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Having a lined floor that breaks the noise of your dog barking the footsteps and also helps break the noise from the neighbors downstairs who are listening to music will not awaken you at night.

Placing a rug pad beneath your surface will help in breaking out noise and make your flooring smooth and provide density to the floor which absorbs the noise.

Rug pads that are softer and thicker the less you need to worry about the noise because it will help in reducing the noise. This is one of the best and instant strategies to reduce noise and stop annoying downstairs neighbors.

However, rug pads are cheap and the best choice to reduce noise, and rug pads that are thicker are proven to be less skidding. Make sure to purchase thicker rug pads because they are denser.

The denser the rug pads are the more noise it will reduce and the thicker ones are expensive. In this guide, I will walk through the best and thicker rug pads for soundproofing floors.

Choosing the Best Rug Pads

Before diving into the soundproof rug pads for flooring let’s discuss how you can choose the best rug pads and things you need to look for in rug pads before the purchase.

The main feature you need to consider here is the thickness of the rug pad the thicker the rug pad the denser it will be and blocks the noise. Additionally, keep in mind that your rug pads material doesn’t damage the floor.

After looking for the thickness next thing is to consider the dimension of the carpet make sure to purchase a little smaller pads for better placement and fixing of the rugs if you don’t want to cut the pads.

There should be about an inch difference between the pads and the rugs to easily cover the carpet on the floor. And it will be fixed in a perfect manner.

The next thing to pay attention to is the base material of the rug pads which is rubber felt and maybe a combination of both as you know that rubber will damage wooden flooring but there are a lot of other benefits of rubber.

Rubber underlayment helps in preventing the rug pads from slipping and provides density on the floor it also enables the airflow between the flooring and the carpet lay.

However, if you don’t want to use the rubber base of the rug pads you can go with the pure felt base which will not damage the flooring.

Regular Carpet Vs Soundproof Rug Pads

You might have spent a lot on regular carpet but still doesn’t drive you satisfactory results if you’re the one who did then this guide is beneficial for you because I have literally spent on the regular carpet and didn’t get goal-oriented results.

If you ever carpeted the floor then you might know that you can’t place the carpet directly on the floor you need to add an additional layer of underlayment for making it bouncier and prevent it from damaging the floor.

When it comes to regular carpets people don’t feel the urge of placing the underlayment they directly put up the carpet on the floor which will not reduce the noise.

Soundproof rug pads work as an anti-vibration mat also they are shock absorbers that will reduce the vibration but they are used to reduce the noise of the football and the footsteps on your floor.

Rug pads are the best to reduce the noise and reduce the sound waves which are traveling to the room they will provide density to the floor which will block noise.

However, rug pads are denser and thicker than the regular carpet which will provide the base to the floor and doesn’t slip on the floor like the regular carpet.

6 Best Rug Pads For Sound Proofing Your Floor

Now we have discussed the features you need to look at while purchasing rug pads let’s get into the guide of the best rug pads so, you can figure out which suits you best for you.

1. Mohawk Home Ultra Premium Rug pad

This ultra-premium rug pad is made with a felt base material that provides long-term sustainability and protects your floor from discoloration and rug backing.

It has durable material and a cushion feel for providing your floor with finish and comfort to your feet it will reduce the noise with the thickness and additional cushioned feel.

It has a wide variety and is easy to resize you can cut it with scissors it’s easy to cut and fit on the surface. Make sure to cut the pad 1-2 inches shorter than the rug size to fit perfectly.

This rug pad is easy to clean any spills and stains will be removed easily with the detergent. This is not machine washable you need to place it in detergent and remove it.

This rug pad is not slippery and this is intended to stop the rugs from slipping on the surface it will provide that finish and astonishing look which blocks the noise of the footsteps and is designed to place in large homes and give an attractive look to your floor.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-slippery in nature.
  • Durable and cushioned feel.
  • Thicker and easy to cut and place.
  • Protects floors from discoloration and damage.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Made in America with sustainably sourced felt, this rug pad will reduce long term damage and floor discoloration from your rug’s backing.

  • DENSE CUSHION: This rug pad will add plush cushioned comfort beneath your rug. Available in both 1/4" and 3/8” for additional sumptuous cushioned feel.

  • EASY RESIZING: While available in a wide variety of popular area rug sizes, this pad can be customized. Easily cut with scissors to fit any rug’s size by cutting this pad to be 1-2 inches shorter than your rug’s perimeter.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: This rug pad offers easy cleaning, simply spot clean any spills or accidents with a mild detergent or clean professionally. This rug pad is not machine washable.

2. Mayshine Basics Rug Pad

These rug pads are non-slippery and their grip will keep the rugs and place and protect them from sliding and bunching from the place during daily normal use.

This is made with 100% felt material that protects your floor from damage and it’s safe for wooden flooring. It protects from accidental slipping without scratching the floor.

