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When driving the car it produces tremendous noise which will ruin the long drive and doesn’t allow you to focus on the road while driving and it may lead to accidents.

While driving you cannot talk to the person next to you and if you want to talk you need to shout and talk so that they can hear you I know it becomes annoying as we don’t.

This noise will annoy you and cause a lot of pain to the ears of you and the people who are there in the car. if you love spending time in the car the noise will get on your nerves.

That’s the reason it becomes necessary to soundproof your car because it becomes much easier for you to tackle this noise produced by the car and there are a lot of things that are contributing to this noise in the car.

There are a lot of benefits of soundproofing a car as it will improve the acoustics in the car and make you more manageable on the road while driving.

Soundproofing is necessary to tackle this noise drive peacefully and enjoy the drive. In this guide, I will walk you through some of the ways to soundproof a car.

Why You Need To Soundproof A Car

There are a lot of things that are contributing to the noise in the car the first and foremost step you need to do is find out where the noise is coming from that’s the real culprit which is passing noise in the car.

Sometimes the noise is produced because of the engine because there are no quiet engines no matter which car you have irrespective of whether the engine motor makes a noise that’s the reason a soundproofing engine is necessary.

Tires are another source that is contributing to the noise in the car and this could be an issue that is resulting in the noise and dealing with it becoming tough.

That’s the reason soundproofing your car becomes important because dealing with this noise every day becomes annoying when you go for a long drive with family or while returning from work this issue is important to tackle.

As mentioned above there are several ways to soundproof a car and I will lay down some of the ways which are effective and work well in reducing noise in cars.

8 Effective Ways To Soundproof A Car

There are many ways to soundproof a car it all depends on the time and money you invest and the results you expect from it. Let’s dive into ways to soundproof a car.

1. Install Sound Deadening Mats

Sound-deadening mats are one of the efficient and affordable ways to soundproof a car that not only reduces noise but also maintains the temperature in the car.

Most of the cars have floor mats that will catch the dirt that gets into the car but they don’t soundproof the car floor and reduce the vibration that the car engine or exhaust is producing.

Sound-deadening mats are placed on the front and back cabin floor to reduce the noise and vibrations produced by the engine. They are easy to install just take off the sound deadening and place it on the floor and you’re done.

If you don’t have adhesive sound-deadening mats then you should use adhesive but if they have adhesive then peel off and place them on the floor and you’re done.

Ideally, you should start soundproofing from the doors because they contribute a lot to transmitting noise in the car. If you are confused about which sound-deadening material you should go with then don’t worry I will shed light on this as well.

Some of the best sound-deadening material I would recommend Dynamat sound-deadening mats but if you don’t want to go with Dynamat then you can go with Kilmat or Noico these are some of the best sound-deadening mats.

2. Use Soundproof Car Spray

Soundproof car sprays are the best solution for hard-to-reach places and to fill up the gaps after installing the sound-deadening mats some places are uncovered in that case soundproof sprays are the ideal choice.

Some areas are not flat and too small gaps where the sound-deadening mats can’t reach sprays are best to fill out the uneven places. Soundproof spray materials are in aerosol cans that are easy to apply.

This also comes in professional cans but those require a compressor and paint for the application and that will consume a lot of time and effort. The surface you want to apply the soundproof spray must be cleaned thoroughly after that it is simple to use simply apply it like any other paint.

Soundproof sprays are effective in reaching small areas and hard-to-reach places. But don’t use spray on the entire cabin it will not be that effective use after installing sound-deadening mats it will be effective in reducing the noise and vibrations.

Using soundproof spray with sound-deadening mats will effectively reduce the noise and it is easy to use and requires no adhesive.

3. Replace Sealant On Doors And Windows

Another effective way to soundproof a car is to replace the sealant around your windows and doors. Even a small gap will transmit the noise in the car and replacing the rubber sealant will give good results in reducing the noise in the car.

If the rubber sealant around your windows and doors becomes a bit worse and torn due to sunlight and wear then it’s time to replace the sealant around the doors and windows.

Replacing the rubber sealant will mostly cut down the wind noise but you can’t do anything with the road and engine noise by replacing the sealant.

Installing rubber sealant on the doors and windows is easy. Just apply adhesive place the sealant press slightly and make sure you don’t shut the door till it gets dry.

4. Soundproof Car Trunk

While on a long drive if the car trunk produces noise then it will annoy you and the people in the car. it will distract you and you will not be able to focus on the road while driving.

If you’re facing the issue with the loud noise from the car trunk then you need to soundproof a car trunk. When you drive on the harsh road the noise will be even more.

If you have an electric car then the trunk will not produce noise and if you don’t have then it will obvious it produces noise and on the harsh roads, the noise will be louder.

It’s been a while since you bought the car and it’s obvious the car trunk will produce noise. there are three places where the noise is coming from mechanical parts, tires, and nature.

