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Making smoothies and juices to soup and sauces blenders plays an important role in doing our day-to-day work. the variety of things made in a blender is amazing and on top of that, it’s compact size and portable. But have you ever thought of taking a step forward and upgrading to a quiet blender?

Let’s keep it simple the great blenders are too noisy. While making a protein shake in the morning then you would have woken your family members or the roommates and not only that sometimes it will be a cause of the headache and bothers your pets.

If you’re planning to upgrade your blender to a quiet blender then I will walk you through some of the best quiet blenders that give excellent results in blending and on top of that they are quiet.

What To Look In A Quiet Blender

Before purchasing a quiet blender you need to look at the features and specifications of the quiet blender because it will help you land on a product that you need.

Quiet blenders are a little expensive than the normal blender but they are worth every penny you spend on the blender. Before further delay that gets into to the features

Noise Level

As we are talking about the quiet blenders than the primary factor is noise level. Most of the blenders are loud and manufacturers come across is by providing rubber that will dampen the noise coming from the motor and absorb it.

Quiet blenders come with a plastic cover or case it’s made of plastic or glass that is placed on top of the jar which dampens the noise. all the material used and the properties of the blender count how noisy a blender will be. Most manufacturers don’t include decibel ratings on their products.

There is risk involved in buying the quiet blender because if someone recommends you quietly on that might be loud for you so it’s better to go through specifications and features.

Motor Size

When it comes to a blender, not just the quiet one but also the normal blender the size of the motor counts. What will be the use of the quiet blender if it doesn’t blend the food you want also the sharpness of the blades matter.

Before getting the quiet blender you need to check the motor size of the blender you’ll be getting.


It’s one of the common things that blenders are portable and compact you can carry them on a vacation and enjoy smoothies and juices. But it’s very important to check the portability of the blender.

You might be wondering are quiet blenders are portable then don’t worry they are portable and the same as a normal blender but the only advantage you will be getting is quiet.

Blade Sharpness

Most of the blades are made up of stainless steel which gets washed so it’s important to have a superior stainless steel quality for perfect blending.

If you want to blend the tough ingredients then sharpness and quality of the blades are required. Hardened blades are the superior choice.

When it comes to replacing your blades then should directly get with the manufacturer don’t get them from aftermarket because they are not quality blades so always avoid buying low-quality blades.

Are You In Hurry? Checkout Our Quick Recommendation

Hamilton beach professional quiet blender is a powerful 1500 watts blender that crushes ice and frozen ingredients. Its strong stainless steel blades work through hard ingredients in seconds.

If you’re looking for a quiet and powerful blender then this one is for you. Its removable quiet shield dampens noise during the blending process. It has infinite speed control that ranges from slow 3000 RPM and fast 15000 RPM.

This quiet blender has 4 program settings smoothie, ice crush, and puree and clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup variable, and its speed dial control provides control.

It comes with a shatterproof jar and BPA-free jar that includes tamper fits and it’s dishwasher safe and easy to use with just a click.

5 Best Quiet Blenders                                                                                   

1. Ninja Compact Size Quiet Blender

This quiet blender has high-performance pro extractor blades through which ice and frozen ingredients are crushed easily. It has chopping and dough blade assembly for added versatility and functionality.

It has 3 versatile functions that are blender, ice crusher, and food processor that utilizes 1200 watts of performance and power that truly customizes the drink-making experience.

However, it has an intelligence program that consists of unique timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work in a better way. You can blend directly with a single-cup serve and attach a spout lid for creating.

It has a stack blade assembly for the pitcher, dough blade, and chopping blade for the processor bowl, and also pro extractor blade assembly for the single-serve cup.

This quiet blender has a powerful dough mixer that has the torque to fold ingredients quickly and evenly. It’s very easy to use with powerful blades and anything can be made with just a simple process.


  • It’s easy to use
  • High performing pro extractor blades
  • 3 versatile functions that crush with 1200 watts
  • Stack assembly blades for pitcher, dough blade


  • Don’t keep near the light bulb heat will melt the plastic

2. CRANDDI Commercial Quiet Blender

CRANDDI quiet blender is designed with a strong soundproof cover to reduce noise and it has a feeding hole on the top to add things in the middle of the blending.

This powerful 2200 watt blender can crush ice easily and very quickly it blends smoothies, juices, ice cream, soup, sauces, and baby food also you can grind nuts and coffee and puree.

Moreover this professional commercial and home blender comes with a super-size pitcher which is perfect for making large batches of smoothies, ice cream, juices for the entire family. it can be used for commercial and personal use.

This countertop quiet blender has 15 adjustable speeds and the dial can be smoothie adjusted and can be rotated to any point that’s complete in your control. Its pulse feature lets you manually find tunes to add different textures.

