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Motorcycle exhaust is one of the loudest parts of the entire vehicle as it makes a growling and howling noise that will annoy your neighbors and people around as they may not like the noise.

I know you thought of quieting your motorcycle exhaust but are worried about losing the performance of your motorcycle. If you have a loud motorcycle exhaust then it’s time to make the exhaust quieter.

A lot of us have motorcycles which are beasts and no matter how much you like it’s not just the same with other people let’s be honest it will irritate other people. So you should make it as quiet as possible When it comes to motorcycle exhaust I want to listen to the music and horns of the cars on the road.

According to the national institute of Health, motorcycle exhaust noise is more extraordinary than traffic noise and cannot be explained by a standard noise assessment curve. It will cause annoyance, sleeping problems, headaches, tiredness, and depression.

Now that you have decided to make your exhaust quieter you have to replace it with a new exhaust or fix the existing one. Although before getting the new exhaust to inspect and fix the existing.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of the effective ways to make your exhaust quieter without losing performance.

Why You Need To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter

As mentioned above motorcycle exhaust noise can have adverse effects on your health. There are several reasons why you need to make the exhaust quieter.

The loud noise of the motorcycle exhaust can be really annoying in high pedestrian traffic making the motorcycle exhaust quieter will reduce the noise levels and helps minimize disturbance to people living or working in the vicinity.

For some riders, a quieter exhaust noise will provide a pleasant and comfortable riding experience which will reduce road accidents as the loud exhaust will make the horns of other vehicles go unnoticed.

You might like the loud noise of the motorcycle exhaust and no matter how much you’re into motorcycles but others are not and they find it annoying. A lot of us think that making the motorcycle exhaust quieter will diminish the performance that’s not true.

Eventually making your exhaust quieter will not lose the performance of the motorcycle and helps you to have a pleasant mind while riding and you can start your motorcycle in the morning without disturbing your neighbors. By reducing the noise of the motorcycle you can contribute to the sustainable environment.

6 Ways To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter

There are several ways to make motorcycle exhaust quieter but here are some of the effective ways that will work in making the exhaust quieter.

1. Check For Leaks

You need to inspect the entire exhaust visually to check if there are any holes in the exhaust that will make the exhaust louder even the tiniest holes will make your exhaust sound louder.

There are different types of exhaust holes depending on which sound will be produced but the tiniest hole will also make much noise if there is a small hole on the exhaust and if that is rust-free then you can easily seal the holes with the exhaust tape.

If the holes are larger then the noise will be and to fix larger holes you need some time to get the hole fix patch the hole and make sure that the patch is bigger than the hole so that it overlaps the hole to completely stop the exhaust noise that is leaking through the hole. Get a patch and get epoxy which is resistant to high temperatures.

Sometimes the holes make way too much noise and it gets impossible to ride your motorcycle as the holes are way too larger I know this might be painful but don’t worry you don’t need to get a new exhaust at the moment.

There is a solution to it you need to invest in an exhaust patch kit and install that on the patch which will reduce the exhaust noise. After you get the equipment clean your exhaust thoroughly from any dirt and debris which will make the easier now cut the patch bigger than the hole so that it overlaps.

Stick the patch on the hole and wait for a few minutes so that it fixes well and after that start your motorcycle and check this works well in making the motorcycle exhaust quieter. Moreover, it saves you from mechanic visits.

2. Replace The Muffler

If you’re using the standard muffler that comes along with your motorcycle then it’s time to replace the muffler as standard mufflers tend to be louder. There are other bullet mufflers that can dampen the noise if you have any then make sure to try out that as they are different from standard mufflers.

Bullet mufflers will not reduce the performance of your motorcycle and also reduces the noise as they dampen the noise. Make sure you get the full case muffler as they are two different in these single-chambered mufflers which will have a single chamber wrapping.

Dual chamber muffler will divide the muffler in two to make your exhaust less noisy. Both of the mufflers are effective in reducing the noise so you can choose either one.

There is also another muffler that will work great when it comes to cutting down the noise and gives a great performance which is called the resonator muffler it has a fiberglass built inner construction and stainless steel on the exterior. Fiberglass is one of the best ways to soundproof it has soundproofing properties which will work well in cutting noise.

3. Install Silencer

Check if the motorcycle exhaust has a removable silencer if yes then follow the instructions of the manufacturer’s instruction to remove the silencer after removing look for the silencer which are designed for your specific motorcycle.

Before buying the silencer ensure that t diameter of the silencer should fit the exhaust pipe. The outer diameter of the silencer needs to be smaller than t inner diameter of the exhaust pipe.

