How to soundproof a car

If you’re a person who likes to spend time in the car and go on a long drive every weekend like me then you need to soundproof a car because sometimes the road noise is so much you can’t even hear the ring of the phone.

While on the long drive the loud noise of the road and you can’t even enjoy your favorite music. due to the loud noise, you can’t even talk to your companion who is next to you.

These all are the signs that you should soundproof your car BUT WAIT!! how can you soundproof your car and get rid of all these loud noises which are ruining your long drive?

Some of the benefits of soundproofing a car are reducing the road and engine noise, the safety of driving and it improves the overall experience you will have in the car. it will turn your noisy car into an acoustic car.

Soundproofing is really important if you spend a lot of time in your car. if you want to have a conversation and listen to music without shouting loud then you need to implement a few ways to soundproof the car.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to soundproof a car with some of the effective ways which will turn your car into an acoustical car with some soundproof materials.

Why You Need To Soundproof A Room

While driving even a fraction of distraction will lead to something unexpected so it’s always important to pay 100% closer attention. Also, reducing the noise is not only for the joy while driving but also for protection.

Distraction while driving is really annoying as you know driving and distraction both can’t take place at a time. While searching for the noise source in the frustration you will be annoyed and distracted.

Soundproofing a car will really make your driving experience good and improve your safety as all the noise will be blocked out. You need to implement a few steps to soundproof your car.

To avoid all the distractions and staying focused will lead to having a safe drive and enjoying your ride by blocking all the road noise which is really distracting and frustrating. Soundproofing your car will help you talk without shouting.

Furthermore, the vibration which you received from the floor while driving will give you a headache and ruin your ride all these problems will be gone by soundproofing the car.

Now you would be wondering how can I soundproof my car? don’t worry I have got some of the best ways to soundproof your car. you need to read the article further for ways to soundproof a car.

How To Soundproof A Car: 8 Effective Ways

There are several methods of soundproofing a car you can consider based on the efforts and money you want to invest as well what results you expect. You can choose one of the following methods and start soundproofing your room.

1. Insulate The Doors

A lot of cars have very thin doors with less insulation that have a lot of cavities inside which will lead to transmitting noise in the car through the doors.

So insulating car doors can have a very big impact on the amount of noise you hear in the car. to insulate the car doors all you need to do is to take out the panels and unscrew that which will expose the interior of the door.

After it is exposed you need to clean the panel thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and measure the area for insulation material. If you go wrong with the measurement there will not be enough insulation on the door.

Always choose the insulation material with a sticky background because that will cover the surface thoroughly and perfectly. Also, flatten the surface with the help of a roller by rolling in and out it will fit the sheet and remove bubbles.

Ensure that you cover the complete door with insulation material for effective noise blocking and you need to repeat these steps for all four doors. Then screw back the door panels and you’re done with soundproofing the car door.

  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl..

  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker..

  • Automotive self adhesive insulation consists.

  • The special embossing on the foil must be..

2. Use Automotive Sound Deadening Mats

Sound deadening car mats are one of the efficient and effective ways to soundproof car floors. They not only soundproof the car floor but also reduce vibrations.

These mats are placed on the cabin floor in both front and back to block out the sound and vibration your engine and exhaust make. They are very easy to install just take out your sound-deadening car mats. Place the mats on the floor and you’re done.

However, you should start soundproofing with the car doors that will not only reduces the noise but also makes the car acoustic. Soundproofing the Sound system speakers will increase the sound quality.

Automotive sound deadening mats can be applied over car cabins, roofs, and trunks for better soundproofing. We have already covered a guide on dynamat sound deadener. I recommend dynamat sound deadener for soundproofing.

  • Thick self-adhesive sound deadener with extreme bulk

  • It will stop the noise transmitting in the car..

  • Effctive in blocking out noise...

  • Reduces road noise and vibrations...

3. Use Soundproofing Car Spray

Soundproofing car spray is best for hard-to-reach places. They are the perfect solution for any gaps left after installing soundproof mats. They are the best option for installing on the deep and flattened gaps also easy to install on the gaps.

The surface where you want to apply should be cleaned thoroughly and before the application and the process is simple just spray and cover the area with the spray.

The soundproof spray is effective for small gaps and surfaces but doesn’t use on the complete cabin because it’s effective with other sound-deadening materials.

If you want effective results then add layers of spray. All you need to do is apply the spray and leave it to dry after that add another layer of spray that will be denser and thicker for effective sound blocking.

  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes piantable in 6 hours..

  • Each can covers approximately 20 sq ft..

  • Enhance audio performance.

  • Helps prevent rust..

4. Replace Seal On Doors And Windows

Replacing the seal on doors and windows is one of the effective ways to soundproof. Any gap even the minor will let the sound inside your car. sealing this will block out the sound.

Most probably the noise which we hear is the wind noise which is transmitting through the gaps inside the car. replacing seals on doors and windows will bring a massive change in reducing noise if the noise is much.

If the rubber around the windows or doors gets worn and torn then it’s time to replace it because the noise is transmitted through it. This will cut down the wind noise.

Installing a rubber seal on the doors and windows is pretty easy all you need to do is just put adhesive and place the rubber seal and press thoroughly to make sure the adhesive dries up before you shut the door.

  • U shape trim contains internal metal clips..

  • Durable EPDM foam rubber drowns out noise....

