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There are many emergencies which cause as to break the car window but what’s most annoying is the noise of the glass while you break and the embarrassing part is people think you’re thieving and they might panic seeing you break the car window.

If you’re the one who is facing the same issue as me then don’t worry because I’ll take you through some of the ways to break the car window quietly and effectively.

Sometimes we forget our keys in the car and then the car auto locks and we can’t unlock it without a key and there are many situations which require us to break the car window. But why quit? Well, it might disturb the people around us and people will think there is a robbery going on.

Breaking the window will affect our ears that’s the reason it should be done quietly and with the help of equipment, it can be broken effectively and quietly. Research says that it perceives it as a too low sound but presses on the ears so hard that causes an oppressive feeling.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to break a car window quietly and some of the precautions to be taken while breaking the car window quietly.

Why You Need To Break Car Window Quietly

The most important question here is why should i be quiet while breaking the car window. What’s the logic behind this? I know this would be the question you have.

There are many scenarios where you need to break the window of the car for ex- you forgot your car keys inside the car and it auto locks and you can’t unlock the car without keys this could be the possible scenario.

If this is the scenario then you can’t explain to someone that you’re the owner of the car and people think that your burglar if you’re breaking the window of the car.

People might think that your burglar and call up the police or friends and panic around. Only you know the truth but someone else might think based on what they’re seeing.

That’s the reason being quiet while breaking the car window will be the best thing to do because in this way your work will be done without being noticed by people.

This will safeguard you and the cars parked around your car. so if you don’t want to create panicking environment then you need to read the complete guide in which I have explained step by step how to break the car window quietly with some of the precautions.

Tools You Will Require To Break Window Of The Car Quietly

  • Here are some of the tools to break the window of the car quietly.
  • Emergency Hammer
  • Duct tape
  • Blanket And Pillows
  • Automated Steel Punch

Precaution While Breaking Car Window

While breaking the car window it’s important to take some precautions in order to save a life when you’re dealing with a sharp and sensitive thing like glass.

If you don’t take the proper precautions while breaking the window of the car you might end up hurting yourself with the glass particles and also the people who’re around because the glass breaks down into particles when it’s broken.

Here are some of the precautions you need to take while breaking the window of the car quietly.

1. Wear The Protective Gear

Breaking the window of the glass is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort you might be a little scared of hurting yourself and the other cars while attempting that’s the reason getting protective gear at your home is one of the best choices.

This protective gear includes boots, glasses, and gloves with a protective pair of clothes. The chances are you would not be having all this at the time of breaking the window of the car quietly.

But you can wear a full sleeves shirt, jacket and gloves which will serve the same purpose or you can get them from a friend whose with you at the time of breaking the window.

2. Gather The Tools

Gather all the tools that you’ll be needed to break the window of the car quietly and tools are one of the important parts of attempting to break because tools will help in breaking effectively and quietly.

Get all the tools you will be needed which are the emergency hammer and all the other tools I have discussed above for convenience and spend time sorting the tools I have already discussed the tools above.

3. Make A Space Clean

After breaking the window of the car the place where you have attempted breaking gets messy and unclean with all the glass pieces and chances are someone who steps unknowingly on them would get hurt.

That’s the reason cleaning the space is important also make sure you lay down some blanket that will not spread the pieces of glass on the area and cleaning the area will also become easy.

4. Don’t Go Close To Window

Don’t stand too close to the window while breaking a window because the glass pieces may come outer side when they’re broken and when you’re standing close to that will hurt you.

Maintain a certain distance while breaking that will be safe for you and other people around the car. while attempting to break don’t use too much force thinking the glass will weaken instead use tools and slowly and steadily will be weakened and break.

7 Ways To Break The Window Of The Car Quietly

If you’re stuck in a situation where breaking the car window is the only choice you have then you need to break the window of the car quietly. If the keys are inside the car then the car auto locks and breaking the window is the only solution.

1. Get The Tools You’ll Need

Gathering the tools that you’ll need to break the window of the car quietly is the primary step and without the tools, it’s not possible to break the window of the car.

People like emergency workers and police officers already have the tools with them anytime so they would easily break the window of the car there are a lot of tools that can be used but there is a technique that they have but we might lack that technique.

You can’t break the window if you have the tools but you can figure this out with some of the ways. There are plenty of tools that regular people can use to break the window of the car quietly.

  • The keychain is one useful tool when you see a child stuck in a car.
  • The seatbelt can be used with the metal end.
  • There are a lot of common tools that be used like basketball bats, hockey, hammers,s and some rocks and bricks which are strong.
  • Spark plug pieces can also be used.

If you don’t want to smash the entire window then you can use a regular glass cutter with that you can make a precise circle in the center to cut the glass which will not smash the entire glass and also in that way you can break the window of the car quietly.

2. Hit The Edge Of The Window

If you have broken the car window with your hand then you might know the pain you have got after attempting this. I know this sounds a little weird but if you have ever done this then probably you would know the pain.

The worst part about this is even if the window doesn’t break after a lot of effort and pain the glass doesn’t break efficiently have you ever thought why the glass doesn’t break? It’s because you have hit on the wrong surface of the glass.

The passenger window is the weaker window of the car than the other windows so attempting to break that will be easier and hitting on the edge will make it weaker and the chances of breaking it will be more.

This will be more effective and quiet in breaking the window of the car. if you lock yourself inside the car and forget the keys outside of the car. then you need to attempt this with your legs.

But make sure you have enough space to move and hit on the glass. But breaking the car window with the legs will be a tough thing. You can do this if you follow the right steps.