Make sure to spray the paint silencer so that it matches the color of the exhaust pipe. Before starting the work let the exhaust cool down because it will be really hot after a ride it might injure you so let it cool down after that start the work.

Take the silencer out you might be needed some pliers or other tools if it’s pushed too forward push back the new one and fasten the screws back and you’re done with installing the silencer.

4. Wrap Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust wrap is another best way to make the motorcycle exhaust quieter. Purchase a heat-resistant exhaust wrap made up of fiberglass or other material Ensure that the warp is suitable for your motorcycle’s exhaust pipe diameter.

Start wrapping pipes from the header end towards the muffler overlapping the wrap by about 50%. Wrap the exhaust pipe thoroughly and pull the wrap tightly to ensure a snug fit.

Use a safety wire or stainless steel ties to secure the wrap in place at regular intervals. Be careful while wrapping the exhaust pipe. Do not cover any sensors or other important components of the exhaust system.

Also one of the major advantages of exhaust wrap is to reduce vibrations and frequencies resulting in making the motorcycle exhaust quieter.

Exhaust wraps are powerful when it comes to reducing noise as they are very effective in blocking the noise of the exhaust. Ensure that you do this carefully or else take the help of an expert to wrap it without covering any other components.

5. Use Soundproofing Material

Consider soundproofing materials they are great sources to block the motorcycle exhaust noise. Soundproofing material such as acoustic insulation or sound-deadening mats.

Ensure that this soundproofing material can withstand the high temperature generated by the exhaust system. Remove the muffler from the motorcycle following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Install the soundproofing material inside the muffler covering as much surface as you can if one layer is not effective enough then add an additional layer of soundproofing material.

After installing the soundproofing material reinstall muffler and ensure all the connections are tightened after reinstallation. Soundproofing material will help to reduce the noise that is produced by the exhaust.

6. Opt For A Different Exhaust System

Check for an exhaust system that is specifically designed for noise reduction while maintaining performance some of the exhaust systems will lose the performance of the motorcycle that’s the reason a lot of people don’t make motorcycle exhaust quieter.

Choose the motorcycle exhaust system that is compatible with your motorcycle model. You need to follow the instruction manual for installation.

Moreover, you can record a video while removing the existing exhaust or note the point of whichever components you are removing so that it will be easy while putting back everything.

Installation involves removing the existing exhaust system and installing the new one using clamps or mounting brackets. Ensure that all the connections are tightened after the installation of the exhaust.

Ensure that all the connections between the exhaust system components and the motorcycle frame or engine are secure and properly tightened. This will help you to reduce the risk of loose parts and leaks.

After the installation start the motorcycle and run it for a few minutes and notice for unusual sounds or leaks. If you hear any sound or leaks then make necessary changes or take the issue to the professional mechanic.

In most cases after the installation of the motorcycle exhaust will be quieter without losing performance.

How To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter (Infographics)

Final Thoughts On Making Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter

Loud engines are annoying not all of the engines have pleasant sound and they will make people irritated that shouldn’t be with your motorcycle when a motorcycle is out on the road people should admire it.

Making the motorcycle exhaust quieter will be really simple and easy with few of the materials and that will do a lot of work for you. It’s arbitrary which method you opt for but all the strategies which are shared are effective but pay close attention to frequency of sound.

The best thing about these strategies is they will not ruin the aesthetics of your work or reduce the performance. These methods are perpetual and effective and they will not consume a lot of time to do.

Get some coffee for yourself step into the garage and start dampening the sound of your motorcycle exhaust. It depends on the sound the exhaust is producing if it’s not producing much noise so for simple ways like sealing the leaks and for intense issues go with replacing the exhaust.

If you got any value in this guide share it with your friends and family. And if you have any questions drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our guide on heat insulation for cars.


How do I stop my exhaust from being loud?

Add silencers they are a very effective method of softening the sound of your loud exhaust. An exhaust silencer is essentially a plug to your exhaust and is inserted via exhaust tips.

How can I improve my motorcycle exhaust sound?

1. Install an aftermarket exhaust depending on what type of motorcycle you ride and what type of exhaust you install.
2. Buy the best aftermarket ignition you can get.
3. Get customized exhaust systems and mufflers.

Why are motorcycle exhausts so loud?

The muffler and exhaust pipe on a motorcycle is so short and there is little time and space for sound to be absorbed unlike in a car. A motorcycle engine is exposed to the elements and there is no way for it to stop the noise, unlike a car that has the engine uncased in a compartment.

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