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Having a good drive and good music in your vehicle is one of the things we all want. A long drive with family and friends listening to good music will is a mood refresher but if this is being replaced with the unwanted noise from the roof of the car then this would spoil the drive.

Road noise from the roof of the car can really take over the joy and driving will turn into a noisy experience that nobody likes to have. I know how this feels like when you can’t hear what the person next to you is speaking.

You need to shout for them to listen and this would take over the entire control of a joyful ride. In another scenario after a long day of work when you’re driving the roof noise will give you a headache.

The continuous noise from the roof will move your focus from driving this could be putting your life at stake and leads to accidents. So you need to tackle this problem.

If you’re the one who’s dealing with this unwanted noise from the car roof then don’t worry the problem has come to an end. Soundproofing your car roof will block out road noise that is passing through the roof.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to soundproof car roofs with unwanted road noise. Also, I will be sharing some of the alternative and cheap ways to soundproof car roofs.

Benefits Of Soundproof Car Roof

There are a lot of benefits of soundproof car roofs. When it comes to soundproofing cars the primary method will be soundproofing car roofs.

Soundproofing is the process of blocking out the noise that is entering with the help of insulation materials.

Soundproofing a car roof can bring several benefits some of them are:

  • It will block out unwanted road noise in the car
  • Allows you to focus on driving
  • Allows enjoying music without any noise.
  • Reduces the vibrations and rattling in the car.
  • It will block out the heat.
  • Reduce The Noise In the Car

Soundproofing a car roof can reduce the noise in the car and make it a lot better than pre-soundproofing.

Apart from the road noise, it will also block the weather noise like rain and wind noise. These noises cause distraction which will take away your attention from the road which is dangerous.

If you’re driving on a rainy day then roads will be slippery and cause road accidents. Soundproofing brings a lot of comfort to your driving.

However, when you’re driving with noise from the roof this will make you exhausted and drains your energy. With a soundproof roof, you no longer have to deal with unwanted noise in the car.

Focused On Driving

The noise transmitted from the car here can be really distractive and takes over your attention while driving and leads to accidents.

Distractions while driving will make your ride exhausting and drains your energy in no time especially if you have a long ride ahead. No matter how well you plan your journey it will be ruined by constant noise.

Driving in a peaceful and quiet car will make your drive easy and smooth without making you exhausted. Soundproofing car roofs can help in better focusing on driving.

When you do not hear the outer noise then it will be a smooth ride with focused driving.

Quality Music

A long drive with good music is the cherry on top of the cake. If you hear a noise getting through the roof of the car then you will not enjoy the good music.

If you have a soundproof car roof then audio quality will be improved a lot better and you no longer need to care about the outer noise coming into the car through the roof.

Soundproof car roof, window, and floor will no longer let the noise enter the car and you can have a safe and comfortable drive a long way.

Heat Block Out

A soundproof car roof will block out the heat getting through the car roof. Heat will distract you while driving and exhaust you if you have a long ways to go then a soundproof car roof will be the only option.

Constant heat in the car will spoil your drive and makes you tired and you need to stop halfway if the heat is unbearable. A soundproof roof will block out the heat and makes the drive comfortable.

Reduce Vibrations And Rattling Noise

Vibrations and rattling noises in the car will overtake your good time with family and friends. However, reducing the vibrations becomes necessary if you’re facing a lot of problems with vibrations in the car.

Car roof will vibrate on bumpy roads it will vibrate and produces much rattling sound which will cause pain to your ears. Therefore tackling this issue will help you have a good drive.

A soundproof car roof will reduce vibrations and rattling noise in the car. if you have a soundproof floor, windows and doors then you’re probably on the safer side and you don’t need to compromise on comfort.

How To Soundproof Car Roof

Soundproof car roofs can be done with the help of insulation material as it will keep the temperature inside the car just the way you prefer.

You need to install the soundproof insulation properly to ensure that you get all the benefits. Let’s dive into the process of soundproofing car roofs.

1. Gather All The Tools And Materials

Before getting anything else you need to gather all the materials and tools you need. Wear the clothes you don’t care about so that you don’t spoil the good clothes you wear.

Below are the tools and materials you will be requiring to soundproof the car roof.

