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When you’re on a long drive the strange noise of the doors rattling will be produced that will indicate that one of the passenger doors is not closed properly and of course one of the passengers might not close the door properly, in this case, it is very important to notice what is the problem with the door that is rattling

Of course, safety is not only the reason you want to stop this rattling door noise it’s more than just the safety. apart from that you want to stop car door rattling noise is because it will distract you throughout the drive and it is something you cannot fix immediately.

While driving it will distract and it may lead to something unexpected the door rattling noise is more than the noise of the speakers and it will take over the complete drive and ruin it.  You’d have to drive all the way with that door rattling noise.

Even you cannot talk to the person next to you because of the loud rattling noise and with the flow of the wind, it will more and feel like the door is producing more rattling noise and vibrating through the drive.

Why Does Car Door Rattle While Driving

There are several reasons you might hear the rattling sound coming from the door on the one hand it will be due to one of the common mistakes we all make which is not closing the door properly and that is easy to solve.

If the door is not shut properly then there won’t be an issue of insufficient force. Instead, you might be dealing with the issue of the misaligned door or just a shifter striker plate. Still, this problem can be solved but aligning the misaligned doors will take longer than fixing the striker plate.

Then again the issue could be more complicated you need to look closer inside the door. There could be some loose objects inside the door rather than the pocket. If there is something loose or broke off inside the door then it would be moving while you’re driving. To fix this you need to give the door a firm shake and listen for the sound.

If you hear a rattle noise you have to recognize the difference between a loose object and the sound of a loose windowpane. And you need to check that the gasket that holds the window in a place is old and cracked they may not be able to create a seal when you close it. Without the rubber cushioning the glass freely against the car frame.

In this guide I will walk you through how to stop door rattling in a car will help you to make your car peaceful and have and enjoy a long drive with the family.

How To Stop Car Door From Rattling Sound

Here are some of the best ways to stop door rattling sounds in the car. no matter how well you soundproof your car some noises are very stubborn to go away but by working on that. Let’s dive into some of the ways.

1. Check The Door Is Shut Properly

Check whether the doors are shut properly or not and try to open and close them again that will sound quite joking but you need to check by opening and closing the door.

After you empty the door pocket check if there are any objects in the door frame. If everything is clear close the door firmly and gently. As we have seen that the rattling noise is caused by insufficient force. If the noise is due to some object in the door pocket we can identify it and fix it.

This is one of the basic steps to check whenever you hear a door rattling noise we will first check with opening and closing the door and try to identify the sound behind the door rattle.

2. Adjust The Striker Of the Door

If the door is not closing properly then check the hook that holds the latch that part is also known as the striker plate shifts over time and prevents the door from shutting properly.

You need to clean both the striker plate and the latch on the door then apply some grease to t striker and close the door for a few minutes when you see the impression of the latch in the grease. You will know where the striker should be all you need to do is place it back into the place with a rubber mallet.

The striker is one of the reasons behind door rattling so you need to adjust the striker and place it back. You need a mechanic to do this it is simple and easy without much effort you can adjust the striker to stop the door rattling sound.

3. Realign The Door

If your car door is making odd sounds while opening and closing it you need to realign the door because one of the hinges that hold it up is loose over time and by realigning it will be fixed. If you have a friend that can hold it for you while you’re working then it could be done in an hour or two.

Open the door and slide something under that so that all the load is not on your friend who is holding that weight. Then loosen the bolts that hold both the hinges to the door. Keep the bolts in do not remove them entirely. This will allow you to adjust the height and angle of the door while still being able to quickly secure its new position.

It always depends on the type of misalignment you’re trying to fix there are different bolts you need to loosen and align the door in the new position that will stop the door rattling sound.

4. Replace The Window Gasket

A lot of times your window vibrates while driving you will probably have a gasket issue. The rattling noise will be worse when you roll them down. You may even see the cracks in the rubber seal around the glass. As rubber shrinks over time, especially in extreme weather conditions. It may loosen its grip on the windowpane causing it to rattle.