  • This rubber seal proviodes excellent protection against heat...

  • Effectively play role in noise reduction...

5. Soundproof Tires

Your car tires will impact a lot on the noise you hear in the car. tires are the only part of the car that will be in contact with the road and all the sound vibrations in the car are because of wheels impacted.

Some tires even cause a car to make a squeaking noise while turning. Changing your car tire will impact a lot on the noise you hear. Replacing the existing tires with soundproof tires is the best option to choose without soundproofing the existing tires.

Soundproof tires have acoustical properties that will reduce the noise and vibration which is produced on the road. Tires with less profile are not all are effective in blocking road noise.

Simultaneously tires with the maximum amount of rubber between the car and metal wheel are the best tires for blocking out road noise they provide cushioning against road vibrations.

The newer car has large wheels and very less profile that is not effective enough to provide cushioning against road noise and vibrations. Make sure you select a tire with maximum rubber between the car and the metal wheel.

6. Soundproof Car Trunk

If you’re on a long drive if the car trunk makes a noise that will annoy you and the people in the car. this will also lead to accidents because constant noise will annoy the driver and shift the focus from the road.

While driving with the family it will kill the joy of driving and makes your trip unpleasant and give headache that’s why you need to fix it. hearing the noise for a long time then it will negatively on the driver.

To soundproof the car trunk all you need to do is take out the like carpet, subwoofers, trunk cover, deck, and so on. After taking all the things you need to clean the surface thoroughly with the detergent and leave it for some time to dry up.

If you skip the cleaning surface part then the material will not dampen properly and it will not be effective to block out noise and vibrations.

Now get the tools like a screwdriver, clip remover, utility knife, and a pair of gloves. It’s time to install the sound deadening material on the trunk. If you think that the noise is high then make sure to add the layers of the sound deadening material you can also use mass-loaded vinyl for extra layers of soundproofing. We have a detailed guide on how to soundproof a car trunk.

  • Easily eliminate road noise in the vehicle..

  • The cost effective 50 mil automotive butyl...

  • Automotive self adhesive butyl consists...

  • Effectively handles and reduces rattle noise..

  • It has special indicator to installed it correctly. The special embossing on the foil must be rolled out with a roller.

7. Install Quite Windshield Wipers

If you’re on a long drive and the loud noise produced by the windshield becomes a distraction and keeps you from enjoying the ride. Sometimes this noise is more than the car speakers and it’s annoying and distracting.

If you have noisy windshield wipers then it’s time to replace them with quiet windshield wipers. The advantage of quiet windshield wipers is you can drive in the morning and at night without disturbing your neighbors.

For replacing the windshield wipers all you need to do is check the wiper blade length in the vehicle owner manual and you need to follow a few steps. Then off the car and keep it in the car and find unlatching mechanism for the car some have a button or latch.

After finding unlatching you need to unlatch the wiper blades. Remove the plastic from the new wipers and latch the quiet wipers on the place. Now it’s time to turn on and test the wipers.

We have a detailed guide on quiet windshield wipers.

  • Fit for U/J hook wiper arm..

  • Easy installation and perfect fit no need for awkward adapters...

  • Dual high tenacity memory spring steel sheet...

  • Longer and thicker wiper base and left,right buckles...

8. Install Acoustic Windshield

Are you fed up with the noise of the windshield while driving and you’re not focused throughout the drive because of the noise of the windshield.

You might be thinking what would be the noise of the windshield? Then this might happen if you have not serviced your car for a long time. If yes then you need to service your car.

The other reason would be the regular windshield most probably windshield is the cause of the noise and you need to replace the existing windshield with the acoustic windshield.

The acoustic windshield has acoustic film laminated on both sides of the windshield and if you’re wondering does it really works in blocking out noise then this is the believe it or not it is an ideal choice for blocking out noise.

According to the new technology which is used in making this windshield states that it will clock out inside and outside noise which your regular windshield fails to do.

It will reduce the noise of the vehicle which reaches the noise level of 75db which is a very high noise level but the ideal noise level is 25db.

Final Thoughts On How To Soundproof A Car And Reduce Outside Noise

Using only one soundproof method will not work effectively I recommend using a combination of several methods and materials. Install and apply at the same time for hassle-free work and effective noise blocking.

However, if you use only one soundproof method at a time then it will block out a few percent of the noise, and not all the noise will be cut down. Use different materials like sound deadening mats, sound deadening spray.

Always start soundproofing from doors because they will transmit the maximum amount of noise in the car and vibrations are due to floor soundproof mats will help you to reduce vibrations.

Therefore I have listed several soundproof methods that are effective in reducing noise and helping you to have a comfortable ride without any outside road noise.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on how to reduce tire noise.


How can I make my car soundproof?

1. Lay down some soundproof deadening mats.
2. Insulate your car doors.
3. Replace existing tires with soundproof tires.
4. soundproof exhaust.
5. Replace seal on doors and windows.

Is soundproofing your car worth it?

So, yes soundproofing the car, truck or jeep is definitely worth it. your car speakers will sound better with the reduced road noise. it is impossible to soundproof your car completely but you can deaden the road noise with soundproof material.

Where does must road noise enter a car?

Most of the noise in the car comes from the road, the wind, or the car itself. a car exhaust system is the source of the noise but the tires will play their own role in passing the noise in the car.

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