This rug pad comes with an extra thick layer of material for the protection of the floor that provides a thick buffer between the floor and the rug and also adds a layer between the floor and the feet.

This pad protects the furniture in the large room and the dining area from getting damaged. Talking about the size it comes with pre-size to meet your needs. You can turn it into the size you want by placing the pad on the rug and trimming off the excess material.

This rug pad is extra smooth and thick which will block the noise of footsteps and football also your dog barks.


  • It’s made with 100% felt.
  • Protects the floor from damage.
  • Provides thick buffer between floor and rug.
  • Protects the furniture from damage.
  • Non-slippery in nature.
  • The Rug Pad is 100% felt rug pad designed to only be used with large rugs underneath furniture. It will keep your rugs safe from accidental slipping, without scratching or damaging the floor beneath.

  • Add extra thick cushion and floor protection under your rugs with a 100% felt pad. Provides a thick buffer between your rugs and floors. It also adds a layer of comfort between your feet and the hard floor.

  • The pad can protect the furniture on larger rugs in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms from damage.

  • Come in the most pre-cut sizes to meet your needs. For unique sizes and shapes, you can simply trim the pad with scissor. Just put the pad down, place the rug on top and trim off any excess material.

3. Gorilla Grip Extra Plush Felt Rug Pad

This rug pad is ultra-thick condensed with needle punch for increased durability and a cushion feel for the feet. Its dense fiber helps to reduce noise and everyday sounds passing through your room with an extra layer that makes your hard floor denser.

It has rubber on the backside for ultra-durability and this textured rubber helps to keep the rug in place without moving for sliding. it provides plush to the rug and makes the thinnest rug extra cushioned and plush.

You can easily customize it to any shape or size with the scissor simply trim off the excess material by placing the pad on the rug cut it slightly smaller than the rug to fit perfectly.

It gives the attractive look to your floor and protects the floor from damage. If you have a wooden floor and are concerned with getting damaged then this rug pad is suitable for a wooden floor.


  • Provides Durability and cushioned feel.
  • Dense fiber helps to reduce noise.
  • Textured rubber helps the rug to be in place.
  • It gives the unique look to the floor.
  • It can be cut into any shape or size.
  • The Original Extra Strong Gripper: our trusted Gorilla Grip nonadhesive rug pads offer a unique, dual sided grip that firmly holds onto both the rug pad and your hard floor to help prevent rug movement

  • Reduces Rug Bunching and Sliding: slip resistant pads help reduce rug bunching and sliding, even over frequently visited areas of your home; the ideal option for homes with kids and pets

  • Superior Floor Protection: open grid design allows floors to breath and helps protect from damage; rug pads are reversible, vacuum friendly, and constructed from premium materials

4. Non-Slip Rug Pad

As the name says it’s a non-slip rug pad that protects the floor from getting damaged. It provides an extra-strong grip on the hard surface with thick padding.

Its thick padding enhances the powerful grip and the added cushion without being that thick. Its high-quality carpet pad won’t stain the floor or damage the floor.

It helps in easy vacuuming and protects the floor surface and adds extra cushioning and comfort to the feet. It keeps rugs in place without sliding and moving while children and pets play or Just a normal use.

If your looking for a non-slippery rug pad for normal use this is ideal for you. Perfect fit for any surface you can cut it to any shape or size and fix it on the floor.


  • Non-slippery in nature.
  • Adds extra cushion and is comfortable.
  • Keeps rugs in place.
  • Provides an extra strong grip.
  • Available in different dimensions.
  • THICK PADDING - To enhance a powerful grip and an added cushioning without being that thick people should notice the rug gripper under your rug.

  • HIGH QUALITY - Carpet pad won't stain your floors.

  • PERFECT FIT - For rug sizes up to 8' X 10' actual pad size approx 90" X 116" and can be easaly cut if needed to fit any non standard sized rug.

  • RUG PAD - Keeps rugs in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing or just during normal daily use makes vacuuming easier protects floor surfaces and provides extra cushioning and comfort.

5. Syntus Non Slip Rug Pad

This high-quality non-slip rug pad keeps your carpet securely in place and adds a solid base for non-slipping. Prevents family from non-slipping and makes vacuuming easier.

It has a special weave construction that makes good air circulation. Its stronger grip makes it easy for all hard surfaces and provides additional cushioning and comfort to the feet.

This rug pad has a thicker material that will protect the floor from scratching and staining and provide durability with a longer rug life. it can be trimmed freely to any shape or size you want.

The highlighting feature it has is multi-functional and uses it on many areas like mattresses and cushions beside you can cut it and fit it in drawers, shelves, and cupboards.


  • Multi-functional in nature.
  • Protects your floor from stains and scratches.
  • Durable and provides long life to the rug.
  • Non-slippery in nature.
  • Makes vacuuming easier.
  • Solid Non-slip Pad – High-quality non-slip rug pad keeps your carpet securely in place and adds durability and a solid base for non-slip protection. Prevent your family from slipping and makes the vacuuming easier.