It comes with 6 pieces of the blade for food grade and is easy to clean just drop dish soap and watch your blender clean with warm water. To clean its motor base use a damp cloth that will clean it properly.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • It comes with a soundproof cover to reduce noise
  • Super-size pitcher which is perfect for making in batches
  • 15 adjustable speed and dial


  • It takes little time to fully blend

3. WantJoin Professional Quiet Blender

Wantjoin quiet and soundproof professional blender reduces noise and no splatter or leakage while your blending. This heavy-duty blender adopts a big volume pitcher which is suitable for family and parties. Easy to make smoothies, juices, hummus, salsa, nuts, ice cream also you can make baby food and fitness drinks.

This quiet blender uses a powerful blade and 2200 watts motor together with dual direction blade technology that blends consistently and it’s a high-speed professional blender for shakes and smoothies at your counter. It has 15-speed settings from low to high speed.

Moreover, this blender comes with a shield cover to reduce noise and is helpful for all hotels, restaurants, snack shops, and anywhere. It will meet your demands and drive satisfaction.

It consists of the hole on the top to add ingredients in the middle of the blending. One of the best things about this blender is it comes with overheat protection and a self-cleaning design which makes it easy to clean.


  • No leakage while blending
  • Big volume pitcher for batches
  • 15 speed setting from low to high
  • It has to overheat protection.


  • Its a good blender but sometimes speed dial problems might take place

4. Vevor Commercial Countertop Silent Blender

This quiet blender utilizes vibration dampening technology that adopts a secure sound enclosure for covering the container. It has a silica gel layer which helps in reducing noise.

This blender silencer comes with PC material that has precise measurement markings it has a large capacity also is crash-proof and thermo-stable and easy to clean.

Moreover, this quiet blender comes with high carbon steel 4 blade, and three-dimensional blade for ice crushing, and a powerful motor that ensures the high-speed rotary.

This quiet blender has an LCD panel to direct observation and easy to operate button and this button includes 4 programs which consist of a two-speed adjustable button and two manual control buttons featuring a LED indicator.


  • It has a silica gel layer which helps in reducing noise
  • It has precise measurement markings
  • 4 blades and a three-dimensional blade
  • LED panel for direct observation


  • Trying to figure out blending setting is difficult

5. GE Quiet Blender

This is compact size and portable on my list of quiet blenders. It easily blends tough ingredients and whole cubes of ice with 1000 watts with a simple solution to a smoother consistency.

You can customize your experience with 5 speed setting with a pulsing option to easily achieve the consistency you crave. It has a large jar that makes smoothies and juices for everyone the jar handles large portions and heavy use without a problem.

The stainless steel finish perfectly complements any kitchen decor for a look that is timeless and durable. Its blades are stainless steel. Enjoy shakes, smoothies, and juices with just a click.


  • Compact and portable blender
  • 5 speed setting with the pulsing option
  • Large jar for smoothie and shakes
  • Stainless steel finish


  • It sometimes gets overheated

How To Make A Blender Quiet

A noisy blender can irritate you in the morning and wake up your family members and sometimes it might convert into conflict. So it’s very important to have a quiet blender.

You can make quiet by using some of the methods like moving the blender somewhere else if your blender is placed close to the wall then it will bounce back the noise instead of dissipating the noise. so move your blender to a different place.

The other method is you can put the rubber or silicon mat underneath the blender. Noise that a blender makes not only comes from the motor but also from the vibrations so place a mat underneath the blender it will absorb the noise in an effective way.

Moreover, you can also use a blender at a low speed because high speed usually makes a loud noise that is annoying. So make sure to use it at a low speed.

Final Thoughts On Quiet Blender

Now it’s a wrap on quiet blenders I have included all the best quiet blenders that I find in the market with some of the good specifications along with that I have also shared pros and cons.

Finding the best quiet blender is difficult in the market because the manufacturer doesn’t mention the decibels and that’s important to get a quiet blender but don’t worry I have got the best quiet blenders that work pretty well.

If you want a high performance then I would recommend Hamilton beach quiet blender is the best choice and if you want a compact size and portable quiet blender then GE quiet blender is the better option for you.

If you have a coffee shop or restaurant then WantJoin is one of the ideal choices for you it’s affordable and works well because it’s a professional quiet blender.

If you liked this then let us know we would love to hear from you. Also, check out our blog on the best quiet coffee makers.


How to reduce blender noise?

1. Move your blender from wall
2. Add rubber mat underneath blender
3. Used on a low speed
4. Cover blender with towel
5. Use anti vibration mats

Why is blender so noisy?

Blenders are loud and some are more louder because its blade hits the speed and converts the solid into liquid it’s a issue when the complete family is sleeping. so you can use it at low speed for low noise.

Does a quiet blender exist?

yes quiet blender exist and they work better than the normal blenders and are bit expensive than the normal one’s because they are soundproof. they deosn’t make much noise.

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