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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to have a refreshing soda but the loud pop of the opening draws unwanted attention? Whether you are in the library or chilling with boys learning how to open soda can quietly without disturbance is a skill worth mastering.

Sometimes we feel like a soda can late at night in summer but the loud opening of the can will wake the entire house in this scenario opening a soda can quietly will work in our favor.

Or else if you’re in a public place opening a soda can quietly will be the best thing as unwanted attention will be drawn and people will be disturbed by the popping noise.

So if you want to open the soda can quietly without disturbing the household. In this article, I have shared some of the best and most effective ways to open a soda can quietly.

Why Soda Can Is So Loud? 

Before you proceed with the steps on how to open the soda can quietly you need to understand the root cause of the noise produced with the opening of a soda can. This will help in successfully opening the soda can quietly.

As you know when you open any soda you hear two distinctive sounds- one from the tab and the other from the fizzy soda. The primary sound is from a tab pushing the aluminum can. 

But the second sound is from the pressure inside the can is higher than the pressure outside. This will help the soda stay fizzy in the car. 

When you open the soda can, the soda inside tries to equalize, pushing the gas, and making the hissing noise.

When you shake the soda can before opening the pressure will be high pushing the gas but now since the pressure is lower the gas bubbles have nothing holding them to the liquid so they start rising and popping as they are on top.

How To Open Soda Can Quietly

To open the soda can quietly you need to equalize slowly so there is pressure left it doesn’t hiss. You need to slowly push the tab over the aluminum can to avoid the popping noise. Here are some of the ways to open soda cans quietly.

1. Place The Can In the Freezer

Before opening the soda can quietly you need to place the can in the freezer beforehand. Don’t worry no need to place it for hours and wait for your favorite drink you need to place it ideally for 15-20 minutes. This will lower the temperature by freezing. You’ll equalize the pressure in the can.

Now slowly pull the tab, releasing the pressure and letting the gas and bubbles out. You can use a tab opener that will hold the tab and give you more control.

You can use the thumb and open the can and push it firmly down until you open it. Be careful when you’re holding your thumb over the thumb to avoid hurting your thumb.

Now you have successfully opened the soda can quietly enjoy your favorite drink.

2. Open With Your Thumb

If you want to wait for your favorite beverage to cool down. This trick will help you to open the soda quietly. Take your soda can and hold it with the left hand making sure the grip is proper.

Place the soda can on a flat surface to avoid spilling use the base of your thumb on your right hand and start slowly pushing the opening down. While you’re doing this ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure and rest all your fingers along with your thumb on the opening.

When you leave the thumb and fingers on the tab you’re applying pressure to open it too fast. When this happens the soda can will make a loud popping noise that’s what you’re avoiding.

The point of opening a soda can with the thumb is to relieve the pressure inside when you notice it stopped hissing you can use the tip of your thumb and slowly and firmly start pushing on the opening.

Moreover, you can also use the base of your thumb to slowly open the can however you need to avoid pushing too hard and spilling your drink.

3. Wrap The Can In The Towel

This method will work without doing anything with the can but blocking the noise created. Use a thinner towel or multiple towels to ensure no noise leaks through the gaps. The thin towel will make it easier to open the can which is wrapped.

Using a thinner towel might be reversed sometimes but in this scenario, the noise will not escape if the can is fully covered. If the thicker towel is used you need to put your hand underneath to use the opening tab which will let the noise escape through the the gap created.

Alternatively, you can use multiple towels to open the soda can quietly once you open it you can remove it and use your thumb to push it down slowly.

4. Cut The Top Of The Can 

The soda can opener is the tool that you need this cool and innovative gadget will open the soda can quietly without the hissing sound. It will remove the lid from the can while keeping the noise minimum and leaving a smooth and safe edge.

The operating procedure is straightforward. You need to place it on top of the can making sure it’s aligned with the edge where the lid and the body are connected. Then twist it watching it do the job effortlessly cutting the aluminum separating the lid from the can.

The soda can is opened smoothly without the hissing or popping sound allowing your fizzy drink to ease. You are no longer limited by the tiny can tab which makes noise. With the smooth edges, you can sip the drink without worrying about cuts.

5. Open The Can Underwater

Fill a sink or large bowl with enough water to submerge the soda can. Gently lower the soda can in the water until it is completely submerged. Make sure the can is upright and not tilted.

While the can is underwater slowly and carefully pull back the tab to open it. The water will help release the sound of the tab snapping open and release the carbonation.

Once the can is slightly open lift it out of the water being careful not to spill any water into the drink. Dry off the can if necessary and enjoy your favorite drink.

Be careful while opening the tab do not open it completely just release the gas and lift it from the water. The water will spill into the drink if you open it completely while it’s underwater.

This step should be done with utmost attention as you might end up ruining your drink with water in it. Just release the gas and lift it the next moment the pooping and hissing sound will be dampened underwater.

Final Thoughts On How To Open Soda Can Quietly 

These are the five ways to open a soda can quietly without drawing attention. Some of the methods are much more effective while some are not that effective but you can combine 1 to 2 methods to get the results.

Combining opening underwater and using the thumb to slowly and steadily push the tab will help to open the soda can quietly without much hassle.

As you can see all methods are extremely simple and require just some patience. So take your time and open it slowly don’t rest your finger and push it too hard it will produce a loud noise.

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