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Windows are a really interesting part of the house because they provide fresh air and ventilation in the room. You will stay healthy with the fresh air ventilation in your house through the windows. On the other hand, we also enjoy some time by sitting near the windows open with a  cup of coffee and a book.

That’s an interesting thing in the whole day after a lot of work. but have you ever noticed the noise that comes through the windows when you relaxing and the window is open sometimes it gets annoying with the vehicle horns?

When your live near a busy street then that gets really annoying and if you have a baby and old people in your house then that will disturb you.

The noise coming from the window also disturbs you while you’re working. If your looking to soundproof the window then this guide will help you in soundproofing the window with the soundproof plug.

If you want to know how to make a soundproof window plug by yourself and insert it then I will share every step to make a soundproof window plug.

So stick around to know more about soundproof window plugs and how to make them and insert them in the window also what are the tools required. Let’s dive into it.

What Are Soundproof Window Plugs?

A soundproof window plug is a seal on the window that blocks out noise and light which you can make cover the complete window from inside. The soundproof window plug is removable.

This will block out noise and light entering through the window because glass doesn’t have much STC which will help to know how well the structure is laminating the glass.

Soundproof plugs probably have much STC rating than glass ones because this is made from different soundproof insulation materials that will help you reduce noise.

There are multiple materials used for soundproof window plug that includes mass-loaded vinyl, green glue, and plywood. This makes your ordinary window a soundproof window that will absorb the noise.

If you want a soundproof window without using a window plug then you can add layers of laminate and also change your existing old window to the new one.

Making your window soundproof without using window soundproof plugs will increase your budget and if your running out of budget then soundproof window plugs are the better option to go stick with for reducing noise.

  • Easy application

  • Seals and dries withing minutes

  • Can be used for layers...

Why Do You need a Soundproof Window Plug?

If you have a newborn baby and the aged person at home it really gets tough for them to cope with this because of the increasing noise health might deteriorate and to overcome you can use soundproof methods.

There are many reasons for noise and we all know about the increasing noise each passing day that’s something we cannot expect to live without. To solve this soundproof window plug is one of the cheapest solutions.

Some of the soundproof methods include soundproof windows and soundproofing the complete house but the budget bar goes high with this method.

When the noise gets higher then you need to solve this because it will harm the health so a soundproof window plug is the best option.

Now that you know why you need a soundproof window plug let’s move on to the pros and cons.

  • Light strong with smooth appearance...

  • Sanded basewood laminated plywood...

  • Laser marking and cutting..

Pros And Cons Of Soundproof Window Plug

Here are some of the pros and cons of soundproof window plugs you need to pay attention to before making and installing it.


  • It reduces the noise transmission
  • Blocks out light and noise
  • Prevents discoloration and fading on your furniture.
  • Cheap and effective solution for the home.
  • It will decrease the utility cost
  • Inexpensive solution for soundproofing


  • It is heavy when installed
  • It may not block out low frequency noise
  • Loss of sunlight and fresh air
  • Can’t open and see the window
  • It will not block out noise completely

How To Make a Soundproof Window Plug

Making and installing a soundproof window plug is not a time-consuming or hectic task when you know the step-by-step process to follow. You need to read the article below to know the complete process.

1. Measure The Window

Measuring the exact size of the window is important because after this you will be taking the next steps so make sure you take the exact measurement of the window.

Measure the length, width, and depth of the window this will give you an idea of how much material is needed. so starting from the top you need to measure the length, width, and depth of the window because the window frame is a bit smaller.

But make sure you left the space between the window plug and window space that will prevent the vacuum which will ruin your work. for this work, the measuring tape is required.

This will help you take the exact size of the window and makes your next step easier wrong sizes may ruin your work so make sure you note the correct sizes.

2. Get The Material

Gather all the material needed for this process because without material this is not possible and also there are some of the basic tools which are required for performing.

Materials like mass-loaded vinyl, green glue, and plywood. Let me explain how this material works mass loaded vinyl is used to provide a soundproof layer because it’s effective and flexible.

Green glue is used for noise absorption and also for reducing noise because it is one of the cheap and yet effective solutions to soundproof. Plywood is for blocking the window because glass is not that effective in blocking noise and light.

Also, some of the basic tools include measuring tape, screwdriver, screws, utility knife, drill, saw, square, caulking gun, staple gun.

Gather all the things make sure you don’t miss out on any of those tools.

3. Mark On The Board And Cut

After you have taken the measurements to mark on the board carefully and check it twice once you cut the board then you can’t do anything so make sure you check and cut.