  • Advanced Design – Special open weave construction has a good air circulation. A stronger grip makes it safe for all hard surfaces and provides additional cushioning and comfort.

  • Adding Rug Life – Thicker material not easy to deformed and protects your floor from scraping and scratching, extends the years of your rug.

6. Rugpadusa Superior Rug Pad

This rug pad is textured checker rubber backing made with an additional layer for non-slip performance durability and it enhances your flooring with the non-slip function.

It’s very dense in nature the felt cushions your rug as well it preserves your area rug by providing a plush surface for the rug to perfectly lay on

This rug pad makes vacuuming easier and more effective also it’s safe to use for radiant heated floors. This rug pad Protects the floor from scratches and damage. If you’re looking for a high-quality rug pad then this is an ideal choice for you.

It’s the thickest rug pad on the list and serves best for non-slipping of the rug and provides the best performance and enhances the comfort of your feet.

This is a luxury high-quality rug pad that can be trimmed instantly with a scissor and turn it to any shape or size you want for your floor. It’s made in the USA with high-quality material which is safe for home and family.

Its CRI green label and LEED-certified rug pad that provides thickness and density to the floor blocks the noise.


  • High-quality and thick rug pad.
  • It’s CRI green label and LEED-certified.
  • Preserves your rug area by providing plush and cushioned.
  • It can be trimmed easily into shapes and sizes.
  • It enhances cushion that provides comfort to feet.
  • PERFORMANCE: Textured checker rubber backing made with an additional 5oz for better non slip performance and pad durability.

  • CUSHION: Very dense 7/16" thick (32oz) felt truly cushions your rug as well as preserve your area rugs by providing a plush surface for the rug to lay on.

  • PROTECTION: Catches contaminants that fall through rug, and scratch floor as rug shifts, as well as absorbing impact.

  • QUALITY: Made in the USA of the highest quality materials to be safe for the home and family. CRI green label and LEED certified rug mat.

How To Soundproof A Floor

Here are some of the ways to soundproof a floor that will help to add density to the floor which will block the noise passing through the floor.

Add underlayment

A sound-dampening underlayment will help to block out noise passing through the floor. There are several underlayments including rubber, cork, and foam that will reduce noise effectively.

This material will absorb the sound waves that are passing through the floor. This will block the noise and make the floor denser by blocking noise.

Install Acoustic Insulation

Another best option to soundproof the floor is to install acoustic insulation in the floor cavity this is typically done during renovation or construction. Acoustic insulation is made of a material that will absorb noise.

This can be installed in between the floor joist to reduce the noise that is passing through the floor.

Seal Gaps And Cracks

Gaps and cracks are the real culprits in passing the noise through the floor. Check keenly the gaps and cracks in the floor. Sela the gaps and cracks with the sealant or caulking this will help to fill up the gaps and cracks and block the noise passing through the floor.

Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

The primary thing to create a strong barrier to noise is to increase the mass and density of the wall by adding an extra layer of mass-loaded vinyl to the wall.

Mass-loaded vinyl is a thin flexible and high STC especially used for blocking out sound waves and noise transmission. It is made up of synthetic plastic material.

Wall To Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting is one of the best and ideal solutions for soundproof floors in apartments and if you want to block out noise completely from the floor then wall-to-wall carpeting is probably the best solution.

How To Soundproof A Floor (Infographics)

Final Thought On Best Rug Pads

If you’re looking for rug pads that are non-slipping and protect your floor from damage then I have provided the best rug Pads for that I hope you have figured out which suits you best according to your need.

Sometimes the problem might be because of the floor that produces noise so it’s not always the rug pads if your wooden flooring is slightly damaged then you need to fix it by sealing the gap if any shows up.

After checking with your floor next thing you need to look at is whether you need extra cushioning on the floor under the carpet which will provide more density to the floor and block out noise.

However, non-slippery rug pads are the recommendation here because they are perfect and long-lasting and also provide durability to the rug. The primary goal is to block out noise then these 6 are the best rug pads for blocking out noise.

Which rug pad you used let us know we would love to hear from you. also, check out our article on 9 cheap and effective ways to soundproof the basement


Q1. Are rug pads worth it?

Ans. Since rug pads are used to prevent the floor from damage they are also used to soundproof the floor. A non-slip rug pad is worth buying they will provide cushioned and a comfortable feel and they block out noise.

Q2. What do you put under rugs?

Ans. generally, the thicker the padding is the more density it will provide to the floor and block noise. Pads are the best solution to place underneath the rugs for non-slipping and sliding of the rugs.

Q3. Will rubber-backed rugs damage the carpet?

Ans. however, rugs with synthetic rubber and latex backing will damage the floor this is because they will rip off the carpet fiber to avoid the piling out of carpet fiber using the shag rug.

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