These are some of the places that are real culprits in passing the noise in the car and these places are mostly affected by the heavy winds, water, and rough roads.

For soundproofing the car trunk you need to install the insulation material by kilmat which is effective in reducing the road noise in the car trunk.

Check out the blog on how to soundproof a car trunk for installing the material.

5. Install Sound Deadening Material On Doors

Installing sound-deadening materials on the doors is one of the effective ways to soundproof a car and this should be the first step to do in soundproofing a car because doors are the real culprits in blocking the noise transmitting in the car.

When you love spending time in the car and get loud noise in the car through the doors and as well vibrations then it could ruin your drive and annoy and becomes necessary to soundproof car doors.

All you need to do is apply the material do that you need to take off the doors and clean thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and cloth because this is the part of the door where does not see the sunlight that’s the reason it catches most of the dust we need to clean it and apply the sound deadening material.

After cleaning the door panels thoroughly you need to cut the sound-deadening material according to the size of the door and then put adhesive and place the mat and level it with a roller for better sticking of the mat with a surface and to remove all the air bubbles.

You need to repeat this procedure for all four doors and you will be done with soundproofing the car doors.

Check out the detailed guide on sound-deadening car doors.

6. Check The Uneven Tire Wear

Tire noise is annoying and sometimes it becomes frustrating when you’re getting back from the office after a long day of work and as you sat in the car the tire started making noise.

This noise would be because of the uneven wear on the tire. Though tires don’t wear out evenly. It might be one or two tires that are torn and making noise that’s the reason you need to keep a check on tires as they are not safe on the road.

It’s normal for the tire to wear out after some time but sometimes pebbles will get stuck in the tear and damage it that’s the reason it will produce noise and vibrations. As well as cheap and low-quality tires also unaligned tires will have a similar effect.

Checking tires regularly and if they are torn then changing them will reduce the road noise and help you to drive peacefully and safely.

7. Install Acoustic Windshield Wipers

When you’re on a long drive the loud noise produced by windshield wipers will distract you and you are not able to concentrate on the road which keeps you away from enjoying the long drive.

Sometimes this noise is more than the speaker noise and it will take away your favorite music which is annoying and distracting. If you have a noisy windshield, then it’s time to replace it with a quiet one.

The advantage of quiet windshield wipers is you can drive in the morning or night without disturbing your neighbors. For replacing the wiper blade all you need to do is check the wiper blade length in the vehicle owner manual and you need to follow a few steps.

Then turn off the car and find an unlatching mechanism for the car some have a button or latch. After unlatching remove the plastic from the new wiper blades and latch the quiet wipers on the place. Now it’s time to turn on and check the wipers.

We have a detailed guide on quiet windshield wipers.

8. Install Acoustic Windshield

Are you fed up with the loud noise of the windshield while driving and you’re not focused throughout the drive because of loud windshield noise?

You might be thinking what would be the reason behind the noisy windshield? Then this happens if you have not serviced your car for a long time. If the same happens with you then you need to service your car.

The other reason would be the regular windshield most probably the windshield is the reason for loud noise and you need to replace the existing windshield with the acoustic windshield.

The acoustic windshield has acoustic film laminated on both sides of the windshield and if you’re wondering does it really works in blocking out noise then believe it or not this is the ideal choice for blocking out noise and making a soundproof car.

The new technology used in making this windshield states that it will block out inside and outside noise which your regular windshield fails to do. It will reduce the noise of the vehicle which reaches the noise level of 75db which is a very high noise level but the ideal noise level is 25db.

We have a detailed guide on acoustic windshields.

Final Thought On 8 Ways To Soundproof A Car

All these soundproof ways are effective in soundproofing a car no matter which you all are effective in blocking out noise and vibrations. Make sure you choose two or three ways at the same time for effective results.

Install and apply them at the same time because it will reduce the hassle and make your job easy and yet your soundproofing is done. Try out the combination of sound sound-deadening mat and soundproof spray for better results on soundproofing the car floor.

If you choose only one way to soundproof a car then it will effectively and can reduce noise by only few percent making your ride smoother and peaceful that’s the reason I recommend using a combination of ways to soundproof a car.

If you like it let us know we would love to hear from you and if you have any questions drop in the comment below. Also, check out our blog on how to reduce road noise in cars.


How can I make my car soundproof better?

you can use the same soundproof material that are available in the market and install it behind the dashboard, roof panels is the easiest way to improve car’s cabin quietness. it is cost you much.

Is soundproofing your car worth it?

Yes, speaking of the cost adding more sound deadening material to most car can cost anywhere between $100-$500 but adding the overall insulation and quietness it provides is pretty good and effective in reducing the noise.

Does spray on sound deadener work?

sound deadening spray reduces vibrations in two ways. first it adds mass to the surface making it heavier, thicker and harder to move. second the spray aborbs vibrations and kills sound waves because of it’s makeup.

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