  • Sound deadening mat And Insulation mat
  • Screwdriver set
  • Roller
  • Degreaser
  • Weatherstrip adhesive
  • Utility gloves
  • Pruning shears

2. Take Off The Roof’s Headliner

The next step will be to take off the roof’s headliner to install soundproof mats on the roof. You need to ensure that you do this carefully while doing this step because you need to put back the headliner on the roof.

If you don’t do it carefully it will damage your car and it will affect the integrity of the car. Pay close attention while removing the roof’s headliner.

Note the steps which you’re performing to keep a check on the correct procedure and it will help you while putting back. You cannot remember all the screws which you have removed so you better note the steps.

While removing you can record a video of the screws you’re taking off so that it can help while putting back and the work will be a lot easier.

3. Clean Your Car Roof

Now you need to clean the car as there is a huge possibility that it will be dirty and some parts might not have seen sunlight for a long time. So, you need to clean it with a rag and degreaser.

You need to make sure that all the dirt is cleaned thoroughly and you can wipe and degrease the roof twice if needed as some of the dirt might not come out at once.

If the dirt is not cleaned correctly then the soundproof mat will not stick to the roof properly which will result in unlocking poor soundproof properties. Make sure to clean the roof before installing soundproof mats.

As your installing two layers of soundproof mats, we need to pay attention to cleaning the roof and taking off the dirt which is stuck on the roof.

4. Install The First Layer Of Insulation Mat

Install the first layer of insulation mat on the car roof. Peel off the sticker and place it on the roof and pay close attention while installing the first layer of insulation mat as it’s the base of the sound blocking.

To unlock the soundproof properties you need to carefully place the insulation mat. Now that you have placed the insulation mat you need to press the roller tool to remove the bubbles formed.

Doing this will ensure that your placing the mat correctly thus increasing the deadening effect. Roll out the roller on the mat thoroughly don’t apply much pressure.

Now that the first layer is installed wipe the aluminum foil with a clean cloth before installing the second layer of soundproof mats.

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  • The cost effective 50 mil automotive butyl...

  • Automotive self adhesive butyl consists...

  • Effectively handles and reduces rattle noise..

  • It has special indicator to installed it correctly. The special embossing on the foil must be rolled out with a roller.

5. Install the Second Layer Of Soundproof Mat

The first layer of insulation mat will block out the noise from getting through the vehicle. However, one layer of insulation material will not be enough to block out noise effectively.

That’s the reason the second layer of the soundproof mat will be installed for an added blockage of noise coming through the vehicle and as well blocking heat in the car.

You need to find the thickest soundproof materials so that they will block out the noise coming through the roof. When applying the soundproof mat make sure you leave no gaps and splits left as they are the real culprits in passing noise through the roof.

Doing this will help in getting the maximum benefits of soundproof properties and you will be successful in making a soundproof car roof.

Do not overlap the sheets from one another doing this will create some gap where the noise and heat will easily pass into the vehicle.

6. Put Back Everything

Put back everything in its place. After completing the installation you need to put back the headliner on its place. Make sure you clean things and trim the extra parts of the soundproof mat if they are any left.

You need some glue to put back the headliner after the installation of the soundproof mats is done. Now you can refer to the video or notes you have maintained while removing the headliner.

This will help you to put back the headliner easily without much time and give it a smooth finish and professional look by cleaning and trimming the extra parts.

Ensure that you’re putting the headliner back in the right way to get a smooth and clean finish. If you miss any step, it will take more time to remove and put back the headliner again.

Alternative And Cheapest Ways To Soundproof Car Roof

Soundproof Insulation

soundproof insulation is one of the best choices to soundproof it will dampen the entire car roof and block out all the sources of sound.

It’s will help in blocking out noise and one of the cheap and effective methods if you don’t want to use sound-deadening material then you can opt for soundproof insulation.

Moreover, soundproof insulation will not cost huge and does your work within the minimum budget also it covers your entire surface and block out noise.

If you don’t want to opt for the expensive method of soundproofing then this is one of the ideal methods for you also its effectiveness.

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Soundproof Blankets

 If you use a soundproof blanket in your house then you know how effective it is. The soundproof blanket will absorb the noise and block the noise simultaneously.

