drywall? Drywall cover all the cavities.

Drywall makes your wall two times denser which will soundproof the garage workshop. It’s one of the strong barriers that block out noise that transmits in the garage.

Installing drywall is not that difficult also talking about the cost it’s not much expensive. You can install drywall on top of the ceiling it works pretty well on the top. It will create a high density that will eventually block out noise.

We can also install additional layers of drywall for more effective results.

It will create an air pocket between the walls and block out sound waves traveling through them. Also if you are satisfied with the single layer of drywall that will be good enough.

Cut the drywall in the frame size of the wall and mark each point on the wall you’re expecting to place the drywall for the perfect fit.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the drywall.

Now your neighbors making noise you are directly not connected to that the neighbor’s wall vibrating will not affect your wall because it will vibrations will not pass through the drywall.

There is no direct wall-to-wall connectivity for transmitting sound waves or noise. Now you can easily focus on your work in the garage workshop.

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2. Install Acoustic Foam Panels

If you live near a busy street then acoustic panels are one of the best solutions for blocking out noise. mostly this is used by recording studios and home studios for blocking out echoes.

When it comes to soundproofing garage workshops the first solution you will find on the internet is acoustic panels. But have you ever thought will this work?

If you’re a carpenter who works in the garage with all tools then you might be sick of the complaining neighbors. Don’t worry the problem has come to an end.

Acoustic panels are easy to install you just need to hang with the hook that comes along the pack it catches sound waves and absorbs them before it catches off the wall.

Here are steps on how to install acoustic panels

  • Wipe the wall with a clean cloth or rag so that all the dust is wiped out.
  • Measure the size of the wall and compare that with acoustic panels for perfect fitting.
  • Cut the acoustic panel with a knife or cutter to turn that into the size of the wall for a perfect fit.
  • Mark the measurement on the wall for perfect fitting of the acoustic panel and to avoid misplacing.
  • Put adhesive on the back of the acoustic panel. If you have already got the adhesive acoustic panels then skip this part.
  • Press gently for 30 seconds until it feels comfortable to leave it and until it is settled with the wall.
  • Repeat the process until the whole wall is covered with acoustic panels.

Now you have successfully installed the acoustic panels for the soundproof garage workshop.

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3. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

The primary thing to create a strong barrier to noise is to increase the mass and density of the wall by adding an extra layer of mass-loaded vinyl on the wall.

Mass-loaded vinyl is a thin flexible and high STC especially used for blocking out sound waves and noise transmission. It is made up of synthetic plastic material.

MLV doesn’t absorb the sound waves as it has a reflective surface but it will effectively block out the sound waves passing through the wall. It will add an additional layer to the wall which makes a strong barrier against the sound.

Moreover one of the best things about mass-loaded vinyl is its thickness and mass ratio. Everything which is thicker has mass but this is not with vinyl it has the best thickness-to-mass ratio.

Because of its best thickness, it is recommended for soundproof garage workshops and the ability to cover the entire wall and insulate.

Here are some of the steps to install MLV

  • Cut the MLV sheet with the proper size of the wall and make sure to pay close while marking the size on the sheet if it goes wrong then the material will be wasted.
  • Start from the top of the wall to get a better idea of which side is fitting well and to get a good finishing.
  • Apply the MLV on the top corner and from there roll down the sheet to the bottom for complete insulation.
  • If you want to add the additional layer of MLV you can do that for effective results.

Here is my recommendation for mass-loaded vinyl it is a bit more expensive than the other sheets of MLV but it’s worth spending for a soundproof garage workshop.

  • Use for soundproofing basement, conference room.....

  • Durable and flexible

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4. Install Rubber Mats

Now that you know soundproofing a garage workshop requires not only windows or doors but it includes ceilings and flooring. After soundproofing every part of the garage you will notice the effect of soundproofing.

One of the secrets of soundproofing a floor is not just soundproofing but what material you’re using to soundproof and how effective it is to reduce the vibrations.