Don’t be in hurry to mark and cut because this is the step where most people make mistakes and again you need to start from scratch. So pay attention and cut.

But don’t worry this will not take much time if you have a cutting before then you can easily do this. So you need plywood and put it in a clean place that is not messy.

After placing it use a saw and cut it based on the markings you have marked on it. But what if you don’t have all these things then you have brought exact size plywood from the store.

4. Add Mass Loaded Vinyl

If you want a soundproof window then you need to install multiple layers of soundproofing that can block out noise from outside.

There are many materials that can block out noise and works best for soundproofing but when it comes to effectiveness and flexibility then mass-loaded vinyl is the better option.

That’s the reason you can use this on plywood but make sure you use it in the right quantity. Because it’s a sound-absorbing material that requires layers to block out noise.

If you add a single layer of mass-loaded vinyl then it will not work and do not block out noise effectively. That’s why you need to use multiple layers of mass-loaded vinyl.

  • Use for soundproofing basement, conference room.....

  • Durable and flexible

  • STC rating thick and odorless...

5. Paste Them Together

After getting all the things and cutting the plywood then you need to stick them all together. Now that you’re ready with the soundproof insulation sheets for the window plug.

Now lay down the sheet of plywood on the floor and spread a green glue on it make sure you spread it evenly after that place a mass-loaded vinyl and press it firmly doesn’t press it hard it will ruin the structure.

Make sure to remove all the air bubbles from the sheets that are paste don’t spill too much green glue put in a limited quantity.

The next step is to place the other layer of soundproof insulation that will make your window plug stronger. So spread the green glue and place the second layer.

This layer is acoustic foam and presses the whole area firmly.

6. Install Handles

If you want to save your window from scratches when installing. Do you want to make things easier than you need to install handles for easy setup?

This helps you to locate anywhere out of the frame also it makes it easy if you want to clean from the window also you can easily remove it.

That’s why you can use some screws and a screwdriver to make handles. Make a hole with the drill and install the handle to make sure the handles must be in the right direction.

If they are placed in the right direction they will hit the window frame that will cause damage so check it before installing. Now, your handle is installed which makes your work easier cleaning will be by pulling.

It will maintain a grip on the soundproof window plug that will help you to take it off for cleaning and putting back.

7. Seal With Weather Strip

Installing a soundproof window plug needs to be installed with the weatherstrip because this will help you to seal completely. This will prevent anything sound waves from the window.

Weatherstrip is a perfect seal that will reduce noise. this will be installed from inside on the edges to reduce the noise from the cavity. This is the usual thing you can remove anytime.

This is installed because the sound can travel from the small gaps and space that’s why a weatherstrip is installed to prevent the sound from transmitting through the gaps.

8. Put Back On Its Place

Now you have completed making your soundproof window plug and it’s time to insert it to know that it properly fits into the frame. To know this you need to properly insert it.

This is not the best soundproof window plug if it’s not fitted completed from inside and covers the entire window. That’s the reason it’s time to check on how well it’s made.

To check how well you made it install it by holding the handles and make sure you don’t scratch on the soundproof window plug because the performance will not be good.

Hold slowly inside the cavity and make sure to check all the goods are placed on the place to avoid any mistakes because if you missed out on anything it will not be effective in blocking out noise.

If you don’t know hope well it’s made then you can simply check this with a sound level meter that will show how much sound it will be reduced.

Final Thoughts On Soundproof Window Plug

Windows are the real culprits in passing noise inside the room because they are mostly opened for fresh air but along with that noise also travels. That’s why a soundproof window plug is the best option to install.

Protecting the health of the family is important because the increasing noise each passing day will deteriorate the health and it will disturb you when you’re working.

However, installing a soundproof window plug is a cheap yet effective method to soundproof. If you want to soundproof your complete house there are cheap and effective methods.

But if you want to soundproof with the professional methods then that is pretty expensive but it’s worth every penny spend. I would recommend using the cheap and DIY method first if it does not work then you can opt for professional soundproof methods.

I hope I have shed light on everything related to soundproof window plugs and how to install them step by step. Hope you got clarity on how this works in reducing noise.

If you liked it let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on Soundproof curtains.


Can you soundproof an existing window?

Yes, you can soundproof existing windows with the help of a soundproof window plug that will reduce noise in a cheap and effective way.

How can I soundproof my window cheaply?

one of the best and cheap way to soundproof windows is to install a window plug that will reduce noise and works pretty well.

Do window inserts work?

If you have an old house and want to install window inserts then that’s a good choice because they work well in reducing noise passing through the window.

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