Soundproof blankets are made with sound-absorbing and sound-blocking material that will block out noise effectively. Also, the installation process is not difficult.

All you need to do is just lay down the blanket on the surface and use glue or foil tape to stick to the surface properly. Because the better it will connect to the surface the better soundproofing it will provide.

Make sure you don’t leave a gap between the soundproof blanket and the surface because it will not allow the noise to come inside. You can use a hand roller to firmly push it around the surface.

A soundproof blanket may stretch while installed or at the time of storing things all you need to do is protect the blanket with a solid layer that will block out the noise.

  • Wooven cotton, polyester

  • Great large acoustic blanket to absorb sound...

  • 100% recycled cotton filler. 

  • Grommets for easy hanging...

Soundproof Mats

Soundproof mats are also a great source for absorbing and blocking out noise but if you use subwoofers in your car then you need to use soundproof mats because they are effective.

If you use subwoofers then you will open the car trunk again and again so the soundproof blanket might get stretched with the constant opening.

Soundproof mats don’t get stretched because they have a more strong layer that will not sag or stretch. This will save you money which is spent on the rear layer of the soundproof blanket.

All you need to do is install the soundproof mat carefully and stick that with tape or glue so that it sticks well with the surface. make sure you don’t leave any gap between the mat and the surface.

Moreover, it’s up to you how many soundproof mats you want to install for effectiveness and better results.

Here are some of the cheap and effective methods to soundproof car roofs bear in mind if you’re getting this noise for a long time then you need to opt for the soundproofing method which is permanent.

There are some of the temporary soundproof solutions I have shared for better results and instant soundproofing of the car trunk.

Is It Worth Installing Soundproof Material On Car Roof

Some parts of your car produce more noise in comparison to others. One of those parts is the roof which will produce much noise while driving at speed the wind that hits the roof will create annoying noise.

The same goes when you’re driving your car during the car or snow. All this noise will be transmitted in the car through the roof resulting in a noisy and annoying ride. But with a bit of work in your car, this problem can come to an end.

Installing some of the soundproof material will help you to enjoy your ride and play your favorite music without annoying noise from the roof. Your car roof is one of the parts of the car that is most affected by the heat the insulation material will keep your car comfortable from the inside.

Installing soundproof material in your vehicle is always a plus point because it will make your ride comfortable without giving headaches with annoying noise. The noise will take over your fun and helps you to enjoy your music.

If you don’t want to install by yourself then you can hire a professional who can do this work for you with perfect installation and no gaps are left when the professional works on this but as suggested you can install by yourself.

Final Thoughts On Soundproof Car roof

A soundproof car roof can help in reducing the noise transmitted through the roof which will take over your joyful ride and creates annoying noise, however, soundproof insulation is the effective way to tackle this problem and enjoy the music in your car.

Soundproof insulation is one of the effective ways to reduce noise in the car roof. You can install multiple layers of soundproof mats for more effective results. Make sure to get the one with adhesive you can easily peel off the sticker and install it.

I have shared the alternative ways to soundproof car roofs as they are temporary solutions to blocking noise but not long-lasting methods and 100% noise cannot block with the temporary solution. I recommend installing sound-deadening materials.

Make sure to pay close attention while putting back the headliner because it will consume a lot of time if you missed on even one step. Take all the things and keep them somewhere safe while removing the headliner.

If you got any value from this guide let us know we would love to hear from you and share it with your friends who are struggling with the annoying noisy roof. Also, Checkout our guide on how to break car windows quietly.


Is it worth it to sound deaden the roof of the car?

with the right car roof sound deadening, you can not only reduce the amount of noise you hear but also keep the climate just the way you like it. This will remain cool in the winter and warm in the summer so that you can enjoy the ride.

How I do stop the rain noise on my car roof?

You can soundproof your car roof by installing roof insulation. It will block the noise that will get into the vehicle, making your ride quieter. However, it is essential to use soundproof insulation for your car roof.

Can dynamat be used on car roofs?

The Dynamat will kill the sound of marbles hitting the roof in the rain. It will kill dull thumps. Then you have to kill the tumps and also the wind noise via absorption.

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