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Starting to soundproof your project is one of the best skills you can learn. You can easily implement these DIY tips that will cut down extra expenses on the soundproofing project.

There are a lot of cheap products that will cut down the noise that you hear on a daily basis which is annoying and lead to health issues. After all noise pollution is getting increased each passing day we hear a lot of noises of dogs barking, neighbors, and people having conversations.

This guide is all about cheap soundproof material that is for anyone’s who’s on a budget and wants an affordable as well as effective soundproof solution.

Professional soundproofing is quite expensive and that will be loaded on your wallet so you don’t need to worry I have come up with some of the cheap yet effective soundproof material which will block out noise.

Let me tell you that cheap doesn’t refer to ineffective and poor results this material is effective and works well to avoid unwanted noise in your house.

Does Cheap Soundproof Material Works?

This will the first question that pops up in your head when you hear about cheap soundproof material does it really works? Great question.

Let me tell you that this method is effective and works well in blocking out unwanted noise in your house. As I mentioned earlier that cheap doesn’t indicate poor results.

Moreover, it depends on the specific area you want to soundproof and the intensity of the noise if your receive too much noise then it will cost you extra material and might also lead to professional soundproofing.

First, you need to consider the area in which you want to soundproof and the intensity of the sound waves you receive. If you’re receiving more sound waves then insulate extra material.

You need to bear in mind that this soundproof material is not a permanent solution for soundproofing it’s a temporary solution to avoid noise.

However, a lot of material is sound-absorbing and soundproofing. Sou8nd absorbing is different from soundproofing it penetrates the sound waves passing through the surface whereas soundproofing helps in blocking out noise.

This cheap material is effective and blocks out the unwanted noise you hear. As mentioned earlier it also depends on the intensity of the noise your receive.

According to noise, the material will be installed for eg. If you receive much noise then you need to install soundproof layers which will block out noise instantly.

Basic Factors Of Soundproofing

Most of the soundproofing methods you use rely on the principles that are basic factors you need to consider before soundproofing your project. the walls must be denser and adding more mass will provide more density to the walls.

Let’s discuss these factors that are important in soundproofing projects and you can’t avoid these factors if you want a successful soundproof project.

Seal the Gaps and cracks

Gaps and cracks are the real culprits in leaking the noise therefore gaps and cracks should be covered before soundproofing the entire area. Gaps and cracks appear if you have constructed your house years ago.

This might not be the exception it will also appear due to many reasons. Sealing that will get your soundproofing project easier and sealing the doors and windows with weather stripes will block out noise.

 Sound travels through air hence closing all the areas where the air travels will soundproof completely and pay attention to any door or window that are in the room.

Sealing all the cracks and gaps will make your soundproofing task much easier because they play important role in passing the noise without your knowledge. Most people don’t pay attention to cracks and gaps but my recommendation would be first to seal all the cracks and gaps.

Use Quiet products in your house

Using quiet products in your house will help you maintain a peaceful house and that’s the thing which you should aspire for if you’re looking for a quiet house.

Noise pollution is increasing each passing day and we need to come up with a solution and the best solution is to use quiet products in the house. It will not disturb the neighbors who are complaining about the noise.

Moreover, it doesn’t end here you need to have a soundproof material that will block out noise effectively. Using quiet products will maintain peace and a quiet atmosphere in the house.

Add More Mass

Adding more mass to the walls or surface will make it more surface and absorb the noise. Thickening the walls with a layer that is thick and denser will make the noise difficult to enter.

If you add a thick layer to the wall and cover it with a light layer then it will be more effective because the more mass s added to the wall that’s more enough to penetrate the sound waves.

If you’re going with the DIY hack then you can add mass to the wall by placing the bookshelf and adding more volume of books in that which will end up adding mass to the wall that will block out noise.

As the books provide mass to the wall it eventually makes the wall denser and effective for blocking sound waves. Also, you can opt for a professional way of soundproofing that is by insulating soundproof material inside the wall.

Use Softer Materials To Absorb Sound effectively

Sound waves bounce freely off of any reflective in the room The material may include walls, ceiling, floor, furniture if you want to hear echo then you need to use softer material or the sound absorbent material that will not make noise when hits the things.

Usually softer material work like soundproofing for your house because they absorb the noise and breaks it completely before it makes the echo.

There is a lot of material in the market that absorbs noise such as acoustic panels and acoustic foam which is likely to be the most effective but there is a lot of other material that gives the same effect.

Everyday objects like paintings, soundproof blankets, and tapestries, and other fabrics have a similar effect. The cheap method to soundproof your space is by using the material that is lying around you and the material.

Decoupling The Surfaces

Decoupling of the surface is one of the best methods to soundproof a room and if you don’t have an idea about decoupling let me give you a short overview that it’s basically creating different surfaces to prevent the noise from creating the vibrations that probably pass from one object to the other.

If you have a little idea about resilient channels then you might have known about decoupling. A resilient channel is the only way to decouple the surface.