Something that will bring vibrations to a minimum is effective enough. What will be the best way to reduce the vibrations than to use some soft materials and let the floor vibrations reduce?

Rubber mats are one of the best solutions that I have picked for soundproof garage workshops as they will be thicker and denser enough to absorb the vibrations passing through the machine.

A little bit less expensive and good enough for your machine are some of the rubber wheels for the machine. They will let your machine vibrations lose a little bit of power before it touches the floor.

You can combine both and use them for more effective results they will reduce the vibrations of the machine and make the floor soundproof which will help you to work effortlessly without vibrations.

5. Use Weatherstrip

There are gaps and cracks in the doors that will leak the noise and if the air can pass easily the sound can also pass into the room.

You can use weatherstrip tape or caulking for filling the gaps and cracks in the window this is effective in filling the gaps in the window and it is not that expensive. You can soundproof garage workshop by filling all the small or big cracks and gaps in the windows.

Sometimes without our knowledge, the door frames have cracks and when you touch them you can feel that it has cracked we often ignore thinking it’s not that deep but it will start transmitting noise.

Another important part of the door is the bottom door and it’s the real culprit in passing the noise in the room. No matter how when you have placed the doors and if they are old or new bottom always has a place where the noise easily travels in the room.

To cover the bottom use weatherstrip which will block out the noise traveling through the bottom installing weather strips on doors is pretty easy you don’t need experts’ help.

Weatherstrip can be used both on the doors and windows that will help you to seal the cracks and gaps in the garage and close the cracks which are leaking sound.

How to Install Weatherstrip On Doors

  • Clean the door and take all the tools that are copping saw, hacksaw, and hammer.
  • Check for loose hinges and tighten them.
  • Take the measurement of the door bottom.
  • Cut the weatherstrip and place it.
  • Cut the extra edges of the weatherstrip
  • Nail the final piece of the weatherstrip.
  • Foam seal tape..

  • The foam weatherstrip tape can be used for door weather strip and window..

  • The foma tape is weatherproof, corrission-resistant..

  • The high density self-adhesive weatherstrip is made from CR foam...

6. Install Soundproof Blanket

Soundproof blankets are one of the most effective solutions to soundproof garage workshop. It will reduce 80% of the noise as the main purpose is to absorb the noise as much as possible.

It is a convenient way to soundproof garage workshop. If you don’t want to spend much on soundproofing the entire garage then a soundproof blanket is the ideal choice to reduce noise in the garage.

The soundproof blanket’s outer layer is made up of fabric that will trap the noise and absorb the noise passing through the wall. It will absorb up to 80% of the noise.

By combining soundproof curtains and a soundproof blanket you will double the layer of the wall which will absorb all the noise transmitting through the wall and makes a soundproof garage workshop.

You need to cover the full length and width of the wall for effective sound absorption and for soundproofing  garage workshop effectively.

  • Wooven cotton, polyester

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7. Use Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint is water-based which makes the cracks thicken. Now you would be thinking does soundproof paint really work in soundproofing the wall? It will work pretty well in reducing the noise transmitted through the neighbors.

Soundproof paint is mixed with latex that makes the cracks and gaps thicken which will reduce the noise. you don’t have to completely rely on soundproof paint and if you’re redecorating your house then I would recommend soundproof paint.

Moreover, soundproof paint is thicker than regular paint. It will give you all the benefits of soundproofing if you’re looking forward to a soundproof garage workshop.

It will reduce the noise and provide thermal insulation but you need to pay close attention to one point soundproof paint should not be the only thing that you use to soundproof.

There are a lot of materials for a soundproof garage therefore soundproof paint is much more effective with soundproof materials like acoustic panels, and rugs which will reduce noise effectively.

You can check out the guide on soundproof paint.

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8. Seal All the Cracks And Gaps

Gaps and cracks are the real culprits in passing the noise through the wall. This has been noticed several times that gaps and cracks unfilled will pass the noise and walls have gaps and cracks in the center or sides of the walls.