3. Ninja Rock

As the name suggests ninja but they have nothing to do with ninja power or anything related to that. I know when you heard this you would have thought that they have something like ninja technique I thought the same.

But trust me I’m also disappointed with the name of it but when it comes to the work they are extremely effective.

Ninja rocks are the ceramic part of the used spark plugs that will be taken off and it’s one of the effective tools to break the window of the car quietly.

You can throw it on the window glass or hit the window with it. It’s much quieter than the hammer but more effective when hitting the middle of the glass than rock but it’s more effective to break the window from the edges.

Ninja rocks can be used on most types of windows efficiently but clean up the space after breaking the window because they create a mess after breaking the window of the car quietly.

4. Use Hammer

We have a tool kit in the car the things that we have to include the emergency hammer which is the most useful tool when it comes to breaking the glass and it’s most commonly called a glass breaker.

This hammer is quite different from the regular one because this one is made for breaking glass windows.

It concludes with three things the first one is a knife, a hard tip, and a hammer top which makes it an effective hammer to break the window of the car quietly. This hammer can break regular tempered glass easily.

But this hammer is found under the driver’s seat and it gets difficult to access this hammer from outside of the car but if you’re stuck inside then this hammer is very useful.

You can use the regular hammer which you have at the home and it’s one of the common tools which you can get anywhere but make sure you hit slowly it might hurt you pay close attention while hitting with a hammer and don’t stay close to the window.

5. Pillow Punch

Regular pillows can be used as a sound dampener for breaking the window of the car quietly and effectively. Get one pillow and place it on the window and hit with the tool you have.

This method is one of the quietest methods believe me but one of the drawbacks is it will be a lot messier once the window is broken and if you hit the window with full force and strength.

The glass pieces will fall over the car unless you carefully clean it and them all and it will risk the passenger and you. Make sure you carefully clear out all the pieces.

Pillow punch is one of the most effective ways yet it will not require any tool to break the window of the car quietly and efficiently. Clean up the car once you are done breaking the window. Be careful!

6. Cover The Window With Duct Tape

If you have duct tape in your house or you can get it at any store in the market. You need to have a little time to do this method because you need to cover the entire window from the outside and if possible from the inside.

After covering the window with the duct tape you need to hit the window with the tool you have but make sure you cover the entire window thoroughly with the duct tape.

This method is one of the quietest ways to break the window of the car because the duct tape will dampen the sound of the glass and other is it will not have pieces spread all over the car they will be stuck to the duct tape.

This way the pieces of the glass will not be shattered and cleaning the car after breaking will be easy and the window of the car will be broken quietly.

7. Automated Steel Punch

Automated steel punch is a professional tool that you will find with the carpenter or plumbers they have with them. Now what actually is automated steel punch and what it’s used for?

An automated steel punch is used for drilling metal and hardwood surfaces that are mostly used by plumbers and carpenters.  The automated steel punch is more like a hammer but with moving parts.

This will work better in breaking the window of the car quietly in an emergency. Of course, this is a professional tool that’s why it’s difficult to have with you but you can borrow it from a carpenter or plumber near you.

The process of using this tool is easy all you need to do is attach it to the window of the car and release the spring in this way the hard object hit the glass and it will be broken.

Important Tips For Breaking Window Of The Car Quietly

Breaking the window of the car will make the car messy and it will hurt you or the passenger in the car so here are some of the important pieces of equipment to protect you and the someone in the car.

1. Lay Down Some Pillows And Blanket

 Lay down some pillows and blankets before breaking the window of the car it will help you in breaking quietly and after breaking the window it will be messy in the car and outside the car.

Laying some of the pillows and blankets will dampen the sound of breaking and you need a lot of effort to clean the area after breaking. Laying this will help in cleaning and it will be quiet.

The soundproof blanket will help in reducing the noise. I know that it will be difficult to get a soundproof blanket at that time but if you have one then it reduces a lot of noise

2. Combine Method

Combining all the methods will help you break the window of the car quietly and more effectively. All you need to do is lay down the pillow and soundproof blanket on the floor and duct tape the entire window.

After doing all this you need to hit the window with the hammer or automated steel punch this will break the window of the car quietly.

A combination of all the methods will be more useful than using a single method to break the window of the car quietly.

Final Thoughts On How To Break The Window Of The Car Quietly

Breaking the window glass in an emergency is one of the only solutions you have and you should go with it only in case of most emergencies. We all forget our keys in the car and that’s the common thing we do.

To get the keys you can get the mechanic who will help in opening the car with some of the tools they have but if you’re stuck someplace where you don’t have access to a mechanic then breaking the window of the car is the only solution.

As I have explained above why the window of the car should be broken quietly. There are some ways that will work effectively in breaking the window of the car quietly and you can sort which one you want to opt for.

Ensure to attempt this with safety because safety is the first priority and don’t get hurt in the process of breaking the window. However, having all the tools required is not possible but you can do it safely with whatever tools you have. Don’t forget to follow the precautions mentioned above. Be careful!

If you liked this guide and got the results then share it with your friends this would be helpful to them in an emergency. Also, check out our guide on how to windshield wipers from squeaking.


How do you break a car window with no sound?

There are many ways to break the car window with no sound one of them is to cover the car window with duct tape and hit on the window with any tool you have there will be no sound. ensure to cover the complete window with duct tape.

How hard is it to break a car window?

The smaller an object is the less effort it requires to break. it requires 20,000 to 24,000 pounds per square inch of force to break a car window which will calculate 60 pounds of force.

Can you break a car window with a seatbelt?

seatbelt buckle is kept and there is no significant use for it unless breaking the car window in an emergency. people can pull out the seatbelt buckle and use it in breaking the car window in an emergency to escape.

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