A resilient channel will break the noise from passing the drywall and getting into the room it’s an effective method to lock out low-frequency noise.

11 Best Cheap Soundproof Materials

Now you got an idea of basic soundproofing factors which are used to reduce noise now let’s discuss some of the practical ways with which you can block out noise after implementing some of these cheap soundproofing methods.

You can implement these DIY hacks that are pretty cheap and effective and if none of this works then you can go with the professional method of soundproofing that works pretty well. But let’s first discuss some of these cheap soundproof methods.

1. Lay down Rugs or Carpets

Leaving your floor uncovered with a rug or carpet is the worst thing you can do because your downstairs neighbors will also complain about the noise of footsteps which would annoy them. Dealing with this problem is easy by laying down rugs or carpets.

If you want to overcome this problem then you can cover the entire surface which is wall-to-wall carpeting for more effective coverage and if you don’t want to install this then better go with laying down rugs or carpets. And the thing which you want to do is the soundproof floor.

Make sure to choose thick rugs so that they will make the surface denser and absorb the noise more effectively you can also place several rugs on each other to make it thicker. If you find it difficult to get the thicker rug then better pair it with a carpet and make it thicker.

Rugs and carpets are one of the effective solutions you can implement to block out noise and they are proven to be effective and denser.

2. Adding Rug Underlayment

Rug underlays are the thicker mats that are softer and go under your floor and the carpet that provides density to the floor. This can be really useful for people who have children and pets and are likely to slip on the carpet.

Rug underlays will place your carpet in place and it will not slip and fix on the floor which is safe for children and pets. However, a thick underlay absorbs echoes and impacts the noise of the footsteps.

Make sure you order underlays a bit smaller than the carpet because you need to place them under the carpet. If you get it with the unfinished edges then you can trim it down with the help of scissors but some of the underlays are difficult to cut because of the thick material.

The results are very attractive and effective and you’re putting it in beneath the carpet. You can use any material or underlays it is not necessary to use any specific type of material. You can go with rubber, fabric, or foam material whoever suits you best, and provides results that are satisfactory.

3. Use Soundproof Paint

Soundproof paint is also a good choice to block out noise. Soundproof paint is the same as regular paint but one ingredient that makes it soundproof is latex that is mixed in it which makes your space soundproof.

However, latex will provide cracks in the wall and slightly thicken it. It also provides extra thicken to the point it will turn to be soundproof. Soundproof paint is a bit different when compared to regular paint. You can feel the difference when you first see it.

As mentioned earlier it’s a bit different from the regular paint. Soundproof paint is a little chunky and adds texture to the walls when you add layers. It’s one of the good things when your walls and ceilings have flaws.

Make sure you don’t use only soundproof paint as the only solution for your soundproof project because it’s not effective. Using it along with other soundproof insulation is a good thing and more effective in blocking out noise.

4. Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of the cheapest methods to soundproof the room and they can be used in several various ways. Generally, when you think of floor mats people are more likely to say the yoga mat or exercise mat, and also the mats which we use cover the floor under a treadmill.

Of course, floor mats come in many shapes and sizes and I hope you know the dimension of a yoga mat you can also use that to cover the entire floor which is a standard dimension. However, if you have only a yoga mat in hand then just lay yoga mats side by side in the entire room that will act as a temporary underlay.

Floor mats are effective and provide you with a temporary soundproof solution rather than just taking up a huge investment in soundproof projects. you have a yoga mat present in the house turn it to the underlays.

5. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass-loaded vinyl is one of the effective soundproofing solutions in many different ways. Mass-loaded vinyl is a thin and flexible solution for soundproofing. This material is engineered to be denser and block out airborne and impact noise effectively.

Mass-loaded vinyl has a number of uses you can use it in and out of the flooring. Install it on the flooring or beneath the underlayment. Similarly, you can also put it under drywall whether for soundproofing ceiling or walls. Mass-loaded vinyl increases the efficiency of soundproof room divider curtains.

It’s flexible and works well around ducts and pipes. Vinyl is not sensitive to moisture so you need to waterproof the area before applying it to the surface.

You can install it in any area because it has a variety of installation methods. You can use it on the wall with the studs and other cases using glue will be more appropriate and flexible. It depends where your place the vinyl.

6. Anti-Vibration Mats

Anti-vibration mats are also a cheap and yet effective way to soundproof. These mats are designed to distribute vibrations. Anti-vibration mats provide a special type of padding to the floor.

They are the perfect solution for reducing noise and structural damage caused by vibration and equipment, machinery that is damaged with the constant vibration will be reduced with anti-vibration mats.

You can place the mats under the machine or equipment it will absorb the noise when the machine vibrates and is one of the best choices for vibrations and reducing the noise in the garage or any other space of the noise.

Anti-vibration mats are effective and provide you with better results. Most of the anti-vibration mats are made of synthetic rubber because it absorbs the vibrations more effectively.

7. Green Glue

Using green glue will help in reducing the noise that is passing through the ceiling, floor, walls. Green glue acts as a soundproofing agent. It is sandwiched between the two layers of the drywall.

