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Soundproofing a room can be the best skill you can learn because our lives are getting busier and busier and the outside noise is increasing with each passing especially if you working from home and need some peace to get the things done.

The noisy horns and airplanes and the traffic noise might be disturbing if you are not a huge fan of wearing noise-canceling headphones. These noises can be reduced effectively if your soundproofing the room.

Soundproofing is an affordable thing and it can be done with the help of some cheap methods at home. This cheap method can cut down the complete noise and give absolute peace and silence.

Noise pollution is increasing and it’s one of the serious issues which is increasing as the urban population is increasing. Dogs barking, the horns of vehicles and the conservation of people in the bus all are all disturbing and don’t allow you to focus on anything.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to soundproof a room so that you can cut down the external noises and have absolute solitude and peace in your room.

Some Basic Methods To Soundproof  Room

Here is the list of some basic methods to soundproof a room and these are believed to be effective and working techniques. Let’s dive into the methods.

1. Seal the gaps to break the noise

Sealing the gap will be the first step to a soundproof room. Sound can be in a vacuum it is travel by air so sealing the gaps which are at the bottom is important because through that gaps sound enters.

Sealing the gaps is one of the easiest methods and it will not consume much time and effort. If you want absolute solitude and a quieter room then you need to install a draft stopper or door sweep at the bottom which breaks the noise which passes through that space.

Sealing the gaps is the first and the foremost method to soundproof a room and yet it’s one of the effective methods you can get rid of external noises.

2. Use Rugs

Sound not necessarily reflect from the walls or doors it will also reflect from the floor if your floor is hard then it will reflect noise to avoid this rug is one of the best methods to lay a rug on the area and use a thick one to avoid noise.

If your floor is of tile, wood, or laminate one then it will not bounce off the noises it will reflect sound. Use an extra thick rug for additional soundproof protection.

If you use a rug then chances of sound reflecting through the floor will be eliminated and your floor will be protected with the rug.

3. Install Book Shelves

It may seem old to you but bookshelves are also one of the effective ways to stop or cut down noise in your room just install the bookshelf room floor to the ceiling and filled it with books.

Books create mass and it absorbs sound so they are effective and make sure your shelves are filled with books.

4. Install Soundproof Curtains

If you hear the constant level of noise from the external environment then you might have tried methods and one of them is soundproof curtains that will block out the noise of the neighbors who are next door.

Soundproof curtains are one of the useful methods to avoid the noise passing through your home and room. make sure they are high quality and thick that will absorb the sound more steady and effectively.

This would sound old that soundproof curtains will block out the chain of noise passing through believe it or not it’s the most effective trait you can apply and break down the noise.

5. Use Acoustic Windows

If your windows frames are notwithstanding the noise of passing trucks or the barking of dogs then you need to consider replacing the existing windows with acoustic sounds because they are capable of controlling the noise and cutting down.

They are made to provide a soundproof environment and basically block out the noises passing through the external environment. an acoustic window will be a good investment because they are made to cut off the sound waves that are reaching from outside.

An additional benefit you will get by installing acoustic windows is that they tend to reduce your cooling and heating bills. They are effective enough to soundproof room.

6. Install Extra Drywall

One of the best ways to stop the noise from entering the area is by using a heavy and dense material because it will break the noise completely installing extra drywall is one of the best and most effective ways to soundproof a room.

Adding caulk in between the drywall sheets can help with the absorption of sound waves and breaks the noise entering home. Make sure to apply about ¾ inches of extra caulk for more and better absorption of sound waves and to keep the sound at bay.

While you’re installing the drywall consider installing the soundproof drywall because it’s more effective and covers all the sound coming from outside. It has a plastic polymer that is built to cut off the noise. The acoustic drywall sheets are easy to install.

7. Soundproof Foam

If you have the budget but like to block out the sound that is coming from external get your hand on the cheap soundproof foam it will do your job much easier and this will help in cutting off the noise penetrating your space.

Soundproof foam is one of the cheap methods to the soundproof room yet it’s an effective method to reduce the noise and it’s affordable as well. If your looking top a soundproof room and didn’t want to spend much on this then this method is for you.

Soundproof foam is the most used method in soundproof rooms it’s easy to install no fancy tools are required to install it.

8. Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof blankets are one of the most effective methods to the soundproof room and they block out external noises. You can install a soundproof blanket in the room and they give outstanding results.

It is the most used method to soundproof a room and a soundproof blanket is used to block out the noise from one room to the other room. You can install a soundproof blanket for some days it’s not a permanent solution for soundproofing a room.

9. Soundproof Paint

Now you might be in wondering that does not soundproof paint really work believe it or not they work for soundproofing room and the home but they shouldn’t be the only thing to soundproof.

You shouldn’t only rely on soundproof paint they are a lot of other effective methods which you can use in and soundproof room. It is water-based and not oil-based that will absorb noise.

Soundproof paint works well for the walls if you soundproof the room or the entire house but it’s not the only effective e method as I mentioned.

10. Install Window Plugs

Bedroom windows are the major source where the noise comes from to avoid the noise you need to install window plugs. It is like a window covering and it can be made easily DIY using the soundproof mat. It can also act as insulation during winter.

This is one of the best ways to soundproof a room and avoid noise entering your room. This is a cheap DIY trick which you can do it doesn’t require any tools to install.


I have listed all the effective methods to soundproof a room. But what if you don’t want to implement any of these methods then because most people don’t get enough materials required meaning if you don’t have soundproof blankets then i have got a suggestion for that as well.

If you have noise-canceling headphones then they is useful for you to avoid the noise and if you can all the quiet products in your home.

Anyone of this product will serve to soundproof and contribute to living a peaceful life as well helps in get your task without disturbance.

I have included all the methods which you can do to soundproof your room and shared methods which are cheap and effective as well. Now the ball is in your court you can take up which method you find it most effective.


Q1. How To Soundproof A Room

Ans. There are a lot of effective ways with which you can soundproof your room like

Installing soundproof blanket

Using soundproof curtains

Using window plugs and much more

Q2. What is the effective way to soundproof a room?

Ans. You can effectively soundproof a room by covering the walls with soundproof blankets and also installing acoustic panels in the room which is the effective and most used method to soundproof a room. These are the materials that absorb noise.

Q3. How To soundproof a room cheaply?

Ans. There are a lot of methods with which you can soundproof a room cheaply and the list of some is Rearrange your furniture to avoid the noise entering room. Use rugs thick rugs for better absorption of the noise. You can also use window plugs in the room to block the noise.


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