This problem can be solved easily if you manage to find and get the right material it will be very easy to take care of. Most weatherstrip window molding is designed for a certain vehicle model. If you can’t get the right seal online then it is better to take the matter to the mechanic.

The installation process is simple and straightforward first you will tug the old screen and clean the edge of the window frame. You can replace it with the new rubber trim. This seal can be installed without adhesive. for toyoto I would recommend the weatherstrip

5. Fix The Loose Objects Inside The door

This tip requires you to look inside the rattling door. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to take the door parts and put them back together then you can leave this part to the professional. If you want to do it then at least watch some videos and read the guides on it.

While watching videos make sure to they are showing for your car model. I have already written an article on sound deadening car doors if you find any loose objects inside the car then they might be causing a rattling noise.

To tighten the loose bits you could tape them against the metal sheet of the door or soundproof the whole area. If you need any help while soundproofing car doors then this guide which I’ve linked helps you to stop the rattling noise in the car.

6. Use Acoustic Seals

This one is important if you have your speakers installed after buying t car if they are not original to the car model in this case they might not fit perfectly and maybe the reason for the car door rattling sound.

In this situation, you will need foam seals for speakers that will prevent the speaker vibration and stop the rattling sound which is irritating and sometimes ruins your long drive.

This set of acoustic seals consists of three parts: Which include two foam rings one to serve as a stopper between the speaker and the baffle plate and the other to be put on the outer sider side of the speaker.  A small cushion is to be placed at the back of the speaker.

All these parts are there to take in vibrations and stop car door rattling sound and make the speakers stand firmly in place. Before buying the foam set you need to check which speakers you have in order to get the perfect foam for the speakers you have in the car.

7. Stop Speaker Bass Rattle

If you have speakers in the car doors then they might be the reason behind the rattling sound in the car. This will be as simple as having the wrong settings on the equalizer. But if you have to tighten the screws that hold the speakers then that might be big deal.

The more likely reason is that speakers cannot reproduce the bass vibrations well enough which is causing them to rattle. So you need to figure out a way to separate bass sound from the speakers. A sub-woofer might be what you need to prevent that noise.

Moreover, you can insulate the space behind the speakers properly. You can place sound deadening mats inside the door that will absorb the vibrations and stop the car door rattling sounds. As I have mentioned above the foam rings for the speakers will work pretty well.

8. Use Sound Deadening Material

Sound deadening is one of the best ways to soundproof a car that will stop car door rattling sound while the long drive. You need to just place the mats and peel them off and paste them on the surface it will reduce the noise in the car.

First, you need to take off the things from the car, and if you don’t need an expert to do this but do not want to this then hire an expert who can do this for you. Take off the things and clean the surface thoroughly and measure space and cut the sound deadening material and peel off and paste on the surface.

Use a roller to roll out the air bubbles so that your sound deadening material is fixed well on the surface and there are no air bubbles left that will pass the sound through the surface.

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Final Thoughts On How To Stop Car Door Rattling Sound

Whether your car door is rattling poses a real danger to you or not. One thing is certain as a driver you cannot afford a moment of distraction that is shifting your focus while driving. You need to deal with the sound as they may occur no matter from where they are coming.

You need to be quick in handling the noise coming from the doors or windows because if you ignore this then it could get worse day by day which will damage more parts of the doors hence fixing this quickly will save a lot of time and money.

As you can see this problem can be solved even if you’re not a professional or a person who has done this before by investing some time and efforts.

If you liked this let us know we would love to hear from you. And if you have any questions for us drop them in the comment box below. Also, check out our blog on how to quiet whining noise in the fuel pumps.


How to stop car door rattling sound?

you can stop car door rattling sound that by checking the doors and insulating the sound deadening material in the car door that will stop the rattling sound and vibrations.

Why is my car door producing rattling sound?

There are many reasons of that a sound is produced some of the common reasons are if the door is mislaign and if the there are loose objects inside the car door that are producing sound.

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