how to fix lifter ticking noise
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While driving if your receive some noise from the car then that’s a normal thing but if this noise is constant and it may cause damage to the internal parts of the car.

Did you ever think about why this noise is produced and what causes this noise? Maybe your car pushrod, lifter, valve, or any other part got damaged that resulting in noise.

Most of the time we ignore this thinking that it might be due to harsh roads but if you don’t work on this problem it may cause serious damage to the car especially your lifter tick.

If the lifter tick is producing noise then it will cost you more and you have to pay higher in the long run due to the serious damage and penalty will also be imposed because of the noise according to the law.

If you have a problem with the lifter and if it’s producing noise then the limited level then you need to pay more. That’s why you need to fix the lifter tick and make it quiet.

But how to do this what is the procedure for doing this? which part is the cause of the noise? there are many questions related to this but I will walk you through the complete guide on how to fix noisy lifter tick.

So stick with me to know everything and make sure you don’t skip any part because you will miss out on the procedure. Let’s dive into it.

What Is Lifter?

The lifter is a cylindrical shape part inside of your engine that is about a finger size they have tiny holes that allow oil to lubricate in the cylinder and pass oil in the cylinder. The lifter raises the pushrod and rocker arm that is a thick metal bar up to the top of the valve.

Lifter work to keep the engine as quiet as possible but if they are not quiet then something isn’t right. You need to make the lifter quiet.

Hydraulic lifters are the most common lifter that you will find in the engine they tend to compromise on speed sometimes also they are self-adjustable so you need to manually adjust the pushrods.

The lifter is the critical part of the car so it should be working well for the good condition of the car.  because the car engine is an important part of the car that should be maintained well for better efficiency and durability.

If the hydraulic ticker is not working well then you need to face many problems like engine valve and other issues.

That’s the reason a car engine requires critical maintenance so that it will retain the best performance and works well in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

This will help you to control the combustion process to save fuel and works well without any issue in the lifter.

Why Is The lifter Tick Noisy?

If you face the problem with the lifter noise then you need to know some of the causes of the lifter tick with help produce noise because it will help you to eliminate noise by working on that part.

Identifying which part makes the most noise is Important and some of the common causes of this are below.

1. Faulty Lifter Or Poor Quality

When your driving and lifter produces noise especially if your driving your car at a high speed then suddenly lifter produces a loud noise that is the result of the poor quality lifter.

On the other hand, it will be due to a faulty lifter which will produce noise while passing through the speed breaker. You need to check whether you have a faulty or poor-quality lifter.

If so then you need to replace it because it will damage the car’s internal parts so working on this is important to reduce noise.

2. Dirt In The Engine Oil

How frequently do you drive your car? if you’re a person who drives your car every morning to go to the office then when you start a car it will charge engine oil.

This will take place every day and if you’re driving your car mostly then this will happen very frequently. The dirt gets into the engine oil which will cause your lifter tick to produce noise.

When you start your car this will charge engine oil and catches dust and gets into the engine oil so make sure you shed it out for reducing noise and making your lifter quiet.

3. Faulty Valve Lifter

If you noticed your valve lifter? Due to poor maintenance of the car, the valve lifter is damaged and if you ignore this it will be permanently damaged.

This takes place because of the low-quality engine oil that will damage the engine oil and this will happen regularly it will choke the valve lifter which will start producing noise and after some time it will stop working.

The reason why your lifter is producing noise is because of the faulty valve lifter that is choked with low-quality engine oil.

4. Lifter Not Properly Aligned

If the lifter is not aligned properly then it will produce noise. when the lifter absorbs the heat it will expand and get penetrated. If you want the lifter valve to stop producing ticking noise.

Then you need to give it good spacing from the rocker arm, camshaft, and pushrods which will help in balancing the lifter properly.

If you don’t give the spacing then it will produce noise by moving on the speed breakers because you have not aligned properly with the support.

5. Damaged Push Rods

A pushrod is one of the important parts of the engine. It connects with the rocker arm. So that it can open and intake the exhaust to pass the air in the combustion chamber.

This process will help in working the engine properly but if the pushrod is bent too hard then it will produce noise and result in damaging the pushrods.

So make sure your pushrods are not bent too hard it will be damaged that will produce noise.

6. Low Oil

Do you check the engine oil level? If not then you need to check the regularly your engine oil for lubrication inside the engine.

Then you may face the issue of excess dirt in the engine oil. The lifter needs oil to maintain lifting power. So make sure you have a proper level of engine oil.

7. Loose Components Of The Engine

Have you noticed the components of the engine which make the noise constantly because the components are loose which produces the noise.

If you want to fix the lifter noise then you need to screw up the loose components of the engine.

8. Old Vehicle

How long have you been using your car? if it’s a long time since you bought your car then this would be the reason for ticking lifter noise.