After placing it between the layers of the material it creates the damping system. It consists of a viscoelastic compound that acts like a great damping compound that absorbs all the sound vibrations.

Green glue effectively absorbs the sound vibrations and reduces up to 90% of the noise. Green glue is a sound damping compound that is ideal for renovation or new construction of the house.

Moreover, its unique properties act as damping sound and dissipating the sound vibration or sound waves traveling through the ceiling or walls.

Green glue is environmental friendly and doesn’t have any odor. It’s a cheap and cost-effective solution for soundproofing the ceiling or walls. Damping is about reducing and eliminating the stored energy created by sound.

8. Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a great idea for soundproofing but you’ll not find it effective when it comes to ceilings they work pretty well on walls and tend to be a good noise absorber on walls.

Make sure you purchase ATS acoustic foam because it’s different from ordinary acoustic foam you will feel the change when you touch it. However, ATS acoustic foam panels are designed in a way that looks different from ordinary acoustic foam.

ATS acoustic foam will give an attractive look to the ceiling and walls. They are suitable for ceiling and absorb the noise which is produced upstairs they are best for the ceiling.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to soundproof the room then acoustic panels are the best choice that will work well for you. Installing it is easy you only need to hang with the hook that comes along and glue is required for installing.

After installing it will start absorbing the noise. If you are concerned about the appearance of the ceiling then it will look unique and give an appealing look to your ceiling.

9. Use Resilient Channel

Using a resilient channel will increase the insulation and makes it more effective. The resilient channel offers the gaps between the ceiling and drywall which blocks out noise.

A resilient channel will reduce the noise as it will provide the gaps between the ceiling and the drywall that will help in little or no noise to transmit. The drywall is hung on the channel which suspends the noise.

Moreover using a resilient channel along with the drywall will reduce the noise more effectively and suspends any noise that is transmitted through the walls or ceiling.

A resilient channel makes the ceiling denser and absorbs the noise more quickly which is transmitted through the ceiling. As it creates a gap between the ceiling and drywall all the sound waves are absorbed.

10. Soundproof Curtains

The major source of noise comes from windows and walls or the doors the concern is a reflection from the windows. using soundproof curtains will minimize the reflection of the noise.

Soundproof curtains not only help in minimizing echoes but also maintain the heat in the room. Moreover, soundproof curtains come with UV protection which is thermal insulation and protects from direct sunlight.

The denser the more layer the curtain has the more it will reduce the noise. Make sure to insulate the curtain on the complete window which will block out the reflection of the sound and makes it denser.

 The Nice town is one of the best thermal insulation sound blocking curtains that are effective and better at absorbing the noise in the market.

These soundproof curtains contain two panels which are covered end to end that are thermal insulation and energy-efficient and they are long which will cover your entire window. Both the panels have the same color.

11. Rearrange Furniture

Now, this is the cheapest yet effective way from the list of cheap soundproof methods I know you would doubt whether this works or not then let me tell you it’s an effective method and works pretty well in soundproofing the project.

Rearranging furniture is the easiest way to soundproof the room. Use furniture to add mass to the walls that will make the walls denser and breaks noise. If you don’t want to implement this then use some softer material.

However, using softer material will absorb the noise and firm material will bounce off the noise softer material will instantly absorb the noise and tripped the noise passing.

Firm material like leather and wood and kind of similar material will bounce off the sound waves passing and makes them reflect in the room. Making your wardrobes and bookshelves loaded and volume will make it denser because more mass is added to the walls.

Either way, you can also use softer material to reduce noise or rearrange furniture and load the wardrobe or bookshelves for denser walls.

Final Thought On Cheap Ways To Soundproof

Finally, you reached a point where you can soundproof every space of your house, studio, car, or office because of the unnecessary noise which is increasing each passing day, and as we are living in urban areas the means to sound is increasing and disturbing our peace.

Many people are getting distracted from work and getting no proper sleep because of the unnecessary noise produced by the passing cars, neighbors, etc.

Cutting too short using this material which is listed above will definitely help you to minimize noise and these methods are cheap as they don’t require huge investment.

Moreover, I have created a lot of guides on soundproofing homes, offices, cars, and much more you can check out my guides if you’re looking for a more detailed solution for soundproofing.

Which soundproof do you use? Let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on how to soundproof a car trunk


How can I soundproof cheap?

There are a lot of ways with which you can soundproof cheaply some of the materials include rugs, soundproof paint, rug underlays, acoustic foam, and rearranging the furniture for the best results.

What material is good for soundproofing a room?

soundproof insulation is good for soundproofing the room and laying down rugs and carpets which absorb the sound is a pretty good method to soundproof. Also, you can use acoustic foam which is an effective way to a soundproof room

How do you soundproof room DIY?

soundproof the room with DIY is pretty cheap. you only need to arrange the furniture and lay done some carpets and rug which provide density to the floor. some of the DIY hacks include the use of acoustic sealant for windows and doors. use weather stripping for windows and doors. install soundproof curtains.

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