how tp reduce traffic noise in my backyard
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Noise is increasing each passing day and it’s become more stressful for us to cope with this noise brings health issues with it stress, anxiety, or sleeplessness.

Do you like spending time in a backyard without the traffic noise and the sound of people’s conversations then it would be best to soundproof a backyard that will block out the noise in the backyard?

However, you’re not only the one facing this issue there is probably everyone who is facing this issue and finding a solution to get over this noise of the traffic.

I was also facing the same problem with the traffic noise in my backyard but after soundproofing, I’m relieved with this because I have installed the soundproof fencing in my backyard that will protect from unwanted traffic noise in my backyard.

The backyard is one of the precious areas of the entire house where you can relax after a long day at work with some refreshing air that is good for your health.

There are many ways to reduce noise in your backyard and in this guide I will share some of the best ways to soundproof a backyard and reduce the traffic noise and enjoy a cup of tea in the backyard or garden.

Type Of Noise You Will Receive In Backyard

The most common noise you will hear in the backyard is the traffic noise and it is one of the easiest sounds to deal with when soundproofing any space. But in the open space, there are other sounds as well like honking and sirens.

Moreover if your reduce noise in your backyard then you’ll have to deal with any sounds that are coming from nearby that could be a playground or a park then most likely you’ll hear the children laughing and shouting out of fun.

If your neighbors also have a yard then you will be hearing the roar of the lawnmower and if there is a yard then chances are pets could be there and not only neighbors but also pets noise you will hear regularly.

Eventually, you will hear the noise of the passing vehicles and you need to deal with noise produced by other people and animals and you will never be able to control noise coming from the outside property.

That’s the reason creating outdoor barriers like soundproof fences will end up reducing the noise in your backyard but it will not completely reduce the noise in your backyard. You’ll notice the difference once you install the soundproof fence or implement some of the ways which I will be sharing below.

8 Ways To Reduce Noise In Your Backyard

There are several ways to reduce traffic noise in your backyard but you don’t need to implement only one way you can apply more than one method for effective results which I will be sharing throughout the guide.

1. Build Your Wood Fence

If you want to reduce traffic noise in your backyard then the most obvious thing could be building a wood fence by yourself. The construction of the firm is more important than the material you choose to build the fence.

Let’s take the optimal design of the fence first you need to build a solid wall without any gaps. You can choose from the variety of timber and stacks the planks vertically or horizontally. If you end with the small gaps or cracks between the planks then fill them with wood putty.

After your are done with everything you need to treat the fence with waterproofing sealant and paint it. You can get everything needed for this project from the local store or home improvement store also you can purchase online.

However, if you don’t want to build the fence then you can get the readymade wood fence panels but it will not serve the height we established earlier as they are 8 feet long and 6 feet tall but there are ways to get around.

Wood isn’t the only option to reduce traffic noise in your backyard but when it comes to outdoor noise then the wood will effectively reduce the noise and there is a no better option to reduce outdoor noise in your backyard.

2. Construct A Brick Wall

If you like to have a more strong barriers against the noise in the backyard then constructing a brick wall could be the best choice between the mortar and brick the fence should be denser and massive enough.

There is one problem with this one as it will be more expensive project than creating a wood fence. First, you need to put the estimate of the overall cost of the material and encircle the complete backyard and then you need to hire a construction crew that will do the work.

If you have never done it before then you need to get a team of construction crew that will do the work for you. If you have a bigger backyard then probably more people will be required but if the backyard is small then one or two people could do it.

Constructing a wall around needs a permit depending on where you live. So you need to consult the neighborhood and go through the city codes before you start building a wall.

3. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl On Your Fence

Wood fencing doesn’t provide much mass or density that’s the reason using mass-loaded vinyl inside of the fence is the only way to add mass and density to the fence if you’re not building a brick wall.

Mass-loaded vinyl is an excellent sound blocking material for outdoor use. On the other hand, it is thin and durable which will not add bulk to the fence. As well the material is tough enough to handle all the weather conditions.

Coming to the installation process you need to need to measure the fence and there will be sections that are neat and clean where you can insert the mass-loaded vinyl sheets. Your initial measurements will be a square one that will allow you to get the exact match of the MLV you needed to complete the project.

After getting the MLV you can decide to staple, screw, or nail it to the fence. All you need to do is cut the material with the utility knife and attach it to the fence when you’re done you can add a layer of waterproof plywood to hide the black MLV but this step is completely up to you.

4. Get A Professional Acoustic Barrier

If you want a professional barrier to reduce traffic noise in your backyard then investing in an acoustic barrier is one of the best choices. Imagine having a soundproof fence that is made up of soundproof partitions that will block out the noise.

Make it weatherproof and taller than the average size of the cubicle divider. That’s what you’ll work on if you purchase acoustical fencing. The industry is not developed to the extent where you will be getting enough standardized products.

Most of the manufacturers in the market will let you choose between several of their designs and some of them even adjust to the final product. The acoustic barrier is more effective than the brick wall or any other ways to reduce traffic in your backyard.