If you’ve been using the car for a long time then you have to replace the car with a new car because after servicing your car completely if the lifter is producing noise then it’s time to get a new car.

So lifter noise can’t be reduced if your car is old the solution pertaining to this is getting a new car.

There are some common causes of the noisy lifter tick that can be fixed. Now let’s jump into how to fix a noisy lifter tick.

How To Fix A Noisy Lifter Tick In The Car

if you have not fixed anything in your before then don’t worry this is not so hard to understand and do you just need to follow simple steps. Let’s get into it.

1. Changing The Engine Oil

As I have said earlier wrong or low-level engine oil is the cause of lifting tick in the car. that’s the reason if you think that engine oil is the cause for this then change the engine oil.

This is simple if you haven’t done it earlier then all you need is to jack up your car carefully and unclog and drain the oil in the container. Take the filter out and install it again once the oil is drained out.

Changing the engine oil will help you to shed out all the dust from the oil and new oil will help in reducing the noise. there you go your lifter tick is fixed with the oil.

2. Buy New Engine Oil Filter

Most of the time when you are driving a car with low engine oil then the lifter is damaged permanently which produces lifter noise because it’s not getting enough lubrication.

You need to get the new engine oil filter don’t worry it’s simple and easy at the time of changing engine oil when you take off the filter at the time of reinstalling just put back the new filter.

The engine oil filter will fix your lifter tick noise and help you  to drive peacefully.

3. Clean With Oil Additives

Sometimes we use the wrong engine oil that will damage the lifter and it will start producing ticking noise. some people may find changing oil a difficult task.

But I have got the alternative for you just use oil additives it will make the oil thin which helps in better flowing and not choking the filter. Oil additives will clean and the flow of the air will be smooth.

Adding the oil additives will make your task easier you don’t have to change the oil just adding it will flow the oil in smooth and makes the oil thin.

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4. Adjust The Valve Filter

When the excessive adds to the other parts of the car it will damage the lifter that’s why the lifter starts producing ticking noise. if you’re facing a problem with the valve filter.

Then it’s time to replace the valve filter it will cost you around $300-$1000 depends on the car model and the quality. You can also adjust it but changing it with the new one is the right thing.

5. Replace The Pushrods

If you find any bend or faulty pushrod then you need to rep[lace it with a new one because if they are bend they will produce ticking noise. so check if the pushrods are in a straight position.

If Pushrods are bend that indicates that you need to replace them and you have heavy-handed with the gas pedal. It will cost you around $20 which is good.

Now, this is not a hassle you just need to unscrew the rocker arm and take out the pushrods and see if any of them are bent by rolling on the flat surface.

If you find this difficult then you can get a mechanic to do this work. if the pushrods are ignored then it will cause serious damage to the engine. So it’s better to replace.

6. Replace With New Lifters

You can replace the lifters with the new one it will cost you around $20 but expect them in pack because most people need to replace more than one lifter. So the whole pack will cost you around $200-$400. It depends on the car model.

If the lifter is not aligned properly and if there is poor spacing then it will produce poor ticking noise and sometimes it’s better to replace the lifter with the new one.

Sometimes instead of aligning it will produce ticking noise so in this situation, the best option is to go with the new one. If you want to replace you can use some of the tools for removing the lifter without removing the whole engine.

I would recommend using the Performance tool hydraulic valve lifter remover.

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Final Thoughts On How To Fix Lifter Ticking Noise

If the lifter noise is constant then it becomes annoying and sometimes ruined your ride. This is the common problem seen in most cars but if you ignore this noise then it will become a bigger one and damage other parts of the car.

That’s why if you don’t want to get trapped in this problem then it’s better to fix this problem before it gets too late. Then removing this issue is the primary thing.

You don’t need to worry about how to do this and how you can fix the lifter ticking noise just analyze why the lifter is producing ticker or tapping noise.

After analyzing the problem then you need to start fixing it as I have mentioned above some of the steps to fix a lifter ticking noise if you don’t want to do this then you can get the help of a mechanic.

Taking the help of the mechanic will cost you but it will also save you a lot by eliminating problems with the others part of the car engine.

Now you will be able to drive peacefully without lifter ticking and tapping noise. you can enjoy the long drive with family and leave the worries of lifter ticking noise.

If you liked it let us know we would love to hear from you also check out our article on how to soundproof the car floor.


Does lifter tick go away?

After you change the oil let the car run for half an hour for proper flow of the oil if the lifter tick is because of oil then it will go away after the proper flow of oil in the system.

Can lifter tick damage your engine?

Lifter tick producing noise will vary. it will last from a few moments to the full time of a motor running. if you don’t care about it on time your engine will get serious damage and you will end up with other damaged parts.

Can you replace just one lifter?

No, you do not have to replace all the lifters but I would recommend you to do. just open the engine and replace it. it will be good to replace all the lifters at once. there will not be any problem with any lifter if you change all at one go.

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