There are many reasons for appearing gaps and cracks and the main reason is if you have constructed your house years ago. But this is not the only exception it might be due to many other reasons.

You need to find out the spots and fill that gaps and cracks for a soundproof garage workshop. Therefore you can find out those spots by getting up at night and closing your light and making sure your neighbor’s light is on then you will spot the cracks and gaps by the light coming from another side.

Those are the spots you need to fix first you can use acoustic sealant or caulk to fill up the cracks and gaps. Sound travels through air therefore sealing all the cracks and gaps is necessary for a soundproof garage workshop.

Most people don’t pay much attention to gaps and cracks thinking they are tiny and unbothered with the noise they transmit believe it or not they are real culprits in passing the noise in the garage.

  • Easy application

  • Seals and dries withing minutes

  • Can be used for layers...

9. Use Insulation

Insulation material is chosen to reduce the noise in the garage. It will fill all the cavities through which the noise is transmitted and provide high density.

The higher the density the more noise it will absorb. Insulation material is one of the cheap and effective methods to soundproof garage workshop.

Insulation material works pretty well in reducing the noise in the garage. You don’t have to spend much on drywall and resilient channel which will put a burden on your pocket.

Insulation is one of the cheapest and best ways to opt for a soundproofing garage workshop. If you don’t want to put the burden on your pocket then this will be the go-to way for soundproofing.

I recommend using the natural cotton insulation multipurpose insulation material by frost king.

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  • Safe Alternative- No gloves, Face mask or goggles needed..

  • Cut or rip to fit pipes, ducts, walls and much more..

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Is It Worth Soundproofing Garage Workshop?

Everyone should soundproof a garage workshop regardless of what they use the garage for. It is better to have a quiet space in the home where you can peacefully carry out your work without disturbing anyone.

It makes sense to spend some extra money on a material that can provide more quieter space and peace. Generally, the Garage is noisy spending a few bucks and a little treatment will make it a better space which will make a big difference in the place.

Let’s just accept the fact that nobody like to be resident in a neighborhood that will constantly make noise in the garage whenever they into the garage doing things as the noise will be transmitting easily because of the void.

Your family members will be complaining about the constant noise they will hear when you step in the garage. No matter what you turn your garage into. It’s better to make it soundproof as it will benefit you anyway.

It’s worth a soundproofing garage workshop regardless of anything you use it for. The external noise will be blocked when you soundproof it and noise will be reduced and peaceful work can be done without causing any disturbance to you and others.

Final Thought On Soundproof Garage Workshop

Soundproof garage workshop will let to work anytime without disturbing anyone and neighbors not complain will be an absolute peace which helps in focusing on work.

There are many ways that I have discussed in this guide. You can use multiple ways like combinations of MLV and additional layers of MLV for effective results.

You can try out multiple ways at one time that will have effective noise blocking in the garage workshop. Make sure you start with the basic and small things like sealing all the cracks and gaps as they are major sources of noise transmitting in and out of the garage.

Then you can start with the doors and windows followed by the walls and flooring of the garage. When it comes to walls I recommend using acoustic panels as they are one of the best solutions for soundproofing.

I hope I have shed light on the complete soundproofing of the garage workshop for a quiet space and working without external noise and not disturbing anyone with the sound of the tools.

If you got any value from this guide share it with friends who need it. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our guide on how to soundproof floors in an apartment.


Can you fully soundproof a garage?

Soundproofing is like waterproofing. to soundproof the room fully you need to soundproof walls, ceiling, and floor. doors and air vents need to be considered. Any air gaps need to be considered. As sound will find the weak points and get in through.

Can I soundproof my garage cheaply?

Use soundproof curtains
Use soundproof panels
Acoustic Panels
Carpets to absorb noise on the floor.
Resilient channel

How do I reduce noise in my garage workshop?

1. Use absorptive material within the building to reduce reflected sound, eg insulation material.
2. Keep noisy machines away from the quieter space.
3. Keep noisy things out of the workshop and soundproof the complete garage starting from floor to ceiling.

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