Moreover acoustic fences reduce the noise by up to 20 decibels. As you know 10 decibels will represent a doubling of the noise. therefore reducing 20 decibels will make your yard four times quieter.

5. Make  Acoustic Fence

If you don’t want to pay for a professional acoustic fence then you can make your own fence. Your approach will be similar to the one you’ll do when soundproofing walls in your home. You need to use only weatherproof materials.

If you don’t have a tall fence then first you need to build a tall fence. Take all the materials and build it in a separate room as you will be having insulation stuff to avoid missing out on any of the material work in a separate room.

As it is just a fence you don’t need to use the same insulation material we will use in the home. Styrofoam will work quite well. After cutting the pieces of the Styrofoam according to the measurement of the fence slide them in place. When you have the whole section filled then put some expansion foam between the layers.

To prevent any air from passing through the fence you’ll be using expansion foam. Top everything with gypsum boards for exterior use to reduce traffic noise in your backyard.

After you finish nailing gypsum boards then apply acoustic caulk to fill up the gap and cracks which are passing then the noise in the backyard. After applying to caulk the final step is to apply plywood or vinyl siding or shingles for an attractive look of the backyard.

6. Install White Noise Machine

A white machine is one of the best way to reduce traffic noise in your backyard. It has a proximity quality that will change your mental focus and provide peace and releases stress.

White noise machines have a variety of natural soothing sounds such as brown noise, pink noise, white noise, and so on. You can use a water feature with a white noise machine combining these two will help you to relieve stress.

If you have a small white noise machine then make sure you keep it closer to the ears will work pretty well in relieving stress. Don’t worry it will not produce much noise which irritates you. Rather it will help you in reducing traffic noise in your backyard.

A white noise machine will help you in getting over the loud noise by providing natural soothing sound waves.

7. Use vegetation To Reduce Noise In Backyard

This is another way natural way to reduce traffic noise in your backyard without installing any fence. Many people use vegetation in their yards or gardens. Will this work? yes, it works because trees absorb the noise and vegetation falls under the same category.

People densely plant this and work hard to grow it fast as it will take around 5-6 months to grow. All the vegetation grows up and makes a denser layer around the backyard and reduces traffic noise in your backyard.

So if you’re planning to go with this method then make sure to plant them carefully around your backyard or garden as it requires care and hard work to grow.

If you living near a busy street then one lane of the vegetation will not be enough you need to plant at least 3 lanes for proper noise absorption. I would recommend using some trees inside and outside this would be best for the backyard. Make sure you leave some gaps between them as greenery needs air and oxygen to exist.

In this way, it will reduce traffic in your backyard and provide a refreshing environment where you can sit and relax with a cup of tea.

8. Plant More Trees And Grass In Your Yard To Reduce Noise

Natural things like trees and grass is plays important role in absorbing the noise as it is scientifically proven that they will absorb noise. when the noise will pass through the trees two things will take place first it will convert into heat and secondly, it will bounce back to its source.

This is right that trees absorb the noise and release the natural soothing white noise but this will depend on the type of trees you using in your backyard.

For example when the sound passes through the pine needles then the whooshing sound is produced, on the other hand, sound passes through the oak tree producing a rustling sound.

One of the drawbacks of this is it will take a long time to grow especially the oak tree but some trees grow more than a half meter in a year such as a pine tree.

So if you want to reduce traffic noise in your backyard with this natural method then you need to plant the pine tree and wait for it to grow and absorb noise effectively in the backyard.

Final Thoughts On How To Reduce Traffic Noise In Backyard

If your living near a busy street then will get quite difficult to bear this traffic sound. When the same frequency of noise is received again and again it gets really annoying.

Eventually, this sound will lead to mental issues as it will increase the stress and anxiety that’s the reason you need to find some of the solutions to get over this problem.

In this, I have tried my best to provide you with the best ways to reduce noise in your backyard and all these methods are effective to reduce noise as well not that expensive.

After using anyone the way if you’re still getting the same noise then combine 2-3 methods and implement that could give more effective results. Moreover some of the methods like a brick wall, high fence require permanent solution and permit make sure to check with the city code.

It is not possible to reduce noise completely in the backyard but you will feel the drastic change in noise level after implementing some of the ways listed above.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. As well if you have any questions for our drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our blog on how to soundproof a room cheaply.


How do I block noise in my backyard?

Put a noise reduction fence. An obvious outdoor noise reduction solution to the traffic noise problem carlisle house would be a high wall to block it out. A barrier fence might also be effective way to reduce noise but only if the structure is solid enough and shut down the sound waves.

How do I drown traffic noise in my garden?

1. Create garden wall made up of brick
2. consider metal soundproof fencing
3. Soundproof fences made of timber
4. or opt for a acoustic fences
5. introduce water feature\

Do acoustic fence panels work?

Yes acoustic panels work in reducing traffic noise in the backyard and they are quite effective when it comes to other soundproofing material.

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